Transcendent David Chapter 1095


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Garmi Star, a base with federal characteristics has been built, which is completed by the Cube Super Intelligent System manipulating robot.

During the time when David left Garmi Star, the Cube Super Intelligent System used the research equipment he brought back from the Interstellar Federation to rebuild an extremely advanced research room even in the Interstellar Federation.

David is wearing isolation gown and is standing in front of the research platform.

After returning from the insect race world, he spent the rest of his time here except for cultivation.

After understanding the basic rules in the insect race world and the Interstellar Federation respectively, his improvement of the basic rules reached bottleneck again, and even Black Dragon Alexis could not help him in this regard.

Because of the delay in improving the basic rules, David decided to study the research left by the director of the Immortal Research Institute Hengqi instead.

Now there are two ‘Sovereign inheritance patterns’, allowing him to create more clone Avatars. He has seen the powerful strength of five demigod clone Avatars combined.

If this number is increased to ten, then how powerful the strength will be.

With this mindset, David returned to the research room and began to verify the research contents of Director Hengqi one by one.

Don’t look at the results of the research on cloning David, but that is only the result of Hengqi’s expertise. David wants to repeat this process and needs to complete the recorded experiment again.

David started the “Thinking Storm” Innate Ability time and time again, which made his research extremely fast.

The disturbances from the outside world not at all affect him. Whether in the Great Spiritual World or in the Interstellar Federation, David’s status is detached.

With the sound of “hong”, a nutrition chamber burst open, fusing David blood and Divine Grade flesh and blood, as well as a large number of precious materials, exploded during the fusion process.

This is not the first time that an explosion has occurred, and five of the nutrition chambers alone have been damaged.

David’s face is ugly, and the nutrition chamber is damaged. As long as these devices have materials, the cube super intelligent system can help to make them.

But the Divine Grade flesh and blood is a pity for him, and he was able to create five more Divine Grade flesh and blood clones of Avatar, all wasted.

Although there are still two insect race Divine Grade Divine Physiques, he does not want to use those two Divine Physiques. There is a chance to resurrect Divine Grade. If it is wasted, it is not a pity, but heartache.

“Director Hengqi left his hand, how did he do it?” Without the materials, David stopped his work and muttered to himself in a deep voice.

David can be 100% sure that he has mastered all the records left by the director of the cube super-intelligence system Rihenqi, but he repeated the production five times and all failed.

The equipment is still those equipment, and the technology is still the same technology. There must be something he doesn’t know about it.

David couldn’t help showing helplessness. Hengqi’s director is really powerful. Although David’s clone Avatar is not necessarily a swan song, at least it will not be possible to copy the clone Avatar in a short time.

Perhaps when David has time to study slowly and find out the hidden parts of Hengqi, he can create a clone Avatar.

In disappointment, David walked out of the research room. Only then did he realize that there was a corpse of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ in the space pendant.

Speaking of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’, the first thing David came back that day was to check the sphere of knowledge provided by the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

So the real attack method of the’golden wings beetle king’ is to use the Innate Ability to attack the enemy with terrifying speed, and use claws to break through the enemy’s defense. This direct and effective battle method, More useful than rules and fields.

To tell the truth, the strength of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ Avatar is not at all very satisfying to David, but the true battle strength of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ Avatar far exceeds the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’.

Of course, the most important thing is that the demigod “Holy Spirit Knight” lacks the weapon that can break through the demigod’s golden wings, even if the demigod “Holy Spirit Knight” has learned the sword technique’Innate Ability. , And can’t really play the’sword technique’ Innate Ability formidable power.

In fact, the biggest problem with the insect race Avatar is that it cannot replicate David’s ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, and only relies on the insect race Avatar’s self-ability to fight.

David was thinking, suddenly he felt the soul of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ connected to a strange network.

Many messages are transmitted through this strange network. It seems that the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ has very high authority and can receive a small part of the messages at any time.

“The high-level insect race of the’Blade Mantis’ family has been arrested in large numbers, so far no interrogation has been found!”

“I didn’t find any information about’Sovereign’

“There is no news of’Titan golden armor Sovereign’, but the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’ belonging to’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ has been running.’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ should be tracking the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ .”

The news of each and everyone let David learn about the intelligence held inside the insect race. Many of these news about the “golden wings beetle king” are information exchanges in the small circle of the insect race demigod.

In the insect race, the demigods are extremely special existence, because they are extremely talented of the insect race, and they are also cultivated by the clan.

But the demigods are sad. They have reached the Peak of the insect race self-cultivation. No matter how hard they work, they can’t go further.

Although they have the lifespan of second only to Divine Grade, they cannot communicate with Divine Grade on an equal footing, and ordinary insect races are not in their eyes.

This makes all insect race demigods form a small circle.

This is only a very small part of the many news received. David also discovered that the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ can issue commands to some insect races through this network.

The demigod’golden wings beetle king’ joined the insect race contact network. In the past, David did not resurrect the insect race in the insect race world. The rules of the insect race world cannot accept the resurrection of the insect race, so naturally there is no way. Speaking of joining the insect race network.

Innate Ability, a race of the insect race contact network, relies on the rules of the insect race world. Like the insect races born in War Star and War Zone, they cannot connect to the insect race contact network.

When David sensed that the insect race contacted the Internet, he discovered how lucky he was to have been active in the insect race world for so long without being noticed.

As long as any detective insect race finds him, report it upwards. The news that “Blade Mantis Sovereign” killed humans will be broken, and the focus on tracking “Blade Mantis Sovereign” will become the focus of finding him as a human. Up.

David’s mind entered the soul of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’, and he began to look at all the messages that he had permission to view with interest.

He checked every message, and soon he found one.

“The space gate was taken back, and the Legendary ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ died in battle. At present, there are four Legendary tiers and 30 Fifth Level insect race defenders at the space gate!”

Insect race’s news is very direct, without much detail, but David’s eyes lit up.

Judging from this news, currently not at all insect race Divine Grade appeared near the Space Gate. Four Legendary insect races and 30 Fifth Level insect races gathered together. If they can catch all insect races in one go, then he can get them. A large amount of Soul Clone compensates him for the loss of the demigod “golden wings”.

Of course, the most important thing is to be able to mess up the insect race. Now the insect race is looking for ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’. At this time, taking action will make the situation even more confusing.

David found the location of the space gate on the star map. He took five demigod clone Avatars. This time they sat on the backs of the demigod “golden wings beetle king” Avatar.

David constantly uses the Innate Ability to establish a space channel, and the demigod Avatar of the Golden Wings Beetle King activates the Innate Ability to pass through the space channel at an extremely fast speed.

With this kind of cooperation, the speed of the journey is faster.

Along the way, David used the insect race contact network and found that almost powerful insect races will have corresponding territories.

So in other words, the demigod “golden wings, beetle king” also has a territory that the demigod insect race should have.

After a period of analysis, he looked for only a few words in the insect race contact network, and finally, in the mass of news, he determined the territory of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’.

David confirmed the scope of the territory on the star map. Within the territory of the’golden wings beetle king’, there are three galaxies, five insect race planets, and nine resource stars. The rest are without resources and the environment is so harsh A planet that cannot survive an insect race.

At the same time, David also understood that the ‘golden wings beetle king’’s territory is part of a larger territory. The owner of the larger territory is ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’, an insect race Divine Grade.

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