Transcendent David Chapter 1097


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The ‘Mother Emperor’ has not known how many years it has never felt this way. It controls the insect race world and it feels the malice of the entire world for the first time.

The insect race world controlled by it, together with its own nine Divine Grades, did not expect that in a blink of an eye, it would become seven Divine Grades, and the two Divine Grades fell unclearly.

What made the’Mother Emperor’ feel the deepest ridicule is that the two’Sovereign inheritance patterns’ belonging to the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ and’Titan golden armor Sovereign’ are still running, rushing to belong to the insect race , Belongs to the strength of Faith of every insect race Divine Grade.

The “Mother King” also wanted to continue to order the “Master Insect King”, but the whole body of the “Master Insect King” swelled, and after a loud explosion, the body of the “Master Insect King” completely collapsed, and the corpse was turned into fragments.

Legendary rank ‘Insect King’, whose spirit is forcibly elevated to Half-God Level, but the body is unable to support Half-God Level’s mental operation.

The death of the “Insect King” did not make the “mother emperor” feel any sadness in her heart. Her heart was completely shocked by the fall of the two insect race Divine Grade.

The six insect race Divine Grades were also shocked. They couldn’t believe that the insect race had suffered such a big loss.

How many years, the insect race has been in constant battles. There have been countless deaths in the high, middle and low levels of the insect race, but Divine Grade has rarely fallen. This time not only the Divine Grade has fallen, but also two Divine Grades have fallen. .

“Launch all the resources and search for that human being. I want to know everything about that human being!” the’mother emperor’ commanded in a deep voice.

As for the killing of the four Legendary insect races and thirty Fifth Level insect races of the ‘lander planet’, there is no need to investigate.

The’mother emperor’ knows that it must have been done by the human, although I don’t know why the human can use the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, but as long as they have the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’, they can be in the insect race world. , Then the improvement of strength is inevitable.

The ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ of the insect race world allows the Owner to pass the Fifth Level as fast as possible, and it does not take long for the Legendary level. As long as the is innate talent is not too bad, demigods are not a problem.

As for becoming a Spiritual God, it will take a little longer. Judging by the time it takes for the “Blade Mantis Sovereign” to lose the “Sovereign inheritance pattern”, the time for humans to get the “Sovereign inheritance pattern” is at most only Enough to be a demigod.

But even the demigod is enough to kill all the insect races on the ‘lander planet’. The demigod wants to kill the Legendary Tier and Fifth Level insect race, almost all of them are in a flash.

The “mother emperor” is now most worried about the loss of the “Sovereign inheritance pattern”. If the humans continue to do this, they will become Divine Grade sooner or later, and then they will want to solve the humans, so The cost required is great.

The ‘Mother Emperor’’s order naturally led to an immediate investigation by related insect races, especially some of the high-level insect races of the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ series, which were arrested long ago.

‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ defines the breath of Lord Arthur as a dead enemy. Those insect races know it. More importantly, when the insect race invades the Great Spiritual World, the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ ignores the insect race. The loss should also be prioritized to attack Lord Arthur’s behavior is very strange.

The weirdness at the time, after learning that the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ lost the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, and the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’ was acquired by humans, all of this has been explained.

Through the intelligence returned by the human beings controlled by the insect race on the War Star, Lord Arthur’s strength is unreasonable, and it has been upgraded in a short time, which violates common sense.

The ‘mother emperor’ has locked the final result on Lord Arthur within two hours from issuing the order to receiving the news.

Another order was also issued by the ‘Mother Emperor’. All the insect races that can fly in the insect race world began to investigate. Every insect race that finds traces of humans will be rewarded by the ‘Mother Emperor’.

How many insect races are there in the insect race world, this number is very difficult to calculate, because it is too large, the ‘mother emperor’’s order made all Flying Insect races become an investigation insect race.

Of course, what makes the insect race world crazy is that the legendary “Sovereign inheritance pattern” is on the human body. This is also secretly passed on by the “mother emperor”. This news will make all high-level insects The race is crazy, looking for that human with more effort.

The ‘Mother Emperor’ doesn’t care which insect race gets the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’, as long as it is not a human being’s got the ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

The “Mother Emperor” is working hard, and the other six insect race Divine Grades are also working hard. Various insect races with special smells, tracking and other special innate talents have been sent out to track humans.

In their eyes, Lord Arthur is a treasure, a huge treasure with a ‘Sovereign inheritance pattern’.

David is sitting on the back of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ Avatar, and he is flying towards the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

On the way, David learned of the wanted of the “Mother Queen” through the “golden wings beetle king” Avatar’s insect race network.

To tell the truth, he is not afraid of being wanted in the insect race world, because the battle strength condensed next to him, coupled with the Innate Ability of the ‘spatial coordinates’, gives him the ability to attack and evacuate.

But David also needs to consider the tracking of the insect race. The human breath is too obvious in the insect race world. Perhaps for most of the insect race, this breath is not enough to track him.

The mutant insect race that can have special tracking Innate Ability is not included in this list. In David’s own ‘Divine Item Space Card’ cultivation space, Little White has such an ability.

Speaking of tracking, as long as there is life staying somewhere, Little White can find the target and keep tracking it.

David doesn’t want to expose the “insect race world safe point” because of his carelessness, even the territory of the Avatar of the “golden wings beetle king”.

David decided to return to the Great Spiritual World to avoid the wind. Today’s insect race world is all crazy. You can know this from the insect race contact network. He needs to wait for the insect race world to calm down before coming back.

Even he didn’t even want to stay in the insect race world for the clone Avatar of the demigod. Anyway, the matter of cultivation was also unhurried. For a while, the cultivation of the demigod to Divine Grade took a long time. Delaying some time is not a big problem, but safety is the first priority.

Thinking of this, David did not hesitate. He opened the Space Wormhole leading to the “Great Spiritual World Safe Point” and took away the five demigod clones Avatar, Black Dragon Alexis, and separated from the Avatar of the Golden Wings Beetle King. Up.

The Avatar of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ continued to fly towards the territory, but lost David and used the Innate Ability of ‘Break the Air’ continuously, and the speed of his journey dropped drastically.

Just when David collected the five demigod clone Avatars into the’Divine Item space card’ and got into the Space Wormhole, the remaining seven insect race Divine Grade of the insect race world discovered the’Sovereign inheritance pattern’. ‘The change.

“How did this human get in and out of the insect race world?” the’mother emperor’ muttered to herself in confusion.

Be aware that there are not many ways to leave the insect race world. On the surface, there are War Star and the space gate of Great Spiritual World.

War Star is personally monitored by the “Mother Emperor”. Lord Arthur is basically impossible to leave from this side, and on the Space Gate side, the “Sovereign Sovereign” has been defended there, and it is also impossible to leave from there. Electric Scorpio Sovereign’s eyelids leave.

Of course, the “mother emperor” also understands that there are some special spaces Innate Ability that have the ability to cross the world, but such special spaces Innate Ability are extremely rare in the insect race world.

Insect race world is not only physique powerful, but the biggest advantage is that there are many kinds of special Innate Ability, and the number is also extremely large.

This is determined by the innate talent of the insect race itself, just like the special space Innate Ability. In the rest of the world, within the realm, I want to emerge a special space Innate Ability from the very few who have space Innate Ability, and It is even more unrealistic for Innate Ability, a special space across the world.

In the insect race world, there is an insect race. All races have space Innate Ability. In this kind of space innate talent race, after countless years, various special spaces Innate Ability continue to appear, and those that cross the world appear. The special space Innate Ability is also normal.

The “mother emperor” has cultivated several space insect races with special space Innate Ability, but the space insect race can only transmit life equal to its own strength, so it cannot play a decisive role.

Otherwise, the insect race has long used Innate Ability, a space that spans the world, to send Divine Grade to an important position in the opponent’s world, and deal a fatal blow to the foreign world.

David doesn’t know the idea of ​​the “mother emperor”. He doesn’t need to consider the issue of the demigod clone Avatar. It’s just this time that the demigod clone Avatar has been strengthening the high-strength “Sovereign inheritance pattern”. The god clone Avatar enters the’Black Dragon Sleep’ to consolidate the achievements of the cultivation.

Shadow Servant purification of the souls of the two insect race Divine Grade continues, and it cannot be done in a short time.

David’s spirit entered the space pendant. The Space Stone he got has not yet been absorbed. This is related to the major event of Soul Space Small World.

He took out one Space Stone. After a period of habit, he already knew World Tree’s requirements for Space Stone.

David’s Soul Space Small World has begun to expand again. Every Space Stone on top of his head is absorbed into pieces by the World Tree, and a piece of space energy is integrated into Soul Space Small World, increasing the space of Small World. Big one.

The increase in Soul Space Small World is reflected in his strength, that is, his mental range has expanded again.

When all the Space Stones were absorbed by World Tree, David’s mental range expanded to more than three hundred and eighty 1,000 meters, and he also discovered a situation that he hadn’t noticed before.

That is, the height of World Tree above his head has become shorter, from more than 130 meters to more than 100 meters.

This made David feel the hope of World Tree disappearing from the top of his head. Although others can’t see it, he is not used to having a big tree above his head, even if the big tree is World Tree.

It’s just that this hope requires a lot of Space Stone, and he needs his demigod ‘golden wings, beetle king’ Avatar to work hard in the insect race world.

With three or four times the number of Space Stones harvested this time, it is possible for World Tree to enter Soul Space Small World.

I don’t want World Tree to bear on his head. This is just one reason why David desperately wants to expand Soul Space Small World. In addition, he has a feeling that once World Tree fully enters Soul Space Small World, it is very likely that he will Get great benefits.

This is not what World Tree told him, but his own feeling.

As the soul origins of four Legendary-level insect races and thirty Fifth Level insect races were absorbed by David and assimilated into his own Soul Clone, his Soul Clone suddenly increased to four Legendary-level Soul Clone, one hundred 70 A Fifth Level Soul Clone.

David didn’t know if the addition of so many Soul Clone gave him a hunch, or the magical hint given to him by World Tree, but he believed his feeling very much.

Black Dragon Alexis’s soul injury is almost healed. Fifth Level and Legendary level soul energy has little effect on him. He rejected David’s idea of ​​giving him soul energy to heal his injuries.

All the soul energy is digested and absorbed by Shadow Servant itself. David has no way of knowing the specific changes of Shadow Servant, because most of the energy of Shadow Servant is used to purify the souls of the two insect race Divine Grade. David also Don’t want to disturb the work of Shadow Servant.

The demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ flies on a planet, this is the third insect race planet David found in his territory.

From the perspective of the insect race in the realm, the demigod “golden wings beetle king” is like patrolling the territory, but in fact David is looking for the residence of the demigod “golden wings beetle king”.

In the insect race contact network, the residence of the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ was not found, perhaps because there is no need to talk about this topic.

David’s mind controls the ‘golden wings beetle king’ and can only be found among the five insect race planets.

This time, his luck is not bad. On the third insect race planet, he found the residence of the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

The residence of the’golden wings beetle king’ is very easy to find, because on each insect race planet, due to the need to live more insect races, and in accordance with the living habits of the insect race, there is a deep area inside the insect race planet There are densely packed wormholes to the surface.

A large number of insect races live below the surface, which also makes the insect race planet almost full of load carrying the survival of the insect race.

Most of the insect races are usually almost motionless. Doing so will reduce their consumption. Unless they have excellent innate talents or special innate talents, they will be treated differently. Otherwise, these insect races are the only ones. His task is to pray.

The meaning of these ordinary insect races to live is to pray to the “Sovereign inheritance pattern”. Most of them have no chance to reproduce their offspring in their lives. Only the excellent insect races are qualified to leave offspring.

In this way, the genes of insect race are constantly optimized.

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