Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1635

1635. Chapter 1635

    Chapter 1635

    Hands picked up the head on the ground, then moved towards the neck and put it up… to fix it.

    After a while, Tai Yinzi threw out a grey fog and made some blast hair, and then started to brush it with a comb.

    habit’s got widows like this, baby.

    Nero blinked his eyes and said, “Why don’t you just turn your hair into a hair?”

    “What do you know?” Tai Yinzi just shot his body at a thousand holes in the eye of a girl who doesn’t understand it.

    Tai Yinzi has decided to take part in the wild girl who doesn’t understand when this ambush returns.

    Nero doesn’t understand, but fun and sophistication also learn Tai Yinzi’s image, blowing the breath out of an explosion, and then putting it on… don’t say it’s delicious.

    Tai Yinzi’s eyeballs have been exhausted for a few years and felt that the holy places in the heart that must never be trampled are as humiliated as they were, and that they had a cold breath in order to regain the mood in the heart.

    He clearly remembered what the master had asked for.

    How can he not know what to do with the blood fruit, which is a big pit Musashi dug him?

    If Nero was not accidentally encountered in the secret, then he would have had a cold for himself [solar god pulls] to be a tiger and then a wolf with corn algae, and all around would have no idea how many Musashi’s enemies were ambushed.

    But it seems that the opportunity is here.

    Nero, she seems to have this secret guard. At least the island is now under Nero’s control… the girls of silver are clearly the same.

    Three lines of authority?

    Tai Yinzi in the heart was silent in calculating how much of his competencies differed from Nero – but he was unable to figure out one at this time, so that only doubts could be hidden at the bottom of his heart.

    “Girl Nero, I need some blood fruit as a knocker for the Transcendent organization.”

    Tai Yinzi had a good mind at this time, and felt that his tongue was good, “This is what Master ordered, and now you’ve got this secret, and you want to help me get some? Girl Nero, we should help each other, we should help each other. Poor Daoist won’t forget today. If Nero’s girl asks, Poor Daoist won’t say anything, it’s blade Mountain.

    Just to see Nero move a giant oil pot directly at this time, and only to see hot oil rolling in the pot, not close, and a heat wave has come up.

    Nero pointed to the oil pot, looking forward to it and saying, “Jump, Tai Yinzi uncle! I haven’t seen anyone pour a pot yet!”

    Fighting… is not possible, let alone those young silver girls who do not have their own subordinate powers.

    Tai Yinzi bites his teeth, thinking that he’d rather eat some misery, but only if the witch is served, joining Transcendent is a little eyebally… until the mission has been completed, Huhmph!

    Stop it!

    “I know you’re angry in the heart, Miss Nero. As long as Miss Nero can get upset, Old Daoist, I’ll pay you one for the master, no, what about the next pot?”

    Tai Yinzi was actually a thief, just wondering why it was often sudden that he had committed a mischief, but he was actually a thief, and a short exchange had touched Nero’s own cause at that time.

    I’m afraid not at pissed Boss throwing her here for whatever reason.

    Plus, this oil pot looks pretty strong, with Black Soul in class, and what can it do to hurt? The oil pot went away, and it wasn’t just a little bit boring on it, and it hurts, and it makes this little witch happy.

    Tai Yinzi climbed to the edge of the oil pot and looked down and jumped down.

    “Wait a moment!” Nero suddenly shouted, “Who told you I was mad at Boss?”

    “No?” Tai Yinzi can’t stop startled, staring dead at Nero.

    Nero shrugged, without talking, for a while, indifferently said, “Well, you can jump, Tai Yinzi uncle, don’t worry you can’t die.”

    Master, it’s time for me to stand up. You can add a score! Imagine the generosity of Tai Yinzi when he pinned his nose, if he jumped into the oil pot.

    Chi chi, chi chi!

    “What oil is this? It hurts Old Daoist, Aiya! Ah…”

    “Oh, Tai Yinzi uncle, you’re tough!”

    Tai Yinzi, yo!


    Death is impossible to die, and the most painful soul is like a fire coming back to barbecue.

    Tai Yinzi was lying on the ground, staring at ceiling, blowing up with flesh, and the body’s black fog came back between the gatherings and the dispersion.

    In total, Nero remembered Tai Yinzi and Boss, and when Tai Yinzi blew up 70 per cent, make a move get him out of the oil pot.

    “I’m sorry, Tai Yinzi uncle, I didnt expect you really to jump into the oil pot!” Nero, at this point, was pitiful sitting next to Tai Yinzi, with a fresh hand. “Come on, this is for you.”

    “Really?” Tai Yinzi doesn’t believe that there’s always any conspiracy here.

    Nero curl one ‘s-lip said, “Yes, but there’s a condition, do you promise not?”

    “Say it first!”

    Nero laughed at hehe tunnels, “Tai Yinzi uncle, you look like a very funny mission, and you don’t need a assistant? What do you think of me?”

    “You…” Tai Yinzi, stared wide-eyed, even in spite of 70 per cent of familiar bodily trauma, a bullet came up, angry. “That’s what you did to that doll! I should’ve seen it!”

    “What’s my idea?” Nero’s gone and looked at Tai Yinzi somehow.

    Tai Yinzi said with a sneer: “You think I don’t know! You’re the one who wants to rob me! I’m telling you, this mission is what Master personally told Old Daoist to do. Nobody wants to steal from Old Daoist.”

    “I don’t rob!” Nero is sitting in jeopardy. “Tai Yinzi uncle, I can sign a private agreement with you to make sure you don’t want your work!”

    “When it’s true?” Tai Yinzi Town when slightly frowned.

    But if Nero had signed a private agreement for real reasons, if he really owes it, he wouldn’t have done it if he was there!

    “Of course!” Nero is working hard on nodded.

    speaking of that, Tai Yinzi was not too familiar with Nero… When the master recruited Nero, he was also doing great construction work in the main mountain, and as far as miss maid’s rest system was concerned, so that Tai Yinzi’s impression of Nero has so far been so hasty.

    But if you want this girl to sign an agreement…

    “Do you understand?” Tai Yinzi hesitated to try and ask, “How long did the mandate-master say it was, Old Daoist, and I don’t know how long you’re going to be stuck in this secret for years, and now you don’t want to go back to the store?”

    Go back to the chastisement. You can wave outside. Why go back?

    “Tai Yinzi uncle, can I pinch your shoulders?”

    Nero ran directly to Tai Yinzi’s back, and stretched his hand on his shoulder and whispered, “How about that? Is this right? I’m sorry, Tai Yinzi Senior, I just figured out, you’re Senior, and I shouldn’t have treated you like that… and again, if you hadn’t brought people with open keys in here, I don’t know how long I’d be trapped! You’re my grace! Tai Yinzi uncle, will you forgive me?”

    “Uh-huh.” Tai Yinzi was blind to uned.

    He didn’t eat soft on the top, but he was completely open to persuasion, but not to coercion. It was a long time for Nero to go to work, and not to laugh at the psychological side.

    Come on, come on!

    That’s what Black Soul had to do as his master —— that’s what he wanted!

    “Senior, what do you want? I’ll get you something right away, okay?”

    “Well, you little girl is a trick.” Tai Yinzi’s got it now. “You should’ve done it already! For what you know, Old Daoist, I barely promised you.”

    “Really!” Nero was passionate for a few minutes.

    Tai Yinzi, however, officially stated: “But in advance, the agreement is finally to be signed. And, this operation, you have to report to me on things that go beyond my command, that can’t be done. I’m telling you, if you broke my business, it would be bad for the master’s major event, which is going to kill the head!”

    “Don’t worry, Nero showed a sweet smile,” I’m in front of Boss, the most listener! “

    “Agreed, signed!” Tai Yinzi came up with an agreement at this time.

    This thing is naturally different from Boss’s sheep leaf, and there is no rule of agreement that cannot be resisted, but after all the powers that all are muscled by Black Soul are bound by Black Soul, the two parties that signed the agreement.

    The first is that, after the end of the mission, all the effort belongs to the Tai Yinzi side.

    Second: In the course of the mission, Tai Yinzi needs to be respected only.

    Thirdly: In the mission of ambush, any information needs to be shared unconditionally with Tai Yinzi.

    “All right, look, you look closely! Look, just sign it!” Tai Yinzi will be sent directly to Nero as soon as he waves.

    Nero blinks his eyes, stretches his fingers out and draws them up on the agreement, and then covers a fingerprint.

    “What are you doing?”

    Tai Yinzi was very sharp, and it was clear that Nero had changed the agreement by transforming the name of the owner into his own, and that when Dayton shocked and angry, he would jump up.

    Then Nero laughed, at the brainstorming of Tai Yinzi, grabbed his hand and went down to the agreement.

    “All right! Sign’s over! Tai Yinzi uncle, when are we going to do this?”

    “I… I… I tore your doll! How dare you bully me so much!”

    Tai Yinzi both eyes were red, and three gases broke out instantly.

    Tai Yinzi struck 8595; 8600; 8595; 8600; 8600A.

    Tai Yinzi was knocked down by Nero, KO!

    Tai Yinzi was dragged out by Nero.



    In the nest room, all of a sudden there was a footsteps.

    [Sun god pulled up with Goddess, and saw only a white girl with yellow fruits, and slowed down the stairs.]

    Until the second goddess of father and daughter came to face – with a transparent wall, both sides looked at each other.

    “Are you the owner of the earth?” [Sun Angela] After all, he saw the wind wave, and he said, “What’s the purpose of catching us here?”

    Nero didn’t talk, just bite yellow fruit, and then he shot two hands.

    Immediately, a group of young women of silver flew from the entrance of the other side of the nest cell… These young silver girls were identified as other pillars that escaped.

    The pilgrimages of these fugitives have also been brought to the hands of the chains that can suppress the strength and physical strength of the gods, at a time when they die, when they see the moment when the Father has been trapped in prison, and more than turn pale with fright.

    Not long ago, the nest room opened again, and the corn algae was brought in by a team of young lady silver.

    Before the Pillars and the algae, do not throw them directly into the nest cell.

    Nero looked at a crowd of columns and algae before laughing at the tunnel: “This nest cell has a special set of operating rules that change every day. But there’s a loophole here, the first one to find this one, and we can get out of jail!”

    The Pillars were surprised when the corn was first slightly frowned.

    “Successfully escaped from prison, I can allow him to take the same thing from here.” Nero said again.

    “How can we trust you?” Goddess, then indifferently said.

    Nero showed a big smile, but nothing said that he jumped into the stairs and left the nest room.

    The mood looks good.


    “Nero Young Lady, look at the smell of this fruit. Old Daoist, I just picked it up on the road and thought you’d be thirsty too.”

    Tai Yinzi had a pear fruit with a smile on his face.

    “Wow! Tai Yinzi uncle, you’re a good man! fortunately!” Nero Hizi, take it.

    “It is well known that, as Senior, it is an obligation to take care of the new ones of the future without hindrance or hindrance.” Tai Yinzi is busy.

    At this point, he and Nero are standing at the secret exit site… Nero has left the key from the Sun Angela, and has opened up the huge stone gate directly.

    “This secret, listen to the girls of silver, calling the royal third garden forest, not knowing what he family is?” Tai Yinzi suddenly asked.

    He’s been able to write a few words to Boss Luo at a time when some information was concealed in his head began to float.

    “Seems like a permanent empire.” Nero will say, “What’s Second Prince’s garden? But there is no record on the island that the girls of silver are actually the original gardeners of the royal kingdom, and nothing else knows.”

    The eternal empire?

    Tai Yinzi slightly frowned, what was in his head, as if it was about to float out of the surface immediately, but it was always close to what, like a veil, had never seen the truth, and it was forbidden to make him suffer.

    “The prince?”

    “This is ridiculous.” Nero nodded, it doesn’t matter what he says, “His name is called.” No more than that. “


    In time, Tai Yinzi’s head was blown up like something, and since then a memorial film began to erupt!

    Second Prince.

    [Sources pointing out of plan]



    (This chapter is over)

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