Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1600

1600. Chapter 1600. Boss Luo of the club once again.

    Chapter 1600. Boss Luo of the club once again.

    Lamias considered whether all of this is real or fictional, or even Boss Luo wants her to do, when a burning, huge Fireball, suddenly falls out of the sky and leaves the earth apart.

    What she should think about is how she should be saved.

    Because this terrifying Fireball, it’s just an appetite on the table, and the real big meal is still on the back.

    Hundreds of thousands of great Fireball, and at this time, as in the case of meteorological rain, are struggling the earth with madness… Many Warrior, monster, were killed and wounded under this terrifying Fireball attack.

    Battle of God!

    The heat waves that come in, the sound of the Kingo iron horse that makes souls chill, and the anger of the gods who have the great power of the heavens and the earth… Lamias’s face is pale, turning around and pulling his legs.

    I’m afraid she has the fastest hit record ever since she was born.

    She felt all of her potential in the body, and at this time she was oppressed at a time when she had no more than 100 meters of general human body like her.

    The overweight load makes Lamias’s heart like the engine that is about to explode… She realizes that it is almost empty and that the danger at that time feels unprecedented fear.


    ‘s no free lunch in the sky.

    The owners of the garden can shelter themselves at no cost, even knowing that they have brought Black Religious Order, and do nothing but ask themselves to do one thing.

    But this thing, obviously, will kill her in a minute!

    Under this terrifying battlefield, don’t say what happened to Boss Luo —— life is already more difficult than hell!

    She finally failed to win those huge Fireball who fell from the sky —— when a big Fireball fell behind her, then blew up, and the great wave blew her body straight to half, and then threw it into a distant trench, and Lamias’s consciousness had been closed directly because of the shock.

    Landing, dogs crawling… straight out of the past.

    She lost her consciousness, her body pressed on the body of a single giant in the trenches… but the immense terrifying war, not at all, ended because of her coma.

    It is clear that there is no change in the water that is boiling here because of a drop of water falling.

    The sky is still burning.

    “This war will last forever! The victory will ultimately belong to my gods! Hades! Your conspiracy will eventually be broken!”

    It is the mighty, powerful voice, and it is once again over the sky, accompanied by lightning, and it is the mighty of the earth.

    And the darkness at the end of the earth, and coldly, conveyed the slightest voice, “Then war to the last moment, Zeus.”

    The earth suddenly started burning.


    “Come on, there’s a wounded man here. I need food, water, more importantly blood medicine!”

    “Warrior, wake up, your life is not over. For the glory of the gods and the survival of humans, I command you, even if there is only one leg left, to stand on the earth again!”

    “Help me, help me, help me.”

    Lamias has only felt the voice of the ear, a feeling of disgusting, giving her a kind of impulse to be disgusted.

    She was struggling to raise her body, but found herself in a shack with her, and there were dozens of seriously injured soldiers… Several of them were women Warrior, and the shocking wounds they had left Lamias with a desire to close their eyes again, hoping to wake up in their dreams.

    And there are at least fifty-sixty shacks, all around the form, and there are at least fifty-sixty. The sky is dark, and it’s rare to hear the voices of the murders.

    Lamias knows that he is still not out of the battlefield of terrifying — it’s probably a casualty camp on the back side, just not knowing which side it belongs.

    Hades? The war of the gods, Zeus?

    In a moment, the voices heard before coma, once again in Lamias’s head, had had a splitting headache to wake up, and the stories behind those names had been digging out of her past memory.

    The myths of the ancient Greek gods that exist in the world, and even a large number of Scholar Black Religious Order, which has been dedicated to studying these myths, have been committed to overthrowing the Holy Sect, and therefore have not spared any effort to find the forces available from all myths.

    “But in the present world, there has been a record of a normal outrageous war.” Lamias, with an inflationary brain, speaks to himself: “Even the official story of the Lord of the heavens and the earth, or even death, has never appeared, and the final course of the war will be, and I have no idea.”

    “If he hadn’t used magecraft like a fantasy for me, he would have really sent me back to him in this ancient God war…” Lamias suddenly hit a shivered, “Is he God or a man?”

    Send a person back to the past, and that kind of thing has gone beyond what the norm can understand.

    Don’t say Lamias is just a human being, even the master of magician, even the strongest Divine Art in Holy Sect… The powerful Africans that Lamias can recognize, I’m afraid, cannot be understood.

    – Hopefully, you can help me find someone.

    At the bottom of the heart, the voice of Luo Qiu suddenly came out… Lamias’s original chaotic spirit suddenly became as clear as it was when it was combed – the message she received when she crossed the sky and came to this gods’ battlefield.

    “As long as I can find that man, I can go back to the original time!”

    She just stood up!

    “What is this place?”

    After being informed of the way to return, Lamias almost did not think about it, and immediately grabbed an arm that was directly cut off, wound infiltrated, and the woman Warrior, who just woke up, asked urgently.

    The woman Warrior endured pain and realized, “This is the place where the hero Pereus’s battalion wounded, don’t you know? Why are you wearing something different from us?

    “Pereus? So to speak, this should be the shape of the Olympian Mountains?” Lamias’ lips are slight to judge their current situation at the fastest rate and make a move to knock this woman Warrior back in a coma before she sees it screaming.

    She stripped Battle Armor, the woman Warrior, on her own, while her finger erased the blood of the wounds on the other side, and wiped it on the naked skin.

    After a broken sword was picked up from the ground, as well as an unequal shield, Lamias left the wounded camp in a rush.

    This time, she crossed the space, and nothing at all —— even the reversal of holy relic, which she has been carrying, is no longer on her.

    The reversal of holy relic was certainly not lost at the time of her coma, but was not brought back at all – at the first moment of her arrival, Lamias had checked herself.

    That is, at this point, in order to complete a Boss Luo request, it was entirely the White Box.

    “But how can I find that man?”


    is not surprising that the wounded camps have been removed and that they intend to return to Lamias for some time in the back of the battlefield.

    At this point, a heavy handshot hit on Lamias’s shoulder, solemnly asked: “Where are you going? This is not the direction to the battlefield!”

    A blood-stained battalion.

    Lamias turned around and looked at the head of the man almost two metres tall, and the terrifying armor on his body, and the war gave up the idea of a sword in the face.

    “You want to run away? Woman!” The war will be low, with a slap in the eyes.

    Lamias shakes his head, “Even on the battlefield, can one woman not be allowed to solve some physical problems?”

    That war hit the face of Lamias with coldly snorted, and it pulled Lamias out directly.

    She took Golden Star, spit blood, lay on the ground, struggled several times before she climbed up, but her hair suddenly allowed the battle to be captured and then ripped into the front.

    “Wait! What do you want to do? Let go of me! Let me go!”

    “Don’t argue, woman!” That war will come back at this time, and it will be boxing over Lamias’s belly!


    formidable power of the belly is huge, and Lamias just feels like it’s all mixed up, and the body’s soft, but the war will still involve her hair, and it’ll just drag her away.



    Right now.


    giant light pillar that has been fired from the central part of the town suffers from a large suburb of the city… In the garden, Boss Luo was also standing at the scene of the Lamias room, with silent attention to the light pillar that emerged from the front.

    On his hand, the chain of reversal of holy relic is now in place, which fell directly on the ground after Lamias disappeared.

    “It doesn’t seem to be able to drill empty.” Luo Qiu said himself.

    It can be imagined that Lamias, where there is no power, is a difficult place —— what he wants Lamias to do, strictly, is to create a miracle.


    Behind that is miss maid.

    miss maid came at this point and looked at Lamias’s room in doubt – just a moment ago, Boss Luo left directly from her eyes and seemed to be a little anxious.

    “Where’s Lamias?” You Ye said it.

    Boss Luo thought, “I let her do something for me… as a reward for our asylum.”

    miss maid looked at the reversal holy relic in his master’s hand, and then suddenly he said, “How difficult is that?”

    Boss Luo shakes his head and then thinks, “When she comes back, I will look to whether she’s done and make some adjustments to her asylum.”

    miss maid has nodded.

    Boss Luo said, “If she meets my expectations, then help her resolve the problems of Black Religious Order.”

    “All right.” miss maid’s still nodded.

    Addressing Black Religious Order will not be such a difficult thing for miss maid. It is only the extent to which what is called the Boss Luo’s mouth, which is what miss maid will think about.

    Luo Qiu, at this point, suddenly slightly smiled, stretched his hand, and miss maid would have said that before, naturally, his hand had been placed in the masters’ hands.

    Luo Qiu looked at the light pillar in the front, and said, “It’s probably too late to sleep tonight, go for a walk.”



    At sea, in the control chamber of the big submarine, there was a silence at this time – next to the beach highway, where the bulk fell down silhouette, when it was on the screen of the control room.

    Captain Justin flipped into the eyes of surprised and angry, feared, and felt just a cold air in the brain.

    The three Black Religious Order fighters, who died with silence, have not even returned what happened.

    The portrait on the screen, even the reconnaissance device from the submarine, was photographed.

    “What the hell happened?”

    Captain Justin was powerless to sit on his own chair — he was carrying a communication device in his ear, and in fact had been connected to the chief of Black Religious Order.

    Just at this point, Captain Justin can only hear the President of that year, the more intense breath – the silence of the chief – to let Captain Justin sit on the needle at this time.

    Until, on the screen, a giant laser appeared, the light was filled with everything in the control room, and in the face of every crew, Captain Justin hit a shivered, couldn’t stop talking, and he said, “Chief, are we now?”

    And at this point, the picture was suddenly switched, and on the screen there was Plad Master, which was a frightening ugly face.

    Captain Justin looked at this ugly, ugly face that’s getting worse, and his eyebrows just screwed up.

    But he hasn’t been able to talk yet, and Pride Master suddenly shot out the fanatics and said, “Found it! Enough for me to start the source of the final refined energy! See, that ray of light! It’s amazing. I can feel the great energy it’s spreading! If I’m not mistaken, that should bring together a lot of souls and strength of life’s natural phenomena! Take it! Take it! You must take it!”

    “We can’t get near!” Captain Justin is angry at this time: “But wherever it is near, he dies!”

    “That’s your business! I just want it!” Plaid Master, at this point coldly snorted, turned off the communication directly.

    “impossible!” Captain Justin punched the electronic dashboard on his side.

    “Justin” is the moment when the President of the General Assembly, who has been silent, has finally spoken, “Start the battalions in Warehouse 01.”

    Captain Justin said, “But now we don’t have enough manpower to manipulate.”

    “It’s okay.” Chief slowly said, “This time, I will personally control the fighters… and I will be more closely controlled than many people. Do as I say.”

    Captain Justin bites his teeth and stretches his hand down a button on the front control board.

    The depth of the submarine, a hidden, dark warehouse, suddenly shines the green light of hundreds of ghosts… like a pair of frozen green eyes, and is staring.


    “It’s so depressed, breathing and soul.”

    Platt Master was standing on the deck after the submarine flowing out of the water, looking forward to the light pillar in the remote town, showing a surprise on his face, lightly said with a smile: “Get it, I should be able to recover a lot of my wounds… it’s good stuff!”

    But at this point, a man’s voice slowed down, almost scaring Prender Master’s heart out.

    “Are you the one who brought Mr. Alchemy’s extraterrestrial guest?”

    Préd Master suddenly turned the swelling body, and saw only his own body, and wondered when a couple of men and women had arrived.

    They, take hands.



    (This chapter is over)

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