Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2005


Chapter 2005, kids, do you have a lot of question marks

“What is he doing?”

The three of Ye Yan have been following Jin Boss for more than two hours, and they saw Jin Boss not at all where he was going to go, like a Rogue in a city, walking aimlessly.

Jin Boss even got on the bus, and after arriving at the terminal, he sat back along the road.

“Maybe I was looking at the terrain.” Ye Yan analyzed and said: “Jin Boss, formerly known as Kanazawa, a member of a certain Marine Corps of the former Eagle Country, after retiring from the army, immigrated to Europe and operated a lounge.”

“Observe the terrain?” Ma Houde thought for a while and couldn’t help frowning: “Looking at the situation, these guys are ready to do something.”

According to Sir Ma’s many years of business operations, when it comes time to do something, criminals will frantically inspect all around…maybe it is to find who will start, or it may be to design an escape route.

“Master Ye, since we can be sure that Kanazawa’s hiding place is in the second-hand electrical appliance shop, why don’t we send someone to arrest him directly?” The little werewolf asked in confusion at this time.

Ye Yan shook his head and said: “First of all, we can only confirm that Kanazawa and Beibei are hiding in the electrical shop. The rest of the organization is temporarily undecided. Let’s say that they are hiding in an urban area with a complex flow of people. , And according to data, they have the ability to make dangerous weapons. In case of war in the busy city, the impact will be very bad.”

“This way…” The little werewolf clicked nodded… But he felt that it was more likely because it was a forbidden city?

“In fact, there is one more thing to consider.” Sir Ma said abruptly: “We still don’t know who sent us the hiding place mail… This may be a trap that tempts us to make a move. “

“Trap!” The little werewolf took a deep breath.

“Shhh…Kanazawa got out of the car.” Ye Yan made a silent gesture at this time.

I saw Jin Boss on the bus suddenly get off, but instead of waiting at the bus stop, he was walking alone on the street…At this time, there were many pedestrians in the street.


There are a lot of pedestrians, as long as the reason is that the Transcendent Summit is not at all open today…Although the popularity of discussions on the Internet is not diminishing, people will not be stuck at home for a few days.

Some spiritual guys who have experienced the [Power Conference] have come out to behave again.

The worship of power has caused many different voices in this forbidden city.

“According to our previous investigation, Kanazawa once taught some hooligans who worship extraordinary power by making a move.” Ye Yan said quickly at this time: “But since that time, he hasn’t made a move anymore… …It seems that I can’t help it at last.”

They stared at Jin Boss quietly and abducted into an alley…and in this alley, six or seven spiritual guys were holding a party.

They don’t have any fancy dresses, but they do graffiti on the walls of the alley, and they draw some weird characters, spells…magic arrays and the like.

It looks good, but it does not have any special power.

Just when Ye Yan thought that Jin Boss was going to make a move, they saw that Jin Boss only took a coldly look, and immediately turned and left the small alley.

“It’s no wonder that we didn’t get any results from the snakes in the past few days…” Old Ma is slightly frowned at this time: “It seems that Kanazawa does it occasionally, not at all for pleasure… This is really quite Restrained guy! At the same time, he is still very vigilant!”

After this, Jin Boss wandered all around for a while. At about noon, he swept a shared electric car and drove slowly back to the second-hand electrical shop.

Ye Yan immediately took off his coat and changed his clothes.

“What are you going to do?” Old Ma asked quickly.

“Go and find out what’s going on inside this electrical shop.”

Old Ma shook the head, “You can’t go, I’ll go if you want to… You have chased them for so long, and there is no guarantee that they don’t have your information on hand. But I’m not the same, I added it temporarily Come in, it’s a face, they don’t necessarily know me.”

Ye Yan was silent for a moment, then clicked nodded, decisively: “Okay, you figure it out by yourself, we support you.”

Speaking, Ye Yan threw the new coat into Sir Ma’s hands.

“…Do you think I can wear this size?”

“Then don’t wear it!”




“Excuse me, do I need anything?”

In front of the counter, Beibei, who was eating, looked at a middle-aged greasy man with a big belly and asked with a smile.

“I will take a look.” The middle-aged greasy man… Sir Ma said casually at this time.

He feels that he is in a good state at the moment, and how many years he hasn’t played this kind of action… Since he became a sergeant, he has done this by his subordinates.

But I am still a little excited… But it seems that what is not at all exposed is really old but still vigorous.

“You watch whatever you want.” Beibei gave a sweeter smile, and then she lowered her head to eat while watching the boring TV series.

Sir Ma began to look through the store casually, but quietly observed the situation of all around…There are a lot of shelves, and the store seems to be crowded. If you fight here, there are many obstacles, and there seems to be a lot of obstacles. The back door can be withdrawn at any time.

Good guy, there are surveillance cameras installed in all four corners of such a store… There are also at the front of the store, and there should be at the back.

“Little girl, are you alone in this shop?” Sir Ma suddenly asked at this time.

Seeing Beibei was suddenly shocked at this time, she stood up suddenly.

What’s the situation?

Sir Ma was also shocked immediately, taking two steps subconsciously, and instinctively wanted to press her hand on her waist.

“Don’t!” Beibei’s shout suddenly increased, “Don’t step on it!”


Sir Ma immediately shivered and forcibly reversed his instincts to avoid revealing his identity. He immediately lowered his head and saw that his feet were stepping on a furry tail.

A…a dog?

It is indeed a dog.

At this moment Sir Ma’s foot is stepping on a dog’s tail.

To be correct, it is a dead dog without pissed-with Ma Houde’s weight, such unconsciously stepped on the dog’s tail, the dog designated to go crazy.

But to Sir Ma’s surprise, this dog is actually motionless, without even lifting his eyes… the breath of unlovable breath came on his face!

“Lift…lift it?”

“Oh… I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Beibei had already rushed over quickly at this time, Sir Ma also took a step back quickly, Beibei stretched out his hand and started rubbing the place where the dog’s tail was stepped on to comfort.

It’s just this dog or it’s nothing.

“Is this dog sick?” Sir Ma couldn’t help asking.

Beibei shook her head and said: “I don’t know. When I brought it back, it was like this. It can eat and drink, but it doesn’t like to move, so it doesn’t respond, so it shrinks in this place.”

“Maybe it’s depression?” Sir Ma thought for a while, and said casually: “I also have one at home. Since it was sterilized, it has been like this for a long time, but no This one is so serious.”

Speaking, Sir Ma directly squatted down, lifted the dog’s tail and looked at it, “Hey, where’s its egg?”

Unexpectedly, Sir Ma just opened the dog’s tail. The dog who was lying on his stomach suddenly seemed to be crazy, so he threw it out!

This dog is so powerful, Officer Ma, which weighs nearly one hundred and ninety catties, was forcibly pushed!

A screaming sound instantly resounded in the electrical shop!

“WTF! Qilin Arm Ahhhh of labor and management!!!”


Inside the car, Ye Yan took off the earphones and shook the head with a weird face.

At this time, the little werewolf glanced at him, and said somewhat sly: “Master Ye, your former colleague… really interesting.”

But things not at all moved towards bad development.

On the contrary, because of this, Old Ma actually stayed. The girl who looked at the front desk, Beibei, apologized, was looking for medicine to stop the bleeding and disinfect Ma Houde.

“Huh? Is this Officer Ma deliberately approaching the target person?” The little werewolf Ye Geerton was shocked and said happily: “Sure enough, he is a senior police detective with rich experience, deep and unmeasurable!”

…This product of Tamar is just cheap!

Ye Yan sighed silently…but it seems to be the case, right?



“Sorry, it was not intentional, it is usually good, you see if you step on it, you won’t be pissed…”

The wound is not very deep, but the bleeding is not small, but it is not at all serious. After the wound is slightly washed with hydrogen peroxide, it can be easily bandaged.

“That…uncle, you can go to the hospital for a rabies vaccine later.” Beibei thought for a while and said: “Let’s come back with the bill and I will pay you the money.”


“Did this dog not get a dog shot?” Sir Ma asked with pain at this time.

Beibei said: “I picked it up a few days ago. I don’t look like the owner. I don’t know if I have ever played.”

“Why not check it?” Sir Ma then asked.

Beibei casually said: “Isn’t it true that the days in the city are not so good these times, so I just want to go out later…uncle, how do you feel after the bandage?”

Old Ma looked at the treatment of the wound and clicked nodded, “It’s done well, and the nurses in the hospital are almost like this…little girl, have you studied?”

“I went to a health school for a while before.”

“The health school is pretty good?” Sir Ma laughed, and Eight Trigrams (gossip) said: “It’s just that, how come you work here?”

“It’s hard to find a job.” Beibei responded simply.

Sir Ma did not continue to ask, after looking at the bandaged arm, he said directly: “little girl, I won’t tell you anymore, I’m going to the hospital.”

“Uncle, go ahead.” Beibei ordered nodded, “Next time you bring the order, I will accompany you with your medical expenses, rest assured.”

I saw Sir Ma now appearing to be considered bad luck, shook his head and walked out the door…but next time, there will be excuses to continue to approach the goal.

The task was finally completed well… Sir Ma thought with satisfaction at this time.

“Uncle! You forgot something!” Beibei suddenly shouted.

Sir Ma can’t help being startled at this moment, subconsciously touching the place in his pocket, “Forgot something, I didn’t…”

He turned his head subconsciously, and took a breath in an instant, but saw that Beibei with a sweet smile on his face had appeared in front of him.

Not only that, Beibei is also holding a dagger in her hand at this time, and the dagger is now directly moved towards Ma Houde’s waist and abdomen!

“You forgot this thing… it fell out when a dog pounced on it just now!”

Holding a dagger in one hand and stabbing it, the girl’s other palm is now picking up something…Ma Houde’s ID!

At this time, Old Ma not only looked slightly shocked, but then suddenly took a deep breath. The thugs grabbed Beibei’s knife-wielding wrist directly. knife!”

Bei Bei was stunned, but found that the dagger that was pierced into Ma Houde’s waist at this time, not at all, was really pierced into his body… it seemed to be blocked by something.

“Bulletproof vest…” Beibei’s pupils shrank in an instant, then she pulled out, and at the same time her knees flew out!

I saw Sir Ma at this moment with both legs clamped, and the leg kicking Beibei was tightly clamped in an instant, said with a sneer: “Are you afraid that you didn’t know that the nickname of the labor and management back then was called [Deathing Scissor Legs] Come on!”


Bei Bei picked up a second-hand Little Feng fan from the shelf and slammed it directly on Ma Houde’s head!

Ma Houde was dazed for a while, dizzy, but at this moment saw a tall silhouette, appeared in front of him-it was the leader of [Ice Cream Pudding], the golden Boss!


Kim Boss stretched out his hand, and the handkerchief in his palm was directly over Ma Houde’s mouth and nose.


After just a few breaths, Sir Ma was already unconscious after the sound of falling to the ground.

Beibei kicked Ma Houde on the ground and couldn’t help being slightly frowned, “Boss, we are exposed, we can’t stay here… I’ll tell them to evacuate!”

“It’s too late.” Kim Boss shook the head at this time and turned around.

In front of the second-hand electrical shop, a man with a grim expression is greeted at this time… Ye Yan!

“You really found here, the hyenas of the Interpol team…” Kim Boss breathed a sigh of relief at this time, but quietly made a special gesture to Bei Bei from behind.

“You can’t escape.” Ye Yan indifferently said.

Jin Boss glanced at Ma Houde on the ground, and said blankly: “Hostage?”

“The pension is very generous.” Ye Yan shrugged said indifferently.

Jin Boss smiled, “If you want to do this, you won’t show up immediately… You probably haven’t come to make precise deployment yet, maybe it’s just in the stage of exploration.”

While speaking, Beibei had put the dagger on the neck of the unconscious Officer Ma and said nothing.

Ye Yan was silent for a moment, and suddenly shook the head: “You won’t hurt him… You until now, have never hurt any innocent person, even ours.”

“Who knows.” Jin Boss said indifferently: “It doesn’t hurt, maybe just because it hasn’t reached the point where it needs to be hurt, it doesn’t mean that we will not do this kind of thing… Do you want to bet.”

“What to bet on?” Ye Yan lightly said with a smile.

Jin Boss said: “Betting on whether we will be a killer… But before that, I think you have to be clear about one thing. That is, no matter what you bet on, we have nothing to lose.”

“It’s really difficult.” Ye Yan sighed slowly, “International practice, how about changing me as a hostage?”

Speaking, Ye Yan took off his windbreaker and threw it to the ground. At the same time, he untied all his equipment one by one and raised his hands.

“Why aren’t the two together?” Jin Boss sneered.

Speaking, Jin Boss flicked his arm, and a telescopic rod was instantly held into the palm of his hand, and the telescopic rod was even accompanied by a crackling electric sound!

Holding the telescopic rod, he directly waved it towards Ye Yan!

At this time, a metal ball suddenly threw out from behind Ye Yan… It suddenly opened in mid-air, and then a strong white light instantly flooded the entire electrical shop!

At the same time, gunfire sounded, accompanied by several different shouts…Under the strong white light, the interior of the electrical shop seemed to become a chaotic world!

“Leaf Master!”

The voice of the little werewolf heard in his ears, but Ye Yan exhaled heavily.

They are now hiding outside the door of the shop…Old Ma has been immediately dragged out by Ye Yan.

Bang——! !

In an instant, there was a loud noise directly from the electrical shop inside… it exploded!

Impact, directly sweep out Ye Yan and several people.

“It’s cruel!” Ye Yan got up in embarrassment, then took out the walkie-talkie and decisively ordered: “Action! They shouldn’t have escaped far!”

This time the capture of the Action team organized by [Ice Cream Pudding] will naturally not only be Ye Yan and Little Werewolf. The total number of Action Teams exceeds ten. As long as they received the e-mail from the Golden Boss hiding place, The deployment started.

“Master Ye, there is a busy city outside!”

“I can’t control so much!” Ye Yan shook the head at this time, and immediately began to direct the actions of his subordinates.

Report the external situation one by one.

“A target was found at position two!”

“Position 5, suspected target!”

“Position 3…”

It seems that the members of [Ice Cream Pudding] are breaking up into pieces, each planning to flee.


Under the archway of Chengzhong Village across the road, a public trash can and a sewer manhole cover suddenly exploded…At the same time, a water tank on a residential house suddenly burst, and water splashed instantly.

Pedestrians were shocked and crowded everywhere.

“Mr. Lawrence!”

“You take Kanazawa to hide first, I’ll get those guys away!”

It is Lawrence who is in charge of weapon support in the team who speaks… Whether it is these temporary blasts now or the RPG used by Mr. Jin to attack extraordinary representatives staying in hotels, it is the Blastmaster’s handwriting.

At this time, Lawrence took off Mr. Jin’s coat and hat, put it on, and quickly mixed into the crowd.

Bei Bei’s face was slightly pale, and she glanced at Mr. Jin.

In Mr. Jin’s abdomen, a dagger with a palm length is inserted at this time… or a flying knife!

It was the hand of the later Interpol. The raised hand was raised, and the knife shot out like a bullet!

This was originally shot at me, but it was directly blocked by Boss Kim.

“You go first… I will find a place to hide.” Kim Boss was covering his wound at this time, but the blood flow continued.

“No, I will be with you.” Beibei said quickly: “I know where we should hide…for now!”

“Can’t go!” Mr. Jin seemed to know Beibei’s plan at this time, and frowned stopped drinking.

“It’s too late.” Beibei shook the head and raised the phone in her hand.

Jin Boss was stunned, and saw a pale-faced working girl on the chaotic street. At this time, she was walking cautiously… Nan Xiaonan!

“Babe, Jin Boss, you guys… this is?”

“Sister Xiao Nan! Help us!”


WTF, what is the situation?

Nan Xiaonan began to doubt life at this time…Could this also be arranged by the Red Queen?

Did it do it? ?

The Demoness sent by its sub-world Academy has a lot of question marks…

(End of this chapter)

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