Transcendent David Chapter 1093


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“How can these Templar Knights be like this?” A Federal Armored Soldier said angrily.

Armored Soldier, of course, dare not say anything in front of 12 Templar Knight. Here is the insect race world. If Templar Knight is not satisfied, there is no way to get it back.

But Armored Soldier is extremely depressed. The previous cooperation with Great Spiritual World has been very good.

The Armored Soldier and Transcendent of the Interstellar Federation operate energy weapons to clean up the low-level insect race, and the Level 4 insect race is cleaned up by Templar Knight. The cooperation between the two parties is extremely harmonious.

I didn’t expect to change a batch of Templar Knights, but directly left the Interstellar Federation side.

“Don’t complain, who calls our battle strength weak!” A Transcendent said solemnly.

“Admiral David should be invited over, simply don’t bother with these Templar Knights!” The Federal Armored Soldier retained its last insistence.

He also understood how Admiral David could come over. As the deputy commander of the Federal Command, he should not be on the front line anyway.

If the deputy commander of the Federal Headquarters is required to fight on the front line, then the face of the Federal Army does not exist.

“Okay, all of you will have a rest for a while, and wait until the above consultation with Great Spiritual World to make a decision!” Transcendent waved.

Interstellar Federation’s dissatisfaction, not at all affects Lord Lucian and them.

12 Templar Knight, according to the signs on the map, just came to an area 20 kilometers away, and insect race kept rushing out of the ground.

Although there are a lot of insect races, with the cooperation of 12 Templar Knight, these insect races with only one to Level 3 are simply not enough to kill.

“Go ahead, the level of insect race here is too low!” Lord Lucian said with some dissatisfaction.

Knight’s battle formation advances, and once their speed rises, these low-level insect races can’t keep up.

Lord Lucian also discovered that they would only attract insect races within a certain range, and the attracted insect races would return to the underground as long as they passed this range.

This is also normal. Insect tides cannot be formed so well. Only high-level insect race mobilization can form insect infestations.

‘Lander planet’ is led by’Blade Mantis Sovereign’. On this planet, even Fifth Level insect race dare not go beyond its authority to instigate an insect influx.

This is also the reason why Interstellar Federation and Great Spiritual World were able to hunt insect races very safely. In the area where Fifth Level insect race was cleared, as long as there is Templar Knight in the hunting team, there will be no danger .

Lord Lucian is the arrow of Knight’s battle formation. According to the map, he entered an area five 10 kilometers away from the base, where the number of Level 4 insect race suddenly increased.

Level 4 insect race For the Knight battle formation composed of 12 Fifth Level Templar Knights, hunting is very easy.

In just two days, Lord Lucian and the other 11 Templar Knight space items contained many Level 4 insect race corpses. The Level 3 insect race corpses were decomposed on the spot, leaving only the materials and enhancements. meat.

As for a Level 2 insect race, these Fifth Level Templar Knights ignored them and let the insect corpses be thrown here.

“There is a Fifth Level insect race, ready to hunt!” Lord Lucian looked up towards the sky and ordered in a deep voice.

Lord Lucian is a little strange. The Fifth Level insect race of the’lander planet’ has never been flying at high altitude. This is also the characteristic of the’lander planet’, but the Fifth Level insect race that appeared this time was flying from high altitude. Coming.

The Fifth Level insect race of ‘lander planet’ will naturally not fly high, because the command of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ does not allow the Fifth Level insect race to occupy high altitude.

Fifth Level insect race If you want to fly, you can only fly close to the ground.

This is also for the sake of large-scale insect race transfer. The high-altitude channel needs to make way for large-scale insect race transfer.

In the sky, an electric light flashed across, and then the electric light exploded on the Bloodline Strength shield outside the Knight battlefield.

Lord Lucian felt the defense of the Bloodline Strength shield, and there was no worries in his heart. In the Knight battle of 12 Templar Knight, the defense of the Bloodline Strength shield could not be broken by this Fifth Level insect race.

But what Lord Lucian didn’t know was that in the base, an ear-piercing alarm sounded.

“Report to the general, the scanning device found that a large number of high-level insect races are approaching from space!” the scanner reported nervously.

The one who stayed at the base was a lieutenant general. He didn’t panic and clicked on the command light curtain.

“Strengthen the scan, give a risk assessment level, and send a red flag to the Templar Knight of the Great Spiritual World!” The lieutenant commanded in a deep voice.

“Yes, General, it will take ten seconds to rate the assessment!” the scanner replied loudly.

“General, 12 Templar Knight of Great Spiritual World, we cannot contact!” the lieutenant’s adjutant said softly.

“What’s the matter? Haven’t they all been allocated contact devices?” The lieutenant general frowned.

In order to facilitate the communication between Great Spiritual World Templar Knight and the Federal Army, the Federation handed over the communication device to Templar Knight.

“I suspect that they put our communication device in the space object. Their location is deep into the range of the insect race. We can’t penetrate there at all!” the adjutant explained.

Lieutenant General shook the head. Recently, the Federal Army is arguing with the Supreme Council of the Great Spiritual World. There will be no negotiation results in a short time, so he did not ask about Templar Knight. He did not expect such a problem. .

Of course, the lieutenant general also knew that even if he intervened, it was useless. Templar Knight, who was in rotation at this time, simply did not put the Interstellar Federation military in the eyes.

If it were in the past, the Interstellar Federation military has long been accustomed to this attitude.

But today is different from the past. Since Admiral David used a sniper rifle to suppress the insect tide and successively killed the Fifth Level insect race in seconds, the entire Union military, especially the military imposing manner in the Great Spiritual World battle, has been different.

Templar Knight looked down on them, and they didn’t try to curry favor, instead they used this time to rest.

Let Templar Knight hunt it on its own, without providing any support.

Be aware that the Interstellar Federation military has not only built this base for so long, but also placed a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles in space. The unmanned aerial vehicles have formed a safe scanning area.

This is also the reason why the Federal Army can first find that there are a large number of insect races approaching. As for the single Fifth Level insect race, it is because that one is an’electric beetle’, and the Fifth Level insect race has an incarnation. It is the Innate Ability of Dianguang, which is extremely fast.

Here is the insect race world. The scanning range arranged by the Federal Army is not perfect, and it is impossible to find insect races with special Innate Ability like Fifth Level ‘Electric Beetle’.

“Report General, this is an assessment report, we are in big trouble!” Ten seconds later, the scanner reported on time.

The scanner’s voice is full of anxiety and panic, which shows that the assessment report is unusual.

“Command, prepare the base self-destruction procedure, all personnel evacuate through the space door!” The Lieutenant General only glanced at it, and the same complexion greatly changed the command.

In the scan evaluation report, thirty Fifth Level insect races were found. This is not the most terrifying. The most terrifying is that there are several insect races whose energy response exceeds the Fifth Level insect race.

This means that the insect race is sending reinforcements to the ‘lander planet’, not to mention the few insect races whose energy cannot be measured. Even thirty Fifth Level insect races are enough to destroy the base in a short time.

Don’t look at the large number of energy weapons deployed here, but due to the limitations of the space gate, these energy weapons cannot be deployed with heavy energy weapons and cannot threaten Fifth Level insect race at all.

The soldiers who can be assigned to the ‘lander planet’ are all elites. After hearing the command of the lieutenant general, they acted immediately.

“General, the insect race group in space has passed towards Templar Knight!” The scanner finally glanced at the scanning device and said to some discovery.

“Templar Knight bought us time and speed up!” Lieutenant General lightly saying.

A smile appeared on the faces of the soldiers who were evacuating. You must know that in the past, it was all Union soldiers who gave Templar Knight a delay. Even if the Union soldiers died, Templar Knight could escape safely.

This time it was Templar Knight finally helping himself to delay time, and the soldiers felt a sense of revenge in their hearts.

The insect race group coming from space is the insect race reconnaissance team from nearby territories. The size of this reconnaissance team is a bit scary because it was ordered by the “mother emperor” himself.

As soon as the insect swarm came to the ‘lander planet’, they found traces of human beings, which is extremely unbelievable for these insect races.

Insect race world has not been invaded for tens of thousands of years. Now humans are invading the insect race world and establishing a base.

However, the insect race group does not at all immediately destroy the base. In their perception, 12 Templar Knight’s goal is bigger. As for the base, some of the breath of Armored Soldier and Transcendent has not been seen by the insect race group. .

“It’s the ‘Electric Beetle’. It maintains defense and consumes its energy. It cannot break our defense!” Lord Lucian commands Ruo Ding, and he said solemnly.

The ‘Electric Beetle’ is very difficult to deal with. In normal times, Lord Lucian meets himself, or if there are only three or four Templar Knights around him, he definitely runs as far as he can.

Because the Innate Ability of “Electric Light Beetle” is too troublesome, it is too difficult to kill the “Electric Light Beetle”.

But there are 12 Templar Knights. As long as the ‘Electric Light Beetle’ doesn’t run away, it will be easy to kill the ‘Electric Light Beetle’ when the energy consumption increases.

“What do you think it is?” When Knight’s battle formation was attacked by the lightning beetle, a Templar Knight looked up at the sky and found that meteors in the sky were rushing towards here, and asked in surprise. .

Lord Lucian also looked up, his complexion tightened, the hairs all over his body stood up involuntarily, and the fear of death swept his whole body.

The Templar Knight exclaimed. In the short time when Lord Lucian looked towards the sky, the meteors could be seen clearly. They were silhouettes of insect races.

Dozens of insect races are all Fifth Level insect races. At the center, Fifth Level insect races are deliberately separated by five huge insect races.

After the insect race invasion war, Lord Lucian knew very well that the minimum strength of this type of insect race is Legendary rank.

Legendary tier insect race, as long as one can kill them all, let alone five.

“Speaker Gould, it’s a good plot against!” Lord Lucian’s heart was cold. He guessed why Speaker Gould was so talkative, so he arranged this rotation.

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