Transcendent David Chapter 1096


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Although the ‘golden wings beetle king’ is a demigod of the golden wings beetle family and should obey the orders of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’, in fact the ‘golden wings beetle king’ has a lot of autonomy.

David’s heart moved, maybe he can have a public identity in the insect race world.

As for the danger, the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ can be lost at most, but it can really go deep into the insect race. This is extremely important for understanding the insect race.

Be aware that neither the Great Spiritual World nor the Interstellar Federation know much about insect race world.

Of course, the first thing to do now is to go to the ‘lander planet’. After flying for four hours, David saw the strange and familiar planet.

Said the unfamiliar is because of David’s ontology. This is the first time he has seen the ‘lander planet’ with his own eyes, and said the familiar is because his Templar Knight Avatar has fought here for dozens of days.

When the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ approached the ‘lander planet’, David discovered that there was no low-level insect race on the surface of the ‘lander planet’.

He didn’t know that after the arrival of the four Legendary insect races and thirty Fifth Level insect races, they immediately issued orders. All the insect races here must stay in their nests and wait for follow-up investigations.

This is the territory of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’. All high-level insect races need to be investigated, and the remaining middle and low-level insect races are only implicated.

Due to the self-destruction of the federally-built base, the space door in the ruins was very eye-catching, and David discovered its existence at a glance.

“Golden Wings Beetle King, the things here have been handled, what are you doing here?” After a Legendary tier insect race spotted the ‘golden wings Beetle King’, it immediately asked in a deep voice.

This legendary insect race thinks that the ‘golden wings beetle king’ is here to grab the credit, and they don’t want the ‘golden wings beetle king’ to insert in.

“Alexis, help me control them!” David on the back of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ said to Black Dragon Alexis.

The recovered Black Dragon Alexis jumped off David’s shoulders after hearing David’s instructions, and appeared in the air.

The horrible Divine Grade breath enveloped the space gate, wrapping all four Legendary-level insect races and thirty Fifth Level insect races in it. This is not over yet, and Black Dragon Alexis inspired’dragon roar’ .

Black Dragon Alexis uses’dragon roar’ which is different from David’s method. The’dragon roar’ he opened his mouth only wrapped four Legendary-level insect races and 30 Fifth Level insect races, not at all. Peripheral.

If it is David’s dragon roar, it is estimated that all creatures within his mental range will be affected by dragon roar.

Of course, David has only learned dragon roar for a short time, and dragon roar is not his main attack method.

David, who was about to do it himself and ordered five clone Avatars to take action, couldn’t help but stop, he looked towards Black Dragon Alexis with some helplessness.

Because 30 Fifth Level insect races were directly roared to death by Black Dragon Alexis’ ‘dragon roar’, four Legendary level insect races also stood there in a daze, and it seemed that they had received a strong impact.

In this case, David simply does not need to do it himself, and Black Dragon Alexis has solved the battle.

Black Dragon Alexis also found that his attack was a bit overdone, and he took David’s limelight away. He would always leave some for David in peacetime, but today is different. The injury on his body recovered completely, which made him a little excited. , The shot will be heavier.

However, at this step, it was resolved at will. Black Dragon Alexis killed the four Legendary insect races.

Shadow Servant flashed by, collecting all the souls, David’s spirit swept across, and the corpses that lost their souls were collected into the space pendant.

David is not interested in reviving Fifth Level insect race. Even Legendary insect race is lazy. In his opinion, Legendary Soul Clone is more important than Legendary insect race Avatar.

He looked at the space gate and decided not to inform Speaker Gould about the situation on the space gate. In fact, after the fact that the lander planet was invaded by humans, the lander planet was no longer safe. .

However, at this time, four Legendary insect races and 30 Fifth Level insect races were killed. There was no strong insect race guarding the space gate, and there was no safety on the space gate.

I think there will be a more powerful insect race coming soon, losing four Legendary insect races. Next time they will be sent to the Demi-God, and even an insect race Divine Grade will come.

“My lord, I didn’t take my hand!” Black Dragon Alexis regained his kitten state, jumping back to David’s shoulder and said.

“You did a very good job, you didn’t let the insect race send out a message. The situation here is afraid that the insect race has a lot of speculation!” David said with a smile.

Since the understood had the insect race contact network, David considered how to solve the enemy as quickly as possible during the battle. As long as the enemy is given a little time, the enemy can send messages to other insect races through the insect race contact network. .

I did it so cleanly this time, leaving no clues, and the inside of the insect race will be even more chaotic.

David waved his hand and Space Wormhole appeared. It was easy to return. Collect all Avatars and Black Dragon Alexis into the ‘Divine Item Space Card’, and enter the Space Wormhole to return to the ‘insect race world safety point’.

The massacre of the’lander planet’ was discovered only an hour later. It was because the four Legendary-level insect races and thirty Fifth Level insect races had no news. The nearby insect race went to check. Found that they all disappeared.

Be the first to bear the brunt, all insect races suspected that it was ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ taking revenge.

But these four Legendary ranks and 30 Fifth Level insect races belong to multiple insect race Divine Grade forces. In doing so, “Blade Mantis Sovereign” is equal to these insect race Divine Grade enemies.

Not to mention that the four Legendary ranks and the 30 Fifth Level insect race were ordered by the’Mother Emperor’, and the move of the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is even more provocation against the’Mother Emperor’.

This kind of thing has never happened in the insect race world. The “mother emperor” is the spiritual leader of the insect race. All the insect race Divine Grades will maintain sufficient respect for the “mother emperor” at least on the surface.

The behavior of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is considered to be revenge for the ‘Mother Emperor’’s order to investigate the ‘Blade Mantis’ clan, and it also shows that the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ is now extremely crazy.

The ‘Mother Emperor’ wants to contact ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ through the insect race contact network, but no matter how the message is sent, they cannot reach the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’.

The “Mother King” then contacted the rest of the insect race Divine Grade and called the insect race Divine Grade together in the insect race contact network.

“Insect race has never happened before in history. The behavior of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ has caused extremely bad consequences inside the insect race. Today I am calling you all, I am going to mobilize everyone to encircle and suppress’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ , Can’t let it go on like this anymore!”‘Mother Emperor’ said solemnly.

For ten thousand years, the Divine Grade of the insect race, including the “Mother Emperor”, has maintained the number of nine.

The greatest wish of the’mother emperor’ is to one day break the curse that the Divine Grade of the insect race world cannot break through the ten people. For this reason, the’mother emperor’ presided over the War Star negotiations, and finally received sufficient resources to allow The insect race is getting stronger and stronger.

As there are more and more insect race demigods, the “mother emperor” feels that her goal is getting closer, even if the insect race demigods cannot be promoted to Divine Grade, but the appearance of the insect race demigods also Insect race’s Bloodline has been added to increase the chance of Sovereign Bloodline.

But the “mother emperor” never thought that “Blade Mantis Sovereign” would be so crazy. After doing something wrong, I don’t know how to repent, and the more I do it wrong.

For the prosperity of the insect race, the “mother emperor” must clean up the “Blade Mantis Sovereign”. In this way, the Divine Grade of the insect race will not increase but decrease, but as long as the “Sovereign inheritance pattern” is retained, shortly after the insect There will be a Divine Grade in the race.

It’s not that simple to kill a Divine Grade. The “Mother Emperor” can only defeat the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” at most. It is impossible to kill the “Blade Mantis Sovereign”.

This requires the cooperation of the Divine Grade of the insect race. If multiple insect race Divine Grades are encircled and suppressed together, the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” will not be able to get out.

“My lord, follow your orders!” The rest of the insect race Divine Grade responded together.

The “Mother Emperor” is very satisfied with these insect race Divine Grade attitudes. In contrast, the actions of “Blade Mantis Sovereign” and “Titan golden armor Sovereign” are extremely bad.

‘Titan golden armor Sovereign ’not at all made a big mistake, and the ‘mother emperor’ did not have the idea to pursue it immediately.

Only ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, after losing a ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, this time also killed four Legendary tier insect races and 30 Fifth Level insect races.

Know that these insect races are all obeying the orders of the “mother emperor”. If the behavior of “blade mantis Sovereign” is not given an explanation, the “mother emperor” is worried about whether the commands issued by it in the future will be followed by the insect race. .

This is a major event related to the foundation of the insect race. Even if a Divine Grade is killed, the insect race system must be maintained.

The ‘Mother King’ was beckoned, and a Legendary tier ‘Insect King’ appeared.

The body of the Legendary ‘Insect King’ is extremely strange. Half of the 100 meters’ body is a head.

This Legendary ‘Insect King’ was cultivated by the ‘mother emperor’. The effort and energy spent are trivial matters, and the resources consumed are the big one.

‘Insect King’ is a spiritual innate talent, and the resources needed are extremely scarce.

‘Master Brain Insect King’ was originally a Level 3 insect race. If you want to train it to the Legendary level, you can imagine the hardship.

Anyway, for thousands of years, the ‘mother emperor’ has also cultivated such a Legendary ‘Insect King’.

The “Mother Emperor” looked at the “Insect King” with some dismay, and in order to find out the exact position of the “Blade Mantis Sovereign”, it had to sacrifice the “Insect King”.

If the “Insect King” can be promoted to a demigod, then there is no need to sacrifice the “Insect King”.

Legendary Tier “Master Insect King” explores the position of Divine Grade “Blade Mantis Sovereign” through Spirit Innate Ability, and will be backlashed by Divine Grade “Blade Mantis Sovereign”, with the resistance of Legendary Tier “Master Insect King” Ability is almost mortal.

As long as the “Insect King” reaches the Half-God Level, the Divine Grade “Blade Mantis Sovereign” can be mentally tracked and located.

‘Mother Emperor’ took out a’Perfect level kryptonite crystal stone’, and forcibly shot it in the middle of the huge head of’Insect King’, a divine force formed a complicated pattern and flew into’Perfect level kryptonite crystal stone’.

The fat body surface of “Insect King” is broken and the skin is cracked, but the spirit, soul and Qi of “Insect King” is constantly improving.

The ‘Mother Emperor’ is consuming the life of the ‘Master Insect King’, using divine force to forcibly raise the mental level of the ‘Master Insect King’, and force the Legendary spirit to the Half-God Level spirit.

Of course, it will not take too long to force the spirit to reach Half-God Level. After time, the body and soul of the “Insect King” will completely collapse.

About five minutes later, the spirit of the “Master Insect King” has risen to a demigod level, but its body is constantly cracking.

“Insect King, the mastermind, track the location of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’!” The’mother emperor’ didn’t want to waste time, it gave orders.

‘Insect King’ has turned on Innate Ability,’Insect King’ knows’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and remembers the breath of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’, only then can we use’Tracking and Positioning’ ‘To locate the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’.

ten breaths has passed, and the search time of “Insect King” has exceeded the maximum time normally required by “Tracking and Positioning” Innate Ability, making the “Mother Queen” a little uneasy.

“My lord, there is no breath of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’!”‘Insect King’ is mechanically replied.

This answer not only shocked the “Mother Queen”, but also shocked the rest of the insect race Divine Grade who was watching the process through the insect race network.

There is no breath of ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’, either ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ has left the insect race world, or ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ has fallen.

Leaving the insect race world, there are currently two ways, one is through the space gate, but the other side of the space gate is blocked by the five great temples of the Great Spiritual World, and the ‘Sovereign’ is impossible to pass.

The second is to pass through War Star, which will destroy War Star. Besides, the passage to War Star is controlled by the ‘Mother Emperor’. ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ has no chance at all.

Then ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ has only one probability, that is, it has fallen.

“Are you sure?” the’mother emperor’ asked in disbelief.

“My lord, there is no breath of’Blade Mantis Sovereign’!”‘Insect King’ continued to replied, the content was the same, the tone was the same, but the result was beyond doubt.

The “Mother King” can already feel that the life force of the “Master Insect King” is being weakened. It understands that the “Master Insect King” will soon die.

“The mastermind Insect King, follow the’Titan golden armor Sovereign’!” The’mother emperor’ has a very bad feeling. It wants to use the last moments of the’mastermind Insect King’ to track once the’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ ‘s position.

“My lord, there is no ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ breath!” After ten breaths, the ‘Insect King’ is mechanically replied.

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