Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1796


Chapter 1796 Let’s stop here, OK? Boss Luo has cut a few more swords … It can’t be said that the professional power given by [Chessboard] does not play a role here, it can only be said that it has been weakened a lot.

In fact, when I was in the inner hall of the shrine before, it seemed to have meant something … In the inner hall, the sword light couldn’t split the wall of the inner hall.

The hometown of elves is a pure land created by two Goddess in order to counter the invading forces … which is the strength of the [Chessboard] itself, and it is full of the power of double Goddess.

Especially in symbolic places like the shrine, the concentration of divine power is naturally higher, and the professional strength of the [checkerboard] followers is naturally reduced.

After making a move several times without success, Luo Qiu stopped.

At the same time, [Mayfair of 2nd day] was suddenly released … I never knew when it started, and the blooming pattern on her body had disappeared.

This means that the Goddess power of [2nd day’s Mayfair] has been drained by her [the first day] ‘s sake … Looking at [2nd day’s Mayfair] body Falling, you will fall into the dark Abyss without seeing it. Boss Luo moves.

He jumped down all of a sudden, and caught [2nd day Mayfair] before he completely fell … The moment he caught [2nd day Mayfair], Boss Luo ’s There was even a floating slate underfoot.

Standing firmly.

Today, [2nd day of Mayfield], who has lost all of her God’s Force, is already extremely weak … She is afraid that she will soon run out of strength to maintain her strength of life. Lights look like dry.

However, she still responded to the slate that appeared, “How could this be …”

“I think we need a place to stand, it may be more convenient “Boss Luo also looked at the slate he was stepping on.

“It is impossible, here is her inner world, how can you …” [Mayfield, 2nd day] But what seemed to come to mind, it was incredible: “Do you say the strength of your willpower? Here, she can even go beyond her control of her inner world … “

” This should be a good explanation. “Boss Luo said at will, and then stretched out his hand … The slab under his feet is here It started to stretch in an instant, but in the blink of an eye, a slate stretched out a straight path.

“Sure enough!” [Mayfield, 2nd day] A flash of glory in the eye, and subconsciously grabbed Boss Luo’s arm: “You can help her! You can help her from Coming out of this remorse … I have been dying, my strength has been taken away, it is me who failed, but you still have a chance. “

” You take a break first. “

As she said, she didn’t promise anything for [2nd day], Boss Luo just created another road up to the road to [Mayday].

[First day] Mayfair is at the end of the road at this moment … She seems to be waiting.

Waiting for Luo Qiu’s arrival.

Soon, Boss Luo came down to her [Day 1] in front of the road … Looking at Mayfair [Day 1] in front of her, Luo Qiu found that she seemed calm A lot.

Since [Mayfair on the first day] the frantic atmosphere is still on her body, she has a little peace … Even her eyes have softened a lot, there is a touch of color, no longer It looks like nothing.

“You are here.”

This is the first sentence she said when Luo Qiu arrived … softly, softly like water.

“You are … the Mayfair Young Lady I know.”

“No.” She shook the head, then chuckled and said, “Oh, yes. Remember the Mayfair you have … After you took back those powers that originally belonged to me, they will all be remembered. Of course, what happened recently will be clearer. ”

Boss Luo nodded, whispered softly: “Then you should also know the reason why we will come to the land of elves.”

“Hmm.” [Mayfair on the first day] nodded, but soon shook his head, “It doesn’t matter … you don’t want to be controlled, do you? I don’t want to leave this place, do you stay here with me, okay? Ignore what Club says is the task, Forever, stay with me … “

So, the dark time instantly turns white … Black can swallow everything, and white can.

“What are you thinking about?”

The gentle female voice came after her, accompanied by And the touch of a soft young girl’s hands-he was blindfolded by someone.

On a grassy slope in front of a field.

“Don’t you need to train today.” He took the girl’s palm out of his eyes, smiled and said.

“Captain Malik praised me today, saying that I train very hard, so I gave me a half-day rest.” The girl smiled lightly.

She sat down next to him. The sweet smile on her face was suitable for the grass that was swaying in the wind, and there was even a sweet smell floating, “For you!”


The girl held a delicate bag in her hands and pulled the rope off. “I bought it on the road and it just came out.”

This seems to be her beloved thing .

In the bag is a white candy with a trace of hot milk.

“Good.” He laughed, took a piece from the bag, put it in his mouth, and chewed carefully.

She said that what happened to her during training was a lot of hard work. “You know, I’m actually scared. Maybe I can’t pass the assessment and I can’t be a real temple guard …” This is my dream. “

The girl’s mood suddenly fell down, and she seemed to be looking for a support, and she lightly rested her head on his shoulder.

He smiled and said, “Those efforts you put in early and late, and when you do n’t want to train, you feel too tired and do n’t want to force yourself, but it ’s probably only when you insist on clenching your teeth. It’s the dream you’re actually pursuing. “

The young girl raise one’s head, looking at him, her eyes beating.

He said softly: “Since you have put in so much effort, then I think that even if you can’t achieve your dream in the end, there will always be some greater things that will come quietly Come to your side. “

The girl’s eyes are gradually dim,” Luo, someone told you that your eyes can always calm down … Always stay with me, OK? “

The girl closed her eyes. She wanted to kiss his lips, so she moved her body closer.

What she soon touched, it was a special sweet taste … The girl opened her eyes at once, but the boy in front of her looked at the smile with a smile and took the candy in the bag while This moment put it on her lips.

“Be careful with fat.” He blinked and smiled softly.

“Hateful!” She raised her face angrily, her face was lightly red, like a red apple that could be picked on the tree immediately. However, she seemed reluctant to hit him, but after a few taps, she looked at the fields in the distance with her knees.

The breeze blows the Buddha on them, and the homeland of the elves is quiet and far away, and it seems that they have never had trouble.

Suddenly, the young girl said softly: “Tomorrow … Tomorrow’s Great Festival, are you coming?”

He smiled and said: “Everyone wants to participate, I think I There is no reason not to go. “

She glanced at him and suddenly stood up and ran away quickly, but a voice came,” At dusk, I was beside the stream tavern. The water mill is waiting for you … “

The wind covered her next words.

Maybe, ‘you must come’ or something.

As he watched her back disappear at the end of the field, he lay on the grass on the grassy slope, closed his eyes, and seemed to be enjoying the peace here.

The lights are reflected on the stream.

On the pedal of the stream in front of the water mill, the girl looked at the people and the lights on the other side and walked for a long time. The sound of flowing water was her voice from time to time.

I don’t know where it flows from, nor where it will flow … but the reflection of the lights is always in a fixed place, shaking.

She may be a bit cool, so she tightens her body a bit.

The pedal uploads the sound of zhi zhi, as well as footsteps.

When she turned around and saw his arrival, a flower-like smile soon appeared on her face. This is the first time she smiled today.

“You are so slow!”

It seems like blame.

He apologized, “It’s a bit crowded, I’m sorry, I’m late.”

The girl came forward and even stretched out her nose, very hard in front of him. He sniffed a few times, “the smell of a lot of wild women … there must be a lot of people giving you flowers!”

He just raised his empty hands.

“Let’s go!” A satisfied smile appeared on the young girl’s face, and she put her arm directly in her arms, hugging her tightly, “But don’t miss the parade, then just be ungodly, will I do n’t get Goddess’ blessing! “

” Have you ever seen Goddess. “He asked suddenly.

She widened her eyes and said: “How is it possible!”

He casually said: “But you have been trained at the temple every day, have you never seen Lord Godss once?”

She rolled her eyes and said: “I’m just an intern, okay? Training is only in training camp, it is forbidden to enter other places, but I am very disciplined and will never run around.”

“That’s a pity.” He smiled and said.

She said: “wait for me officially became a guard, there will be a chance to meet Goddess, when the time comes I tell you what Goddess looks like.”

“It’s good.”

“How do you thank me?” She looked at him expectantly.

“I bought it on the road and it was freshly baked.” He handed her a delicate little bag.

This is not what was expected … but she seemed to like it too, and accepted it with joy.

The procession of the parade soon stopped at the venue of the festival.

At this moment, the young elves and men are gathered in front of the crowd, waiting reverently … waiting for the moment when the offering girl brings Goddess blessing.

Probably this evening, some hotels in the village, or single apartments and other places, the business will be very good-the old Eric’s family was doing apartment business, but he was There is no calculation as to whether it should be temporarily increased.

Because the sacrificial girl who went up the mountain today is the three women of the old Eric’s family … A three sacrifices, such a huge glory, has already fallen on the head of the old Eric, he was early Already fainted.

She held his hand and stood stunned in the crowd, listening to the whispers of the elves and men, and the palms of the hands were unconsciously moist.

“Are you nervous?” he whispered.

“Who is not nervous!” she said without feeling mad, then quietly pointing to the front, “you look at them, they are all tense, you say nervous or not … you look a little bit The child is not nervous. “

” It is not the first time to participate. “He smiled and said.

“That’s right …” She shook her head: “I used to look at others, but this time it’s different, this time it’s us …”

“It’s about to begin,” he said suddenly.

The sacrifice girl struck a white skirt, accompanied by the goddess of black armor, and slowly walked to the goddess statue … she was praying in a low voice.

Above Goddess, a dim Goddess phantom is slowly being born.

The village chief, Great Grandpa, said that young men and women who want to receive blessings will come out and accept Goddess’s blessing … the crowd began to separate.

At this time, the young men and women were holding hands and walking slowly past her and him, but she didn’t mean to move at this time.

He looked at her and asked, “Are we not going?”

She lowered her head and remained silent … It took a while for her to lightly pull at him. Shao: “Luo, we … shall we come again next time.”

“Why.” He asked inexplicably: “You are not, I have been looking forward to today.”

She lifts the head with a scared face, “I don’t know, I know to be afraid.”

“What are you afraid of.”

“Fear it and it will be gone.” She whispered: “Do you know, this happiness is only once in my life … I don’t want to, I don’t want to be gone in the future.”

“The elves who want to be combined can only participate in the great sacrifice once,” he said as it should be by rights.

“It’s not like this …” She shook her head and clenched his shirt tightly. “If, if we only come here this time, then we can come again next time … It’s just here, so you can come again next time. So, why don’t you come here, let’s come again next time. “

” Don’t you want an ending. “He said softly.

“I don’t know … I’m sorry.” She lowered her head, then released her hand, and ran into the crowd … disappeared into the crowd.

He was left behind, standing in the group of this person, standing in the smoke of this person, and then the smoke dissipated, blooming with black flowers everywhere.

A little broken and disappeared.

The opposite bank started to fade away a little bit.

She returned to the water mill where she was waiting, sitting right here, watching the disappearing streets, watching the disappearing crowds, and watching the stream that stopped.

Finally, the entire world has disappeared, and only this lonely water mill is left … She is still sitting here.

Suddenly, the sound of the pedal zhi zhi sounded with the arrival of footsteps … She turned back suddenly.

“Luo … how do you …” She stood up anxiously, looking pale, “You don’t come! You disappear! You disappear first! I will be fine soon! I Soon! We will meet again | goodbye face … you disappear first! “

He still came to her … the continuously expanding darkness could not touch him in the end. — Until, he finally came to her.

“I’ve been here for a long time.” He looked at her and said, “This is the thousandth time … Mayfair Young Lady, don’t you want to wake up.”

“I don’t want to listen!” She hugged her ears tightly, “I don’t want to hear you! You disappear! You disappear! I will create a new beginning immediately … You disappear! You disappear! “

” If I really disappeared. “He said softly,” Will you still find this position … Mayfair Young Lady, I am in response to you I just came here as expected. “

She looked at him shyly.

He calmly said, “I think, it’s okay … what is your wish.”

“Can you give me another candy.” She raised One’s head, laughing suddenly, “I said, this is it.” With that said, the elf Young Lady rushed forward desperately, holding his body tightly, She stomped her feet and touched it, expecting a sweet taste for a long time.

For a long time.

The pattern of white blossoms from the feet of the elf Young Lady in an instant … like ripples dripping into the water, they slowly spread and spread everything The darkness faded.

What follows is a pure World.

“Thank you for being with me a thousand times.”

The young lady let the hands spread a little, and finally gave him a smile, then slowly closed her eyes … Finally, The body of the elf Young Lady turned into a light.

When the light fades from the elf Young Lady again, she is no longer the look of Mayfair … it is a smaller, little girl.

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