Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1636

1636. Chapter 1636 Juveniles in the Deep Seas

    Chapter 1636 Juveniles in the Deep Seas

    “Tai Yinzi uncle, Tai Yinzi uncle?” Nero suddenly screamed continuously.

    Tai Yinzi looked at Nero with confusion and did not understand that she had just opened a gap in the secret of the memory that she had hidden in his head in order to reveal. It was precisely when the harvest had been harvested and suddenly interrupted in the heart.

    “You’re going to crash.” Nero blinked his eyes and said,

    “What?” Tai Yinzi startled, subconsciously looked towards his own body.

    Black Soul’s body was completely separated at this time, and none of it was connected. Tai Yinzi woke up as he dreamed.

    The secrets of the deep memory of the brain, the instant interruption, became irresponsible, the body of the Black Soul of Tai Yinzi was once again integrated… It was almost that time that Tai Yinzi felt that his Black Soul’s body would be completely dispersed and waited for him, and it was, I’m afraid, the endless darkness of the contractor.

    He hit a shivered and then feared that his spirit would gradually recover, but then he was a stabber in the heart of the clear comprehension, and he was completely analogous to the superfrequency, so that his weak soul could not bear it, and once it stopped, he suffered backlash.

    It does not seem that it is easy for the master to deliver what is happening… this time, because Nero, or just pulled the tip out of the iceberg, almost broke his body.

    Perhaps, when his Black Soul’s body evolves again, the next time the secrets of deep memories emerge again, can a longer look?

    “Are you all right?” Nero saw Tai Yinzi stabilized and hit it carefully.

    “The nothing’s in the way.” Tai Yinzi shook the head, “just because suddenly something came to mind.”

    Nero thought, “About what?”

    Tai Yinzi once again shook the head, and this attitude is quite resolute and does not want to say much.

    Nero doesn’t have to go after it, fight it out, like Old Ghost, Tai Yinzi, who says he’s really willing to do it.

    “Well, now, how are we going to Evernight Palace?” Nero just changed a subject.

    Tai Yinzi picked up one thing, “This is the coordinates for Evernight Palace, and since they come out, then go directly to Evernight Palace so that a long night is fraught with dreams.”

    “Okay.” Nero nodded, no more, just walked out of the giant stone gate.

    “By the way, how long have you been stuck here?” Tai Yinzi just wanted to alleviate his headache, so he looked for a subject.

    “55270080 hours.” Nero went back and turned around and looked out, “Twenty-four minutes later… the second was thirty-fifth.”

    Tai Yinzi was conscious of opening his mouth.

    But this little girl has gone far at this time… without the joy of being trapped or losing her soul, just curious to hit all around.

    “so carefully… it seems that resentment qi is not bad.” Tai Yinzi sighed, shook the head, “Master, this time, too much.”

    At this point, Tai Yinzi suddenly felt a senseless fear, like a corner on the cliff.

    “Murphy, I came to this royal third garden, actually?”

    He was in the heart of the fear and panic, and Tai Yinzi had a deep breath and had completely emptied his mind so that he could make a difference, but he was afraid to go to something else.





    It is said that the deep sea still has a vast majority of areas where human exploration is refused outside the door… New creatures that human beings can find are growing every year in the deep seabed.

    Here, beyond the limits of the means of human science and technology exploration… a huge bottom of the ditch, Boss Luo and miss maid are walking.


    miraculous algae, which grows at the bottom of this deep sea ditch, is spreading the silk green light, and Boss and miss maid have a dragon rolling in the sky.

    Like a pillar, hold on to this strange place.

    The wet gas is quite depressed, with a random wave of hands, and their hands are wet.

    Luo Qiu has reached the distance of the seabed town for 20 minutes, as documented in the information left by Lamias – a period that has been hanging in this deep sea ditch and has not yet met the inhabitants of the city of seabed, but has seen some very strange deep-sea organisms.

    In the deep sea, even if there is truly a civilization that is completely independent of the human State, it must be born with the birth of human civilization on the ground.

    The time between them will not be too far in theory, perhaps before human civilization, perhaps after human civilization.

    The human civilization at this stage is not possible, since the 003 World is many times after it has been reopened.


    rejuvenation of Alaya’s script must be the reopening of the world as a whole. Naturally, it will not miss this other civilization in the deep sea – so the city of seabed will not be the legacy of the last revelation of civilization.

    But it has not so far been exposed to the human world… even though it has been documented, I’m afraid it is only in the hands of those ancient organizations.

    For example, the Regulus Palace, which has been committed to obstructing deep sea monster encroachments, has been consistently pursued.

    For example, Black Religious Order, looking for supplies in the deep sea.

    So basically it can be assumed that the civilization of the city of seabed is also present in Alaya’s current literature – but it may only exist as a dark line.

    Now, human countries, globally, continue to emerge from extraordinary events – a matter that should have erupted immediately after Mount Tai’s events, but because of the existence of the terminal, it has been postponed for several months by forcibly.

    Because of the relationship between the terminal, the formal rejuvenation of civilization will only take place after the terminal – but Alaya will obviously not really wait until then for action.

    In the current circumstances, it seems that the idea of gradual openness and gradual escalation is that Early Stage is prepared – and that is clearly not disproportionately affected by Boss Luo’s demands.

    “Maybe even seabed City will soon really start contact with human society?”

    Luo Qiu suddenly had the idea… then shook the head —— he knew that, when that idea was unintentionally born, there would soon be some changes.

    Not good or bad.

    He stopped at the end of this deep sea ditch.

    Two giant statues have been set up here, with 100 meters high, standing at the end of the ditch, like guards. The giant statues on the left are human men in Battle Armor, and the giant statues on the right are extraordinary creatures.

    Four arms with fins, legs bending, sharp teeth, ribs with blankets… three eyes.

    “It seems that there is indeed an ancient civilization in the abyss of the gulf.” miss maid, at this time clicking ones tongue in wonder, looks at the image of the stone. “It is not known whether this seabed City civilization is the same as that of the rest of the world’s marine civilization.”

    The business of the previous owner seems to have not yet done so in the civilized world of the abyss of the ditch – at least since miss maid entered the shop.

    After two great statues, it is already the end of the deep sea ditch, and there seems to be no way forward – at least, within normal sight, there is no way.

    “It seems to be a boundary between the two statues.” miss maid looked at the heart after a few eyes: “There is no fluctuation in world debris near it… But space is somewhat unstable, presumably artificial in Asia, but it does not depart from the present world, but it seems that space overlapping technology is used.”

    Space overlap, with a lot of branches… As far as the moment is concerned, it’s probably like putting a larger house in a smaller house, duplicating technology.

    Master, are you going in now?

    Boss Luo thought about it, and if he had thought about the way to go —— the way forward, together with the shiny blue light, he was struggling quickly.

    miss maid reacted quickly and walked on a step, and he stopped Boss Luo.

    The blue light ahead is becoming apparent… clear.

    Boss Luo saw a teenager riding on a strange transport tool with a lens, finger one meter long stone gun, and was showing a panic expression at this time.

    It’s kind of like a car, but there’s no wheel, there’s a white color, like a shell made of some kind of shell.

    The light of the ghost blue, which was released from this curious transport tool, appears to be the rays of light issued at the time of the launch of the system.

    The young man on that curious means of transport is crystallizing what is said: a language that is different from what currently exists in the human society Club.

    Boss Luo is at this point ignoring miss maid’s hand.

    The teenagers’ statements of panic have become clear and understandable… next second, communication is no longer a problem.

    Boss time consuming: 10 days.

    “Get out of my way! Out of the way! Get out of here! I can’t brake! Get out of the way!” The teenager shouted with fear at this time.

    So Boss Luo pulled miss maid, and took a few steps on the side —— the young people were riding their own means of transport at a time when they flew out of front of Boss Luo and miss maid.

    Confirm that there is no doubt in the eyes of young people: why did you really let go?


    The brainstorming means of transportation, when fiercely hit the bottom of that giant human statue — in a moment, that strange means of transport fell apart.

    As for that young man, it was somewhat unexpected to climb up without hindrance… the strength of the body.

    And when you see a young man in the waist, in the head, screaming at the pain… suddenly, it’s like what you remember, and it looks terribly, and it says, “Let’s go! The sea monster are coming! Get out of here!

    It says that juveniles with glasses have been busy touching a drop in their body, and about half of the big crystals have been placed on top of their forehead, and are ignorant of the centrality of the two giant statues.

    Soon, there was a blue light coming out… and soon, the seat of the two giant statues flowed into a thin screen, like being integrated into the water surface of the alkali water, with a colour of light.

    “Come on,” the teenagers again moved towards Boss Luo and miss maid screamed out loud, and the expression became more panic, “they came!”

    Luo Qiu seems to be willing at this time.

    In the deep sea ditch, there was a crowd of strange creatures at this time, similar to the giant extraordinary creatures on the right side of that ditch.


    sea monster people in the teenager’s mouth are also three, but there are no caves, no noses, but they have long ears and ears, and the broken mouth is even bigger than ears, and a sharp teeth are like steel stabbing, and then saliva is starving.

    They crawl, like spiders, fast, and their eyes pressed up.

    miss maid, look at Boss Luo, make a move?

    Boss Luo shook the head, then headed towards the young man who opened the door, “Go ahead.”

    miss maid has nothing to do with the fact that the master has never taken the initiative to kill human beings, and so for Monster Race, there is no difference between these sea monster communities.


    “That’s close! If you’re slower, the sea monster will eat you!”

    After the colour of the film, Boss Luo and miss maid came into a cave… It was dry and wet, but much better than outside.

    As to what is behind the fertile sea monster, those already in the cave are no longer visible.

    Juveniles with glasses are now directly on the rocks, on their knees, on their mouths, on their feet, on their breath, on their own.

    “Hey, who are you guys?” Juveniles are curious to hit, even close to, beneath, nose flowing, sniffing at what, “Why don’t you smell like that?”

    He pointed to miss maid.

    Boss Luo was curious to say, “Smell? What smells like.”

    miss maid has always had fresh perfumes.

    The young man frowned said, “It’s the smell of life, but everyone’s taste is different. I can smell these scents in innate… and she’s weird, even the sea monster, but she doesn’t! Aiya, I can’t smell your taste. What’s going on?”

    “What’s your name?” Boss Luo asked.

    This young man is stuck, subconsciously, “Reyes! My name is Reyes!”

    He just finished saying, and he kept his mouth open, not because of his name, but because of one word from each other, he said his name with no vigilance, as if it was supposed to be by rights.

    “Are you a grown man here?” Boss Luo asked again.

    “Yes, I’ve grown up since I was a kid, and I’m going to be an adult.”

    What, this big brother, whatever he asks, has one of his own motives to answer immediately.

    “Limosia…” Boss Luo blinked at this time, “seabed City”.

    “You know what exactly is it?” The teenager Reyazton was vigilant and retreated two steps, even picked up his one meter rifle.

    “We’re lost.” Boss Luo smiled and said.


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