Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1751


1751. Chapter 1751 Be Personal

Chapter 1751 Become Individual

In the castle, in the banquet hall, there is such a golden smoke script on the chessboard that is slowly generated.

This is a great meeting, an alliance between the young brave and the old Mage.

Old Mage, who possesses the wisdom brought by age, will guide the bright road for the brave.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Wally was stunned by this script description … He looked at the head chef of his castle subconsciously, if he remembered it correctly … If it was wrong, Chef Nelson should be at [ [Understanding] After the meaning of his eyes, is it about to start a showdown with the lord of the pair of twin maids who recently opposed him?

However, Mr. Wally, who has made technical adjustments to the situation that may arise, is quite calm at this time-at least it seems to be true.

“Oh? Mr. Nelson seems to have found a new way to play?” Mr. Wally smiled lightly, watching as Mr. Nelson, the head chef of the castle, slowly walked into his new team.

This is the team that belongs to miss maid.

“We hope to give you a big surprise.” Chef Nelson said sternly: “Mr. Wally, this is still a perfect day for you.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Mr. Waley waved his hand at this time, immediately looked towards You Ye, and laughed: “This is really a chess game full of unknowns … This makes me wonder if it’s my When followers meet your followers, will we also become a team. “

The team’s syllables bit a bit heavy … Mr. Wally smiled lightly, and immediately cast two points of action.

At this point, his followers have entered the Roaring Forest from another direction, but these two points of action, Mr. Wally not at all, are used to directly approach the three miss maids, Tiff and Nelson chefs. The team moved the area by two grids to the left.

At this time, it is exactly the end of a round of voting … In fact, each round ends with Mr. Wally’s voting point.

Then there is the investment point of life reduction … This round of life reduction, if not for luck, can basically resist it.

Before the new round of action points, the lords once again began to extract the function cards in the box … Mr. Wally put his palm on the box and grabbed a function card directly come out.

He smiled lightly and put this new function card in the preparation area, ending all his rounds.

-finally got together … one of the invincible decks.

At this time, the masters will also extract the function cards accordingly-basically, all the function cards are covered. This game brings the biggest variables, only one.

That’s Mr. Sneff’s partner. In the preparation area of ​​the black dog-there are also many function cards in the preparation area, but some of the function cards are directly exposed on the front, and some of them are covered randomly. With.

This is obviously not a tactic, it is just a random display of black dogs … but most of the function cards that have been exposed have almost revealed the details of Mr. Sneff.

He is like an opponent who shows the card at first in the game … probably the easiest to be ignored, and there is almost no winner.

The start of the new round of investment points is still the point of Gong Linna Young Lady … She has not moved for several rounds, and the action points have always existed.

The investment point this time is 6:00.

Tang Tian Lin, a follower of Gong Linna Young Lady, still hasn’t moved … This action point is automatically included in the next round of action points.

“Oh? It seems that the elder sister’s follower has really encountered a very difficult incident. There have been several rounds, but it has not been resolved. Will you resume action?”

“Yeah.” Gong Linna Young Lady said with a pitiful and weak face at the moment, said with a sigh: “It seems that this follower I found is not very good, and I am very anxious.”

Talking, the Gong Linna Young Lady still threw the golden dice randomly in front of the next voter: You Ye.

The Gonglinna Young Lady didn’t even intend to watch at this time, and probably knew that the woman in the opposite house must have picked up the dice with her handkerchief.

She even in the heart rolled the eyes.

I can’t make it this time, but Miss maid throws the handkerchief in her hand … Gong Linna Young Lady can’t help but open her mouth, secretly said that this pair of women can’t change sex.

But soon, the miss maid after throwing away the handkerchief was immediately replaced with a new handkerchief-just like the action of holding the hand to pick up the dice.

-Even a new handkerchief? !!


This is the sound of a strong collision between nails and nails. It comes from Gong Linna Young Lady’s nails: she did n’t expect that she would have been suspected of this … the eyes of Elmest Young Lady in Zmisch Can not help but become sharper.

Miss maid is just faintly smiled and said at this time: “This young lady, I hope you don’t get me wrong, I’m just a little clean, I don’t like touching things that too many people have touched, that’s all.”

The Eldest Young Lady of Zmisch’s family only gave a courteous look at this time and became quiet.

Then, on the chessboard, it became a trio of followers and began to move forward again—under the guidance of miss maid.



“… I don’t like touching too many people, has she said so?”

As he marched, Dr. Geers kept talking to Chef Nelson, the master.

“Yeah, I heard it with my own ears, you haven’t seen Gong Linna Eldest Young Lady’s face, it’s quite wonderful.” Chef Nelson in the heart secretly thought.

“I don’t like to touch too many people. Have you said that the dice that have been voted on have been touched by too many people, or the Eldest Young Lady who has been voted on has been touched by too many people?” Dr. Guls’s voice with a smirk rang in the chef’s ear.

“Oh, old heavens! I think it’s probably the latter? Geers, you damn guy, your head turns so fast! Promiscuous //messy Gong Linna, how can I forget Eldest Young Lady in the room Rhyme. “

“So I’m a doctor, you’re a chef.” The family doctor at the ancient castle responded with a sense of jealousy at this time.

“You fart!”

Chatting, they suddenly started to talk to each other-the reason for such a leisurely relationship is entirely because of the relationship between Captain after the team was formed.

At this time, Nelson’s chef and maid Tiff are completely in a state of obsolescence (thing)-and, because the team is originally dominated by numbers, it is not just a combination of action and investment. Even the extraction of the function card became one.

As for life reduction, it is also unified. It can be said that if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.

After all, the progress in the chessboard space is delayed compared to the outside time … or the ratios on the two sides are not the same.

Taking advantage of this gap, Tina quietly came to Dr. Geers … She looked at the temporary Captain Boss Luo who was cutting a sword in front of her, and seemed to open the road like a tofu, and whispered quickly. “Doctor, does this mean Mr. Wally?”

Dr. Geers suddenly interrupted the conversation with Nelson, and looked curiously at the younger sister of the conjoined baby.

Maid Young Lady’s voice is lower at this moment, “Give it first, then capture it, let the opponent ’s confidence inflate, and then use thunderbolt to wipe out all the hope of the opponent, and then plunge into the abyss of despair, thus gaining joy. Pleasure … isn’t this Mr. Wally’s usual style. “

“Yes … no,” Dr. Geers said with a faint smile at this time, “but this time, maybe I can really give this host a big surprise, you can look forward to it.”

Maid Young Lady tilted her head in doubt.

However, seeing Dr. Geers with a smile in his eyes, he quickly walked a few steps and went to the temporary Captain … The maid Young Lady Tina couldn’t help wondering.

“Mr. Luo.”

When the team was formed, both sides had already introduced it, so Mr. Geers called it like this at this time.

“Mr. Geers, what’s the matter.”

“No, I’m just curious, what is the purpose of this slate?” At this time, Dr. Geers looked at the slate in Boss Luo’s hand-it is said that this time I went to [Roaring Forest] because of this slate Directed by the emitted light.

“I don’t know,” Luo Qiu said casually: “But since it is so guided, it intends to look at it in the past.”

Dr. Geers said strangely: “Are you not afraid, it may be a trap in itself … Oh, although you are Captain now, your lord is Captain, according to rules we can only Act obediently, but want to worry about your future, and ask more questions, is it understandable? “

“There should be more than one slate.” Luo Qiu thought for a while: “Specifically what it does, maybe you can only really understand after the collection is finished … As for the danger, Dr. Geers, these Hold it first. “

Talking, Boss Luo handed out several bottles of life recovery potion.

This looks like four or five sticks … Dr. Geers can’t help but open his mouth at this time, “Not so much, and what you brought out before is just five or six sticks-maybe, It’s okay to give me one first. “

“It doesn’t matter.” Luo Qiu laughed: “I still have, these are the monsters that have just been destroyed after the fall.”

“Is it like … just dropped?”

“Yeah.” Luo Qiu nodded, “The drop rate of potion in this forest is probably much higher than outside … you see, this is another one.”

He pointed to the body of a jelly-like monster like Slime that he had just cut off when the doctor arrived.

“You and your companions, the purpose of coming to the castle is exactly what it is.”

Silent for a moment, Dr. Gurds suddenly asked-he had already asked this question at first, but he didn’t get an answer, or one of the answers he envisioned.

“Mr. Geers, I have already answered this question, and the same answer is asked again.”

Silence again.

Dr. Geers suddenly said angrily: “[In the roaring forest], there is an item, Mr. Wali got must. This is about whether you can finally win … If you can be here first If Mr. Wali finds such a thing, I will also tell you something deeper about this chessboard. ”


Dr. Guls ordered nodded: “Don’t you think it’s magical, about this chessboard … and its incredible abilities.”

“A really interesting chessboard.” Luo Qiu ordered nodded.

Dr. Geers once again said at this time: “I will tell you another piece of information … The gains on this chessboard can be taken out. Of course, only the survivors can.”

“Oh?” Boss Luo was a little surprised, “This sounds really more magical.”

Dr. Geers said sternly: “It is true, there can be many things inside the board space that are not available outside … Of course, it is impossible to take away at a time, there are restrictions on this, and you can only take up Take the two things you selected. Apart from this, when you are a follower on the board, you can bring out the board and the same abilities and abilities, but this must be based on your own ability is lower than the ability of the profession in the board. On the premise, the ability of the chessboard profession can cover your original ability. “

But Luo Qiu thought for a while: “Mr. Geers, you seem to be from Mr. Wally’s castle.”

“I’m just a family doctor.” Mr. Gells was faintly smiled and said at this time: “I’m not a servant, I’m just an employed doctor, I can resign at any time.”

“It seems Mr. Wali should be very hard normally.” Boss Luo laughed at this time.

Dr. Geers shrugged: “Humans will live for the benefit … Vampire is naturally the same. I am not a noble of any clan, I have no noble bloodlines, I want a better quality of life in the future, naturally Know how to choose and think for yourself. Maybe you can think about me. “

“In case, I didn’t get the item in your mouth hidden in the” Roaring Forest “?” Luo Qiu said indifferently.

“That can only tell one thing,” Dr. Geers suddenly said incredibly seriously.

Luo Qiu curiously asked, “What do you mean?”

Dr. Geels laughed: “Then it proves that I’m really bad today.”

“I believe.” Boss Luo said this way: “A good-minded person, luck will not be worse … as long as he is a good-minded person.”


“What did you talk to him?”

Tina came up with doubts at this time-she only came after watching the conversation between Dr. Gols and temporary Captain.

In fact, she is not surprised at the appearance of Dr. Geers, this must be directed by Mr. Wally—basically every time this game is held, Mr. Wally will arrange a few of his people to come together As a facilitator, get rid of opponents who may pose a threat.

But what Tina didn’t expect is that Dr. Geers would surrender so simply this time-despite the temporary Captain’s ability …

“Know some insignificant topics.” Dr. Goles shook the head at this point, “Also … probably one thing to warn.”

“What is it?”

At this time, the doctor said strangely, “Probably, do you mean …?”

(End of this chapter)

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