Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 1844


Chapter 1844 Raised Left Hand

The maidservant Laura’s pace is a little quick.

She rarely walks at such a pace in the palace, but the maids have no time to think about the reason for this thing … Tonight, something extraordinary happened in the palace.

Even, the whole king has also happened something terrible.

Several maids were now looking pale outside the door of Princess Carol ’s room—Her Highness the Princess had been hiding since Queen Hilda had sent Princess Carol back No one was in the room.

They dared not offend Princess Carol, who was unstable … In the entire palace, all the servants and guards also dared not.

“Master Laura! Great, you are finally back!”

“What about the princess?”

“She’s in the room, already better Time hasn’t changed … we dare not disturb. “

Laura didn’t speak, but just walked past the maids, then pushed open the door of Princess Carol’s room and quickly walked in– And close the door.

There is not even a light in this room.

Laura slightly frowned, with a wave of her hand, the candlestick in the room instantly ignited, she walked in, and found a card shaking like a quiver on the big bed behind the screen Princess Luo.

Queen Hilda left, and was forced to leave … Some guards and maids in the square saw exactly-Laura had received similar reports on the way.

Nowadays, the group of guys who hurt Queen Hilda still stay on the square outside.

Although Laura was not present, Queen Hilda, under the anger, condensed on the huge body phantom above the palace, but could not hide … Laura saw the Dragon Race Queen ’s phantom being golden. Light directly smashed scene.

She did n’t know who would make a move, but she was sure that this Dragon Race Queen was really late, and it was not a small loss, and-Queen Hilda at this time It is indeed not in the palace.

“Are you hiding here like this.” Looking at the silhouette of the quilt covered with a quilt on the big bed, Laura expression indifferently said: “Bloodline as Queen … but so incompetent?”

The quilt moved away bit by bit, and Princess Carol ’s eyes, staring fiercely, almost squeezed by the flesh on her face, “Lao … Laura! You know who you are talking to!” You … you dare to be rude to me! “

Laura stepped forward, grabbed a hand, opened the quilt, and then directly pulled Princess Caro ’s arm, pulling her rudely from Pulled out of the bed.

The Her Highness the Princess was a little stunned at first, followed by rage, and then rebellion … but with her huge body, it was resistance to no avail.

She was directly fell to the ground by Laura, and she was at a loss for a while … she even had an incredible expression on her face, and even her lips were trembling, “Dare you treat me like this … Laura , You actually! You are crazy! Forget your identity! You are just sent by my mother to serve me … “

The princess of the kingdom once again bears this age should not bear … slap.

Slightly yellowed teeth spit out directly from Princess Carol ’s mouth. When the maid, who had always been docile, suddenly became unfamiliar, Princess Carol found herself unable to think.

She just subconsciously covered her cheeks that had been swollen and stared blankly at the dominating Laura.

“Let me tell you.” Laura indifferently said: “The so-called Continental Dragon Race, not at all The so-called Prince and princess, each generation of the dragon king comes through fighting. As a possess You should understand one thing in the Dragon Race bloodline of the mainland, that is, in this group, the so-called bloodline is just a joke. Only by its own powerful power can you have a position in this group. “

Princess Carol opened her mouth.

Laura takes a step forward at this time.

Princess Carol stared back in a panic and quickly moved back quickly, panicking: “No … do n’t hit me … do n’t hit me!”

“If it ’s not Greek I did n’t even bother to look at you at the command of Hilda. ”Laura kicked Princess Carol directly with a kick at this moment.

She ’s heavy … It ’s really thick and heavy, she flew out, and almost knocked down the wall … At this time Laura walked to the face again, all begging for mercy, and even scared incontinence. In front of Princess Carol.

Laura slightly frowned, and the head: “Maybe you do have everything … But Hilda and King Amos, but you make you useless waste. Really sad, Her Highness the Princess. “

” Do n’t hit me … Do n’t hit me … “

Looking at the incompetent appearance of Princess Carol in front of her, Laura coldly snorted and waved in the air , Torn Princess Caro’s clothes instantly, and then she reached out and grabbed something from Princess Caro’s thick chunk of Rift, the gap in Princess Caro’s neck.

A big golden chain of golden, pendant is half a slap, it looks like a small box.

“No! You ca n’t take it away!” Princess Carol now clenching one’s teeth and said: “Mother said, the things inside can’t be given to …”

I only saw Laura Here coldly snorted, and then raised his hand.

Princess Carol curled up all over, holding her head in horror: “Do n’t hit me … you take it, you take it … do n’t hit me again … please, please Pull! “

She kept crying and begging for mercy, until a long time, she was very fearful to raise one’s head and looked, but at this time Laura was already not in her eyes and even left this room.

Princess Carol could n’t help but disappear, and then her already ugly face even twisted, she grabbed a gravel on the ground, and grabbed it into a crush, “Dare you hit me … you Dare to beat me !!! I will not let you go … I will not let you go … “

But at this time, Laura, who was supposed to leave, appeared on the card again In front of Princess Luo.

Her Highness the Princess, whose expression has been distorted, moved her lips at this time, her eyes suddenly rolled, and she fell to the ground violently-she fainted.

Looking that this should have the most noble Bloodline in this World, but was forcibly raised as a waste princess who is nothing, Laura can’t help but slightly frowned.

“Your parents, do you really love you.”

Staring for a moment, Laura breathed slowly, and then directly lifted Princess Carol ’s heavy body Get it up … the key, she got it from Princess Carol, and because of the expulsion of Queen Hilda, this thing became with no difficulty.

However, in addition to the key, Wally also needs another thing … [Elnis] Royal Clan Bloodline of the Kingdom.

In addition to King Amos, Princess Carol is the only remaining Royal Clan Bloodline.

She thought that Wally would need this waste princess.

“Soon … I will be able to leave this World soon …”

Tang Tian Lin Feeling his coma not at all a long time in the past-when he woke up, he saw that he was in a terrible situation.

He does n’t even know what exactly is it where he is currently.

Probably a secret room … similar to a cellar, dim, but able to see things-on the walls of the secret room, there is a strangely packed quirky symbol, shining out With dark red rays of light.

He just lay in the center of this secret room. His hands, feet, waist, and neck had a halo of energy, holding him firmly on the floor.

With him as the center, the floor of the entire secret room, at this time, was flashing erroneously with bloody symbols on the wall.

Queen Hilda is standing in front of him at this time … This dragon queen, who has a mysterious and charming appearance, has even faded all her clothes.

“You wake up earlier than you think.” Queen Hilda looked at Tang Tianlin with a smile at this time, “I wanted you to wake up in bliss, it seems that you are Can’t wait. “

” … What do you want to do to me. “Tang Tian Lin Qiang asked calmly.

The layout of this secret room, and the appearance of Queen Hilda at this time, it is really impossible for Tang Tian Lin to have to think that this is for the preparation of an evil ceremony.

“I want your [Sacred Domain heart].” Queen Hilda said with a chuckle: “It can make me stronger.”

Tang Tian Lin in the heart startled, hurriedly said: “You are the empress of the Dragon Race in the mainland … already the most powerful existence of this World, and you still need this thing?”

“Sacred Domain is a threat.” Hope Empress Hilda was slowly sitting on Tang Tian Lin’s body at this time, her fingers even lightly scratched on Tang Tian Lin’s chest … and a blood mark of one after another was drawn.

This kind of pain penetrates into the bone marrow, and Tang Tian Lin even had to make a painful cry.

“Of course, I do n’t put half of the Sacred Domain in the eye. Only the guy who has the heart of Sacred Domain can be considered a trouble.” Queen Hilda withdrew her fingers and her tongue was light Licking the blood on the fingertips, “I am very experienced. When you extract the heart of [Sacred Domain], it will not only make you cry, but also make you feel unprecedented bliss. My sweat glands A special liquid is secreted, and through it, you will be in sync with my feelings … you can experience double pleasure at the same time. “

—— Made … The hint of the chessboard is, Let me knock down this kinky /random Dragon Race queen on the battlefield of spirit and desire?

He has no time to think about it, but a strange scent has penetrated into his nose.

Suddenly, an unprecedented feeling filled all his nerves-he seemed to have two bodies at this moment.

On the wall, the blood red symbol on the floor, even [lived] directly at this time, like a reptile half, crawling a little bit onto the body of Tang Tianlin.

Queen Hilda has sat down completely at this time.

At this time, she tilted her head and pressed Tang Tian Lin ’s chest with both hands, and a contented voice of her breath rang out in the secret room.

“That damn old woman … I will come back! I will come back to find you soon!”

“As long as … the Queen is willing to release the power to destroy this World!”

Tang Tian Lin ca n’t hear the Dragon Race Queen … his brain is buzzing at this time, a blank, a wave of strange feelings, almost makes his body unable to lift a little bit Resistance.

His pupils began to contract, his muscles began to wither, his hair began to turn gray … A black golden ball of light, slowly from his chest full of blood Overflow slowly.

Queen Hilda is even more crazy at this time, and the evil laughter is particularly loud in this small chamber.

“At the last moment of life, I allow you to bid your last farewell to your short life.” Queen Hilda bowed her head at this time, and the smile on her face was more intense.

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