Transcendent David Chapter 1090


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Thinking that the souls of the two insect race Divine Grades are in the Shadow Servant within the body, David’s heart is hot.

He was wondering if he would resurrect two insect race Divine Grades, and then add Black Dragon Alexis and three Divine Grades by his side, no one needs to be afraid of his power.

David beckoned, Shadow Servant appeared beside him, and he put his hand on Shadow Servant’s shoulder.

Mind entered the Shadow Servant within the body, he saw two groups of golden light, but when his mind wanted to get closer, he felt the roar in the golden light.

But here is the inside the body of Shadow Servant. Don’t worry about any danger. David approached one of the golden lights and observed it carefully.

In the golden light, a little ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is yelling angrily.

Which Divine Grade cultivated countless years, but fell into the hands of a Demi-God, and was still killed by the blade that had fallen off from him, the stubbornness of which was enough to make the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ Do not look down.

David looked at the little ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ with interest. This is an illusory shadow.

His connection with Shadow Servant allows him to perceive the situation of Shadow Servant. Shadow Servant within the body is slowly eroding the golden light, and the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” in the golden light is also extremely slow Of weakness.

David has a feeling that as long as the shadow of the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” in the golden light is completely wiped out, he can absorb the Divine Grade soul.

Think about it, how could the soul of Divine Grade be so absorbed.

David still encounters insect race Divine Grade, a Divine Grade that has extremely weak control over its own soul. If Shadow Servant absorbs souls who believe in Spiritual God, that Divine Grade soul can even do A certain degree of resistance.

David was not disappointed either. As long as there is hope, it’s okay to be late.

He looked towards another golden light again, in which he saw the illusory shadow of ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’, ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ did not have the excitement and unacceptability of the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ illusory shadow.

In the final analysis,’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ can be considered to have fallen by the hands of Black Dragon Alexis, died of the same level of strength, and fell in frontal combat. Although’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ was seriously injured at the time, it was also relative The identity of’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ is not insulted.

This is always better than ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ was killed by Demi-God. With the contrast of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ is also calmer.

David’s eyes tightened and he saw the “Sovereign inheritance pattern” in the golden light.

With a move of his mind, the Shadow Servant sent a suction to the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, which actually sucked the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ directly.

‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ really wants to get back the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, but it has only the soul left, and it has no power to compete within the body of the Shadow Servant with the Shadow Servant.

David is very experienced with the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’. His spirit envelops the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ and drags it into his Soul Space Small World.

He has been preparing to spend a long time to slowly wear off the recognizing Master mark of ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ in the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

But as soon as the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ entered the Soul Space Small World, a root flew over to disperse the recognizing Master divine sense in the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

Although Soul Space Small World belongs to David, it is also World Tree. Anyone who dares to enter Soul Space Small World Divine Consciousness, divine sense, or soul will make World Tree feel offended.

David also looked helplessly at the “Sovereign inheritance pattern”. He had all the power to use, but he found that he didn’t feel like attacking the target.

I feel that the World Tree is a hundred and 30 metres above my head, and my flowerpot also enjoys many benefits of World Tree.

“Alexis, are you interested in the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’? I will use it for a period of time so that you can also increase your strength!” David asked Black Dragon Alexis with a smile.

Black Dragon Alexis cultivation is also ‘Black Dragon Sleep’. It’s extremely difficult for Divine Grade to improve a bit of strength, and it takes countless years.

But with the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, Black Dragon Alexis can continuously and rapidly enhance itself, and the rough use of power with the insect race Divine Grade can increase its strength to a terrifying level. If you change it to Black Dragon Alexis will be more powerful after using the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

“Thank you for your kindness, I don’t need a ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’!” To David’s surprise, Black Dragon Alexis refused his kindness without hesitation.

Black Dragon Alexis has experienced a battle with the insect race Divine Grade, and he has long discovered the huge flaws of the insect race Divine Grade.

The strength of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ without losing the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, but after losing the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, even David’s clone Avatar can’t be low-end.

More importantly, ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ is a cultivation method for low-level races, and Black Dragon Alexis does not use this cultivation method.

David did not expect to hold the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ in his hand, but he did not use the object.

He has no idea of ​​using ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’. If he wants to use ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, he will not give another ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ to the clone Avatar.

David wondered who else could use the “Sovereign inheritance pattern”. Among all human Avatars, only the physique of the Demi-God “Holy Spirit Knight” can withstand the divine force energy of the “Sovereign inheritance pattern” Shock.

But the battle strength of Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is limited, and there is not much training value. Besides, ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ follows the path of belief into a god, which is completely incompatible with the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

As for the insect race Avatar, there is no need to upgrade, that is, “Blade Mantis King” and “Assassin Mantis King”, the two Legendary insect race Avatars. After five Demi-God clone Avatars, they also changed. To be insignificant.

Furthermore, cultivating an insect race is useless. Neither Great Spiritual World nor Interstellar Federation have the opportunity to use an insect race.

After some analysis, David finally gave the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ to another clone Avatar recognizing Master.

In this way, the five Demi-God clone Avatars will have two “Sovereign inheritance patterns”. They are in a combined state. Two “Sovereign inheritance patterns” will be cultivated at the same time, which will greatly improve the five Demi -God clones Avatar’s cultivation efficiency.

David counted the gains. He found that he killed two insect race Divine Grade in a row. The final gain, the most valuable thing that can be used at present is the Divine Grade blade and That batch of Divine Grade insect shell materials.

Two Divine Physiques of insect race Divine Grade. Of course, David will not decompose. That is the act of reckless waste of natural resources.

He is going to wait for Shadow Servant to thoroughly purify the two Divine Grade souls, he can absorb the Divine Grade souls and try to resurrect the two insect race Divine Grade souls.

David stayed at the safe point for two days, and he couldn’t help it. The whole insect race world was like an unexplored treasure to him.

With the insect race world star map provided by Spirit Race, he can continuously explore the mineral deposits of the insect race world and mine the Space Stone he needs.

Thinking of Spirit Race, David found that he had not paid attention to Spirit Race for many days.

His mind entered the ‘Divine Item space card’ and looked at the situation in the cultivation space.

For many days, I didn’t pay attention to the cultivation space of the ‘Divine Item Space Card’. This time I found a change in the cultivation space as soon as I entered my mind.

In the cultivation space, except for the central location near the three kryptonite crystal ore mines, the areas are lush and green, and green plants are everywhere.

The center of the cultivation space is the restricted zone that David asked Spirit Race not to enter. It can be seen that Spirit Race is still very disciplined.

“Yi!” When David looked at a jujube tree, he found that the jujube tree had more spirituality than before.

This changed the jujube tree from an ordinary jujube tree to a spiritual object jujube tree. All Fruit Trees with spirituality carry special energy that can be easily absorbed in their fruits.

It’s like ‘heart-warming lotus’, except that ‘heart-warming lotus’ is a natural spiritual object, and the jujube is an acquired transformation.

In the Great Spiritual World, “Heart-warming lotus” is not processed by David into “Heart-warming lotus seed soup”. It is also the top ingredient in Great Spiritual World.

Nowadays, the dates on this jujube tree have also become the top fruits.

On the jujube tree, a little Spirit Race silhouette is jumping happily, jumping from branch to branch.

During the jump, the breath of Spirit Race fuse together with the jujube tree, slowly improving the quality of the jujube tree.

David then understood the role of Spirit Race. The so-called improving the quality of plants is so powerful that they directly promoted ordinary trees to Spirit Tree level.

Know that any Spirit Tree needs a very special environment to survive.

The mutation of “Heartwarming Lotus” comes from the energy emitted by the wings of fighting angels in the lake. These gentle energy make the ‘Heartwarming Lotus’ mutated and become a spiritual object.

The variation of the jujube tree comes from the Spirit Race, which has a terrifying effect on plants.

David looked at the rest of the plants again, and he found that as long as there are plants inhabiting Spirit Race, they have been transformed into spiritual objects.

Almost all the Fruit Trees in the cultivation space have been promoted to spiritual objects. This may well be the intention of Spirit Race to reflect its own value.

The plants that do not inhabit the Spirit Race are also growing better than normal plants.

David is a little curious about the taste of Spirit Tree fruit. He has the ability to cook Grandmaster and has a hobby for appetite.

Otherwise, he would not normally prepare a lot of dishes in the space items. After mastering the ‘Cooking Grandmaster’ ability, ordinary food is rubbish to him.

David’s mind moved, and others have entered the cultivation space of the “Divine Item Space Card” and appeared beside the jujube tree.

The Spirit Race perched on the jujube tree obviously did not recognize David. This Spirit Race was newly born from the seeds of life.

When he saw David suddenly appear, he was shocked, and he was about to scream, but then he stayed still.

David didn’t care about Spirit Race in a daze, he reached for a date.

When you hold the jujube in your hand, you can feel the gentle energy fluctuations in the jujube, which is the characteristic of the spiritual object fruit.

He put the jujube into his mouth, the sweet taste reached the extreme of jujube, and accompanied by a refreshing breath to the soul, it shocked him.

David looked at the jujube trees full of dates in amazement, which can actually promote spiritual growth.

Of course, with his strong spirit, the effect of this date is almost nothing, but for even Fifth Level Templar Knight, the effect of this date cannot be ignored.

“Has seen the Sir!” The voice of Spirit Race patriarch sounded.

“You manage very well here, I am very satisfied!” David said with a smile.

But David not at all waited until the response from Spirit Race patriarch, he looked a little strange towards Spirit Race patriarch, and found that Spirit Race patriarch was looking at himself with an unbelievable look.

“The great you, the center of the world, the creator of life, the humble Spirit Race will always be loyal to you!” Spirit Race patriarch came back to his senses, he prostrated and said in the most humble manner.

In the eyes of the Spirit Race patriarch, David is obviously different from before. Above David’s head, the hidden World Tree can’t even be noticed by Divine Grade.

But as a race that serves World Tree, how could the Spirit Race patriarch not see the existence of World Tree.

When I saw the familiar World Tree, the Spirit Race patriarch felt that world not at all abandon them, and everything they gave was worthwhile.

Since World Tree has chosen David, then the Spirit Race patriarch will unconditionally regard David as a belief and as the god of Spirit Race.

As the singing voice of Spirit Race patriarch came out, each and everyone Spirit Race appeared. Most of these Spirit Races were born not long ago. Compared with Spirit Race patriarch, Elder and Elder Lei, they are much smaller .

They also saw the World Tree above David’s head. These Spirit Races were originally entrusted to World Tree, and they were closer to World Tree.

All Spirit Races crawl on the ground, paying David the most important gift of instinct.

At any time, a life stretches its body unreservedly, reveals its vitals without a trace of defense, lowers its body and bows its head, which is its own acknowledge allegiance.

When David saw the look of Spirit Race, he knew that this was the effect of the World Tree above his head.

“Get up all!” David waved.

“Follow the orders of the great you, the center of the world, and the creator of life!” Spirit Race patriarch straightened up without any hesitation.

David was also a little helpless. He corrected the honorific title of Spirit Race patriarch before, but he didn’t expect that the title would become longer now.

“After a while, I need Spirit Race to help me manage a planet!” David felt the wholehearted allegiance of Spirit Race, and he was also very satisfied with Spirit Race’s abilities and said aloud.

“Spirit Race is always at your service!” Spirit Race patriarch responded loudly.

Spirit Race patriarch and every Spirit Race’s eyes are crazy beliefs. They may not believe in David, but in World Tree, but World Tree and David exist as one, in a sense They believe in David.

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