1505. Chapter 1505 Unable Pharaoh and helpless queen

    Chapter 1505 Unable Pharaoh and helpless queen

    As for the choice of a husband’s son-in-law for your Highness Princess on the occasion of the celebration festival, where else would anyone dare to raise the matter?


    giant beast, who was called back by High Priest to his original form, was locked up with a cage, and saw it on the scene of the party, with dozens of brave white robes guards!

    The princesses sought a variety of reasons, with their children, to hasten away from the palace – the first people who had received the holy water from High Priest – and were naturally anxious to go home.

    Even the proud Amarana Princess of the kingdom has been successfully packed up by giant beast’s ability to change, so whether those who spend the day with their pillow are long overdue…

    Once it is envisaged that the mobilization of the same bed, silhouette, is likely to change significantly in giant beast, these nobles are afraid to be cold enough… despite the presence of the sun’s city.

    But even the brave ones, the name of the beast will come to pass… and we’ll see you in the city wall.

    So, the palace of the night was heated up, and it was quiet for a moment… [Your Highness Princess] returned to the palace on the ground that he had been terrified tonight and that the White Cloud Guardian, who had long been excluded by High Priest, had returned to it.

    The Pharaoh of the Kingdom is discussing with High Priest how to deal with this conversation with High Priest, who has taken the name of Amarana Princess… Pharaoh and High Priest, with the exception of everyone… only guards outside the door and occasionally heard the voice of Pharaoh’s anger.

    It’s probably for Amarana Princess to be attacked by giant beast.


    “Sergeant! I gave you Amara, you almost got her killed by giant beast… and I’m about to reach a limit on your patience!”


    Pharaoh of the Kingdom is sitting on the throne… the man who looks like a foreigner at this moment is somewhat underground in the face of Amarana and cannot afford to be so hard that the old emperor of the Kingdom, who is so angry – the real King’s Pharaoh, the power of a State, Peak, is no less than that.

    “I can’t predict anything like this.” High Priest simply said, “Of course, I am not discharging my responsibilities… This is indeed something that I did not do well. From now on, I’ll look at your Highness Princess.”

    “No further giant beast is allowed!” The Pharaoh of the Kingdom again said solemnly.

    High Priest… Chekatou said, “You were the one who agreed to ask giant beast to do so… If you disagree, you can only speak to her personally.”

    The French Coldly snond and said, “The nature of Amalana I don’t know? She’s like her mother, and once it’s decided, the ten horses won’t come back!”

    High Priest Shekatu suddenly looked deep at the French eye of the kingdom, and slowly said, “Since you know her character as well as her mother, then her mother could have heard of me?”

    “You…” The Pharaoh of the kingdom hated staring at this High Priest Chekatu, and soon spilled his breath, relaxed his body, as if he was exhausted, “Come here today,” and forbid Amarana to come out with giant beast, and I will give an order to the Minister tomorrow.

    “Well,” High Priest Cherato said indifferently: “The nothing else matters, I’m going back to the temple… The giant beast from outside, and I’m taking it. This giant beast with transformative capabilities is very special, and I need to study it well.”

    Speaking of this, the French Boss of the kingdom, too, are not as big as the princess who was rushing away, and fears that he is likely to have become the man of the beast, and he opens his mouth, so that zhi zhi, uh, says, “Chekatou, do you really use those holy water?”

    It seems that the King’s Pharaoh’s thoughts are high Priest at this time: “Don’t worry, your new Princess has nothing to do with it.”

    “I don’t mean it.” The Pharaoh of the Kingdom shakes his head. “Take that monster away. It’s almost the longest day of the night. This time Amarana came back, and the explorer who came back early said that the head and number of the desert giant beast seemed to have increased again… this night’s longest day?”

    “God, still bless this city of the sun.”


    voice of High Priest seems to be still on top of this great hall, but the Pharaoh of the Kingdom has seen no trace of this person… High Priest has left and the remaining one is on the throne… old man.

    “God?” The Pharaoh of the kingdom, “even God, wants to take me away, and I will do whatever it takes.”

    But he’s sighed, in the heart, who knows well that God’s power… is absolutely inviolable, especially in this city of the sun.

    Right now.

    “What do you want to do to God?”

    great hall is still empty, and the amazed kingdom’s Pharaoh looked at a circle and didn’t see anything — but he was sure he heard something!

    “Who is it?” The Pharaoh of the Kingdom stood up from the throne and was no longer young, even silhouette, who had grown up a few inches. “His muscles were still strong, and his temperature had been hidden in the face of what seemed impossible.

    He slowly pulled out the sword that represented the royal crowd.

    “I just didn’t mean to come here as a businessman…”

    That sound rings again, “It’s your enthusiastic desire in the heart to lead me… I feel a pure and great emotion. As a father, do you want to think about buying something from me?

    Along with the sound, the Pharaoh of the Kingdom opened a statement at a time when daoist silhouette slowly came out of the air.

    He saw a youngster in a palace guard.

    Only the Pharaoh of this kingdom was startled, and then his eyebrows wrinkled… and solemnly asked: “Are you the one who was chosen by Ibn Mandana?”

    Young Guardian Boss Luo blinked his eyes and then came to mind, and thought, “The way that you seem to be in relationship with this High Priest is more complex than I thought.”

    Pharaoh was just silent, but he couldn’t blink, staring at Luo Qiu in front of him, a long time later, and suddenly asked: “I don’t care what you are… if you answer my question, can I trust you?”

    Luo Qiu thought, didn’t talk, just slowed out the earrings that Amara Princess had given him.

    The Pharaoh of the Kingdom was suddenly thrilled and walked forward… and even stepped down steps before stopping for a while.

    His lips moved, his voice became even a bit dumb, and he said, “This is what Amara mother is, and it’s the only thing she left me.”

    “Your Highness Princess’s birth mother.” Boss Luo nodded, “I’ve heard that Pharaoh now has only one Princess… The Queen seems to have never mentioned it.”

    The Pharaoh of the Kingdom shakes his head, and at this point he slows down, not sitting in the throne, but it goes to the throne’s stairs… and even looks like it’s a little bit of crap.

    His voice has not only been just a mute, but even a grief, “she finally turned into a bunch of sands, but in front of me.”

    The French emperor of the kingdom has slowly closed his eyes and appealed for a breath that seems to fall into some kind of painful memories…



    “Your Highness Princess, High Priest ordered you to rest here tonight and not leave.”

    When Claudia intended to leave the palace, she was blocked by two white robes – of course, she had no real warriors like Amara Princess, and could be supported by a dozen white robes guard.


    ‘s supposed to be the kind of guy who gets hit in three seconds… so this one can only go back to your Highness Princess, but in the heart, he can’t stop cursing High Priest!

    As far as this High Priest has the same image as her father, she knows at this time that this High Priest is not as good as those of the people in the Sun City!

    This High Priest, personally, turned the real Amara Princess into a monster and trapped!

    Claudia’s heart knows that he’s the one who’s fake — High Priest’s already recognized when he met her climbing down the attic.

    But why isn’t High Priest a little broken, why do you want the real Amarana Princess to drink?

    What’s his real intention with exactly is it?

    Claudia came back to her room as a key word, and then she was floating in her mind!

    “He wants everyone in the city to drink it.” But, suddenly, a terrifying guess occupies all the minds of Claudia!

    I heard this High Priest left the temple in the kingdom a while ago, and I don’t know where to go.

    “He didn’t say that wearing me was a fake, and he turned true Princess into a monster, saying that she was giant beast.” Claudia was starting to feel cold behind his back, “He wanted everyone to drink [Holy Water], and if it’s going to be monster after it, then then all the people in the whole city of the sun would not become monsters?”

    In a moment, Claudia realized an amazing plot, crying out of the surprise: “Is this high Priest that really giant beast turned into? His purpose is to destroy the entire city of the sun from within?”

    That is when a daoist silhouette sneaked into the room.

    “Looks like you’ve got something to do.”

    Claudia was thrilled, and following that sound, only one daoist silhouette was holding his hands before the pillar.

    It was before the feast started, confused in the crowd, quietly unknown where Mr. Otto slipped!

    “You son of a bitch, face… wait, how did you get in here?” Claudia Dayton was frowns!


    order to prevent her from leaving, the High Priest has arranged for an amazing white robe in all around the palace!

    “Of course, he walked in light.” Mr. Oto didn’t care at this point: “The two doormen outside your house seem to be asleep.”

    Claudia naturally refused to believe, walked to the door and opened the door, and saw only two white robes, but apparently not sleeping, but unconscious in the past, which was clearly knocked out on the ground, and she could still distinguish.

    This Otto, these two white robes will be given without silence.

    “Where the hell have you been?” Claudia turned around, rushed to Mr. Otto’s side, “Do you know what happened?”

    “I guess I know what happened.” Mr. Otto said nodded and said, “Your Highness Princess, under the eyes of the audience, became terrifying monsters.”

    Claudia nodded, “And, I doubt this is a high-Priest plot, whose purpose is to…”

    Mr. Otto made a sound gesture at this time, “Claudia, right? Professor Chegato’s daughter.”

    “What’s the matter?” By the way, this Mr. Otto, not the one she came from, but the one who walked out of Greenland and lost part of his memory… was Otto six months ago?

    “I’m not really interested in what you found.” Mr. Otto indifferently said, “There’s no interest in what this solar city will become. Because, remember, whatever it becomes here, whatever it happens here, we never belong here. We just lost the travellers in this strange place… that is so simple.”

    Otto, why do you care what’s going on here?

    Why worry about the people of this city of the sun?

    Is it just because you’re as old as the real Amara Princess… that you’re not the real kingdom Princess!

    “Now, get out of here!” Claudia hit a shivered, out of the way.

    Mr. Oto, at this point, lightly smiled, “This is a really right choice… Yes, we should indeed leave this place.”

    mr. Otto and Claudia left the Palace belonging to Princess quietly before they were waken up by those two snipped white robes at the door.


    Shoot, knock, scream.

    Imagine that the lion on a grass was suddenly trapped in a narrow cage… at this time it was a monster.

    Monster… Amarana Princess.

    Its vision is muddy. It’s insane.

    It’s been wanting to destroy this prisoner’s cage… and it’s screaming like it was through the winds of the canyon, huge and terrifying.

    But here… in this temple built in the depths of the palace, such a voice cannot be invoked – the outer side of the dungeon is the elite robe guards of the temple, and they stand up and remain constant as statues.

    Until High Priest finally arrived, they reacted and slowly opened the door to places behind them.

    High Priest walked into the depth of the place of detention in silence, standing in front of the cage and watching the ugly monster in the cage quietly.

    The monsters were seeing him at a moment and became more crafty… its hands tightened the cage iron fence with a view to getting red.

    “Don’t hate me, Amarana…” High Priest, that’s slowly said.

    (This chapter is over)

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