Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1601

1601. Chapter 1601 Boss Luo

    Chapter 1601 Boss Luo

    On deck, the bloody sea wind blows Buddha, Pride Master that one big one and one small two eyes are slippery.

    Some, more than one, but two, were close to him, appeared behind him and left him with no sense of fright… That made Prender Master cold.

    Along with the creeps, he was also aware that after he fell into the world, it was too much oppressed by the World’s will.

    But soon, that kind of thing was empty because of the imminent repression of the seed World, just because of the colour of the moment.

    There is no doubt that Prender Master is an absolute type of pride, and that his greed for joy is almost the driving force of the former World Peak-Stage – and is the only one.

    It also means that the person can pay unthinkable efforts to achieve his/her desire in the heart.

    “Didnt expect, really didnt expect…” Préd Master broke his mouth at this time, and the ugly cheeks shaken, “Really didnt expect, Charles, this guy is hiding such a top color, but never gave it to me.”

    The Plaid Master from Strange World is on the loop at this moment, because the saliva that cannot be kept on the heart’s aspiration is more infiltrated from the lips – but under this vision that is driven by desire, the covenant can see a little cold light.

    It is the terrifying place of Prender Master that does not act as a slave of desire or even as an engine of endless colour.

    Once, countless opponents thought that women were the only weaknesses of Préd Master.

    Often, they also delivered their lives in addition to the women who gave Plaid Master a play.

    “Charles?” The youngster with blonde women on deck thought, “This is the name of Chief Black Religious Order.”

    Plad Master laughed and said, “Yes, impossible Charles, dying Charles… these are all my favorite calls. So to speak, are you not Charles’s people? Why is it on this submarine?”

    Young men… Boss Luo responded peacefully: “At present, for you, sir.”

    “Me?” “Plaid Master won’t stop haha laughing.” Whatever you ask me for, I promise you! Young man, I like your sincerity! ”

    “Promise?” Luo Qiu chew that word.

    “I don’t know where you know me, but I want to be like Charles of Black Religious Order to get the alchemy method from me.” This is the world’s only capacity I can give. For the gift you gave me, I promised you, greedy young man! I can feel you, and I’m all the same type of people, and I see from your eyes a different desire to take possession of good things… ”

    “Gifts?” Boss Luo was startled, and then if it was thought about miss maid in front of his eyes, he would have stopped shook the head, and it was a little weird to say in miss maid’s ear: “I don’t think it would have happened to us.”

    miss maid smiled first, and then said indifferently: “After all, it is a powerful soul that has walked in Void, and there are few immune powers… and, again, the master has always been harvested.”

    Boss Luo opened his mouth, and he did not know how the last shopkeeper was, but apparently he seemed too low in miss maid’s words.

    “Is this the product of this world’s so-called Alchemy technique?” It’s a rare thing for Plateau to see again, “although the technology used is not good, it’s perfect to drive this puppet’s soul.” tsk tsk, I’ve played Alchemy puppet myself, but it’s never been at this level. The greedy guy, I’m getting more satisfied with your goodwill… this puppet, is it your work? Come on, what do you want from me? From Strange World’s technology of forming Alchemy? If you still have more of this perfect puppet, I can consider enlisting you as my apprentice — not to think that being my apprentice is a shame, and you may not know how many people, in my original world, are in the same way as crawling worms. “

    “Although a powerful soul can walk in Void, the ugly level, even more than ever” miss maid, “may be born in a world of all myth civilizations, and you will be better suited to this crime than [Asmontis].”

    “Asmontis?” Pride Master subconsciously slightly frowned, he always feels like he heard that name somewhere.

    But the second dollar Rift has no time and no time to feel the passage of time, but it is only a memory of growth — in the vast memories of the ocean, Prender Master conceived that he should have heard the name of “Asmontis”, which might have been explored in a son of the world… and, of course, he can remember, but that would require him to rectify his memory, which is a troubling matter.

    miss maid didn’t speak, just to clean hands, with white socks.

    But Boss Luo at this time suddenly started and shook the head… miss maid some accidentally looked at their owners.

    Luo Qiu at this time said indifferently: “I haven’t felt it for a long time, and I feel a little bit different from that of the past… Similar feelings, last time, like before my father’s grave.”

    “Master?” miss maid won’t be surprised.

    “Do you know what this means?” Boss Luo said, “This represents you in my place in the heart, which is much more important than I imagined myself. Me, too, pissed.”


    In so doing, you Ye heard for the first time from the master that Luo Qiu had never heard anything like that, while the heart was trembling, what was more like breaking the soil and trying to break the moisture under all her intellectual soil.

    “You’re standing.” Luo Qiu set up his hand.

    miss maid’s face went softly and quietly back to Boss Luo and looked only at the owner silhouette.

    Préde Master suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and the wind didn’t know when to stop… or even waves at sea.

    Those unchanged sea waters, as if they became solids instantaneously… the cold light hidden under the eyes of Prince Préde, erupted dramatically.

    Hands ten, representing the circle [forming Alchemy] that appeared on his right hand and left one or two blue white arcs were fired from his hand and directed at the deck of the submarine.

    However, there has been a change in the metal deck of the submarines at a time when there is a huge metal skull floating quickly from the metal deck on both sides of Plateau Master.

    It’s just this exposed metal skull that’s high — if it’s done, it’ll be a huge metal puppet.

    Unfortunately, the will of the Song World was too strong, otherwise similar metal puppet would be able to refine hundreds of people in a short period of time.

    Peak-Stage was the most powerful metal puppet who managed to clean his original world and created a centuries of empire.

    “Don’t take this toy out.” Luo Qiu waved his hand at this time.

    The two giant metal puppet skulls are sinked between hectares into submarines’ metal deck… When refined into an immediate year reversed, Préd Master’s combined hands, like the same magnetic iron, automatically spring open.

    His hands and his hands represent the circle of the truth of Alchemy, and at this time it is even more a sense of burning, the kind of truth that he has earned so hard, and then the collapse of the area began!

    This feeling is heartfelt so that Préd Master can’t stand to cry directly and grieve.

    He’s got a little crazy cold in his eyes, and he’s replaced by an unprecedented fear of his life, “You?”

    Luo Qiu slowed down at this point, “I have something to do for a young Lady to help me… as an additional incentive to her if she can do what I’ve given you. Of course, if she hadn’t finished what I had entrusted to you, I would have let you go, because between me and you, not at all of the direct conflicts… that’s why you came in advance, just for the first time if that young Lady was able to complete her personality, that’s all.”

    “Don’t come over.” “Préde Master can’t stay back… He’s been back a few steps before he reacted.

    “That’s what I thought.” Boss Luo shakes his head: “That’s what I really think.” Even if that young Lady finally doesn’t finish what I’m entrusted with, I’ll pay you a compensation for expressing my apologies. ”

    Preid Master was unable to retreat before he hit a hatch behind the submarine at this time, and he sat on the ground.

    There’s a big terrifying call at this moment.

    “You may think that because it fell here, under Alaya of this world, it would be forced to the present state of affairs, and it would be in the heart…” Boss Luo has come to Prender and looked at him in the lower head: “But I would like to tell you that even if you were in Rift in the second dollar, you would have any resistance to me.”

    “Overrulers”? “Préd Master’s face is pale at this moment, and his voice can’t stand to shake,” Are you a superior to the ultimate threshold of power? Leave me alone. I didn’t mean to offend you! That’s the source of my power. It’s the nature of the soul! I can’t change! But I’ve been very careful, and I really have to be careful… and I’d love to recognize allegiance. Really! Even if it’s a soul, I can give it to you! ”

    “Do you know why I said those words?” Luo Qiu shakes his head: “Even if I say something to myself, I’m not supposed to talk about them. Plaid, do you know why?”


    “Because of me,” Boss Luo became confused in the instant, “it seems true, pissed.”

    And it says, just under the sight of Master Plad’s fear, Luo Qiu stretched his hand, and the finger points on his forehead, “Your time will be slow, and perhaps a minute outside, in your spiritual world, it will be thousands of years of real waiting for you, everything you fear, or you bring terrifying to others, all of which will be repeated to you, but your spirit will not collapse, and your spirit will not become stronger, and I will still give you an incentive, after you wake up, to the young Lady.”

    The fingers leave.

    Plaid Master was paralysed on the ground, and both eyes were empty, and that was it, sitting like a bunch of meat.

    After a while, miss maid went down to Boss Luo, and she said, “Unfortunately, his soul is slipping down a little bit, walking in Void’s soul, with a high value.”

    “The spirit of powerhouse is gone and no longer nurtured.” Boss Luo stretched his hand to the face of miss maid and said, “It is only this beauty that cannot be blasphemed before me.”

    “The master is rarely like this” miss maid is low, depending on the owner.

    Boss Luo shakes his head, “Looks like, like just now, it’s not very good for me.”

    Isn’t it appropriate?

    miss maid turned my eyes on, but I was so excited.

    At this point, the body of Prender Master… suddenly there was a bright light in his chest, and there seemed to be something that was about to be removed from him in the body.

    Feel this mutatis Boss Luo and miss maid simultaneously.

    In their eyes, this light was not taken away from Master Flshy body of Plateau, but was struggled out of the soul of Prince Pradesh.


    team finally broke the body of Prender Master, floating on deck, bathing the night.

    Boss Luo hit one eye and then fell into a deep mind.

    At this time, the ball of starlight and the ball of light have changed slightly… gradually fancizing into a small silhouette.

    Little, but smart, wearing a fairly ancient, old European Palace dress.

    “Roa Young Lady?” miss maid subconsciously shouted a name.

    Boss Luo is shaking his head at this time… the girl is not Loya, but Alaya – I’m afraid or Alaya of Plateau’s original World.

    (This chapter is over)

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