Transcendent David Chapter 1094


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Legendary rank ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ spewed out a flame, enclosing the Knight battle formation of 11 Fifth Level Templar Knight.

The Bloodline Strength shield on the periphery of Knight’s battle formation was completely destroyed after only one breath of resistance. At this time, it was revealed that 11 Fifth Level Templar Knight had different strengths.

The weaker Templar Knight was first wrapped in flames and turned into ashes in the screams. The stronger Templar Knight can last longer, but the result is the same.

Even Fifth Level armors and weapons have been transformed by the flames, and no longer look like before.

In fact, if Lord Lucian does not run away, but instead fights the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ with all his strength, he won’t be killed in such a short time.

Insect race with energy type attacks, as long as you get closer, you can limit part of the power of energy type attacks.

Of course, no matter how you resist, you will still die, but the time will be sooner or later.

The rest of the insect race also arrived, and they flew over the space gate.

At this time, the base built around the space gate has disappeared, leaving a huge pit of several dozen meters deep on the ground.

The space door was not affected by the explosion. If such an explosion could affect the space door, the space door would have been destroyed a long time ago, and it won’t stay there.

Several Legendary-level insect races are discussing how to deal with this space gate, but they did not dare to pass through the space gate rashly.

Great Spiritual World is not a soft persimmon, it is also a world with the existence of Spiritual God.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ rushed over, and it killed 11 Templar Knight all at once. This record made it a little proud.

‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ looked at the space door, and its self-confidence at this time was bursting.

“I’ll check it out!” The “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” said to the remaining Legendary insect race.

The other few Legendary insect races will naturally not persuade them. Those with the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ take the initiative to take the initiative and save them trouble.

The size of the space gate naturally cannot allow the huge body of the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” to pass through, and it can only penetrate a part of the body.

Such a probe, under normal circumstances, the loss is only a part of the body, and the danger is limited.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ is not a fool either. It wants to do meritorious service, but it’s not courting death.

11 The human Templar Knight is the first credit of the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King”, and the credit of exploring the space gate is enough to make it attract the attention of the “Mother Queen”.

This is also the most hopeful opportunity for the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ to come into contact with the ‘mother emperor’, and it’s worth the risk for this opportunity.

The “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” flew to the space gate, it hesitated slightly, and chose the left forelimb, focusing on the left forelimb.

The left forelimb stretched out toward the space door, and a ball of flame wrapped the left forelimb to protect the left forelimb.

On the other side, Speaker Gould saw the Federation Lieutenant General and all the Federation soldiers.

“President Gould, the base of the ‘lander planet’ has been lost. I’m very sorry. We have not been able to notify 12 Templar Knight. Their communication device has been unable to connect!” The lieutenant general saluted Speaker Gould.

The cooperation between the two parties is mainly based on the Great Spiritual World. The space gate is in the Great Spiritual World, and the battle strength that arranges to enter the insect race world is also based on the Great Spiritual World.

“What’s the status of the ‘lander planet’? I need a complete report!” Speaker Gould said solemnly.

“There are about 30 Fifth Level insect races, and five of them are suspected to be more powerful than Fifth Level insect races. Due to the speed, we can only self-destruct the base and evacuate! Regarding the complete report, I will go to sort out the report. Here you are!” Lieutenant General replied.

“You didn’t have a problem doing it. I blame this. Lord Lucian is a little arrogant. I should talk to him as soon as possible. I didn’t expect…” Speaker Gould said with a sad face.

“You can’t be blamed. Lord Lucian asked to go there. All of us know that the ‘lander planet’ is dangerous. This kind of thing is unpredictable!” Templar Knight persuaded on the side.

Everyone, including Interstellar Federation and Great Spiritual World, did not suspect that Speaker Gould specially arranged this matter.

Because Speaker Gould was basically impossible to predict the arrival of the insect race in advance, he also arranged for Lord Lucian to die.

Especially to go to the ‘lander planet’ to perform the garrison mission was requested by Lord Lucian on his own initiative. At the meeting of the Supreme Council, Lord Lucian made the request in front of all the members.

Just as Speaker Gould wanted to say something, the space gate suddenly fluctuated, and then a huge leg of ten several meters long passed through.

The flames that make the soul tremble are burning on the feet and limbs. Even Templar Knight will feel the threat of death after seeing the flames.

The rays of light flashed by the five huge temples at the same time. It may be that the strength of the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” is not enough for the Spiritual God to take action. The five temples are not at all calling out the Spiritual God Avatar, but Simply rely on an array of temples.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ observed the situation on the other side of the space gate through its own spirit. When it saw the five huge temples, it heart startled and quickly tried to retract its left front limb.

But it was too late. White radiance appeared on the left forelimb. This white radiance ignored the flame on the left forelimb and fixed its left forelimb.

Then a terrifying force came from the left forelimb. The huge force was so strong that insect race Legendary like the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” could not resist.

This huge force comes from an array of five huge temples. The huge force assembled through the power of faith can almost reach the power close to the Spiritual God.

Don’t say it is a Legendary like the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King”, even a Demi-God who comes over can not easily get rid of the confinement of the array.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ struggled crazily, trying to get rid of the confinement from the left forelimb.

But the power coming from the left forelimb has not only not decreased because of its struggle, but has become stronger and stronger.

A ‘click’, the sound from the intersection of the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’s Insect Body’ and the periphery of the space gate.

That is the sound of the worm shell of the Legendary tier being forcibly squeezed and cracked. Because the left forelimb was forcibly pulled to this side by a huge force, the part of the worm shell of the “Purple Flame Insect King” contacting the space door began to crack .

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ wanted to disconnect the left forelimb and detach from the Insect Body, but the huge force was so strange that the left forelimb was tightly connected to the Insect Body.

‘Kaka’, amid the continuous cracking sound, the shell of the’Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ appeared obvious concave.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ understands that this is to force its body through the space door.

Just think about the consequences if its 100-meter-high body was forced through a 20-meter-high space door.

You don’t have to think about being pulled over to face the consequences of the enemy, just say what damage its Insect Body will be in the process of being pulled over.

“Help me!” The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ had no choice but to ask for help from the Legendary tier insect race.

Two Legendary insect races stepped forward and grabbed the body of the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King”, but no matter how hard they were, they couldn’t stop the pulling force from the other side.

The pulling speed was not fast, but it was very even, and the body of the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” was pulled over little by little.

Green’s worm blood flowed from the broken shell, making the insect races onlookers feel chills.

What kind of power is needed to drag the Legendary tier “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” into this force without the slightest resistance.

The five huge temples are actually five weapons of war, stimulated by the power of faith.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ is equivalent to fighting against five powerful Spiritual Gods at the same time, and the consequences can be imagined.

It took ten minutes for the “Purple Flame Armor Insect King” to be pulled over. It kept screaming, and the insect races next to it could not stop its destiny no matter how it was used.

All insect races understand that there can only be a Spiritual God on the other side, and only Spiritual God can have such power.

On the Great Spiritual World side, Speaker Gould and the soldiers of the Interstellar Federation saw the tragic situation of the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ being pulled over at close range.

President Gould’s eyes were erratic. At present, there is an emotion in Templar Knight, an emotion of yearning for the strength after Fifth Level.

Previously, there were rumors of realm above Fifth Level in Great Spiritual World, but these rumors were only circulated among a few top nobles.

Since the insect race world invaded the Great Spiritual World, the Legendary tier insect race appeared in front of everyone for the first time, making the Templar Knights of the Great Spiritual World understood the Legendary tier after Fifth Level.

Especially the appearance of Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’, let the Templar Knight of Great Spiritual World understand that Knight can become a stronger Demi-God.

In the hearts of many Templar Knights, dissatisfaction with the temple has begun to brew.

The Templar Knights attribute the reason for not being promoted to Legendary to the temple.

The fact is also true. The temple blocked too much information, and almost all the information of the Legendary level was concealed, until the appearance of the Legendary level insect race and Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ made the temple no longer able to conceal it.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ in front of me is of the Legendary rank. The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ of the Legendary rank can easily be imprisoned by the temple, which shows that the Temple is capable of dealing with the Legendary rank.

Even if the temple is capable of dealing with the Legendary rank, it does not want Knight to be promoted to the Legendary rank, which makes Speaker Gould extremely upset.

Since receiving the “Black Dragon Breathing Method” from Lord Arthur, Speaker Gould’s realm has been loosened, and it won’t be long for him to be promoted to the Legendary rank.

The reason why Speaker Gould sacrificed the Lucian lord who opposed him was because he wanted more power.

The Great Spiritual World is managed by the Supreme Council, which is restricted by the temple, but to a certain extent, the Supreme Council has been resisting the suppression of the temple.

The nobles continue to infiltrate people into the temple, which is a kind of resistance. The nobles do not want power to be restricted by the temple, they want greater power.

In order to protect himself, Speaker Gould must strengthen this confrontation. He needs the Supreme Council to be on his side, so that once he is promoted to Legendary, the Supreme Council can protect him.

The ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’ was dragged through the space door a little bit, and then the worm shell was broken off by the white light.

Legendary rank ‘Purple Flame Armored Insect King’ is so unclear that there is not even a trace of resistance.

The white light disappeared, and the five huge temples returned to normal, leaving behind a pile of broken body fragments on the square in front of the space door.

A group of priests walked out of the temple, and they excitedly stepped forward to pick up the debris on the ground, and there were also some priests, deliberately blocking the periphery, preventing anyone from approaching.

“Bishop McKinley, how to dispose of these materials? Will they appear in the battle exploits?” Speaker Gould asked Bishop McKinley who was in command.

“These materials belong to the great gods and will be returned to the gods through sacrifices!” Bishop McKinley solemnly replied.

“Will these great gods of material also be fancy?” Speaker Gould approached and said.

“Speaker Gould, don’t embarrass me. Archbishop has confessed that these materials must be recycled!” Bishop McKinley explained quietly while standing in front of Speaker Gould.

Speaker Gould nodded nodded, and he said nothing.

He did this to show the other Templar Knights the attitude of the temple.

It will take some time for the huge corpse to be processed. When the claws and teeth of the dark golden were put away, every Templar Knight who watched was deeply dissatisfied.

This kind of dissatisfaction is not just for the corpse of the ‘Purple Flame Armor Insect King’, but also a deceit from the temple until now.

“Speaker Gould, I need to report the situation to the Federal Headquarters immediately, and I will leave first!” After seeing that the last piece of material has been collected, the Federal Lieutenant said goodbye to Speaker Gould.

“There may be hope for the space gate to be reopened in the future, and hope that there will be opportunities for cooperation!” Gould Speaker Nodded said.

The Federation Lieutenant General and the rest of the people in the room thought this was Speaker Gould’s words, but only Speaker Gould knew that this was his true thought.

The temple may have a way to invade the insect race world, but Speaker Gould not at all expressed too much hope for the temple.

Judging from the handling of the space gate controlled by the temple, the five temples did not at all intend to invade the insect race world, but took a defensive position.

President Gould is thinking of Lord Arthur. Lord Arthur can know the actions of the insect race on the ‘lander planet’ in advance, and there may be a way to reopen the space door.

Of course, if David knew what Speaker Gould thought, he would definitely reject Speaker Gould directly.

As long as there is a temple here, David is impossible to appear here.

David has too many secrets. He can’t get too close to the temple. Once he is caught by Spiritual God, he will be in big trouble.

The opposite of the space gate has lost its value, and the defense here is completed by the temple. The Knight who originally arranged here does not need to stay.

After the fall of the ‘lander planet’, the entire war was truly over. The Knights returned to their families one by one, and the corresponding war rewards began to be honored.

Speaker Gould not at all was relieved because the war ended. A lot of battle achievements need to be verified, and some war compensations will also be issued.

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