Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2006


Chapter 2006 Guilty Sense

Candles, scissors… needles and threads.

Beibei brought out the needle and thread by herself. She seems to have a sewing kit that she carries with her—just Nan Xiaonan glanced at it. It seems to be medical?

She is like an ordinary migrant girl who has encountered this situation, look pale, not knowing what to do, and stood aside without saying a word, except for staring blankly at all the rebellion , I don’t know what to do.

“The wound has been treated. Fortunately, this thing has no blood slot, otherwise it will be a big trouble.”


At this time, the blood-stained knife was thrown directly into a stainless steel plate by Beibei. At this time, many blood-stained paper balls were placed on the table.

“Sister Xiao Nan, would you please help me get some hot water? There are also towels…it’s better to be clean.”

Bei Bei said quickly at this time.

“Oh…oh, I, I’m going…go now.” Nan Xiaonan nodded nervously, and then staggered into the bathroom.

At this time, Bei Bei glanced at the mobile phone that Nan Xiaonan was holding not at all, but placed on the table, as if quietly relaxed, and slowly put down the scissors that he held in his hand.

She has to be like this… Mr. Jin with the wounded cannot go far, and can only hide-but she does not guarantee that Xiao Nan, who has known the events within a week, will not do some ordinary person’s reaction.

Mr. Jin, who has treated the wound, looks quite weak. Although Ye Yan’s throwing knife has no blood slot, the piercing wound is very deep. I am afraid that it has injured the internal organs?

There are no conditions at all in this rental house, and Beibei can’t do too much inspection.

“We… need to leave here as soon as possible.” Mr. Jin whispered at this time: “Every household in this village in this city is equipped with surveillance cameras, maybe it has been exposed…”

“Don’t worry, Bernard and Lawrence have dealt with it before, and they won’t find out here for a while.” Beibei also whispered: “They are still avoiding chase outside, at least when they are all caught Before, those Interpol hyenas would not immediately consider this place nearby.”

“Don’t underestimate that throwing knife.” Mr. Jin said with a bitter smile: “He can say that he has been biting us all the time, and he can find it every time… This time, it is a formal confrontation. Go away Look, we almost lost.”

“You take a rest first.” Beibei nodded.

She stood up and walked quickly towards Nan Xiaonan.


The conditions of this kind of urban village rental house are naturally not much better. It is said that the bathroom is actually separated by a small house. The inside is the bathroom, and the outside is used as a small kitchen.

When Beibei came, I saw Nan Xiaonan was boiling the water in the morning, holding a kitchen knife in both hands, shaking constantly.

“Sister Xiao Nan.”

“Scared? What, what’s wrong?!” Nan Xiaonan was shocked at this time, and quickly stepped back two steps, and the kitchen knife held by both hands naturally pointed at Beibei.

She was shocked, and quickly put down the kitchen knife, “I don’t…I am not, I am…”

“It’s okay, Sister Xiao Nan.” Beibei shook the head: “I won’t hurt you. We will leave as soon as the boss’s situation improves. So… Sister Xiao Nan, can you cooperate temporarily?”

Nan Xiaonan opened his mouth, but his guard did not relax.

Beibei took a step forward at this time, and Nan Xiaonan took a step back, her hands trembling even more.

Seeing that Beibei didn’t mean to go any further, instead he unzipped the zipper of his clothes, took out a small stack of banknotes from it, and slowly put it on the stove, “It was too urgent to come out. I just brought these… if it is not enough, I will find a way. Really, we will not hurt you.”

“You… are you…”



“I haven’t caught one yet?”

In the modified interview vehicle, Ye Yan, who is directing the team to pursue the hunt, looks a bit irritable—he feels like he has failed.

“Keep chasing… they can’t run far.” Ye Yan frowns said: “One of them should be injured. They are walking in a hurry, and there must be no medicine on them. Please pay more attention to nearby pharmacies. .”

Speaking, Ye Yan temporarily closed communication and rubbed his eyebrows, “Old Ma, are you all right?”

“I still feel a little dizzy… Blame me.” Ma Houde’s face isn’t so good at this time… If it wasn’t for revealing herself: “I’m sorry, Old Ye, I shouldn’t have my ID still.”


“The document is fake.” Ye Yan shook the head at this moment and threw it away.

I saw a book with some burn marks, which was thrown into Ma Houde’s hands at this time… He lowered his head and glanced, “Fake…really fake!”

The photo on the ID is actually a sticker of a pink cartoon pig…

“Officer Ma, I kept your ID for you when it was changed. Did you forget? Look, it’s still here.” The little werewolf raised his hand quickly at this time.

“This…” Sir Ma opened her mouth at this moment, and subconsciously said: “This little girl looks very gentle, she is so ruthless, she dared to defraud me with a fake ID… and stabbed me with a knife. If it weren’t for me to wear a vest…it’s a lunatic!”

“Even if you don’t wear a vest, you can’t die. At most, you are suffering from superficial wounds.” Ye Yan shook the head and threw a dagger. “This was found on the spot… That dagger.”

Sir Ma subconsciously grabbed a glance, and immediately seemed to have discovered something. The finger pressed a button on the dagger, and then pinched the tip of the knife and pushed it in… the tip of the knife instantly advanced.

“Spring…” Ma Houde couldn’t help but bitterly laughed at this moment, and shook his head, “Labor and capital…I won’t be wronged this time.”

Ye Yan stared at the map on the screen at this time, muttering to himself: “Kanze…Where are you hiding?”



Terrifying organization, revenge… [Ice cream pudding], attack.

Under Beibei’s narration, Nan Xiaonan’s expression has been changing… Until the end, Beibei stopped talking and looked at Nan Xiaonan quietly.

She knows that for a working girl in an ordinary urban village, these all are things that need time to digest.

“…you, why are you telling me these things?” Nan Xiaonan finally asked hesitantly.

“Because.” Beibei stared at Nan Xiaonan’s eyes at this time, and slowly said, “Sister Xiaonan, you and us are the same person!”

“How can I be the same person as you?” Nan Xiaonan reacted fiercely at this time and said: “I am an ordinary person, working part-time! I don’t want to cause trouble!”

“Sister Xiao Nan.” Beibei said sternly at this time: “Do you hate it? Do you hate those extraordinary powers that took away life…Do you hate the unknown creature that made your fiancé fall off a cliff to death?” /p>

No, I don’t hate…

Nan Xiaonan’s face suddenly turned white, [panic] said: “How can you…”

“We have investigated you.” Beibei said indifferently: “We have investigated your birth and all your past information… I hope you don’t mind. We need to be very careful when we set up a shop here. People who have been in contact, we will check carefully.”

Nan Xiaonan was silent.

Beibei did not press on tightly, and quieted down.

After a while, Nan Xiaonan said a little nervously: “I…I’ll get you something to eat. But only noodles…Today, I haven’t had time to buy vegetables.”

“Fortunately you, Sister Xiaonan.” Beibei was nodded, but he put away Nan Xiaonan’s mobile phone.

Nan Xiaonan didn’t say anything, and quickly hid in the small kitchen.

Jin Boss hasn’t said anything, as if he was asleep, but at this time he slowly opened his eyes, “Do they have any news.”

“No news.” Beibei quickly said: “No news is good news.”

“en. “Mr. Jin nodded, his eyes closed again.



Soon, the noodles were ready. It was a clear noodle soup. There were a few green vegetables and eggs floating on the noodle soup. It seemed that one egg was placed and divided into two portions.

Beibei picked it up and ate it, and didn’t dislike it at all, and ate it all, but Mr. Jin not at all woke up.

“He… Is Kim Boss better?” Nan Xiaonan asked in a low voice at this time.

She was sitting far away, and several households were in the corner of the wall.

“It shouldn’t hurt the internal organs.” Beibei looked at her eyes and said: “But the wound will not heal so quickly. After all, we are just ordinary persons.”

There was silence for a while.

Nan Xiaonan broke the silence and said: “Are you going to drink something…the small refrigerator seems to have something to drink.”

“Sister Xiao Nan, if you don’t want to talk, just take a break.” Beibei whispered at this time: “Don’t force yourself, we will stay quiet… quietly.”

Nan Xiaonan silently nodded, and immediately picked up a blanket and wrapped it around her body… She picked up a pillow and shrank like that.

Beibei turned on his mobile phone and TV, presumably to pay attention to external information.

Nan Xiaonan is still thinking about what to do next…Although I don’t know how the hiding place of this group was exposed, it is now broken up and scattered… But there is no doubt that she and this organization The relationship seems to have developed through breakthrough.

Just, what’s the next step after making this progress?

Nan Xiaonan still hasn’t figured out the problem of [Key] so far… The team that contacted Jin Boss is also based on the tips given by miss maid.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for cheating directly to create [Daqing Pills], she might not have known Jin Boss and Beibei… No, she might not know their existence.

However, since the future Boss and owner lady know that they have the abilities of Star Creations, they will not guess that they will cheat if they think about it… In other words, this is not cheating at all, but tacit approval.

Several households in Nan Xiaonan are suspiciously determined that contacting the golden boss is what the future boss Mr. Luo means.

Join them…become a member of this revenge organization, and then help them continuously avenge the extraordinary power?

Is it really that simple… If it is really that simple, there is no need to go around in a circle and just give yourself a pill reminder?

There are keys…

She subconsciously handles the [key] that has been hanging on her body.

“Is this key important?” Beibei’s voice suddenly came.


Nan Xiaonan raised his eyes and saw that Beibei didn’t know when, she had already looked towards herself.

Nan Xiaonan thought for a while, then lowered his head and said quietly: “This is the key to the place I used to live.”

“Where did you live before?” Bei Bei was stunned.

Nan Xiaonan is nodded, and his voice is lighter: “I always feel that he will come back, so I have kept it… The place was originally negotiated with the landlord, and we want to buy it, as it was after we got married. My new house…I, am I stupid? But what’s the use of staying…I dare not go back once.”

“That’s it…” Bebe silently nodded.

At this moment Mr. Jin woke up suddenly, coughed twice, and broke the silence between the two, “Babe, I want to eat something.”

“Okay, I will help you.” Beibei hurriedly fed the clear noodles in front of finally clasped fist Mr. Jin cautiously.

Nan Xiaonan did not speak, and continued to treat herself as transparent, curled up in a corner.


The origin of [Key] is certainly not this.

She compiled this before, thinking about finding a suitable time to say it inadvertently, and directly giving the opponent a crit, so as to get closer to Mr. Jin and his party… But she never thought it would be This time.

As for the so-called “New House”, it also exists, and it has been arranged before she arrives in the village in the city.

But… now the effect seems to be good, at least she can feel it, Beibei’s eyes are much softer.

As for deceiving feelings and the like… For a Demoness who has reached the end of the world, conspiracy and fraud, lies, and even crime have long been commonplace.

She naturally does not feel guilty.

After all, the group of people she faced was nothing more than a group of mortals who survived with hatred of extraordinary powers.

She is different. She herself is a Void Traveler in a high-level Peak stage of extraordinary power. Although hehe haha, it is only an essential view of mortals. It can be said that some kind of powerhouse has been solidified in all Void powerhouses in the The concept of heart.

But she has to think about the intentions of the future Boss.

At this time, Mr. Jin seemed to whisper something in Beibei’s ear…Nan Xiaonan did not hear clearly, but saw that Beibei’s face showed hesitation, as if he wanted to argue something.

However, under the gaze of Mr. Jin, Bei Bei gradually gave up resistance, a little unwillingly nodded.

After that, Bebe silently glanced at Nan Xiaonan, but said nothing, picked up the things and walked directly outside the door…open the door, walk out, close the door.

“What is she… Beibei going to do?” Nan Xiaonan couldn’t help asking nervously.

“I will let her do something.” Jin Boss looked at Nan Xiaonan at this time and said blankly.

Nan Xiaonan’s throat grumbled, and brace oneself said: “She…isn’t she afraid of me doing something?”

“You can do something.” Mr. Jin said casually: “In my opinion, the best thing you should do now is to tie me up and notify the police, so that you will be safer… …Believe me, even if you do this, Beibei will not retaliate against you, let alone hurt you.”

“Are you… stupid.” Nan Xiaonan couldn’t help being startled.

Mr. Jin casually said: “We are stupid. What we have to do is something impossible to succeed.”

“Then you guys still do it!” Nan Xiaonan was puzzled.

Mr. Jin just glanced at Nan Xiaonan deeply, slowly said: “The noodles you make are delicious.”

Nan Xiaonan breathed a sigh of relief, then his eyes widened, “After all, I took the money!”

Jin Boss smiled.

Nan Xiaonan discovered that she saw this man smile for the first time…well, not very good-looking, even a bit fierce.

(End of this chapter)

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