Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2003


Chapter 2003 Me! Nan Xiaonan! Tool man!

Chetian Teacher took out a small notebook to record something-but this is just a normal notebook and pen.

But he has not yet told Suzuki Natsuya what to do with this [triplet] matter.

After that, Teacher Chetian put on the masks of the three robbers again, and then said indifferently: “Just put it here, if it is discovered by the management, let the management take away. If they are not taken away, they will leave by themselves.”

Suzuki Natsuya not at all make a move directly suppress and kill these guys, but simply fainted—this is what he did cautiously.

He was afraid that if he punched him down, he would really kill these guys-this is the second thing. The most important thing is the fear of destroying the streets and public facilities of the city.

Although the employer’s will is behind the action, theoretically it will not be pursued by the new boss… But Chief Manger temperamental?

Her favorite is the daily beating of Black Soul Envoy in the store.

——If Eleanor didn’t retire, it would be great…

Suzuki Natsuya in the heart whispered quietly.

Since the previous Boss got the soul of the current miss maid from Heaven, Eleanor’s daily work room has been gradually replaced… This seems to have part of Eleanor’s autonomy.

Later, after the war in Ou Tu world a hundred years ago, he and Eleanor went on vacation one after another.

In fact, before he was reincarnated as Suzuki Natsuya, he also reincarnated as someone else-Suzuki Natsuya, which was already his third rebirth during his vacation.


Suzuki Natsuya has no comments on the fact that Tada Teacher abandoned the three guys who wanted to steal Lamias.

But he still asked curiously: “Just let them go, you are not afraid that they will make a move to the woman below again?”

Chetian Teacher said indifferently: “I should be a person outside the history of the world. I am only responsible for recording everything about the history of the world and should not participate in it. This time I have actually crossed the line.”

Suzuki Natsuya is shrugged, disapproving and authentic: “[The Hidden Club] is quite big, but maybe only you are obediently and honestly as the recorder.”

“Do you know a lot about [The Hidden Club]?” Chetian Teacher suddenly asked.

Suzuki Natsuya made a gesture of counting money.

Chetian Teacher shook his head and said directly: “it’s nothing, let’s go back… It’s not useless to let these guys go. At least I might be able to record them. The people behind them, think What to do. The attack tonight should not be just here.”

Speaking, Chetian Teacher looks into the distance, where is a red light reflected in the night sky… That is naturally the direction of the hotel where [Knight mechanism] is staying.


Soon after the three of Suzuki Natsuya left, two guys wearing the same masks soon appeared on the rooftop of this office building, then they picked up the unconscious three people on the ground and left quickly.

They took their companions through the night, and finally came to the riverside, jumped into the water, and floated along the waterway until they left the forbidden city before they went ashore.

After landing, the two dried the water marks of the clothes with the true power of within the body, and then took the three downed companions and quickly moved forward to a hill in front.

Because they have left the forbidden city, their speed has instantly increased by countless, but within ten minutes, they have reached their destination: an ancient Boss house hidden in the forest.

Directly inside the large house.

The three companions who were knocked unconscious also woke up at this time.

“The mission of the first team failed, and the mission of the third team failed… In the end only one was brought back.”

In the inner hall, the young man with severed palm…Gongsun Zhishui stared blankly at Farrell, who was lying alone on the ground, unconscious.

There were seven guys standing in front of them, no matter their height, clothes… even their breath.

“Stella was not at all seriously injured…We suspect that he fell down at the conference yesterday, pretending to be.”

“…We didn’t see the other person clearly, or even had time to react, we lost consciousness.”

It is a pity that Gongsun Zhishui did not take Stella away, but if the priest pretended to be injured, it can only be said that it was due to an intelligence error on his own side… Failure is not unacceptable.

But on Lamias…

“I lost consciousness before I reacted?” Gongsun Zhishui was puzzled about this.

According to the information returned, it seems that this should not have been intercepted by the Authority’s make a move. Otherwise, the three guys who arrested Lamias would not be brought back safely.

It’s just that the forbidden city should not be able to use a trace of strength, but it can directly knock all the members of the three teams who arrested Lamias…

What method was used?

Is there a new type of weapon that has not been made public?

At this time, seeing that Gongsun Zhishui did not speak, the first and third teams who failed the action silently took out a dagger, and without any hesitation, they pierced directly to their heart.

Gongsun Zhishui waved his hand at this time, and a real power instantly swept away the daggers in the hands of several people.

“Mission failure is regarded as a failed product, and there is no reason for the failed product.” I only heard Gongsun Zhishui indifferently said: “It’s just that the amount of damage in the ghost town before is too much, a new batch of [film martial artist] It’s not mature yet, leave your life and continue to serve the Young Master… only this time.”


Gongsun Zhishui directly waved his hand and said, “Although I lost the two teams, I finally brought back one, which is not without gain… The forbidden city has little value left. You, take it first. Farrell leave.”

“Master Shishui, you?”

“I did a small experiment before, but there is no result…but I think it should be almost the same.” Gongsun Zhishui waved his hand, “Go.”

After a while, this ancient Boss house hidden in the mountains and forests has no lights, and people go to empty buildings.




In the Forbidden City, an interview vehicle parked on the street.

Officer Ma was unpacking the box lunch [Shredded Pork with Green Pepper], but took a few mouthfuls of rice…I don’t know the taste-the main reason for the taste is that the two horns on the head are really painful.

In the past few days, Sir Ma took almost two or three hours to put on makeup during the past few days.

On a hot day, with such a thick makeup, this makes the middle-aged Sir Ma’s body a little overwhelming.

“Old Ye, do you think we do it like this, is it really useful?” Ma Houde squinted at this moment, looking towards Ye Yan with a trace of regret.

“A lot of things have happened at the summit meeting in the past few days.” Ye Yan muttered now: “As an ordinary person, we probably underestimated the power of Transcender… Maybe for this organization that avenges the transcendent. Said, the extraordinary power displayed by the [Power Conference] made them feel desperate.”

“Don’t say it’s them, I’m also desperate.” Sir Ma was eating with his mouth clattering…at this time, I really couldn’t taste anything, “If it weren’t for what happened in front of my eyes, Whatever I say, I think this is a computer special effect!”

“Our this World is changing rapidly.” Ye Yan shook the head: “If you don’t adapt, you can only be eliminated.”

“Speaking of which, Ahli asked me to invest in real estate last time…” Sir Ma complexion slightly changed at this time, “Oops, I didn’t take it seriously before, I don’t know if it’s too late! “

Ye Yan immediately said righteously: “As a good public servant, how can you think of this kind of thing!”

Sir Ma immediately became angry, and said furiously: “You damn it, in addition to your own house, there is also a dojo inheritance of several hundred square meters. Of course you are standing and talking. I have to support my family. How do you make a living?”

The little werewolf in the interview car can only shiver coldly squatting in the corner at this time, watching the conversation between the two gradually forgetting the original intention.

But at this moment, an email suddenly appeared on the built-in screen of the interview car.

Mr. Werewolf opened his eyes with curiosity, then opened his mouth and quickly said: “Ye Master! Officer Ma! Come and see what this is!”

The two stopped bickering and walked quickly.

“This is…” Sir Ma couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Ye Yan tightened his eyebrows, “Can you find out where this mail came from?”

“Let me try it!” Mr. Werewolf quickly operated on the keyboard.

Ye and Ma are holding this mysterious email at this time, and they seem a bit solemn, because the content of this email turned out to be information about the organization [Ice Cream Pudding].

It’s not just intelligence… The email even marked the location where members of this organization were hiding at this time!

“I can’t find it! I can’t find where it came from… It’s almost like appear out of thin air!” Mr. Werewolf could not help but said in surprise at this time: “There is no trace! The other party! It must be a terrifying hacker!”

“Old Ye, what do you think?”

“Anyway…” Ye Yan thought for a while and said: “It doesn’t matter if you try it, it’s better than waiting idly for opportunities now…Let’s go and observe this place first.”

At this time, Ye Yan pointed to a place on the electronic map, and quickly said-it was an area with a forbidden city and many villages in the city… it was one of the original old towns of the forbidden city.



Nan Xiaonan took a risk, avoided the police car patrolling at night, and came very quietly to a warehouse near the city—under the threat of the Red Queen…or under instructions.

Since the last time I was threatened by the Red Queen and went to the temple, after showing up in front of Jin Boss once, the Red Queen has disappeared-and then suddenly appeared today.

In the past few days, Nan Xiaonan did not take the initiative to contact Jin Boss and the others. Although she still works in the village in the city, she is a working girl who is struggling to find a job.

Mr. Jin is a very careful…even suspicious guy. Contacts with too heavy traces can easily arouse the suspicion of the other party-as long as it is a forbidden city, even if it has the ability to The Demoness sent by the World Academy can only be played in accordance with the ordinary person.

However, in Nan Xiaonan’s view, the last appearance at the temple seemed to be deliberate… I don’t know why the Red Queen arranged this way. The past few days Jin Boss also seemed to give up Continue to observe her.

Unconsciously, the designated warehouse area has arrived.

There are no people everywhere… It took Nan Xiaonan some time to find the designated warehouse in a warehouse… When she arrived, the electronic lock at the entrance of the warehouse opened instantly.

“Heh… it’s really a convenient ability.”

Nan Xiaonan narrowed his mouth, and walked into the warehouse with a calm expression… The warehouse lights up instantly, and Nan Xiaonan is not surprised. For this heavily networked world, the Red Queen’s ability is a certain It’s even almost the same as a god.

At this time, a screen on the side of the warehouse lights up instantly, and Nan Xiaonan also sees the real red queen…the perfect female image of several families wearing red skirts.

“Open the box in front of you.” The Red Queen’s voice sounded directly.

Said it was a box, but it was a small container… Following the instructions of the Red Queen, Nan Xiaonan unlocked the combination lock of the container layer by layer, and finally saw a two-meter tall one in the innermost part of the container Eco cabin.


“Sure enough!”

After seeing the contents of the ecological cabin clearly, Nan Xiaonan murmured…not even too many accidents-as early as the Red Queen asked her to perform a special star creation, she vaguely had a guess .

As expected, in this eco-cabin, there is a perfectly proportioned female body…On the display of the eco-cabin, there are even some basic data of this female body.

This is a precision machine with artificial skin.

But the purpose of Xingchuang is to give the dead creatures soul and biological activity… Nan Xiaonan slightly frowned said: “Since this is a machine, you can load your own data and make it active. Why? Isn’t it superfluous to make star creation?”

Nan Xiaonan has no doubt that the Red Queen can do this step.

“I need real touch, not signal simulation.” The female body in the eco-cabin suddenly opened her eyes and watched Nan Xiaonan say the above words: “I hope your star creation technology , Don’t let me down.”

Nan Xiaonan thought for a while and said: “Xingchuang will directly give birth to a new soul from this specific body.”

The Red Queen said indifferently: “I believe you have a way to create star creations while retaining only the activity of star creation creatures without creating souls.”

Nan Xiaonan thought for a while and said: “I make a move to help you with this special star creation. There is no problem…but there is one condition.”

“You said it.”

Nan Xiaonan said: “After this star creation, I hope that there will be no more involvement between us… I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. I don’t want any reward from you… Just treat it as I do. One time voluntary labor is good.”

The Red Queen’s ability is too terrifying. In this information age, unless she runs into the de-artificial primitive forest, her every move will be monitored by the Red Queen.

Originally, Xiaoba, as the host computer of Xingchuang Bio, should be able to play a dozen…It’s a pity that Xiaoba is a licking dog… This makes Nan Xiaonan feel very fucked.

Why after coming to this sub-world, the things created by my stars always have a strange character? ?

“I can only promise, I will not take the initiative to hurt you.” The Red Queen said indifferently: “I will even help you and do something you are doing.”

This is clearly dependent on it?

Nan Xiaonan shook the head softly, and immediately shook the head, helplessly said: “I hope you are an honest guy… count me bad luck!”

She closed the ecological cabin directly.

This is still a forbidden city. There is no area where the strength can be restored. She still needs to pull this body out of the city to truly make star creation.

“Speaking of which, this body…is it similar to the future owner lady has several points of?”

(End of this chapter)

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