Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1702

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    Reyyaz suddenly said, “So, what you’re going to tell me is this thing… your life?”

    Don’t you think it matters? ”The rhythm goes backwards


    “ That cannot be said. ”Reyyaz shook the head, and then there’s a little bit of a pragmatism:“ But what does this have to do with all of us in the present situation… Instead, it only adds to the unnecessary burden. ”

    Lewis accidentally looked at Reiaz and showed up a smile,“ You’re not afraid of me? My Imperial Princess, the Imperial Princess of the Sea monster court, who killed Seabed City in the first place, has blood to dye a ditch. ”

    Reyyaz is shook the head.

    Rouge can’t stop saying curiously:“ What do you mean? ”

    Reyyaz thought,” Well, maybe you killed a lot of seabed people, but I’m sure you killed a lot of sea monster. That is, for both sides, you are a sinner with blood in your hands. Why am

    I afraid, perhaps you, that you have always been hated by both sides, isnt that so? ”
Demoness of Seabed City is silent at

this time.

    Ryaz looked at her and said,“ Rue, have you ever been afraid? When you close your eyes, would you be afraid to hear those screaming voices? ”

    Why should I be afraid?” Girls say with a cold laugh, “in this deep sea, they’re always fish eaten by big fish. Ask those big fish, will they be afraid?”

    I’m not afraid. ”Reyyaz smiled and said,“ You’re not afraid of it yourself… There is nothing to fear – provided, of course, that no matter how many people you kill, no matter how many sea monster people you kill, there is no direct connection to me. I think I’m probably not qualified but sympathetic to those who resent you, or even less qualified to persuade them to put down their hatred. But actually, I don’t really like where you are right now… you know what I mean? ”

    Got it. Lewis may have misjudged… you’re a hypocritical guy.”

    Ryaz still shook the head, but there’s nothing to refute, and he just wants to understand one thing —— why Luo wanted to tell her herself.

    In fact, with regard to the body of Luo, the focus should not be on her as Imperial Princess of Sea monster, but on another.

    “Your Majesty… why would you stay with me?” Reyyazexpression can’t help but get a little heavier.

    Yes, Luo has been with the Emperor, not serving in the Royal Government, but having great power, even known as the Imperial Princess, who is the Imperial Princess of the Sea monster?

    Reyyaz felt that Louis thirty-ninth was foolish and that the important Imperial Princess of the hostile forces had been incorporated – but Reyyaz did not think that Emperor Your Majesty was really stupid


    That’s because of other reasons… blue blood, blue Bloodline on the lyrics?

    “Because, before you show up, only I can support him.” Lewis said, “It was a very dangerous state, and Louis was like a guy walking in a wire, and he just went the wrong way, and he was waiting for something more terrifying than hell. Until you show up.”

    It is because of blue Bloodline… grazing power. ”Reyyaz laughed and then made a serious appeal:“ Your Majesty fell down and wanted me to do something for him… and I woke up the real power of blue blood, and what could you do? ”

    became the new Emperor of Seabed City.” Lewis looks at Reyes, “you must be the new emperor of Seabed City.”

    Me? ”Reyyatz was shocked…” I can’t, I can’t. I’m just a small “flying nut” repairer, and it’s not exactly what governs the country. ”

    I’ll help you.” Lewis will pave up everything for you! “”

    Don’t forget, Mr. Air Sea has the capacity to have medium and blue blood. ”Ríaz shakes his head:“ Can we get out of here and not explain these things for the time being… Let’s talk about them later. ”

    Reyyaz.” Look at me. “”

    He subconsciously moved towards the young girl’s eyes… It was two eyes of Trigreen, and the devil was like a jewel of jade green


    Suddenly, the lyrics fell into his arms.

    Reyyaz didn’t react in a minute, turn pale with fright: “What’s wrong with you? I’m sick… what are you doing…!”

    He’s really scared at this point, and he feels stabbing — his neck, it’s bitten!

    At this point, the tiger’s teeth of Luo became sharp, and it broke the skin of Reyyaz’s neck and stabbed it deep!

    “Are you crazy?” He pushed the lyrics straight away, subconsciously wrapped his neck… The wound was bleeding, “you look like!”

    At this point, the hair of the teenage songs suddenly turned into the color of the green, the pupils split up, and the pupils looked like graveyards, demons and beauty


    It’s just her lips, two sharp little teeth, and it makes this beauty look more dangerous.

    “I just told you that half of my sea monster Bloodline, who died in Seabed City in my hand, never counted.” The little girl smiled at this time.

    She was short of the cruelty of the past, but she had an extra woman, which looked like a thorn on a bloody rose.

    A feeling of marijuana begins to spread the body of Reyyad so that his hands and feet will not listen to the summons… when Reyyazton was at both shocked and mad


    “In the body, I have organs that produce toxic liquids, and I can make a few different kinds of poisons.” At this point, Luo laughed, but slowly came to Mrs. Kaya, grabbed the wrist of Mrs. Kaya and bit it gently.

    “Leo! You’re too much!” Reyyaz’s anger at this moment, in the body’s blood boiling crazy.

    But this boiling is somewhat different from the past… This boiling not only makes his mind clear and bright, but the brain faints.

    “Just let her sleep a little longer, and I don’t want anyone disturbing me.” Leo is here to answer Reyyaz’s side, in front of Reyyaz, and to begin to unravel the buttons on his clothes


    He had a dry tongue, a leprosy on his feet and a crazy flow of blood, making his eyes look like blood, and he trembled, “What are you doing?”

    You’re right, you’re not managing a country’s material. ”Young girls take off their clothes soon, and she stretches to make a move to reaz’s face,” but maybe your child may… You’re also Bloodline of blue blood, and so do I. Maybe we can give birth to a stronger generation. ”

    You’re crazy! You’re crazy!” Reyyatz looks incredibly at Lou, “what do you want to do… you! You and your Majesty aren’t?”

    For his sake, I would do anything. ”


    what else does Ríaz want to say, yet the adolescent girl has blocked her mouth directly – even putting him directly on the ground and pressuring him.

    “ Don’t worry about anything, leaving a stronger generation for the sea monster, is just a common thing. ”Lewis looked away and said,“ I said, you’re not Prince… It’s not a fairy tale. ”

    Reyyaz has been unable to hear these words… At this point, he only feels like a volcano.

    He quickly lost his mind in a powerful, uncontrollable stimulus, like breaking into a blank world, and finally completely lost his ability to control everything but to follow the instincts that were born and to respond to the actions of teenage girls.

    Spring, spring, fall, fall, year after year.



    * * *

    The water drip from the rocks was beaten on the cheek of Reyyad… He opened his eyes a little bit.

    The feeling of body mahjong has disappeared, Reyyazsuddenly sat up… He subconsciously wrapped his neck and the wounds on his neck have disappeared – to the benefit of his super self-healing capacity


    But even though the wound had disappeared, it felt like it was still there


    Not far from here, Demoness of Seabed City is pointing a fire with a dead branch… under the light of the fire, this is the song that Reyyad knows, the crude girl who seems to be upset by

no one.

    “ Just now “Ríaz still feels dry and boring.

    “ Your little girlfriend should be back almost all the time, out so long, if you don’t come back, you should think if she really had an accident. ”Nor does Luo Sing return, indifferently said:“ She has the capacity to operate freely in water, and there are other capabilities that may be useful later, and it is always better for the present situation. ”

    I’m not talking about this, I mean…” Reyyaz opened his mouth.

    He had memories, clear memories… few more young people were in some sort of shock and how the heart could calm


    “Oh, you don’t have to mind, just pretend nothing happened.” Luo Song, this is just a turn, and the face readily says, “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell your little girlfriend that you’ve been through your own business without me.”

    But we… ”Reyyaz’s throat was crawling hard,” but that was the only thing that could be done only if we were married. ”

    “I’m Imperial Princess, the law of Seabed City.” The song suddenly blindfolded, “what, you think I’m gonna do that with you? Don’t think too much about it, and for me, you’re practically the same as an instrument… It’s not necessarily you, it’s not about anyone else.”

    Reyyaz felt some humiliation… he stared at the girl in front of her head.

    And at this point, it was a light, soft sound… that was Helen humming. Reyyaz’s face changed, subconsciously looked at the clothes on her… subconsciously went to clean up.

    On the other hand, it’s Seabed City Demoness, which is almost ridiculous.

    “Whoa, yo, young Lady, wake up!” Helen finally returned to his hiding place and made a surprise sound.

    Her hair was still wet, but very soon it was because of the cave bones that separated the soda – at a time when Helen had a few small fish with arms long enough, and some plants like algae.

    Not only that, Helen’s mouth is now wrapped with a little fish with two fingers of crude… The tail of the fish is still a little cut out and lightly beaten up


    Just very soon, just after a whimpering, was sucked into the mouth by Siren’s teenage girl.

    Ryaz looked at the scene with a strange face, and it seemed like he had met Helen in general, looking at her with all his words.

    “Let me see, there’s something to eat.” The song stood up smiling and went to Helen: “I am indeed starving.”

    Helen shows her what I’ve never seen before, but I should have eaten, and these algae are for you! “”

    I habit roast. ”When Luo laughed, he took two tails and stabbed them directly, and started roasting at the fire.

    Not yet, the smell of fat starts to float out slowly.

    “ Reyyaz, Reyyaz, what’s wrong with you? ”Helen sat next to Reiaz naturally, asking,” From now on, you seem to think of something. ”

    No, it nothing.” Reyyaz in the heart startled, and consciously, “I was just thinking, what are we gonna do next?”

    Don’t worry too much. ”Helen said,” I just went to the lake to see Mr. Air Sea, and the blue giant, like passed away. ”

    Are you on the shore?” When Ryazton was shocked, he held Helen’s wrist directly, “how did you do this dangerous thing?”

    It’s okay! ”Helensmiled and said,” I didn’t go to shore, was a long way from the water, and I watched it quietly for a long time. If there’s any danger, I’ll sink and be safe. ”

    No more next time.” Ryazshook the head.

    Helen laughed, and I learned how to sing, and I started a bunch of fish, barbecuing at the flame, “Reyyaz, let me bake you fish! We’re Siren habit, but does it seem that human beings prefer food?”

    Reyyad only felt that the heart was sweeping up… and that it was just a little bit of muddy —— he subconsciously looked at the songs and found out that Demoness was not listening at this point, and it seemed that he had no interest in what happened here


    Helen started humming again very quickly, but Reyyad had no sense of admiration, just feeling uncomfortable.

    I don’t know how long it’s been.

    Helen suddenly said, “I think I baked it! Reyyaz, do you taste it?”

    Say, Helen handed over the roasted fish to Reiaz —— and on the other hand, there was a roasted fish.

    See only Demoness of Seabed City at this point, and he said, “I baked it, Rayyaz, and you’re not going to try it?”

    intentionally… definitely intentionally!

    Ryaz looked at the two barbecues in front of him, subconsciously swallowed his mouth, like a needle blanket.

    # #

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