Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1473

1473. Who will not die in Chapter 1473?

Chapter 1473 Who will not die?

"I am Mai Lada! It is the descendant of the great War God Ares! Human! You dare to imprison me! human !human! You heard no! Let me go! Let me go!"

In the guard room, Mai Rada grabbed the iron bar with both hands and slammed it frantically—no one cares about his madness at this time...policy officers except for one who is on duty, others are pulled by pike uncle Going to dinner.

The police officers of the small town of Police Department judged the suspect in this wounded case: this is an indulgent virtual game, and he is mad at himself as a superman with super power.

So after listening to Pike Uncle's opinion, the current sergeant decisively took Mai Rada temporarily to prison, and then tried to contact his family relatives... and then went with Pique Uncle.

The meal really went early, I saw it's nothing, the police officer on duty, after the hamburger arrived, it was just a meal... the dimly lit custodian hallway, from time to time came the wild beast The roar of the sound.

"Let me go out... stupid mortal! I am..."

"Don't quarrel me to eat!"


The door of the corridor was closed, and it was quiet. The police officer on duty was eating several layers of sandwiches...elated.

It’s impossible to let go of people. It’s impossible to let people go for a while. Because of the news from the hospital, several teenagers who were sent to the hospital were very wounded. They haven’t woken up yet... This madman is probably Sentenced!

As for the reason why this Lada is so crazy, it is very likely that he really suddenly lost all his strength, so that he would not be able to pass a small skirt, Boss, Uncle, Uncle, who can’t win. My own hurdle, lost my mind and become crazy... how is it possible!

“Today's sandwiches are still awesome.”



The town hospital, this time is not just medical staff, even most of the patients have brought masks - because of the whole day, the hospital is filled with a smell of smelly smell... the smell of the dead body of a mouse that has begun to rot in the waterway.

Just check the Master of the ventilation duct system. After careful inspection, I could not find the source of this stench. In this case, the hospital in the town can only endure this smell for a while. Normally open business... It is normal business, but in fact there are many patients who have come to see a little sickness, and finally chose to leave.

The corridor looked very deserted, and the nurse girl with two layers of disinfection masks pushed the car with the medicine and walked slowly—she was going to send the drugs to the hospitalized patients.

Obviously, under such an odor environment, it is very influential in work efficiency, but when the nurse girl came to the ward, she was accidentally seen, and there are still people who can bear the existence of this odor... and still several.

And, they are all all old people - the nurse girl often gives them medicine, so I know the condition of these old people... They are all worse, they can only rely on the stimulation of drugs, temporarily glow The last energy of the body... If you haven't waited for the surgery or new medical technology they need, the lifespan of these old people is almost over.

"Do you really have no discomfort? Do you need me to open the window for you?" The nurse girl went to the window of an old lady and whispered: "The air here is too stuffy... your illness You should breathe some fresh air."

"No, thanks, I don't feel bored." I have been lying in bed for three months, and now the number of children coming to visit has changed from the original day to the old days of the week. "I am I didn't feel the presence of odor, as it is now, it will make me feel comfortable."


The nurse girl shook her head and shook her head. Suddenly, there was a strange idea. It was that this smell seemed to be quite suitable for the patients who were about to come to the end of their lives... It’s like the smell of death emanating from them. same.

Of course, this is just a subconscious idea. When it’s not true... The nurse girl is also secretly shocked by this idea – as a medical staff, I have to take an oath when I join the job – this is with myself. The vows are against the idea!

"I still open the window for you, it is too stuffy here." The nurse girl shook her head. "In addition, you should take medicine."

The strange thing is that the old lady who has never liked to take medicine, just quietly watching the nurse open the window, silently.

The nurse girl suddenly felt the coldness behind her, and she couldn't help but shudder... She jerked back, but she saw nothing. She only saw the old person who lay down and covered the quilt.

When did she lie down - she was sitting, leaning against the bed and talking to herself.

Somehow, the nurse girl suddenly felt a little flustered. She quickly dropped the pill and hurriedly slammed two sentences. Then she pushed the car and quickly left the ward - although she understood that this was Completely violated the professional conduct of a medical staff member.

But it is really weird.

Throughout the day, the entire hospital seemed to be filled with this strange atmosphere—especially the downlights on the ceiling of the hospital corridor. At this time, suddenly and suddenly, people became more and more uncomfortable.

"This voltage is unstable... I am looking for an electrician!" The nurse girl secretly thought... In fact, the electrician has been repaired several times for this situation, but each time can not find the willingness to be, these lamps will soon be It will once again restore the current state of instability.

The strange atmosphere seemed to be more and more intense, and the nurse girl walked alone in the hallway with a scooter.

She didn't know what she was afraid of... This fear even made her erect goosebumps, making it difficult for her to stay calm.

A dark, the corridor of the hospital suddenly and completely darkened.

The nurse girl’s nephew was completely lifted, and after the light was darkened in an instant, it returned to brightness again in a flash, and then it quickly darkened – and at this moment, a face was impressive. The moment the light is shining, appears in front of her eyes.


She was shocked by the stunned moment, feeling that the heart had to jump out, and the hands and feet were cold.

"Sorry, scared you."

The lights in the corridor suddenly returned to normal, no longer a flashing state... The nurse girl saw a man with long hair casually.

In his thirties, his hands are wearing white gloves and carrying a shoulder bag... It looks like a fallen scholar: General Old Lin.

"No... I just... forget it." The nurse girl shook her head and then frowned. "Excuse me is what's the matter can help you?"

"Not at all." General Old Lin smiled and shook his head: "I am just going to visit a friend...didn't expect to scare you."

"It’s time to go through the disease now!" The nurse girl is slightly frown: "Sir, you should leave, otherwise you may disturb the rest time of other patients."

"That's okay." Pu Old Lin was nodded and left directly from the nurse girl's eyes.

The nurse girl glanced puzzledly and said, "The guard is getting more and more lax... This point actually put people in. Hey?"

When she finished, she suddenly remembered that this man with gloves did not seem to care about the smell of the hospital at this time, but it did not change color.


After the disappearance of the nurse girl's gaze, Mr. Old Lin did not leave the hospital immediately. He just found another way... The other one could go to the observation room where Mrs. Smith's wife is currently.

When I came to the front of the observation room, I looked through the glass window and saw that Mr. Smith seemed to have been tired at this time. He was curled up in the corner alone and changed his clothes indiscriminately.

General Old Lin glanced at him, then quietly pushed open the door of the observation room and walked in... to the front of Mrs. Debra who was unconscious.

He opened the corner of the quilt and then took Mrs. Debra's arm out of the bed... Pu Old Lin carefully looked at Mrs. Debra's back as if thinking about something.

Mrs. Debra sleeps too hard at this time. If there is data on the instrument that is beating at all times, probably many people will regard Mrs. Debra as the death of the moment. It has been a while - she was defamed. On the arm that came out, there was a corpse that appeared in the dead!

Yes, Mrs. Debra’s arm at this time, not only the corpse, but even the skin on the arm has left, as if gently torn, can tear a large piece out... even, tearing In the skin, you can also see the white long strips of insects!

"Is it going to die?" Pu Old Lin looked down and looked at it slowly, and finally sighed - he reached out and took a box out of his shoulder bag.

The box is just an ordinary fresh-keeping box. As for the inside, there are some soils with fresh moss attached. This is what he dug in the woods in the suburbs outside the town early in the morning... He was in the bus this morning. The new students who met God's Academy were not because they had to exercise their relationship early, but because they were in the suburbs of a dozen kilometers away, they got the black soil in the crisper on hand.

At this time, General Lin Lin grabbed a black soil in the box at random, and then gently sprinkled it on Mrs. Debra at the moment!

No one knows what he wants to do, or what he is doing, it’s just an incredible thing to know – these black, with a mossy sudden, let Mrs. Debra start the rotting arm and restore it. Now!

In fact, there was no time in the past. Mrs. Debra, who was unconscious in her bed, became very spirited because she had black mud on her body.

Later, General Old Lin slowly retreated... He left the observation room and came to Mr. Smith, and then to Smith's body, sprinkled black mossy soil.

It turned out that Mr. Smith’s neck was similar to the situation of Mrs. Debra’s arm corruption.

After Mr. Smith’s neck was restored, General Old Lin looked at the black soil left in the fresh-keeping box and shook his head gently.

"Go and get some more tomorrow..." Pu Old Lin said.


Mr. Smith suddenly woke up. He wiped his face indiscriminately and then quickly climbed up. He wanted to keep looking at the observation room. When the situation happened, he informed the doctor. But didn't expect that he fell asleep.

It seems so too tired that there is an illusion...

Mr. Smith felt that he had heard the voice six months ago, but nothing happened after he was awake.

He had to think of this as a cranky thought that he was too tired. He quickly looked at the wife in the observation room... Seeing all the instruments showed normal, and the wife seemed to look healthier.

Mr. Smith subconsciously smiled... This is good news - just, Joe, his eldest son, still hasn't found it yet.

This made Mr. Smith feel like a layer of shadow, always feeling the uneasiness and embarrassment in the heart.

In the middle of the night, the odor in the hospital gradually dissipated, and the medical staff and most of the patients finally got rid of the mask... Although the work in the middle of the night was exhausted, it was accidentally awake.

Only those old people, in the middle of the night, did not know why, suddenly burst into tears.

They said that they seemed to be unable to survive, and they did not want to die.

But who will not die



After leaving the hospital, General Lin Lin walked alone on the street... so late at night, it seemed to fit very well with his footsteps.

He always gives the impression that it seems to belong to the night... Then, the lively voice broke the silence. General Pu Lin stopped in front of a still-opening bar and looked at the colorful bar door, listening to the sound of the music coming from inside... just standing.

"Don't plan to go in, General Old Lin."

General Old Lin turned around and saw the sudden arrival of the new student of the Academy of Sciences, Luo Qiu, who was on the bus in the morning.

"It's you." General Old Lin showed a smile, watching Luo Qiu slowly walk in... and walked into his own side.

He shook his head, said with a smile: "I am not very suitable for lively and crowded places."

Boss Luo thought for a moment: "Do you like lively and crowded places?"

General Old Lin still shook his head, and then indifferently said: "In fact, as long as you look at it from afar... this is actually good."

Boss Luo said directly at this point: "Teacher, are you interested in getting a drink?"

(End of this chapter)

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