Trafford’s Trading Club Chapter 2007


Chapter 2007 Speeding up


There is also thunder.

But this is a natural phenomenon.

Maybe it’s because I recently saw too many supernatural forces induced changes in the weather. When I realized that it was just an ordinary thunderstorm, people were a little unhabitual.


The sound of a light switch suddenly sounded in the rental house… So the gloom of the thunderstorm was dispelled, Nan Xiaonan stood by the window, staring outside, not knowing what to think.

“Babe… seems to have been out for a long time.” Nan Xiaonan suddenly whispered.

It’s been about an hour.

In fact, this is not a long time, but for those who are waiting, like a minute is too long.

Mr. Jin just complied at will, he looks tired, his face still doesn’t look good.

“Do you… would you like to drink some water, I will pour you?” Nan Xiaonan asked tentatively.

Mr. Jin is not polite, nodded, and Nan Xiaonan quickly poured a glass of warm water… Even after hesitating for a while, he chose to help Mr. Jin up.

“The injury on your forehead…” Nan Xiaonan asked in surprise at this time.

Actually, I saw this wound a long time ago… when Beibei brought Jin Boss in. Nan Xiaonan also knows why Mr. Jin normally wears a hat all the time-in order to cover the damage on his forehead.

This seems to be a wound caused by a certain kind of claw. From Nan Xiaonan’s experience, it is more like a certain kind of sharp claw… the sharp claws directly grabbed his head.

The sharp claw has even penetrated into the skull.

“The first transcendent creature I killed was a Vampire creature.” Jin Boss looked at Nan Xiaonan at this time and said nonchalantly: “At that time, there was only Lawrence by my side. Although the two of us did a lot Design, but in the end it was easily hit on the ground by the opponent.”

He said quite calmly.

“Later, this Vampire wanted to torture me, so I relaxed.” Jin Boss shrugged, “I put a grenade directly into its mouth, and finally pierced its heart with a wooden nail. I don’t know if The effect of the dowel is still the formidable power of a grenade, anyway it is dead.”

“This injury was caused at that time?” Nan Xiaonan asked subconsciously.

Mr. Jin didn’t reply, just stared at her, moved his body to make himself look more comfortable, and then slowly said, “If you have anything you want to ask, just ask. But you have to think about it. Okay, should you understand these things? Your life as an ordinary person may be impacted by this.”

Nan Xiaonan thought for a while, and silently brought two Coronas from the refrigerator… She sat cross-legged next to Jin Boss and pried open the bottle cap, “Drink? I won’t tell Beibei. .”

Jin Boss slightly smiled and did not refuse.

“Who is the one who died?” Nan Xiaonan said coldly.

Jin Boss raised his eyes to look at her.

Nan Xiaonan lowered her head and touched the bottle faintly, “I am not an important person, he will not be so crazy.”

“My fiancee.” Mr. Jin said softly, “and our unborn child… The two inhuman creatures didn’t know why they made a move, so she was right in front of me and was directly It hit… became a pile of bloody mud.”

Nan Xiaonan hugged her knees and said quietly: “Have you ever thought about it, maybe your fiancee doesn’t want you to have revenge, but hope you can live well.”

“People with hatred do not live well.” Mr. Jin closed his eyes, “They also don’t want to live well. Some things are remembered, and they will never be forgotten in a lifetime. We forget , We also have a good memory.”

Nan Xiaonan said with a bitter smile: “But depending on you, what can you do… Take revenge on the extraordinary power of the whole world? Don’t be silly, you guys also watched the previous [Power Conference], then It is not a force that mortals can fight against. The Vampire creature you killed for the first time may be the lowest among these extraordinary creatures, or even the rateless one.”

Mr. Jin opened his eyes again and looked at her, and asked curiously: “Then, do you plan to go back again.”

“Where to go back?” Nan Xiaonan asked subconsciously.

Mr. Jin said: “The house that this key can open.”

Nan Xiaonan suddenly found that she was not at all thinking about how to answer this question… She knew that there were still flaws in the plot she designed.

“I don’t know.”

Perhaps this is the best and most appropriate answer.


“We don’t know what we can do and how far we can do it.” Mr. Jin whispered: “But if we don’t do something, what can we do.”

The topic suddenly ended, under a burst of rapid thunder.


Then, the door of the rental house suddenly knocked on something… Mr. Jin’s eyes condensed in an instant, and his whole body seemed to tighten.

Nan Xiaonan saw in this golden Boss something that only veterans who have experienced the battlefield can have.

“Perhaps Beibei is back…I’ll go and see.” Nan Xiaonan took a deep breath and said.

“It won’t be Beibei.” Jin Boss shook his head, reluctantly stood up, and took the blood-stained knife directly into his hand.

“Wait, let me come.” Nan Xiaonan hurriedly got up and helped: “I ordered water, maybe it was delivered.”

Mr. Jin nodded, but he also walked to the door and hid behind the door… Nan Xiaonan looked out through the door hole, not at all, and saw someone outside.

It’s just the door… It’s still knocked on by something.

She couldn’t help being slightly frowned, so she tried to open a small gap in the door. Just as she was about to look out, she saw the gap in the door below, and suddenly a paw came in!

Nan Xiaonan took a breath… paws?

She was so courageous, she opened the door all at once, but what she saw was a wet pastoral dog squatting in front of the door.



“This guy… has a character?” Nan Xiaonan tried to feed it.

It’s just that the other party looks like he is indifferent. Since entering the door, he has shrunk directly in the corner. This is a stray dog ​​from the Golden Boss store a few days ago. I don’t know how it found it.

But it seems that if it were not for shelter from the rain, this guy would not bother to find it.

The dog’s sense of smell is very keen, and the electrical shop in the city village and Jin Boss is not too far away by a road. It is theoretically impossible for this pastoral dog to find it.

At this moment, Mr. Jin seemed to be very curious that this stray dog ​​could actually be found. After a few silent glances, he withdrew his gaze and said nonchalantly: “It may also be an inhuman creature.”

Nan Xiaonan said: “How come!”

“This is a forbidden city. In theory, anything can happen.” Jin Boss shook his head, “Who knows…just let it stay for a while, Beibei likes it…no,” They are here.”

“Who?” Nan Xiaonan looked subconsciously startled.

Seeing that Jin Boss was next to the window at this time, and opened the curtains a bit. In the dense rain, he watched the streets below.

“Who’s here?” Nan Xiaonan asked with a hint of tension.

Mr. Jin did not speak, and walked quickly to the door, put his ears on the door, closed his eyes, held his breath and listened, “It really came.”

“Is… the one who caught you?” Nan Xiaonan asked with a trembling voice, and then divine light flashed: “This dog brought it?”

Jin Boss nodded, “These guys have chased me for a long time… One of them is a terrifying opponent.”

“What…what to do?” Nan Xiaonan lost one’s head out of fear and said: “Then you go!”

“It’s too late.” Jin Boss shook the head, and immediately looked towards the illusion in the rental house, frowning.

The environment in this rental house is too rudimentary, and there are not many electrical appliances available… even microwave ovens and gas bottles.

Induction cooker…The induction cooker is still sold from his shop for cover-ups.

Mr. Jin shook his head, it seems that there is only one way to break through.

At this moment, Nan Xiaonan suddenly walked in front of Jin Boss, grabbed his wrist with the knife with both hands, and put the knife on his neck.


“TV and TV are acting like this…acting!” Nan Xiaonan shivered at this time: “Is it useful?”

At this moment, she was breathing heavily, as if her nervous heart was about to jump out.



At the moment of breaking the door, I saw a dark shadow suddenly jumped out. In the narrow corridor, several gunshots suddenly sounded, followed by screams.

A dog… a dog that suddenly rushed out. At this time, it jumped into the corridor and threw four or five men in black suits on the ground at the same time.

At the exit of the rental house downstairs, a man in black-clothed clothes hurriedly withdrew… However, at this moment, he knelt directly on the ground and plunged directly into the puddle on a rainy day.

This black-clothed man’s thigh now has a gurgling bullet hole.

In the intensive rain, the Action team led by Ye Yan has completely blocked all the passages at this time-Ye Yan stared at the exit.

Mr. Jin is holding a woman and walking out slowly at this time.

“I need a car.” Mr. Jin’s voice suddenly rang, and then he immediately took the hostages and hid in the corridor, “And take your snipers away… …3 minutes!”


“Master Ye, we have no room for sniping, he is hiding too cunning!”

Listening to the sound of the little werewolf on the bone conduction Bluetooth headset, Ye Yan squinted his eyes instantly…Unfortunately, Old Ma is not here at the moment, otherwise he can always find a suitable place to shoot.

This product can’t fight, and the case is muddled. Despite the passion, Spear Art is really accurate.

The explosion of the electrical appliance shop had a relatively large impact. It had already alarmed the local police. For this reason, Old Ma had to personally coordinate… Now there are at least a dozen police cars outside the village and they have to be evacuated The crowd is very busy.


At this moment, Jin Boss, hiding in the corridor, suddenly fired another shot, directly hitting the sign of a shop in front of him…it seemed like a warning.

“Organization, what shall we do?” Another member of the arrest team frowned at this time.

“First prepare a car with a tracker, and temporarily remove the gunman.” Ye Yan said quickly: “First of all, ensure the qualitative safety of people.”

“The hostage…maybe theirs?” the subordinate hesitated.

Although this man from China is very capable, sometimes his ideas conflict with them… It’s a pity that he is the team leader.

“What if it’s not?” Ye Yan at this time coldly snorted and said: “Have you forgotten that the headquarters has already issued a death order yesterday, and you must not cause any casualties in the forbidden city… You are hope , Did you go directly to the headquarters of the United Nations [visit]?!”

“We are not extraordinary…” The subordinate wanted to argue about something, but when he thought of [the one] terrifying, he suddenly said angrily: “Oh! This damn place! There will be such a terrifying in the world Guy!”

But he still prepared foul-mouthed.

Ye Yan took a deep breath and glanced all around…In the end, he suddenly locked an electric car that was charging next to the shop next door.

“Give me another tracker.”


Soon after, a car drove slowly into the alley of the village in the city, and at the same time, at the request of Jin Boss, the Action team members evacuated one by one.

They are only at a distance, using Telescope to monitor the people… At the same time, the gunman has also evacuated here, but the sight is still locked here.

It’s just that the construction of the village in the city is even, and there are not many favorable shooting conditions… The sight of the gunner is still greatly hindered.

“Master Ye, came out… why is it a woman?”

I saw only one woman, with her hands up at this moment, as if she was terrified. She turned her head step by step, trembling all over, and approached the prepared car little by little in the rain.

The rain wetted the woman’s face and hair, so it was soggy that she couldn’t see her appearance for a while.

“Kanazawa this bastard, really be careful…” Ye Yan exhaled heavily at this time, and could only continue to observe through Telescope silently.

At this time, the woman went around the car a few times, but she still didn’t get down on the ground. The inspector’s car was all around and the chassis, and finally succeeded in pulling something out of the car’s ground.

“Don’t worry, Master Ye, he wouldn’t have thought that we had put a hypnotic gas device in the car.” The little werewolf said quickly at this time: “As long as he drives away, he will definitely not be able to leave!”

But at this moment, a strong white eye suddenly appeared in front of the rental house, covering up everything.

After a while, I saw the car suddenly rushed out of the main road of the village in the city… Crazy cars parked one after another on the debris on both sides of the road, and finally they were stuck to the wall of the shop and rushed out directly. road.

With a loud noise, the car finally hit the pier of the pedestrian overpass on the road.

The entire group of the action group, as well as the local police officers who were on guard outside, surrounded them in a tight formation… I saw smoke billowing in the car that crashed the front of the car, but there was no movement for a long time.

Ye Yan slightly frowned, and took another tablet…on the tablet, a red dot was moving quickly on the map of the village in the city.

“Leader Ye, there is no one in the car! I rushed out with the throttle fixed!” A member of the investigating team heard a loud message at this time.

“I understood.” Ye Yan nodded, “I know where he went…Come with me.”



In the rain, the electric car is speeding, men and women, and a dog.

Obviously, this is not romantic at all.

(End of this chapter)

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