Transcendent David Chapter 1089


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David’s ontology passed through the space channel. When he arrived, it was the moment when the Black Dragon Alexis and the ‘jumbo’ state clone Avatar merged to kill the two insect race Divine Grade.

As soon as the body appeared, Shadow Servant flew to the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ first.

After Black Dragon Alexis broke the heart of ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’, a little golden light flew out of the Divine Physique of ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’. As soon as this golden light appeared, the space automatically separated.

When the golden light was about to penetrate into the separated space, the Shadow Servant appeared in the golden light, wrapping the entire golden light within the body.

The same is true on the other side. The Divine Physique heart of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ was pierced by ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’. When Divine Physique fell, a little golden light also opened up the space when it appeared, ready to escape.

Shadow Servant has just absorbed the golden light of ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ and disappeared in place.

The golden light from ‘Sovereign’ Divine Physique enters most of the space and is wrapped in the Shadow Servant that suddenly appears out of thin air.

David did not hesitate, and his spirit swept through the Divine Physique of the two insect race Divine Grade, and collected Divine Physique into the space pendant.

He didn’t believe in the killing of the two insect race Divine Grade until the two Divine Physiques of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ were taken into the space pendant by him.

“My lord, let’s leave quickly!” Black Dragon Alexis has a bad feeling, he said solemnly.

David enters Soul Space Small World mindfully, activates the coordinates of the ‘insect race world safe point’ of ‘Space Coordinates’, and turns on Space Wormhole.

He will clone Avatar and Black Dragon Alexis into the ‘Divine Item Space Card’ and step into Space Wormhole.

Just after two breaths of David’s silhouette disappearing in place, the space exploded, the electric light scattered, and an insect race Divine Grade flashing horrible electric light all over the space emerged from the space.

‘Sovereign Sovereign’, the powerful insect race Divine Grade of Innate Ability to manipulate lightning, it is also the fastest insect race Divine Grade.

After ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ sent out ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and snatched the location of the humans who had robbed the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, it happened that the ‘Electric Scorpio Sovereign’ was in the nearby Star Domain.

‘Ultra Scorpio Sovereign’ has its own ideas, whether it is killing the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ or killing the human with the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, it will bring great benefits to it.

Kill ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, because ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ made a big mistake, and Divine Physique will not be restricted by the rules of the insect race after it is killed.

‘Ultra Electric Sovereign’ can refine Divine Grade puppets from the Divine Physique of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and become its loyal Divine Grade help.

Kill the humans who have the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, and you will get the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, which allows the Scorpio family to get one more ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

The Scorpio family’s voice in the insect race will be greatly increased, as the tide rises, the boat floats.

In order to arrive faster, ‘Sovereign Sovereign’ consumes a lot of divine force and detonates a lot of lightning energy of itself, which rushed over immediately.

It’s just that David and Black Dragon Alexis were too decisive and left the scene as soon as they succeeded, leaving the ‘Sovereign Sovereign’ with no gain.

Of course, there are also “Blade Mantis Sovereign” and “Titan golden armor Sovereign” which are both an arrow at the end of its flight. Needless to say, “Titan golden armor Sovereign” has been hit hard, and the battle strength is ten dead. One.

‘Sovereign’ is better, but Divine Physique’s defense is broken, and divine force cannot be used.

Because of the weakness of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’, David and Black Dragon Alexis almost instantly killed two insect race Divine Grade.

The ‘Golden Scorpio Sovereign’ is in a very bad mood. It can smell the blood in the space, which shows that the coordinates provided by ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ are true.

Here at least one insect race Divine Grade has been hit hard, but the rest of the breath here has been cleaned up so that it cannot detect too much information.

“What’s going on? There is a’Sovereign inheritance pattern’ disappeared. Could it be that the human was killed by the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’?” The’Sovereign Sovereign’ found within the body’Sovereign inheritance pattern. Wen’s feeling spread, could not help but wonder.

Originally, nine’Sovereign inheritance patterns’ shared the power of belief in the insect race, and lost a’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, or there was a’Sovereign inheritance pattern’ that left the insect race world, or it was’ The Owner of the Sovereign inheritance pattern is killed, and the Sovereign inheritance pattern is in an unowned state.

‘Sovereign Sovereign’ let go of spirits and began to explore the scene little by little.

In fact, what’Sovereign’ has done is almost useless. It has Black Dragon Alexis as a finishing touch. Apart from the clone Avatar from the state of’Giant Transformation’, the combined killing of the blood energy leaked by’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is on the scene. There is no other breath.

Black Dragon Alexis killed the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’, and even the blood energy of the gods could not be leaked out, and they were all sealed in Divine Physique by Black Dragon Alexis.

“‘Golden Wings Sovereign’, you came early, what have you found?”‘golden wings Beetle Sovereign’ broke through the space and appeared, not at all surprised when you saw the’Golden Scorpio Sovereign’, and then asked Tao.

“You won’t watch it for yourself!” “Sovereign Sovereign” is in a bad mood and naturally has no good temper.

‘Golden Wings Beetle Sovereign’ suppressed the anger in the heart. It is now being very stiff with the’Halfbody Spider Sovereign’. At this time, if it conflicts with the’Golden Wings Sovereign’, it might be a disadvantage.

‘Golden Wings Beetle Sovereign’ and’Golden Scorpio Sovereign’ are both the fastest insect race Divine Grade. After a while, two more insect race Divine Grades came.

Among them, ‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’ was rather embarrassed and consumed a lot of spider silk, only then broke the space and rushed over.

Another insect race Divine Grade “Ice Silkworm Sovereign” is also good at spinning, but because of the ability to palm the power of Ice Control, it consumes less than “Halfbody Spider Sovereign” by detonating the power of Ice Thunder. a lot of.

‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’ and ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ met, and neither of them looked directly at each other. The matter here is a major event, and they are impossible to solve their troubles here.

“‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ still can’t be contacted, even’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ can’t be contacted, they have done such a big thing, is there any’mother emperor’ in their eyes!”‘Ice Silkworm Sovereign ‘It is very close to the’mother emperor’, and it angered after observing the scene.

In order to lose the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ to ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, four insect race Divine Grades were disturbed here, which is already half of the Divine Grade of the insect race.

An operation of this scale, at least has not been carried out in thousands of years, but the two insect race Divine Grade involved could not be contacted.

“There are too few clues at the scene, too much probability!” ‘Sovereign Sovereign’ helplessly said.

It is the earliest and the most comprehensive exploration.

From the god blood energy on the scene, to the disappearance of the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, plus the exact position given by the ‘Titan golden armor insect race’, there are too many possible combinations of these.

Perhaps’Titan golden armor insect race’ became the final winner.’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and’Sovereign inheritance pattern’ all fell into the hands of’Titan golden armor insect race’, even given the position Want to confuse the truth of the incident.

Or maybe ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ killed the humans and snatched back the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’. At this time, he was hiding and wanted to regain control of the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ to restore his strength.

Of course, ‘Golden Scorpio Sovereign’ never thought that humans would kill ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, and even more impossible to think that even ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ was killed.

David doesn’t know what happened after he left. He is already in the “insect race world safe spot” in Space Crack.

As soon as he returned to the ‘insect race world safety point’, he recruited the ‘big’ status clone Avatar and Black Dragon Alexis.

It’s also the clone Avatar in the state of’Giant Transformation’. The combined body only stayed in the’Divine Item space card’ for a few breaths, but the rest of the insect race Divine Grade thought that his’Sovereign inheritance pattern’ also disappeared. .

Generally speaking, insect race Divine Grade is also normal to limit the power of ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ for a short time, and a few breaths will not cause too much suspicion of other Divine Grade.

Back to safety, David couldn’t believe what he was doing today.

Divine Grade, which was invincible to him, was the existence he needed to look up to, but today he killed two consecutively.

It is also the record of the attack led by David. If it is not for this kind of thing that is not good for publicity, once his record is passed out, it will definitely make Great Spiritual World and Interstellar Federation a sensation.

What David didn’t know was how lucky he was in successfully killing two insect race Divine Grade this time.

‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’In order to prevent Divine Physique from showing more damage, coupled with a contempt for’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’, so not at all immediately clean up’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’, this is Give David a chance to follow up.

Otherwise, David will not only be unable to track ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, but even ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ will be lost.

At the time of the final kill, it was normal for Black Dragon Alexis to kill ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’.

Although the heart is the energy supply center of Divine Physique, it is normal to say that the heart of Divine Physique loses its vitality in one blow. It is normal to do this with the old Divine Grade like Black Dragon Alexis.

According to normal terms, a clone Avatar in the state of ‘jumbo’, even if it pierces the heart of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ with a Divine Grade blade in its hand, it cannot be immediately lethal.

This is not to say that the formidable power of the Divine Grade blade is not enough, but the Divine Grade blade is originally owned by ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, and ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is immune to some of the effects carried by the Divine Grade blade.

But the real fatal thing is not the Divine Grade blade, but the ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ hit by the Divine Grade blade.

‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ is a Divine Item made by War God for the convenience of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ to clear out aliens. Among the enemies of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ there is the presence of Evil God , Naturally it is necessary to let’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ have a lethal effect on Spiritual God.

If the “Giant Transformation” status clone Avatar does not hit the “Divine Item Knight’s War Sword” into the heart of “Blade Mantis Sovereign”, “Blade Mantis Sovereign” will have a chance to escape the battlefield again even if the heart is damaged.

Don’t underestimate the survivability of a Divine Grade at any time, unless it is an instant death, Divine Grade will have a life-saving method to get away.

“My lord, your Shadow Servant is weird!” Black Dragon Alexis looked at the Shadow Servant hidden in the space, said solemnly.

“Shadow Servant has always been like this, as long as you see the soul, you can absorb it!” David didn’t feel any weirdness, he replied with a smile.

“No, Divine Grade has fallen, and even I can’t stop the soul’s escape!” Black Dragon Alexis helplessly said.

Black Dragon Alexis saw that Shadow Servant had absorbed the souls of two insect race Divine Grades just now, and he was always horrified.

When Divine Grade falls, the soul will forcibly open the space, and the soul will enter the space and hide in the turbulence of time and space.

Time and Space Turbulence is also the cemetery of Divine Grade souls, although after certain conditions are met, Divine Grade souls can be separated from the Time and Space Turbulence, and can even reconsolidate Divine Physique.

However, unless there is Divine Grade to help in the main world, and this recovery time counting unit starts in ten thousand years.

In any case, the active self-escape of the soul of Divine Grade gave Divine Grade a ethereal hope.

Especially ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’, the soul has also taken away the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, and there is a greater hope that Divine Physique will be reunited through the power of faith.

Since this is the last resort of the Divine Grade soul, it is almost impossible to stop. Black Dragon Alexis has self-knowledge, and he did not stop it.

“The Divine Grade soul is so special, I don’t think Shadow Servant takes much effort!” David also said puzzledly.

In his opinion, Shadow Servant is really easy, not at all because it is the soul of Divine Grade.

“It seems that the Spiritual God who created Shadow Servant has a very strong purpose in creating Shadow Servant!” Black Dragon Alexis said solemnly.

This ability of Shadow Servant will definitely not be the result of self-learning by Shadow Servant, only the bald robust man Spiritual God who made the Shadow Servant has a purpose.

bald robust man Spiritual God has a great research on soul, and its research lacks Divine Grade soul. For this purpose, bald robust man Spiritual God created Shadow Servant.

Just after the Shadow Servant was created, the world has also undergone drastic changes. The environment of the world can no longer allow bald robust man Spiritual God to have quiet time for research.

The bald robust man Spiritual God was also in a war and was hit hard by the cooperation of the Spiritual Gods, leaving only the Remnant Soul hidden in the Shadow Servant within the body.

And bald robust man Spiritual God never imagined that the Shadow Servant he created, the ability to absorb the soul of Divine Grade that has not been tested, is realized in David’s hands.

“Fortunately, the souls of the two insect race Divine Grades did not escape, or I don’t know if there will be any trouble in the future!” David doesn’t know much about the souls of Divine Grade, but he also understands that once the two If the soul of Divine Grade leaves, there will be trouble in the follow-up.

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