Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2002


Chapter 2002 The Night of Attack

Except for the sudden departure of the 13 clans, the rest of the missions temporarily not at all changed.

But after this time [Power Conference], the Divine State Administration has received inquiries from many countries.

The unified argument is: Is it appropriate to hold this [Power Conference].

The [Power Conference] will be held if it is not held, and it has already been completed. The protest that was raised at this time is nothing more than an intention to overturn the results of this [Power Conference].

Although the [Power Conference] finally stopped after the Divine State True Dragon was captured, if the results of the day are approved, the Divine State area will be the big winner of this [Power Conference].

“…The other thing is that many transcendents were seriously injured in this conference.” The subordinate agent said with a bitter smile at this time: “Most of these are from the guys who teamed up to challenge Lady Long. What they say is that although this is a challenge, it should be based on the principle of friendship first…Lady Long started too hard, and they hope to be compensated accordingly.”

“I hateful politics this thing.” Evil God Huo Yun said abruptly: “There is nothing to discuss with a group of politicians who to have no shame. I have to pay compensation and let these guys send people to me. I One by one kills, and then I personally send my life to them, and kill me if I have the ability.”

“…Consultant, what do you mean?” The subordinate agent was startled.

Why does Huoyun consultant seem to have taken gunpowder… Is it because of Yan Section Chief?

“That’s what it means.” Evil God Huo Yun said directly: “I will tell these guys who want compensation without missing a word. We have a showdown. If we want to live together, we will pipe down. If you don’t want peaceful coexistence, then go to war. The [Power Conference] has been held, and the fight has been done. Who has a big fist, and they have no points in their hearts?”

This may not mean the above…

Even though Evil God Huo Yun is only a consultant, and there are directors, deputy directors, etc. on the management bureau, they are all nominal leaders…The actual power of the management bureau rests with the consultant Huo Yun.

“I see.” The subordinate agent lightly clicked nodded.

If the transcendents in the world are in chaos, obviously not anyone wants to see… But if the transcendents in the regions outside the Divine State are chaos, it is another matter.

After this [Power Conference], the world structure is undergoing drastic changes.

This change does not appear directly on the bright side, but a crazy collision in the dark. Once it is finally finalized, I am afraid that the whole world will usher in a complete reshuffle.

“Consultant, when should we reopen the summit meeting?”

This is really a be dogged by bad luck meeting, and it has been interrupted twice before and after.

Evil God Huo Yun pondered for a moment and said: “Reopen the day after tomorrow.”



“The day after tomorrow…reopen?”

In the hotel room, Mr. Gareth was lost in thought after receiving the notice from the Divine State Administration.

[Power Conference] After the hastily ended, they went straight back to the hotel, and they did not go out for the whole day… but it was not that they did not listen to the outside world.

It’s just that during this whole day, the outside is calm and tranquil, as if nothing has happened-it is so quiet that it makes people feel a little irritable.

The news of the return of Divine State True Dragon came an hour ago. Mr. Gareth thought that the meeting should be held again in the past few days. As expected, he received this notice immediately.

At this time, Lancelot was walking out with a basin full of blood-stained gauze.

Through the gap in the entrance, Mr. Gareth could see the situation inside-on the bed, there was a bandaged person… Farrell.

At the [Power Conference], Farrell relentlessly resisted the blow of Divine State True Dragon. Although I don’t know how much power Divine State True Dragon exerted in this blow, it was obviously not the most powerful. Strong power.

Divine State True Dragon’s strongest attack should be the last time to fight the mysterious woman holding the battle flag.

But even so, when Mr. Gareth and Lancelot brought Farrell back, Farrell’s heartbeat was already very weak… His blood vessels all over his body were ruptured, as if he had lost blood.

But Farrell still survived, and the tenacious life force shocked the two young Twelve Knights!

Farrell’s injury is obviously the heaviest compared to the other two of the top three.

After the [Power Conference], I don’t know where the voice came from. People will finally challenge the True Dragon’s Lamias, Father Stella and Farrell, collectively referred to as the [Three Powerhouses].

“Wounded to such an extent, the name powerhouse is more like a mockery.” Mr. Gareth couldn’t help hooking the head at this time.

“That is no longer a force that a simple human can resist.” Lancelot said blankly at this time: “At least, in my impression, the ancient British inheritance has never appeared before. A power that can be compared.”

“I heard that the original Knight King was very strong.” Mr. Gareth said abruptly, “Twelve Knight’s inheritance armor is based on the Knight’s armor as the blueprint in the legend, and it is designed with different emphasis. “

“Knight King Kai, King’s Sword…For us, it is just a legend, no one has seen it.” Lancelot shook his head: “It is not these foreign objects that are powerful, but individuals. Gareth, my strength of Inheritance is derived from [Lancelot], and [Lancelot] is also known as the most powerful of the Knights of the Round Table… But whether it is you or me, facing Farley Well, there is the power to fight back.”

“He is non-human!” Mr. Gareth smiled bitterly.

“What we are facing is also non-human.” Lancelot said sternly: “Divine State True Dragon is not a human in the strict sense… Even the one who appeared last turned back time and easily The Divine State True Dragon was taken away, do you think he is still a human?”

“I heard about the extraordinary in Divine State, calling [he] the [Devil].” Mr. Gareth smiled and said: “You know, what [The Devil] refers to in the Divine State language , Is the meaning of the worst bad guy doing bad things, angering people and complaining. But I thought about it, [he] didn’t seem to do anything bad, even this time, if it weren’t for [he] to make a move, we might have already He died in the final fight between Divine State True Dragon and mysterious woman.”

Whenever I think back to the last moment, the moment when he was swallowed by the brilliance, Mr. Gareth was still quite frightened-that kind of death, he could not even experience the pain.

Lancelot is indifferent: “On the Eurasian continent, in the name of heretics, demons, fallen ones, etc., the church has dealt with many witches who have awakened extraordinary powers… even if these witches are just Witchcraft is used in farming or curing people’s diseases.”

Mr. Gareth was shrugged, and immediately said: “Lancelot, what were you thinking at the time… I was talking about the moment of death.”

Mr. Gareth not at all saw the scene where Guanghui circumvents Lancelot. He only treated Lancelot like himself, and he came back [lived] again because of the reverse of time.

“I didn’t think about anything.” Lancelot said indifferently, “It’s too late to think.”

To be precise, Lancelot feels that he has lost a part of his memory-but this memory is very short, maybe only a few seconds, or a blank space of more than ten seconds.

She told herself that perhaps she had already been [dead] under the brilliance swallowed up, and it was not until the time went back that she [lived] again, so this short-term blank appeared.

At this moment, there was a sudden movement in the room inside.

Mr. Gareth frowned at the same time as Lancelot, and the two rushed into the room at the fastest speed, only to see that the quilt in the room had been lifted, but Farley who should have been unconscious on the bed Er, but no one has been seen.

At the same time, they looked towards the window of the room at the same time… the wind blew the curtains and the windows and doors were opened! Before I walked to the window, I saw a lifting platform used to wipe the glass on the exterior wall of the hotel was descending quickly.

The one on the elevator platform is Farrell who is unconscious…There are also two silhouettes!

Lancelot’s eyes condensed at this time, not even think he took out a silver pistol directly from his waist, moved towards the descending elevator platform and shot!

When the bullets were shot on the two silhouettes who captured Farrell, they actually wiped out one after another fire star!

At the same time, one of them suddenly raised his head, with an old bronze-mask on his face… This person raised his hand, holding a weapon similar to a firearm, a grenade It shot directly at this time, shot directly into the room through the window.

“Be careful!”

Mr. Gareth shouted and hurriedly threw Lancelot aside, and then there was a loud noise… Then, a tongue of fire spurted out from the window, and the glass in the nearby room was shattered at the same time!

The hotel’s Fire Element prevention system was instantly activated, and the buzzer of ear-piercing echoed in the hotel.

Mr. Gareth and Lancelot, who seemed a little embarrassed, appeared directly in the Main Hall of the hotel… They rushed out of the Main Hall, but after the curfew, the deserted streets were no longer found The two mysterious persons of Farrell were traced.

“Damn it! This place has also been attacked?!”

An agent of the management bureau hit the wall with his gnashing teeth.

Mr. Gareth is slightly frowned, “What does… mean?”

The agent of the management bureau had no choice but to quickly said: “Before the attack, the place where [Black Religious Order] and [Church] were staying was also attacked. The identity of the attacker is unknown, but it seems that he wanted to bring Lamias and Father Stella, who were badly wounded, did not take more than five minutes before and after these three attacks!”

“So, the other two top three were also taken away?” Mr. Gareth was shocked!

“This is not true.” The agent shook his head and said, “The guy who attacked [the church] was about to take away Father Stella. He didn’t expect Father Stella woke up suddenly, and then killed him. I was beaten away. As for the [Black Religious Order] side, Lamias was also robbed, but was later brought back by a mysterious person, but the mysterious person said nothing. After dropping Lamias, he quietly left Now. Only here…”

“The security of the hotel is the responsibility of your Divine State Administration!” Mr. Gareth immediately preemptively said: “I ask the Divine State Administration to give us [Knight mechanism] a reasonable explanation!”

Old Fox!

The agent had no choice but to say: “Mr. Gareth, we will not shirk our responsibility… We will notify you as soon as we have any news. At the same time, we will also strengthen the security work here, please be patient.”

“I hope so.”

Mr. Gareth’s face is ugly and nodded-he also knows that he can only do this at best.

At this time, Lancelot quickly drew something on a piece of sticky paper, and then put it out, “I drew it based on impressions. Sneak attackers wear this kind of mask on their faces. Hope it helps.”

“I am grateful!” The agent stretched out his hand and felt grateful. After just a glance, he was not very grateful.

Good fellow, it turns out that this beautiful female Knight who is valiant and formidable looking is also a soul painter!

“Two.” The agent took a deep breath at this time, “We will arrange for the two to stay in another place temporarily to prevent another sneak attack…Please follow me first.”

This can only be done, Mr. Gareth and Lancelot looked at each other, and then clicked nodded.



“Check carefully! The other party may not have gone far yet!”

At the crossroads of the city, more than a dozen vehicles from the administrative bureau were lined up here…and the agents, under the command, were searching everywhere.

At the same time, the same ambulance parked here is filled with the agents of the Administration and the fighting nuns of the [Black Religious Order] mission.

Lying in the ambulance is the new chief of [Black Religious Order], Lamias.

This is what happened. Several mysterious persons broke into the hotel and took Lamias away… This immediately alarmed the stationed administration agent and the fighting nuns who angered the order.

It’s just that when they followed all the way, they saw that the car driven by the mysterious person who hijacked Lamias had turned over to the crossroads.

In the car, Lamias lay unharmed, but the mysterious person who hijacked Lamias was nowhere to be seen… Suspected of who make a move, stopped the car and took the robbers away.

“You must not be able to leave any clues! Find me a lot!!”

The commander’s voice was roaring at the crossroads… This night, three places were attacked in succession. This is undoubtedly a slap in the face of the Divine State Administration!



On the roof of an office building at a crossroads, a middle-aged man wearing a fisherman hat is silently watching the surging head below, as if thinking about something.

At this moment, a fierce-looking young man in ripped jeans walked over with a bottle of green tea in a can…Suzuki Natsuya.

Suzuki Natsuya was lying on the wall at this time, looking down, curiously asked: “Is that woman someone you know? Why should I make a move to save it?”

“Do you like exploring the privacy of your employer?” middle-aged man …Teacher Chetian asked indifferently at this time.

“Well…just give money anyway.” Suzuki Natsuya shrugged, then pointed behind him and said: “What are you going to do with these rubbish…I hire a military leader?”

Che Tian Teacher turned around now.

Only three guys with strange masks on their faces are stacked on the ground… and next to him, the child who was raised as a pet by Suzuki Natsuya is using it with curiosity. Fingers poked the masks on their faces.

The Chetian Teacher walked up to the three robbers and lifted the masks on their faces one by one, and then frowned slightly.

“Hey…the three guys…” Suzuki Natsuya was started at this moment, staring at the three men on the ground, and then slapped his head and said: “It turns out to be triplets!”

“I don’t know if it’s triplets.” Chatian Teacher said indifferently at this time: “But I know there is a guy who looks exactly like them, and that guy’s name is…Gongsun Shiyu.”

(End of this chapter)

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