Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1813


Chapter 1813 Wang Guoji: Prison Break Is Possible Prison Break

Boss Luo not at all See Gillian-At least, from the time he was taken to this cell, Gillian has not appeared.

It may be detained elsewhere, or it may still be interrogated-according to the information available, these are the only possibilities.

Boss Luo tore a small piece of white bread with his hands and slowly put it in the mouth, as if thinking about something, fascinating.

However, the sight of the cell in the opposite room interrupted Boss Luo’s thinking.

“Why is your food so good?” Geers’s voice sounded-floating from the cell across the river, like the sound of a sea crossing the sea, it seemed very far away.

This is indeed the best meal that prison guards can provide temporarily—at the request of the Second Secretary of the Security Department.

“Do you want to eat?” Luo Qiu reached out and picked up two pieces of white bread, ready to throw them away.

They are now slaves, and the body is completely unrelated to the former body-as Vampire for many years, in fact, both Geers and Tina have forgotten the taste of human food.

On the way, I was busy fighting and fighting, and there was very little time to sit down and eat a good meal—even if there were, during the discussion and so on, it was difficult to discover the beauty of the food.

Being hungry … and because of the high consumption of the professional body, hunger will be far more intense than ordinary person-although it can be tolerated, it is difficult to endure.

When did they go hungry?

It hasn’t been a day, let alone one day, one night, not eating or drinking … Oh, Dr. Geers and Sneff shared a little reptile.

This made Dr. Geers even more uncomfortable. The stomach tumbling was like drinking outdated plasma as Vampire … he felt that his spirit had been greatly damaged.

“We need to add some physical strength to be able to cope with the next situation.” So Dr. Geers said righteously: “Look at our poor Snef, what are they hungry? Oh my god, the hunger has tortured him to the small insert in the prison! “

Snef opened his mouth, pointed at him with a stunned look, and then coldly snorted.

At this time, the bread was thrown from the cell opposite, and there were several pieces of sauce-made butcher shop.

“Thank God, you deserve my faith.” The doctor uttered words at this time, probably because in this [board] World, even the true God could n’t hear his prayers that were not so religious. The voice, “… um, really fragrant!”

Really fragrant.

I do n’t know how much better than the taste of insect … Sneff feels that he is still an individual, and he cannot deny this instinct when he is a human.

The trio of ancient castles ate in silence, and their moods were complicated … prisoners under the order, food to come.

“Let’s escape!” Finally, Dr. Geers suddenly stood up and said impassively: “This is what we should do.”

Said Then, he dropped the bread with only a little bit of residue left on his hand and fell to the ground, like the cup that fell during the uprising, but fell silently.

“Jailbreak?” Boss Luo’s voice came from the opposite cell, and he didn’t drift across the ocean, as if it sounded in their ears.

“Do you disagree?” Dr. Geers frowns saying: “Do you really believe in the so-called shit justice?”

Boss Luo shook his head: “I was thinking, jailbreak I haven’t tried it before … it sounds like a good look. So, Mr. Goles already has a plan. ”

He said that he hasn’t, but it’s not too late to think about it, so he ponders.

Boss Luo laughed, was trying to drink something, but found that the food delivered was not the black tea he used to drink, and he dispelled this idea.

[Chessboard] It ’s not too long before the time outside the World, probably not even one night. But it’s been a long time here … a long time.

Especially, he spent a thousand [Yesterday] with Miss Mayfair on the first day.

Boss misses the black tea made by her own miss maid.

“Speed ​​up the game, right?” he muttered.

“What are you talking about?” Dr. Geers immediately raised his ears, and he heard the muttering voice clearly.

“it’s nothing.” Boss Luo casually said: “Just thinking, this police department’s jail seems to have been built for a long time. I wanted to come and hold countless prisoners. I do n’t know of these prisoners. Has there been a successful jailbreak … For example, it took decades to secretly dig out an authentic tunnel … and so on. ”

Boss Luo Really looking for something in his own cell, quietly walls and floors.

“He … shouldn’t he be stimulated?” Geers subconsciously looked towards Tina, who was on his side, hesitantly asked.

The maid misses the head blankly.

But Sneff suddenly changed complexion slightly at this time, and made a snoring gesture directly, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at least there is a movement.” … But something strange happened in the cell opposite.

Dr. Geers suddenly stared wide-eyed.

God! The great ancestor of Vampire is coming! What did he see?

He actually saw Captain of his follower team, at this time he really overturned a piece of floor-it was a floor, it was really a floor!


“Hey, it’s really there.” Only hearing Boss Luo said at this time surprised: “There seems to be a secret path here, you guys look at it.”

Dr. Geers … Ha ha.

“What? Are people missing?” Tianren Mu, who was working overtime in his office, was looking at the files. When did it happen? Why didn’t you see it? “

The subordinates of the cold sweat trembled at this time:” Should … it should be the period after the meal delivery, before the first patrol at night. Time. In the cell where the prisoner was detained, we found a … a secret path that looks very old, I’m afraid it was dug up by the former prisoner … “

” There are people in the prison every month. Check and repair, you told me that there were escape tunnels that had been dug up by prisoners before? How long ago was this? Three days ago, seven days ago, or ten days ago? You dug it for me? And there is! When have you lost a prisoner! Fart! “

” My lord, it’s true! “His subordinate quickly fell to his knees in shock:” If you don’t believe it, you can go and see for yourself … ”

“Of course I go!” Heavenly Mu, coldly snorted, stood up and went straight out.

The shoes were not worn either.

In front of the cell where the accident occurred … The barefooted heavenly man looked blankly at the jailer busy in the cell … gradually Get impatient.

He has already seen the escape tunnel in that cell—it looks like it has been for some years, and it is definitely not something that can be dug out in the near future.

As for the exit of the passage, it is inside a rockery outside the cell … a total distance of about 13 meters. But what makes Tianren Mu strange is that Luo Qiu could leave calmly by himself, but actually turned back after taking it out, stunned a jailer, and captured him at the scene of the Max homicide scene. The three little thieves also let go.

Do they know each other … or, in fact, they are also members of the same party?

At this moment, a subordinate held the lamp at this time and walked in horror to Tianrenmu’s presence.

“If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, you can pack your bags and go back to the farming in the countryside!”

“Master … adult, find out.” Cheng Zhicheng, the subordinate, said : “It turned out that the prison did indeed lose a criminal ten years ago. The criminal was the nephew of the jailer who was responsible for the prison, so the two of them escaped together. The prisoner was gone, and they lied that the prisoner died of his own illness, and later I bought the medical officer and said that the plague occurred after the death of the prisoner, so the body was burned overnight and the evidence was destroyed.

“What about the guarded jailer?”

“He I committed suicide just now. “The subordinate swallowed and said,” I’m afraid it happened because I was afraid, so … “

Tianrenmu was silent, walking with his hand back and forth, “Ten years … More than ten years, this secret path is still there?”

Subordinate said: “I’m afraid … I’m afraid this guy is afraid that he will one day go to jail, so he left for himself For escape? Or, To meet the right object, you can also use it for profiteering and the like … “

” humph. “Heavenly Mu coldly snorted:” The artisan who is responsible for monthly maintenance is also guilty … great sin! Bring it back for interrogation immediately! “

” As you bid! “The subordinates took two steps back, then waved their hands quickly, and signaled to the people below to catch someone.

“How can he run into this? The secret path of ten years …” At this moment, Tianrenmu looked at the rockery outside the cell exiting the secret path, and couldn’t help but lightly frowned: “I have no luck at all Who is it. “

” What are we going to do now, sir … What is missing is the major suspect involved in the assassination of the palace, if it is leaked … “

” Then you will Don’t go back to the country to farm, prepare for exile! “Heavenly Mu coldly snorted.

Immediately, the heavenly man was lightly frowned, and then said solemnly: “The shackles on their hands are specially made, and they cannot be opened in a short time without the key. As long as they cannot use their power, they escape the guard. Secretary, shouldn’t have gone too far … “

” I will send someone to search immediately! “The subordinate responded quickly.

“Wait a moment!” Heavenly Mu suddenly shouted, then narrowed his eyes and said to his subordinates, “Remember, our police department has never caught any suspects, but the police department found out the assassination. The major parties involved in the case immediately notified the Guard Army. In addition, a warrant was issued, and the entire police department was dispatched to cooperate with the Guard Army to hunt down the whole city! “

The police department got up and down, and the chicken jumped.

Tian Renmu’s face was so heavy that he could scare the bad guy back to his office, and he was told that the little girl in white clothed clothes brought back from [Locke ’s Weapon Shop] also Mysteriously gone.

Jilian is still there—after the interrogation, Tianrenmu ordered that Jilian be taken in another place.

Tianrenmu was stroking the sword that had been confiscated at this time, and became more and more puzzled, “Since you want to clear the suspicion, why did you run away … Is there something wrong?”

They smelled free, as if they were redeemed … a drizzle to wash.

But moonlight is just right.

“… So, here we come out? So simple?” Dr. Geers still doubted what was happening here and now … that was the garrison of the so-called Iron Fortress?

“Doctor, I think we are too happy now,” Tina said coldly.

“Indeed.” Dr. Goles nodded and looked at the yoke on his body.

The disadvantage is that the shackles they use to impede the ability of professionals do not find the key that can be opened-that kind of thing should be stored in a special place, and it is impossible for the jailer to hold it casually.

“It’s not this.” The maid said quietly at this time: “I said … our Captain, it’s gone again.”

“O (? Д?) Hey! “

I really disappeared, there was no trace of Boss Luo around, left and right … The trio of castles didn’t even know when Captain was gone!

“What are we going to do now?” Miss Tina asked calmly.

Dr. Geers pondered for a moment, and finally looked at the two, and said solemnly: “Find something to eat.”



When the metal falls … This is a special yoke used to restrain professionals.

Luo Qiu rubbed his wrists at this moment, and the white-clothed girl in front of her eyes was holding a key that could be used to unlock the shackles.

“How do you have the keys.” Boss Luo asked curiously.

“Analyze and scan the lock core structure inside the shackle, you can deduce the size of the key in reverse.” white clothed Alaya slightly Raised his head, insignificantly: “then make one on site with material construction. “

” Yes, speaking of which you are also the creator of the World. “Boss Luo rubbed the small head of white clothed Alaya,” But using this power, I ’m not afraid to let [Chessboard] find out Have you … have come out of the land of elves? “

” I am encrypted, this level will not be discovered. “Alaya shook the head, and then said:” And, now [Chessboard] Will doesn’t know why it’s quite confusing and … low energy. “

” Low energy? “Boss Luo blinked.

Alaya tried to express it in a more direct way: “Similar to … mental retardation.”

It is mental retardation.

“I think I probably know why.” Boss Luo slightly smiled, and then opened the palm of his hand, there suddenly appeared on the palm of a stone engraved with the ancient oracle bone script casually, “because of it.”

“This is …” White clothed Alaya could not help looking thoughtful at this time.

Boss Luo quietly glanced at the white clothed Alaya and said suddenly: “I still have some similar fragments on hand, and they were all found in the land of the elves … under the bed in Mayfair’s room It ’s packed in a box, do n’t you know. “

White clothed Alaya shook the head, with a more doubtful look … The two Goddess of the creation are the doppelgänger projected by her restart of civilization , Is equal to her half body.

Mayfair’s reincarnation as [Colitan] is actually equal to her-but she has not been able to find this part of the record from her memory.

[Root authority, I suspect my memory has been tampered with.]

At this time, the white clothed Alaya has used her original emotionless voice.

(End of this chapter)

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