Transcendent David Chapter 1092


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This is the second time for David to fight Demi-God. Although the previous Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is called Demi-God, the actual battle strength is still different from the real Demi-God.

The ‘Golden Wings Insect King’ I dealt with this time was different. This is the real cultivation success of Demi-God’s insect race genius.

Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King’ not at all’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, this kind of insect race that can become Demi-God, although it has a racial resource tilt, it is also a’golden wings armor Insect King The person’s own innate talent is strong enough to be able to obtain these resources.

This kind of Demi-God insect race has never appeared in the insect race before the appearance of War Star, but since the intersection of the three worlds and the emergence of War Star’s explosive growth of resources, the insect race has won A steady stream of massive resources.

With a steady stream of cultivation resources, the Demi-God cultivation can be supplied by the insect race, and a small amount of Half-God Level insect race will appear in the insect race.

But Demi-God should also be the highest stage of the self-cultivation of the insect race. In ten thousand years, there has never been a cultivation success. The Demi-God insect race has grown to Divine Grade.

As if there is a certain restriction, insect race is not allowed to be promoted to Divine Grade through its own cultivation.

The strength of the Demi-God insect race is very strong. This is a Demi-God promoted purely through their own efforts. Almost everyone is extremely powerful.

Take the ‘golden wings armor Insect King’ as an example. With its race speed innate talent, the ‘golden wings armor Insect King’ who spread their golden wings have few opponents in the Demi-God insect race.

But it’s a pity that the ‘golden wings an Insect King’ can’t even open the golden wings, let alone its speed innate talent.

In fact, the failure of ‘Golden Wings A Insect King’ was due to the innate talent it was best at. Maybe it didn’t realize this after its failure.

When the ‘Rule of Speed’ encounters the racial speed innate talent, the racial speed innate talent is spiked into scum.

When David’s right hand moved, the Innate Ability was activated, and the Divine Item Knight’s War Sword was pulled out of the sheath.

Although this’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ has been used last time and is not very long, two days are not enough for’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ to complete the new’Fatal Sword’. Set.

But using’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’, a Divine Item-level weapon, to attack a Demi-God is suppressive in itself, not to mention the bonus of’Deadly Sword’, even this bonus The success is not big.

‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’s’Golden Wings Insect King’ breastplate, and the’Golden Wings Insect King’ who are imprisoned by the’Death God Chain’ cannot stir up the energy within the body to strengthen Defensively, Demi-God’s breastplate was easily penetrated.

‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ passed through the muscles of the’golden wings armored Insect King’, and accurately pierced the heart of the’golden wings armored Insect King’.

The Life Aura that sensed the ‘golden wings of the Insect King’ dissipated, and the Shadow Servant flew out and sucked the soul of the ‘golden wings of the Insect King’.

David also put the corpse of the ‘golden wings Insect King’ into the space pendant. After doing all this, he did not stop at the slightest, and once again activated the ‘broken air’ Innate Ability and returned to Space Crack.

He knows that the time available is running out. The death of the’golden wings armor Insect King’ will definitely attract the attention of the insect race, and those who come later will be stronger than the’golden wings armor Insect King’, even directly Come here with insect race Divine Grade.

David didn’t have time to let World Tree absorb it slowly. He wrapped the Space Stone in Space Crack with his energy, regardless of size.

In this way, it only took more than ten interest time, and he collected all the Space Stones in the entire Space Crack.

David turned on the ‘space coordinates’ of the ‘insect race world safe point’ and returned to the safe point through Space Wormhole.

After returning to the safe point, he left the five Demi-God clone Avatars at the safe point. He turned on the coordinates of the ‘Great Spiritual World Safe Point’ of ‘Space Coordinates’, entered Space Wormhole and returned to Garmi Star.

David took out the lord-level contact array and sent a contact request to Speaker Gould.

“Lord Arthur, it’s very rare for you to take the initiative to contact me!” Speaker Gould quickly approved the contact application and said with a smile as soon as he was connected.

That’s true. Speaker Gould takes the initiative to find Lord Arthur most of the time, and Lord Arthur finds Speaker Gould very rarely.

“I want to inform you about something, but don’t ask me the source of the news!” David didn’t say a greeting with Speaker Gould, and went straight to the subject.

“What’s the matter?” Speaker Gould heard the seriousness in Lord Arthur’s words and asked solemnly.

“I got the news that a large number of insect races may be approaching in the’lander planet’ in the near future, and there may even be insect races that exceed Fifth Level!” David thought about replied.

This is also the close relationship between David and Speaker Gould. He did not want Speaker Gould to suffer too much. Of course, he did not want to put his six Fifth Level Templar Knight Avatars in danger, so he would notify Speaker Gould. of.

“How accurate is the accuracy?” Speaker Gould was taken aback, and he solemnly asked.

This news is very important. It is important to know that in order to maximize profits, in the Templar Knight stationed by the’lander planet’ recently, except for the six Templar Knights of Lord Arthur, which are necessary, the other six Templar Knights are all in his circle. middle.

Since Speaker Gould became the Speaker of the Supreme Council, the small circle that originally surrounded him has grown larger.

Many Templar Knights and noble families have actively or passively joined this circle, making the Maine Family the strongest family in the Great Spiritual World, and Speaker Gould has also become the most powerful lord of the Great Spiritual World.

Especially because Lord Arthur has done things many times, and almost destroyed the original first family, the Lytton family, and allowed more forces to turn to Speaker Gould.

Now half of the top nobles in the entire Great Spiritual World are close to Speaker Gould. Except for some neutral top nobles, only a few top nobles reject him.

“More than 90% sure!” David was 100% sure, but he still lowered the probability.

Divine Grade “Blade Mantis Sovereign” has been tracked by the “Mother Emperor”, so the territory of “Blade Mantis Sovereign” will never escape the investigation of insect race.

Because of the reputation of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ before, the Space Gate has no other insect race territory to pay attention.

Once the insect race discovers that the space gate is occupied by the human world and the insect race world is invaded, it is estimated that the counterattack of the insect race world will be extremely terrifying.

“I will make arrangements. I will recall the six Templar Knights under yours. It just happens to be the time for the rotation. Some top nobles have been complaining about my injustice, saying that I will divide the benefits of the’lander planet’ Give it to the allies, suppress them, this time let their Templar Knight garrison!” Speaker Gould lightly saying.

Speaker Gould can sit in this position, and the means will not be weak. He decided to use this opportunity to suppress the strength of the opposition.

David laughed, didn’t say anything, to be honest, he has long since put the power of Fifth Level Templar Knight in his eyes.

The biggest effect of Fifth Level is that Fifth Level Soul Source has an effect on him. As for the battle strength of Fifth Level, even Legendary level he can instantly kill any Fifth Level.

After Speaker Gould disconnected from the array, he immediately convened the highest council-level meeting. David also took part in this kind of meeting lazily, and he ignored it after he handed over his voting rights to Speaker Gould.

This meeting is conducted through the lord-level contact array. In the Unreal Conference Hall, all lords sit in their own positions.

“Lord Arthur is in retreat, he is not needed for this meeting!” Speaker Gould said first.

The words of Speaker Gould made some lords feel relieved.

If Lord Arthur is here, those lords who want to oppose Speaker Gould’s proposal will have to weigh the consequences.

until now, as long as Lord Arthur is present at the meeting, it is almost the most peaceful meeting. Any issue raised in the mouth of Speaker Gould will be passed immediately, and there are few things getting stuck.

Lord Arthur’s notoriety has been concealed by his merits in recent years. The world will only say how powerful and brave Lord Arthur is. He is the representative of Knight of the Great Spiritual World.

But how can the lords of the top aristocrats forget the past deeds of Lord Arthur, the Templar Knight killed by Lord Arthur, and the noble family destroyed by Lord Arthur are reminding the Lords.

“Due to the recent efforts of Lord Harlow and the other Templar Knights, the’lander planet’ has cleared a lot of areas, so I decided to let them rest for a while, and other Templar Knights will replace them!” Speaker Gould said solemnly.

No lord will object to what Speaker Gould said.

Lord Arthur’s two sets of Templar Knights, how hard they work on the ‘lander planet’, is obvious to all Knights.

The two groups of Templar Knights should also rest, and the six vacancies are just enough for the remaining Templar Knights to hunt insect races in the cleared area to obtain resources.

“Speaker Gould, my Karl Ross family is willing to take this responsibility!” Lord Lucian answered immediately.

Lord Lucian’s gaze swept towards his allied lords. Due to the geographical location, the Carlos family formed a natural alliance with ten other top Yu Family nobles.

As a result of the grouping, the circle of Lord Lucian has become an important force that cannot be ignored in the Supreme Council, and because of the long-term interest entanglement, this circle of Lord Lucian is intertwined with each other and is extremely close.

Speaker Gould’s circle is relatively loose. On many insignificant issues, internal conflicts may occur in the circle of Speaker Gould.

This allows Lord Lucian to have a lot of right to speak in the Supreme Council. At this time, speaking, he wants to fight for the greatest benefit.

Since the space gate was occupied, a steady stream of insect race resources have been sent from the other side of the space gate. Except for the part allocated to the Interstellar Federation, the rest of the insect race resources were jealous even if the Lord Lucian saw it.

Different from War Star, the insect race resource on War Star is generally of a lower level, and it has a long stream.

The ‘lander planet’ is the full operation of the Knight battle strength and Interstellar Federation forces. The number of insect race hunted depends on the durability of the battle strength.

Lord Lucian has long been jealous of the interests of the ‘lander planet’. If Speaker Gould does not hold this meeting, he will also find a way to put forward his opinions.

“President Gould, I believe you will not reject our proposal. We are also part of the Supreme Council and have an obligation to serve the Great Spiritual World!”

“President Gould, I am willing to fight for the Great Spiritual World, please approve!”

Lord Lucian’s allies have spoken, and their words are full of love for the Great Spiritual World, and they want to use their abilities to do things for the Great Spiritual World.

“Lord Lucian, since you request this, please give me the list, and the following rotation will be guarded by your list!” Speaker Gould seemed to have thought about it, nodded said.

Lord Lucian didn’t expect that Speaker Gould agreed so happily, and there was excitement on his face.

His eyes exchanged with the confederate lord, and quickly listed the name of 12 Templar Knight.

At this time, of course, Speaker Gould just decided and decided in front of the lords, otherwise it would be troublesome if Speaker Gould changed his mind after turning around.

In Speaker Gould’s circle, a lord wanted to raise an objection, but thinking of the identity of Speaker Gould, he suppressed it and prepared to communicate in private.

The six Templar Knights, including Lord Arthur, and the other six Templar Knights, were notified to change their defenses. Lord Lucian led 11 Templar Knight to replace them.

“We only have one month to form a Knight battle formation and hunt more insect races at the fastest speed!” Lord Lucian announced after seeing 12 Templar Knight leave.

“What about Interstellar Federation?” Templar Knight asked aloud.

Be aware that Templar Knight cooperated with Armored Soldier and Transcendent of Interstellar Federation before, coupled with the huge might energy weapon of Interstellar Federation, which can make Templar Knight hunt insect race safer and more labor-saving.

Set aside the Armored Soldier and Transcendent of the Interstellar Federation, and the Knight battle formation composed entirely of Templar Knights will indeed be hunted faster, but the Interstellar Federation itself cannot be hunted safely.

“Regardless of them, if they have any opinions, they can talk to Speaker Gould. We have limited time. The 1 month later rotation will no longer have this benefit!” Lord Lucian said solemnly.

Lord Lucian said so and did the same. 12 Templar Knight did not bring the Armored Soldier and Transcendent of the Interstellar Federation and formed the Knight battle formation and started the hunting trip.

Indeed, the Knight battle formation composed of 12 Templar Knights has been hunted in the area where the Fifth Level Templar Knight has been cleared.

In just a few hours, they killed more than 20 Level 4 insect races, and even hundreds of insect races below Level 3. The harvest made them feel very happy.

A month of hunting like this, the resources obtained are enough to allow their family to train more descendants, and it also allows the innate talent Knight to have more resources and increase the promotion probability.

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