Transcendent David Chapter 1091


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“My lord, it’s a little weird, this is the fifth batch of insect races we have encountered along the way!” Black Dragon Alexis’s shrinking body said on David’s shoulder.

Because he didn’t need to hurry, David didn’t let Black Dragon Alexis be a mount anymore. It was not urgent, and he didn’t want a Divine Grade to be a mount.

“It’s wrong!” David also said solemnly.

Start from the ‘insect race world safety point’ and use the ‘broken air’ Innate Ability to hurry. In the vast insect race world within the realm, it is theoretically difficult to encounter an insect race.

David’s way of rushing is that most of the journey is in the space channel, and the time in space is very short.

In this case, the insect race will only happen once or twice occasionally, how could it be five times in a row?

Fortunately, David’s spiritual coverage is more than two hundred 1,000 meters, and he can first spot the insect race at a greater distance.

The level of these insect races is not high. They are all skilled in speed insect races. Based on his experience, these are all insect races to detect insect races.

“It should be the trouble caused by the killing of the insect race Divine Grade. The entire insect race world should be looking for us!” Black Dragon Alexis said with some excitement.

The last battle of Black Dragon Alexis was not at all enjoyable. “Titan golden armor Sovereign” was injured so badly that he was killed without even fighting back.

Now that the insect race world has discovered their existence, it is likely that there will be more intense battles. For Black Dragon Alexis, who has recovered from his injuries, he is thinking about moving his body.

Black Dragon is never afraid of fighting, as long as it is not besieged by many Divine Grade insect races, he is not worried.

David is frowned, contrary to the idea of ​​Black Dragon Alexis. After the last incident, he has a deeper understanding of the strength of the insect race Divine Grade.

With his strength, it is too early to participate in the battle at this level.

David’s mind moved, and the huge body of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ Avatar was called out. He took the Black Dragon Alexis and Demi-God clone Avatars as he did last time, hiding on the back of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ Avatar.

The Demi-God clone Avatar has not been collected into the ‘Divine Item Space Card’. David doesn’t want to waste even a little time. The two ‘Sovereign inheritance patterns’ continue to absorb the endless power of faith.

Every time David’s mind enters the soul of the Demi-God clone Avatar, he will be horrified by the majestic power of faith.

The power of faith attracted by the previous ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ has already amazed David, and the two ‘Sovereign inheritance patterns’ attracted 90% of the power of faith in the insect race world.

Don’t say it’s David, it is estimated that even Divine Grade of the insect race world has not encountered such a majestic power of faith.

In theory, each life can only have one ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, which is why insect race Divine Grade never wanted to own it after learning about the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ news.

But the clone Avatar is a special existence, the five Demi-God clone Avatars are five separate individuals, and the union is a complete whole.

In this kind of situation that has never occurred, the two’Sovereign inheritance patterns’ are not at all conflicting with each other, but under the deliberate control of the Demi-God clone Avatar, the Demi-God clone Avatar is given the largest combination of cultivation speed.

The ‘Blade Mantis King’ Avatar is on the way, and there is less trouble along the way. David only needs to activate the ‘Broken Air’ Innate Ability and open the space channel, and the ‘Blade Mantis King’ Avatar will carry them through the space channel.

Even if you encounter an insect race, you don’t need to worry about it.

Legendary-level insect race has a very high status in the insect race. In addition, the order to detect the insect race is to find the breath of humanity. David believes that the “Blade Mantis King” Avatar is suspected without detecting the insect race.

“This time we found the Space Stone mine. After absorbing it, we will return to the safe point and wait for the insect race world to calm down before acting!” David helplessly said.

Most of the journey has passed, and he doesn’t want to do nothing, so he just returns.

David also understood the determination of the insect race. Without knowing his location, he deployed the insect race in the entire insect race world. This kind of great generosity can only be done by a scary number of insect races.

Knowing that there will be danger, David will naturally not slam into it. He decided that no matter whether he found the Space Stone mine or not, he would return to the “insect race world safe point”, where he would be quiet for cultivation and wait for the situation. past.

What David didn’t know was that his use of the Avatar of the “Blade Mantis King” was a mistake.

Insect race investigators reported this information after they discovered the Avatar of the “Blade Mantis King”.

The “Blade Mantis King” is the Legendary of the Blade Mantis family, and it seems that it may be related to the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” in the investigation of insect race.

The ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is also one of the main targets of the ‘Mother Emperor’. After discovering the Legendary ‘Blade Mantis King’ of the Blade Mantis clan, the investigation of the insect race will naturally report it.

According to the reports of different insect race investigations, the movement line of’Blade Mantis King’ has also been generally discovered, but the speed of’Blade Mantis King’ is too fast, and several batches of insect races that came to intercept have already missed it. Up.

“Who said that insect race does not protect resources, how well the resources are protected here!” Without having to look for David, he perceives the fluctuations of space energy, which is transmitted from the resource star ahead.

Such a strong response to space energy indicates that the Space Stone mine here has even more reserves than the Space Stone mine he last mined.

In the insect race world, only the young insect race at the bottom can absorb all the energy it sees irrespectively. After reaching Level 1, they will be restricted by the insect race.

Just like this kind of resource stars with huge output, they are all resources with master, no insect race dares to swallow the resources here.

Towards the direction of energy fluctuations in space, David saw a crack on the surface of the resource star. This crack was formed by cutting the surface after the Space Crack appeared.

Space Crack is difficult to find, but it is in space. Space Crack appears on the surface of the planet, which is extremely conspicuous.

David also understands the reason why the spatial energy fluctuations here are so strong. He jumped from the back of the Avatar of the “Blade Mantis King”, activated the Innate Ability and entered the Space Crack.

This is similar to the Space Crack at the safe point. This is normal. The appearance of Space Crack is the accumulation of a large amount of space energy. As long as the Space Crack lasts long enough, Space Stone will condense.

And when Space Stone mine has formed a certain scale, Space Crack can be stabilized.

Almost all Space Cracks that exist stably for a long time either have Space Stone mines or are artificially stabilized.

World Tree is very active in Space Crack, and the idea of ​​wanting to swallow is sent to David.

I don’t know if this Space Crack was sorted by insect race or it was born. It’s not at all other substances, only Space Stone exists.

Also it is the excellent quality Space Stone. If this Space Crack is not owned by the insect race, David would not be willing to carry out destructive mining. You must know that the pure Space Stone mine in the Space Crack can condense in a hundred years. Quite a few Space Stones.

David thought in his heart, but his spirit never stopped. Because he didn’t need to mine, he only needed to use his spirit to grab the Space Stone, and the qualified would approach the World Tree, and the World Tree would swallow the space energy in the Space Stone.

The inappropriate ones are not wasted, and they are all collected in the space pendant.

“Open your soul, I want to see where you came from!” A Half-God Level’golden wings armor Insect King’ approached the’Blade Mantis King’ at a speed, and stopped in front of the’Blade Mantis King’ Commanded.

The Star Domain where the resource star is located is the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’. This Half-God Level ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ came after receiving information.

When ‘golden wings 甲 Insect King’ saw ‘Blade Mantis King’, he discovered the weirdness of ‘Blade Mantis King’.

Normally, high-level insect races can detect the situation of low-level insect races, but no matter what happened, when the’golden wings armor Insect King’ was’investigating the’Blade Mantis King’, they were blocked .

The strangest thing is that ‘Blade Mantis King’ seems not at all to enter the insect race contact network.

The contact network of the insect race is a biological supernatural network. The ordinary insect race can only passively receive information from the contact network, but no matter what the insect race is, it should be added to the insect race contact network.

Just like ‘Mother Emperor’ can post information to all insect races through the insect race contact network, Divine Grade ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ can post information to all insect races in its territory through the insect race contact network.

Even Demi-God ‘golden wings an Insect King’ can use the insect race contact network to issue orders to its subordinates. This layered insect race contact network is equivalent to an insect race social network.

As long as it is an insect race, it will be automatically loaded into the insect race contact network, and it plays a different role in the insect race contact network.

Of course, there are also some insect races with special Innate Ability, which can bypass these permissions and transmit acceptance information to the ultra-remote designated insect races. Such insect races are like the liaison officers of the Interstellar Federation.

The ‘golden wings A Insect King’ did not perceive any traces of the insect race network from the body of the ‘Blade Mantis King’, just like the ‘Blade Mantis King’ is an alien with insect skin.

Because David is in the Space Crack, he doesn’t at all immediately perceive the approach of the ‘golden wings armor Insect King’.

Until ‘golden wings A Insect King’ issued an order to ‘Blade Mantis King’, and ‘Blade Mantis King’ issued a warning signal to David, David’s mind entered the body of ‘Blade Mantis King’.

“Don’t delay, open up your soul, or I will kill you!” The Half-God Level imposing manner of the ‘golden wings: Insect King’’s half-God Level imposing manner broke out, threatening to attack at any time.

Before it was confirmed that there was a problem with the ‘Blade Mantis King’, the ‘golden wings A Insect King’ did not want to attack actively.

In the insect race world, none of the insect races that can reach the legendary rank are without background, and the insect race without the background is basically impossible to become the legendary rank.

To reach the Legendary rank requires a lot of resources. Only by mastering a large amount of resources can you have the opportunity to become the Legendary rank.

“What are you looking for? Why do you want me to open up my soul?” David manipulated the “Blade Mantis King” and asked.

He wants to know the information about insect race, but it was not easy to find someone to communicate before. Now he has encountered the Demi-God-level’golden wings a Insect King’, he naturally wants to get some useful information from him intelligence.

“The blade clan will be subject to interrogation, let alone you, it is the territory of the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and will also be searched!”‘golden wings 甲 Insect King’ seems to enjoy keeping the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ For the pleasure in the eyes, it also wants to make the’Blade Mantis King’ obedient through language.

David’s heart moved, isn’t the territory of “Blade Mantis Sovereign” the Star Domain where the Space Gate is located.

“Opening the soul is impossible, you have no right to do it!” David manipulated the “Blade Mantis King” and continued to delay.

“This is an order from the Lord’Mother Emperor’. Didn’t you receive the order?” The’golden wings: Insect King”s doubts became stronger. It thought that the’Blade Mantis King’ did not perceive the insect race. Contact the network.

“Master’Mother Queen”s orders didn’t let me open my soul!” David insisted.

“Master’Mother Emperor’ ordered to search for the breath of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and human beings. You, Blade Mantis Legendary, are very suspicious and must be investigated by the soul!”‘Golden Wings Insect King’ said while erecting his forelimbs. Claw thorns.

David understands that the other party no longer wants to talk and is ready to do it, so he doesn’t hesitate anymore.

David’s body spreads the energy feather wings behind it, Soul Space Small World opens the ‘Rule of Speed’ and displays the ‘Broken Air’ Innate Ability.

The main body appeared behind the ‘golden wings armor Insect King’, almost close to the ‘golden wings armor Insect King’.

Six Divine Item ‘Death God Chains’ appeared, ‘Spider Silk Entangling’ Innate Ability was activated, and when the six ‘Death God Chains’ flew out, the ‘Rule of Speed’ was also stopped by David.

David is very careful in using the ‘speed rule’, his physique is not enough to support the use of the offensive Divine Grade Innate Ability.

‘Spider Silk Entanglement’ is Divine Grade Innate Ability. If he doesn’t want his body to collapse, he can’t use it under the’Speed ​​Rule’.

When the’golden wings armor Insect King’ perceives the presence of human aura around him, everything is too late. Six’Death God chains’ entangle it, and the confinement effect produced by the’Death God chains’ makes it Even moving are impossible to move.

David’s body is Legendary, and’golden wings A Insect King’ is Demi-God. There is a great realm difference between them, but’Death God Chain’ is a Divine Item. Under the Divine Item bonus, David The main body confines the’golden wings and Insect King’ through the’Death God Chain’.

The’golden wings armor Insect King’ wants to struggle and get rid of the shackles on the body, but its struggles are useless. The’Death God Chain’ is specially designed and manufactured by Death God for Spiritual God, based on David The strength of Divine Grade cannot be locked, but for the Demi-God of the’golden wings armor Insect King’, it is easy.

The ‘golden wings armor Insect King’ now can move the mind, and the rest is blocked and cannot be used.

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