Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1811


Chapter 1811 For a bad tomorrow, the atmosphere seems a little anxious. Gillian has never seen Zehart Uncle’s eyes … it looks like the eyes of the bad adventurers who came to the weapon shop to buy weapons.

The eyes of those with blood on their hands.

“It’s nothing.” Zehart shook. “Is the thing ready?”

Gillian had nodded and put his bag on the table, then There was a bottle taken out.

“This wine …” Zehart subconsciously frowned.

Ji Lian stroked the bottle and said softly, “This was brought to Dad by Uncle once before, and I just drank half of it. I know Dad hid it under the bed. I have been reluctant to drink … Now, others have also been passed away, and it is useless to keep it. Uncle, it is brought, now it can be regarded as the original owner. You know, I do n’t like drinking very much. ”

“I’m interested.” Zehart was silent for a while, and reached out and patted Gillian’s shoulder. “When the outside things are done, I will come back and see you all.” /p>

“Uncle.” Gillian raised his head at this time, “I’ll have a drink with you, as a practice, or as a father of Pamela … the taste of this wine, old Dad can’t taste it anymore, I think … I want to have a drink for him. “

” Okay. “Zehart was nodded,” It’s rare you have this. “

Gillian quickly fetched the cups … three cups, and then poured some wine on each cup, which was distributed to Zehart and Boss Luo.

“Do I have one, too?” Boss Luo asked curiously.

“I can’t make you look at me.” Gillian smiled bitterly.

“Thank you so much.” Boss Luo slightly smiled.

They hit the glass, but just before they were about to drink, Gillian suddenly looked at Mr. Zehart and asked: “Zehart uncle. After leaving the weapon shop yesterday afternoon, go Did you go somewhere … didn’t you go home? “

Zehart Paused said,” I didn’t go back. This time I came back because of business. After seeing you smoothly, I remember to go. Some goods were brought in. Speaking of which, where I live, you can go and see if you have time. Anyway, you always have the keys. “

Jilian nodded, and then said: “I heard from the police department that it seemed like someone saw you near Dad was killed last night …”

“What do you want to say.” Zehart was slightly frowned, his voice slightly. Sink.

Jilian was sighed, with a sad expression on his face: “I was thinking, if Dad could meet you before he was killed, then Dad might not be killed,” you and Dad has such a good relationship, but Dad was killed near you … uncle, don’t be sad. “

Zehart silently nodded, and after half a glass of wine was drunk, he immediately took out his bag,” I’m going out of town soon, during this time you take good care of yourself, what’s the matter, wait for me “

Talking, the tourist merchant Mr. Zehart is about to open the door and intends to leave … but just when he left, he suddenly stopped and turned back:” Jilian, come back next time, Bring you something fresh and fun. “


Uncle! “Jilian walked out.

At this time, Zehart suddenly became a little unstable. He shook his head vigorously, but felt that at this moment the world was spinning, and he suddenly lost his focus and fell down. On the ground.

When Gillian saw this, he dragged Zehart back into the weapon shop.

Boss Luo looking thoughtful looking at the wine at the table, “This wine Is there anything in it? ”

Alaya shook her head: “I don’t know, it’s broken if you break it.”

“Sew it up or replace it?” Boss Luo laughed asked.

“Big brother, you say?” Alaya asked blankly after thinking for a moment.

“Then sew it up.” Boss Luo thought for a while and thought, “The average person would choose to sew it up.”

“Why?” Alaya asked puzzledly.

Boss Luo casually said: “Because they believe that damaged things can be repaired … not just clothes, but everything.”

“is that right? “Alaya shook the head:” Not all items can be recovered. Objects that are beyond the scope of repair will not be repaired again, unless the time is reversed. “

” The time reversed is too exaggerated. “Boss Luo gently pats Alaya’s head and chuckled:” They just … just hope so. “

Alaya shook the head, and immediately pulled the sleeve of Boss Luo, softly Said: “This guy in the cellar has the smell of a dragon.”

“Really.” Boss Luo nodded.

Alaya then said: “There is also a dragon smell on the bridge.”

“Under the tostood.” Boss Luo nodded, “Sew the clothes first and then talk.”

On the street, you can still see the situation where the guards are searching from house to house-even in the car of the police department that Tianrenmu rides on. It was also stopped several times.

Suddenly, one silhouette got into the car of Tianrenmu on the road.

“What’s the matter?” Tianrenmu asked directly.

The subordinate who got in the car on the way said quickly: “Sir, in the afternoon, you asked me to return to the police department to ask the astrologer to check the bridge. If there is a result, this is the report.”

He sent a document to Tianrenmu.

Tianrenmu opened it directly and frowned immediately: “Not a senior monster … but, the breath of a dragon?”

“My lord.” At this time, the subordinate expression grave said: “As far as I know, currently living in the capital of the king, there are only two who can have the breath of the dragon. One is Laura, the maid in the palace, and the other is …”

“” Why didn’t you say it? “Heavenly Mu looked at his subordinates who were still talking, indifferently said.

The subordinates had to brace oneself and said, “Besides, I do n’t need to say that adults must know … the whole country knows.”

Heavenly Mu Qing snorted immediately. Put away the papers and groan.

The subordinates also did not dare to make any sound at this time, but it seems that after many years of experience in handling cases, he only felt that he had been involved in a terrifying vortex … this vortex was actually involved Continental Dragon Race.

Time passes by.

Heavenly Mu suddenly asked: “[Locke’s Weapon Shop], is there anything moving? Did Zehart appear?”

Subordinate said: “Our spies I’ve been stationed for the time being, and I haven’t found anything yet. As for the objects that the adult asked us to monitor, he never left the weapon shop after returning in the afternoon … Lord, you said that the suspect Zehart would really go to the weapon Shop? If he was really the murderer, he should have gone away at this time. “

” Diversion. “Tianrenmu suddenly said at this time:” Go to [Locke’s weapon shop]. “

The subordinate had to order the driver who was responsible for driving the car before the command … Soon after, the police department’s car had arrived at [Locke’s Weapon Shop].

Mu Ren instructed people to wait outside, then knocked on the door himself and walked into the weapon shop.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… When I saw the second seat of the police department again today, Gillian ’s expression could n’t help but change slightly … they just Make a hearty dinner.

“Sir, what are you doing here …” Gillian asked quietly.

“Are there any good things?” Tianrenmu looked at it at this moment, and seemed to ask casually: “Most people, only when enmity, can they eat so well, right? “

Ji Lian glanced at Mr. Luo, whose face was as calm as water, and then said sternly:” I think, rather than eat nothing because of the pain, and starve myself, I might as well let myself Eat better, and then have more strength to face the future life. “

” The idea is good. “Tianren Mu nodded, then sat down and watched Boss Luo feel free to say with a smile:” This person taught you. “

” How do you know … “Ji Lian closed her mouth and immediately said,” Master Mu, do you want to eat together? I will give you blood Here comes the tableware. “

” Okay. “Heavenly Mu nodded:” I’m hungry anyway, I’ve been busy for a day, I really haven’t eaten anything … I’m tired. “

“Immediately.” Gillian nodded and had to turn around to get things.

At the moment, Renren Mu was also polite. He reached out and stole vegetables on the plate and ate it, saying unintentionally: “A very bad assassination occurred in the palace today. Now Wang Duman is full of wind and rain … I remember you said that you did n’t know where your identity certificate was lost. It ’s nothing these days, but be careful. ”

“Mr. Tianrenmu, as the second seat of the police department of the capital, let me go like this, okay.” Boss Luo, however, put down the tableware for dinner.

This heavenly man, Lord Mu, has stolen a few dishes from each plate.

“It’s nothing.” Tianren Mu smiled lightly and said, “Catching the assassin is only a matter for the Royal Guard … This matter is not yet under our control. “

” Is the adult coming here so late, is there anything found in the murder? “Boss Luo suddenly asked.

“Hey, it’s nothing clues.” Tianrenmu shrugged. “I had to walk around and pass here to take a look … I was thinking that you might have something new. “

At this moment, Jilian took the tableware back and put it in front of Tianrenmu.

“No, thanks.” Heavenly Mu said said indifferently: “I’m full, it’s nothing, it won’t bother you … Oh yes, Zehart didn’t come to you today, right? “

” No. “Gillian answered quickly, and did not avoid Tianrenmu’s eyes at this time.

“This way …” Heaven and Earth turned around, seemingly randomly nodded, but at this time suddenly frowned: “It seems that there is a sound … below.”

Jilian this My eyes changed a little.

Just now, there was something sounding—and the source seemed to be in the cellar.

“It may be a mouse.” Ji quickly said: “The mouse often goes to the cellar to steal and eat, poison to death, batch after batch, very annoying.”

“I’ll catch the mouse and do it again.” Tianrenmu laughed at this time: “I’ll help you.”

Said that before Jilian responded, Tianrenmu took it. The sword rushed directly into the room. Jilian’s face changed dramatically, and he repeatedly called, chasing quickly.

It was just that the second division of the police department was extremely fast. When Gillian chased into the cellar, Tianrenmu had jumped into it … Gillian had to brace oneself into the cellar.

But I saw in the cellar at this time, not at all I saw Zehart uncle … Gillian glanced at the broken chain on the ground, and subconsciously let loose, but did not know Zehart. How did uncle break, there is such a capability.

“I said it, it’s just some mice.” Gillian walked aside at this time, pointing to a small hole closed with a wooden board and said, “Should crawl away.”

“Okay, it’s okay.” Heavenly Mu smiled lightly and decided to leave-just before leaving, he walked to the corner and used a sabre to cover a piece of canvas at the corner. Up.

What the canvas covers is just some charcoal.

“Master, what are you going to do …” Gillian said at this time, “I can’t hide anything, right?”

“It’s all right, I This person is more curious. “Tianren Mu shrugged.” Okay, I really don’t disturb you … well, let’s finish reading here. “

As he said, he used the long sword again. Picked up another canvas.

“What is this.”

But at this time, under the canvas, it turned out to be a sword full of precious stones, and at first glance it was an extraordinary sword … otherwise , And a silver mask.

Ji Lian was startled by what was in front of her.

“It seems that I have to work overtime tonight.” Tianrenmu narrowed his eyes at this time, and long sword pointed out, “Mr. Jilian, are you interested in going back to the police department with me … … I now suspect that you have something to do with the assassination this afternoon. “

(End of this chapter)

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