Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1816


Chapter 1816 Remember to close the door

The bright sword light obviously has extraordinary formidable power, but it is facing Envoy from Dragon Race-this is known as the most powerful race on the mainland.

Laura is also Sacred Domain, and is also the Sacred Domain of Dragon Race. Faced with the attack of this word light, she is not afraid of … dragon scales, that is the most powerful in the world. One of defense.

The sword broken by the dragon’s hand is unknown.

But at the moment when Laura was about to hold this sword empty-handed, she kept silent, staring at the silver-mask Mr. Wally who came to him suddenly said solemnly: “Do n’t catch this “Sword!”

As soon as the sword was about to start, the moment Mr. Kovali ’s voice sounded, Laura still forcibly turned his wrist and instead grabbed the silver-mask ’s arm.

It only made the sword people react quickly. At this time, the sword in his hand was picked and raised, and then pulled, it actually cut the scale armor above the hand of Laura’s dragon.

She started, and repeatedly returned to Mr. Wally ’s side, looking at the wound on her arm in disbelief … The dragon scales had broken open, the sword wound had even penetrated into her skin, the blood was Flowing along the dense scales.

“This sword …” Laura’s gaze also changed at this time … becoming dazed.

“[Aurora Esther].” I only heard Mr. Wally indifferently said at this time: “It is almost the complete form … I have come so many times and have taken [Aurora Esther] Special] Five times, this is the closest I have ever seen to the full form. But you … not a follower, who are you? “

The man in silver-mask said nothing at this time, It was just a wave of the sword—the blood on the sword belonged to Laura, and it fell to the ground instantly.

At this time, the blood stains dripping on the floor eroded the floor instantly … dragon’s blood is poisonous, and the blood of the dragon is even more poisonous.

Seeing that the other party was not speaking, Mr. Wally did n’t mind, but he took a step slowly … The intention was quite obvious.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t say it, I have a way to let you speak.” Mr. Wally said indifferently.

Immediately after his arm stretched out, he saw a big sword made of a bone. At this time, he held it in his hand out of thin air … From the moment this big sword appeared, there was a strong death The qi burst out like a gust of wind.

The silver-mask man felt the threat of death at this time … There was even a shock from the sword in his hand.

This is the confrontation between the divine armament of the same level, just like the king of the grassland met the king of the forest.

At the moment when he felt the threat of this bone sword, the silver-mask man first started to be strong and directly cut out with a huge sword light.

Mr. Wally chuckled lightly, and the Hengjian blocked it, actually tearing away the word light, “There is no professional power to match it, even the word light of [Aurora Esther], It ’s also impressive but is worthless … If it ’s just this level, I ’m not interested. ”

silver-mask The man still did n’t speak, but cut out dozens of them in a row. Sword light.

Mr. Wally shook the head, a sweep, these sword lights would be destroyed instantly … but the silver-mask man was missing in the dim room at this time.

“Not good, his purpose is His Royal Highness Carol!” Laura exclaimed at this time, and at the same time disregarding the messy tops, she immediately grabbed the door.

Mr. Wally was first frowned, but did not chase it out, he whispered to himself: “Carlo Princess … Is the child born by King Amos and Empress Dragon Race … really? Brave, this King Your Majesty. “

Mr. Wally is thus hidden in darkness.

Laura knows that Wally is not at all catching up … Although knowing that Wally is hiding in order not to expose his relationship, but in the heart is very uncomfortable.

After all, she has chased before Carlo Princess’s palace.

I saw two Sacred Domain Mages guarded against the palace at this time, and more groups of guards, Warrior, guarded all around.

“Master Laura, why is it so in a hurry?” the slightly tempered of the two Sacred Domain Mage asked right now.

“Your Highness is all right?” Laura was slightly frowned.

Sacred Domain Mage had to say: “Your Majesty the Princess didn’t wake up after falling asleep, we have been waiting here … There was indeed some riots in the palace at this time, but it did not harm it.”

Laura is frowned again, and then ignores Sacred Domain Mage and walks directly into the dormitory—when she sees Carlo Princess who is sleeping on the big bed hu hu, she determines Carlo Princess not at all After any question, the doubts in the heart continue to increase.

“Is n’t the Assassin ’s goal not His Highness?” Laura could n’t help but pondered then said: “But why did he break into His Royal Palace.”

She was n’t very worried Her incident with Wali was bumped into her … She asked herself that there wasn’t much of Wali’s identity, and she could count it with a slap.

Even if there are rumors outside, at most it is only the peach-colored scandal between her maid long next to Princess and the mysterious powerhouse.

“This is the child born of Amos and Queen Dragon Race?”

At this moment, Mr. Wally’s voice sounded coldly in Laura’s ear … … With her eyes fixed, the dragon’s hand waved out instantly, but was easily held.

“Just recently communicated in depth, can you kill the killer soon … Sure enough, you grow up, little Laura.”

It’s almost a joke-like voice.

She stared at the unreal man in front of her.

“You pissed is much more beautiful than your queen.” Mr. Wallie let go of the other person and said quickly: “I’m just curious to see this Your Majesty the Princess, not at all means to hurt her … after all, it is also your queen’s child, I don’t want her to hate me, so that I irreconcilable until death chasing me, after all, I still have to come here often, don’t want to have too much trouble in the future. But Having said that, the look of Your Majesty the Princess is really … special. “

” His Highness doesn’t like people talking about her … what’s the matter, don’t say it here again. “Laura is not salty Not indifferent.

“Does it matter?” Mr. Wally shrugged, “I saw you lit the forget-me-not, even Dragon Race would sleep a long time.”

Laura said indifferently : “His Royal Highness has always been unstable, and only then can I sleep well … Are you going out by yourself, or am I asking you to go out.”

“I’m leaving now.” Mr. Wally said indifferently: “Anyway, there are two Sacred Domain Mages out there, and sooner or later I will detect my existence … Still, Laura, help me get the key from King Amos. If you promise me, I will Take you out of here. “

Laura said with a sneer:” The world is so big, I can go wherever I want to go. Need you to take it? “

“I said …” Mr. Wally whispered softly: “The World I am in … I will take you away and leave this Chessboard-like World. Have you ever rejected me once, and will you still refuse this time? “

Laura’s eyes changed slightly, but she couldn’t hold on.” You Dodging the two Sacred Domain Mages, they can appear silently in front of me … Key, you why don’t you get it yourself? “

” I tried. “Mr. Wally shook his head Road: “There is a hateful shadow around King Amos, and I can’t get too close.”

“Even you …” Laura couldn’t help but lightly frowned.

“Why, don’t you know that there is such a shadow around King Amos.” Mr. Wally asked thoughtfully.

“It seems like nothing.” Laura shook the head: “Several times I can feel it, but there is no trace of it after specific pursuit … There is no forensic reality.”

Valli The gentleman said: “I feel the power of the divine armament on this shadow body.”

“Is … [Iris] one of the three divine armaments of the kingdom hidden treasure. [十 方 天 诛] ? “

” Probably. “Mr. Wally said indifferently:” I’m afraid it won’t be easy if I hit this thing, so the key thing … I will come again. “

As he said, Mr. Wally quickly hid in the shadows.

Laura is lightly frowned.

I saw a maid approaching her head timidly at this time, and said tremblingly, “Master Laura, Lord Sacred Domain from outside asked me to come in and ask, what happened to Your Majesty the Princess … … “

” No, you go down. “Laura waved his hand:” His Royal Highness is sleeping well so they don’t have to worry. “

” Yes … “


Seeing that the maid had left, Laura breathed slowly. She walked to the sleeping Carol Princess and sat down, watching silently … Walley, Walley had not appeared again , Apparently this time has really left.

At least it is not ready in Carlo Princess’s palace.

“I … can’t hide this.”

Suddenly, Laura stood up, gritted her teeth, and a diamond-shaped crystal appeared between her hands. In the middle, she held the crystal tightly and closed her eyes at the same time.

Soon, a low female voice sounded in Laura’s ear.

“Is Laura … what’s the matter, is it Carol’s disobedience?”

“There is one thing, Queen Majesty, I must tell you.”

“Say it.”

“Valley … has appeared.”

“Finally … the blood of hundreds of Dragon Races is deep …”


The crystal suddenly burst in Laura’s palm, shattered into dust. As soon as her lips trembled, she sat down weakly and whispered: “The Empress Your Majesty is coming [Iris] … … ”


King Amos’s study.

The guards are now nervously all around—but soon, a faint scent lingers all around.

They suddenly felt the drowsiness, and then one by one fell down without warning-at the same time, a silhouette quickly walked to the front of the study.

He is a man with a silver-mask and a sword in his hand.

Open the door.

At the moment the door broke, the man shouted in a low voice: “Amos, your death is here.”

A strong wind accompanied the man ’s The voice also caught in the study … Before the desk, King Amos’ hair was blown by the wind.

Faced with the silver-mask man ’s fierce murderous intention, Amos Royal General put down the book, “Is there any other lines.”

Silver-mask The man sneered, spurting his sword out without saying a word.

I saw sword light shining brightly above the tip of the sword, but King Amos ’gaze fixed his eyes, and suddenly pulled a gorgeous long sword hanging from the wall behind him , Hacked directly to the assassin’s sword.

The gorgeous long sword was split on the sword and broke instantly, but the heavy force actually made the assassin’s entire arm numb at this time.

The sword came out at once and fell to the ground.

The assassin was in shock in the heart, and instinctively reached out to grab the sword on the ground. At this time, King Amos threw the Broken Sword straight out of his hand, striking the sword away.

The sharp and unparalleled sword was easily inserted into the wall after being shot.

At this moment, King Amos said indifferently: “Riyoro, did you teach you how to use a sword like this?”

A man with a silver-mask Suddenly stopped breathing, and then sneered: “Once there is a chance, I will naturally fight with Juggernaut, so I can also ask for a few tips.”

“The response is very quick.” Amo King Si was nodded … Under the lock of the Assassin’s eyes, he slowly returned to his chair and sat down again, said indifferently: “If you don’t want to admit it, let’s go … next time you are ready to come again.”

His arms are still numb at this time … Although King Amos ’sword was broken, but his strength was …

He was silent for a moment, and he looked at the At the glance of the sword on the wall behind King Amos, he gritted his teeth and said, “Are you really letting me go?”

But King Amos did not seem to hear it, so he picked up the book. , Even sideways.

The assassin ’s eyes locked, but he stepped back step by step … and finally reached the entrance, secretly said that King Amos really intended to let himself go like this.

But at this time, King Amos suddenly said to himself: “In the evening, the personnel of the Security Division found the daytime stab in the palace from [Rock ’s Weapons Shop] The assassin ’s mask and weapons did n’t wait for the 2nd day. The same dressed assassin appeared again, using the sword that was found. It was really a coincidence … Of course, there are many coincidences in the world. It ’s not surprising. ”

The assassin’s eyes shrank abruptly … he couldn’t help but cool down the whole body.

“You all know …”

He looked towards King Amos, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes … He suddenly took a deep breath, then Instantly grabbed the door.

King Amos raised his head and looked at him … He shook the head: “The door is not closed, it’s still too young.”

It’s just that King Amos is calm. There was a moment of surprise in his face-because at this time in front of the opened study door, he came out silently in a silhouette.

The place where the moonlight and the lights meet is coming slowly.

Boss Luo.

The amazement on the face of King Amos quickly disappeared, and then with a hint of randomness: “It seems that the guards of my palace are really not good, no matter who they are, when Is it possible to go in and out freely? “

” I picked up a bargain, after all, someone put the guards asleep in front of me. “Boss Luo at this time smiled lightly:” In addition, I just Stop by to get something back … Your Majesty. “

” What is it. “King Amos asked with interest.

“The sword on the wall behind Your Majesty.” Boss Luo indifferently said, and then harvested out and beckoned.

The sword on the wall trembled instantly, and when you saw it, it would fly off the wall … At this moment, a flash of light flashed in the eyes of King Amos, and he suddenly reached out and grabbed the sword’s hilt, then He drank softly, his body sank, and his feet instantly cracked the floor.

However, this sword was unable to hold steady. After all, it flew out of the palm of King Amos and fell into Luo Qiu’s hands.

At this moment, King Amos looked at his own flesh, hot and stinging palms, and his face couldn’t help but start to wonder …

(End of this chapter)

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