Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2004


Chapter 2004, pay attention to your body

At the rural road outside the city of Forbidden City, Nan Xiaonan stopped the truck to the side just after being free from the influence of the force of Forbidden City.

Cracking a joke, how could King Gou like her drive the truck too far?

Of course, it’s doing bad things by relying on the most border of the forbidden city. As the saying goes, you can attack and retreat. Even if you are old, you can break into the forbidden city and Nan Xiaonan will lose one millimeter. !

The Red Queen on a small satellite TV screen on the truck looked at Nan Xiaonan like a fool without speaking… Through precise calculations, the Red Queen came to the conclusion: Nan Xiaonan is real Gou.

It’s just that the Red Queen itself has a great interest in the ability of Star Creation-any extraordinary power in this world, she has a considerable interest.

Through the ability to rule the ocean of information and manipulate the [Black Card] website behind her back, since the Transcendent Summit, she has been frantically collecting all the information about transcendence in the world.

There is only one purpose: evolution… evolution without limits.

Nan Xiaonan has already opened the ecological cabin again at this time, and the Red Queen’s observation of Nan Xiaonan, who is about to start star creation, has reached a peak at this time.

More than 500 miniature lenses are embedded in the container… Even a slight movement in the expression was clearly recorded at this time.

Even the bottom of the truck is equipped with several electromagnetic wave detectors… in order to be able to observe the changes in the energy magnetic field in real time.

“Oh la la, Balala…”

Even every syllable Nan Xiaonan uttered at this time was recorded one by one.

It’s just Ullala, Balala what the hell is that?

Although the Red Queen felt something was wrong… It was just that Xing’s creation was a completely unfamiliar field, and she recorded it truthfully afterwards.

Maybe these strange syllables can produce different effects from the changing magnetic field?

“Billy’s mother smashed eggs…”

With the appearance of increasingly strange syllables, the magnetic field in the container is undergoing drastic changes…Under the gaze of the Red Queen, the body of the female robot in the eco-cabin actually started An incredible change.

At the same time, some of the Red Queen downloaded the data in the new body early… Consciousness, at this time, is also undergoing some changes beyond the scientific and academic scope.

The body… is no longer a coldly mechanical feeling.

In the end, hundreds of peculiar runes with different combinations emerged in the air. Under Nan Xiaonan’s press, all the runes were directly submerged in this body.

“In my name…” Nan Xiaonan was whispering something at this time, and her eyes instantly turned into star-like colors… The inside of the entire container even shone like Star River at this moment color!


After a slight shock, the interior of the container flashed with an extreme brilliance… flashed away, and finally everything returned to calm.

The Demoness sent by its sub-world Academy is leaning against the side of the container with a tired face…This sub-world is still very strong against her, the celebrity mentor, but it is better than complete suppression. .

In fact, Nan Xiaonan knows that if the future Boss hadn’t opened a back door for herself in this sub-world, then how hard she was working, it would be difficult for her to do this in this sub-world every 100 80 years. A degree of star creation.

Star Creation is a very peculiar ability. It has nothing to do with the structure of matter itself… It is only related to the quality of matter itself.

The heavier the thing, the more difficult it is for star creation, and vice versa.

For example, [Mianmian], the most pillow, Nan Xiaonan can easily complete the star creation… As for the body of the Red Queen, because the inside is the relationship between machinery and precision components, the quality is far better than a human of the same size Much larger.

In this Star Creation, several households squeezed Nan Xiaonan’s spirit…Without a half a month, I can’t think of recovering.

She immediately rubbed her swollen head, her voice was a little hoarse and said: “What, this body…is it satisfactory?”

“This is… the real feeling?” The woman in the eco-cabin… The Red Queen slowly crawled out at this time.

Everything at this time seems to be curious to her.

She stepped on the floor of the container, and she raised her arm, as if to feel the flow of air.

“It’s a wonderful feeling…this kind of thing I can call a feeling.” The red queen who has a body said indifferently at this time: “But why, I feel that this body is still mechanical.”

“You can eat, you can drink, and you can shit!” Nan Xiaonan said with a glamorous face at this time: “But you are indeed still a machine…a machine with all the normal abilities of human women Machinery!”

“I can still have children?” The Red Empress suddenly said in surprise… She even lowered her head, her palms even touched her lower abdomen-this flat place without the slightest amount of fat.

“The one born is the same machine, just the same machine as you.” Nan Xiaonan shrugged and said.

“It’s… incredible ability.” The Red Queen clicked nodded at this time, and she relaxed a bit, “This feeling is very good…very good.”

“The secret of this body, you can slowly dig out.” Nan Xiaonan thought about it at this time: “I have done what you want me to do… From now on, I hope you will keep your promise, don’t Disturb my life.”

In this world with a high degree of information technology, the Red Queen is the kind of extremely difficult guy… If you just let yourself squeeze your spirits, you can get peace for a month and a half if you are weak, for walking in the void For loner, it can be said to be a very cost-effective thing.

The second commandment of Gou Zi Jue: Try not to cause trouble!

“Don’t worry, I will not cause you trouble.” The Red Queen smiled and said faintly at this time: “On the contrary, I will give you a lot of help.”

“Thanks to Bumin.” Nan Xiaonan shook the head, “If it’s nothing, then I will go back.”

“Wait.” The Red Queen suddenly shouted, “I heard Xiao Ba said that Star Creation is also divided into temporary Star Creation and permanent Star Creation, this body?”

Nan Xiaonan rolled the eyes and said: “Do you think I like you and trouble me every two days, so I will use temporary star creation to perfunct you?”

“You did not lie.” The Red Queen clicked nodded, “You can go back, I want to get familiar with this brand new body… Finally, thank you.”

Nan Xiaonan accidentally glanced at the red queen, but did not speak. After quietly clicking nodded, he quickly left the truck and walked into the border of the forbidden city.

She looked at the container truck parked on the side of the highway from a distance, and found that the container truck had also started at this time, moved towards the distance… Until it disappeared, Nan Xiaonan took her gaze back.

“I hope you don’t bother me anymore… Even if it is a permanent star, I can take it back.”

Any star-creation creature is based on the star-creation technique she created… can create and naturally decompose, so that the star-creation creature can return to its original appearance.

It’s just that she never told any of the star-creation creatures she created–even if hers was closed to the star-creation world because she fell into the sub-world, those who have been with her for countless years, the most loyal star-creation creatures , And will not know this secret.

The first commandment of Gou Zi Jue: Secret, only you know it.

“That’s not right! The secret of the Star Creation Art I wrote to the future boss at the beginning seems to be written!”

“Why did I write it at the time??”

No matter it, no matter what.

Anyway, the future Boss is an [indescribable existence], a guy who surpasses the void giants, she wants to be uncomfortable…for the time being feel at home wherever one is!

Then Nan Xiaonan encountered a very serious problem at this time.

The City of Forbidden City has a curfew, and she…can’t get a taxi! !



It didn’t take long for the genius to light up.

“Morning, Sister Xiao Nan!”

Nan Xiaonan twisted her neck stiffly. What she saw was a girl who appeared next to her… the little elder sister at the counter of the Jin Boss appliance store, Bei Bei.

Look at the girl carrying the bag, she should have just come out to buy breakfast.

“Morning…” Nan Xiaonan complied feebly at this time.

“Hey, Sister Xiaonan, you look…you seem to be very tired?” Beibei looked at Nan Xiaonan in surprise.

At this moment, Nan Xiaonan seems to be unable to straighten her waist. When she walks, she looks like she is dragging her body… Does she look very disabled?

“Fortunately, just…just after get off work, a little tired.”

I can’t say that I have walked tens of kilometers since the middle of the night, and I just walked back…

“Get off work?” Beibei is even more surprised!

She suddenly thought of a question, this little sister has indeed been looking for a job recently. She even vaguely asked the question of not inviting people at the electrical store… and she asked herself several times about the welfare of the [One Mansion] at the end of the street.

Just got off work?

In the forbidden city, there is a curfew at night, and shops are basically closed…unless it is a place where customers can stay overnight.

For example, hotels and hotels are common.

However, there are other leisure places for overnight stays… For example, this [Mansion] is.

Sister Xiao Nan said that she had been in class all night… She looked so tired and her waist couldn’t straighten up, as if she had hollowed out her body, shouldn’t it!

Really go to that [Mansion] to be… a technician or a technician? !

“…You seem to be thinking about something strange?” Nan Xiaonan is subconsciously slightly frowned.

“No.” Beibei hurriedly shook the head, and then quickly took out some food from the shopping bag, “Come on, Sister Xiao Nan, she must be hungry for the whole night… Something!”

Nan Xiaonan is really hungry, and hearing this is not welcome-besides, this is also quite in line with her personality of a working girl who is always on the lookout for petty advantages, but she took over the girl Beibei without saying a word kindness.

They sat down in the chairs outside a milk tea shop that hadn’t opened yet, and chatted one after another… nothing more than what happened in the past few days.

At this moment, Nan Xiaonan raised her leg and rubbed her ankle, showing a sour expression…not only physically tired, but also dizzy after being exhausted from the energy.

“Sister Xiao Nan, do you look tired with this job?” Bei Bei asked tentatively at this time.

“It’s okay, it’s just that the guest I encountered on yesterday evening is a bit troublesome.” Nan Xiaonan said casually: “Don’t ask too much, but also fierce… Forget it, don’t say it.”

“Eat more! Tonic!” Beibei took out some fresh food.

There are so many requests, but also fierce…no wonder it is so tired!

Sister Xiao Nan, earns hard money, no wonder she is so stingy and likes to take advantage…

“It’s really time to make up, I almost squeezed me out last night…” Nan Xiaonan nodded and began to gobble up.

“Sister Xiao Nan, you… Your current job is so tired, have you ever thought about quitting it and changing to another one?” Beibei said suddenly.

Nan Xiaonan was stunned, and the role of the migrant girl automatically switched, “Don’t do it, who raises me? You?”

“I mean, find another job that doesn’t seem so tiring.” Beibei shook her head.

“Let’s talk about it, now this year, it’s nice to have a job.” Nan Xiaonan shook the head, “Besides, it’s not safe outside…it’s probably safer here. The past few days, you haven’t seen it online What are you talking about?”

Extraordinary power has long been fermented.

The Forbidden City also occupies the top few online searches every day… Discussions and analysis on the status of the Forbidden City in the future extraordinary society have been done countless times.

As long as an ordinary person is not mentally handicapped, he already knows what the Forbidden City will be in the future.

Putting it that way, even though living in the city is very difficult, but still want to stay here, it is not incomprehensible… If you also have a certain fear of supernatural power, even more It should be.

Mr. Jin’s team does not keep secrets to each other-the whole team is understood at this time. This [Sister Xiao Nan] is probably one of the victims of extraordinary power.

[Sister Xiao Nan]’s fiancé boyfriend seemed to have been attacked by some kind of extraordinary creature a few months ago and fell into the cliff and died… Based on this speculation, then [Sister Xiao Nan] would rather be banned The city stays alive, and is unwilling to leave the forbidden city, facing the terrifying supernatural power, it is reasonable.

[Ice Cream Pudding], a revenge group formed by a group of victims of extraordinary powers, after basically confirming that [Sister Xiao Nan] is also a victim, the perception of [Sister Xiao Nan] has changed from being wary to sympathy.

Although I still can’t get in touch with each other, my perception has quietly changed…

Beibei took a deep breath and held Nan Xiaonan’s palm abruptly, “Anyway, we are also friends…Sister Xiaonan, if you have any difficulties, we will help you!”

“You?” Nan Xiaonan opened her mouth in surprise.

“There is also the Golden Boss!” Beibei faintly smiled and said at this time, “We are all friends isn’t that so? We still have hot pot together! At your house!”

Nan Xiaonan seemed to be amused and laughed casually, “speaking of which, didn’t you come out to buy breakfast? Don’t you go back to open the shop, are you afraid of being late and being deducted by Jinjin Boss?”

“It’s okay!” Beibei waved her hand, “But I really want to go back, Xiao Nan, please go home and rest soon… Pay attention to your body, some are too tired and hard work, I would rather earn less. It’s better not to make it… After all, this kind of youth meal is not very delicious, and it must be in order to plan in the future.”

“Oh…ok, I will pay attention.”

Seeing this energetic girl running away, Nan Xiaonan couldn’t help rubbing her chin… I always felt like I was misunderstood.

“But… the relationship seems to have suddenly improved a lot?” Nan Xiaonan is slightly frowned.

Is it because of the effect of the Red Queen letting herself go to the temple?

Is the effect so good…




“Old Ma, what are you doing?”

Ye Yan looked at Sir Ma curiously at a certain unit in an old building on the street.

Ma Houde thought for a while and said: “This woman… how does it look like the new Southern Forensic Doctor in our bureau?”


Ye Yan couldn’t help but be surprised, and thought about it for a while, “This looks like it was done by an entertainment venue… How could it be the forensic doctor in the bureau? Now the forensic doctors in your bureau are so idle, you can work part-time at night Huh?”

“I just said it’s a bit like, why are you so excited?” Sir Ma flew straight and rolled his eyes.

“Master Ye, Officer Ma, the target person has appeared!”

On the street, a man wearing a hat and a trench coat, bowed his head and walked out, and soon walked into another alley in the village in the city.


Ye Yan said quickly at this time.

(End of this chapter)

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