Transcendent David Chapter 1098


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If someone compares the insect race 10,000 years ago with the current insect race as a whole, they will find that the overall innate talent of the insect race has improved a lot.

The nine resource stars in the territory are mined by a special insect race. Among these resources, most of the branches are given priority to the elites in the insect race, and the rest is allocated to the ordinary insect race. It is necessary to keep the ordinary insect race alive.

These all are David learned through the insect race network of the “golden wings beetle king” that the survival of the fittest is extremely obvious in the insect race. After each insect race is born, it will be determined according to its own innate talent. The fate of his life.

The residence of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ is the only area in the entire insect race planet that has no openings. The energy-rich ore piles up into a hill. This is the nest of the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

Within 10 kilometers from the nest, no insect race dared to approach.

The three nearby galaxies are the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle king’. It is equivalent to the lord of the Great Spiritual World, but its people are more loyal and do not need any management at all, and will work according to instinct.

This also saves David’s troubles. He thought that when he returned to the territory, he had to deal with his high-level insect race. When he returned to the territory, he found that the subordinates of the insect race world, as long as the’golden wings beetle king’ is not Calling will not come on the initiative.

‘Golden Wings Beetle King’ also has Fifth Level insect race, they also have their own territory, in the’golden wings Beetle King’ territory.

In fact, this is the real insect race. In the realm of the insect race, there is very little direct communication between the insect race. Most of the time, it is carried out through the insect race contact network.

Just like David wants to issue commands to the insect race in his territory through the Avatar of the ‘golden wings beetle king’, he only needs to directly issue the order in the insect race contact network, and the insect race in the territory will follow the command line.

David manipulates the ‘golden wings beetle king’ and sits in the ore pile. This residence is the simplest residence he has ever lived in.

But look at the other insect races. The densely packed holes in a hole are all insect races. They are crowded in a small space and have no self-space. This area with a radius of 10 kilometers is already an excellent place to live.

When David was observing the environment, the space fluctuated 500 metres away from the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

He suppressed the urge to shoot. He knew very well that the ‘golden wings beetle king’ was a demigod, and in his own territory, there would not be any insect race daring to provoke.

A Fifth Level ‘Space Beetle’ came out of the space and cautiously came to the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

“My lord, please accept the resources allocated to you!” The Space Beetle lowered its body and said.

Then the “Space Wormhole” inspired a Space Wormhole, and a bunch of cultivation resources were sent out from the Space Wormhole.

David connected to the Internet through the insect race and perceives that this ‘spatial beetle’ is a subordinate of the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

This is very easy to confirm. All the subordinates of ‘golden wings beetle king’ can have a special mark in the insect race contact network, and ‘golden wings beetle king’ can issue mandatory orders to ‘space beetle’.

David didn’t say anything. “Space Beetle” has long been accustomed to this work, and will automatically break the space and leave after finishing it.

The ‘Space Beetle’ is not a mutant insect race. Compared with the one David encountered and killed before, it is quite different. This ‘Space Beetle’ can only be regarded as an ordinary Fifth Level insect race.

But this feeling of peace with Fifth Level insect race makes David extremely novel. The life and death of all insect races in the entire territory are determined by his mind.

David looked at the resources piled on the ground. Most of them are ‘top kryptonite crystal stones’, and there are also some ore, among which the most precious are two ‘Perfect level kryptonite crystal stones’.

He felt the breath of War Star from the’top kryptonite crystal stone’. The’top kryptonite crystal stone’ mined by War Star has a stronger energy reserve than the rest of the’top kryptonite crystal stone’. Star special environmental impact.

But think about it, the ‘golden wings beetle king’ is a demigod, and its status within the insect race is also extremely high, and it is normal to have the right to allocate War Star resources.

David suddenly thought of something, did the ‘golden wings beetle king’ have been privately kept here before?

The spirit of the’golden wings beetle king’ is released. Scanning in this area seems to be because the previous’golden wings beetle king’ is not worried that an insect race will steal its private possession, and store it in the collection location. Not too concealed.

David manipulated the ‘golden wings beetle king’ to fly to that location, a huge stone slab was pulled apart, revealing the cave below.

Because of the huge body of the ‘golden wings beetle king’, this cave is also extremely spacious.

The collection of ‘golden wings beetle king’ is stored according to classification, which shows that ‘golden wings beetle king’ is very good at sorting.

Fifth Level and a small amount of Legendary grade materials are piled together. Next to it are more than fifty “Perfect level kryptonite crystal stones”. The rest are shiny gems. It seems that the powerhouse in the insect race is extremely good for shiny gems. Interested.

David is still a bit disappointed. The collection here has little effect on David except for the ‘Perfect level kryptonite crystal stone’.

Operating the ‘golden wings beetle king’ to close this treasure house again, David perceives an alarm message from the ‘golden wings beetle king’’s insect race contact network.

This is the message sent back by the insect race patrolling in the territory of ‘golden wings beetle king’. The territory has encountered an enemy invasion.

When David saw this information, he couldn’t help but stunned. An insect race dared to invade the territory of a Half-God Level insect race.

‘Golden Wings Beetle King’ activated the’Flapping Wings’ Innate Ability, and the silhouette rushed into space in a flash and flew in the direction where the insect race patrol found the enemy.

When David was flying the ‘golden wings beetle king’, the insect race contact network continued to report that the insect race was killed by patrols.

The ‘Flapping Wing’ Innate Ability is extremely fast. The ‘golden wings beetle king’ is known for its speed, and it quickly approaches the target location.

In space, dozens of corpses of patrolling insect race floated, and a Legendary tier “Halfbody Spider King” saw the “golden wings beetle king”. It was obviously taken aback, and then turned his head and wanted to escape.

Geographically in space, the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ is the edge area of ​​the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’.

‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ handed this territory to the demigod ‘golden wings beetle king’ and also wanted ‘golden wings beetle king’ to help protect the territory.

This time the ‘Halfbody Spider’ clan received news that the owner of this territory, the ‘golden wings beetle king’, had left the realm for several days, so the Legendary tier ‘Halfbody Spider King’ came over and wanted a surprise attack.

The conflict between ‘golden wings Beetle Sovereign’ and ‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’ has been placed on the surface, and the friction between the two territories has continued.

The demigod’golden wings beetle king’ left the territory and was discovered by the’Halfbody Spider’ family. The’Halfbody Spider’ family has a rare cunning of the insect race. They decided to use the opportunity of the absence of the’golden wings beetle king’ to raid the territory .

A raid on the Demigod Realm will give ‘golden wings Beetle Sovereign’ a great blow to the face, and it will also gain resources in the Demigod Realm.

The original plan was very good. “Golden Wings Beetle King” was to investigate the situation in the territory of “Blade Mantis Sovereign”, and it would take at least dozens of days to go back and forth.

During this time, a Legendary-level “Halfbody Spider King” can level the territory of the “golden wings beetle king”. This level of battle is also impossible to attract a Divine Grade such as “golden wings beetle Sovereign” .

But the ‘Halfbody Spider’ clan never thought that the ‘golden wings beetle king’ who should still be in the ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ territory returned to the territory so early.

Although David is not proficient in manipulating the’golden wings beetle king’, but it is higher than Level 1 to reach the demigod’golden wings beetle king’ to deal with the Legendary rank’Halfbody Spider King’, simply does not need any fierce fighting , Just need to catch up.

With the acceleration of the Innate Ability of ‘Flapping Wings’, ‘Golden Wings Beetle King’ uses the energy of within the body to generate a stream of air, which completely covers the surrounding area and excites the ‘wind field’.

‘Halfbody Spider King’ only feels that the speed is slow, like being stuck by glue, making it very difficult to move.

And the huge body of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ turned into a light and shadow in space and came to the front of the ‘Halfbody Spider King’.

The ‘Halfbody Spider King’ suddenly ejected a bunch of spider silk. After leaving its body, the spider silk opened like a fishing net and wrapped towards the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

David has studied spider silk, he has fought against the incarnation of ‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’, and he is familiar with the special nature of spider silk.

‘Golden Wings Beetle King’ was in the high speed, and turned around to avoid the spider silk group’s attack. Although the spider silk group had spread out, it did not at all attack the’golden wings beetle king’.

‘Golden Wings Beetle King’ is already far superior to’Halfbody Spider King’, coupled with’Halfbody Spider King”s fear of demigods, the attack is a little anxious, when’golden wings Beetle King’ dodges After opening the spider silk, and then approaching behind the’Halfbody Spider King’, the’Halfbody Spider King’ could not defend in time.

This cannot be blamed on the ‘Halfbody Spider King’. The Legendary rank encounters a half-god, and the difference in strength is too great.

The demigods are also Divine Grade, far surpassing the Legendary rank in the application of power, speed, and special ability.

The realm before the demigod are all ants, and only after reaching the demigod can we truly embark on the path of Divine Grade.

The forelegs of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ pierced out, and the ‘Halfbody Spider King’ was pierced into the spine by the forelegs before it could respond.

Planet Federation and Great Spiritual World both have deep research on the “Halfbody Spider” family. This is related to the Fifth Level “Halfbody Spider Queen” in War Star. Insect race, which is more active in War Star, will receive both world’s attention.

In particular, the Interstellar Federation used biology to analyze the structure of ‘Halfbody Spider’ and found various ways to deal with ‘Halfbody Spider’.

These methods are part of the feasibility study, not at all are used in actual combat, but David has learned this knowledge.

The blow he manipulated the ‘golden wings beetle king’ was to destroy the ‘Halfbody Spider King’’s body control ability. There was a gap between the back of the head and the spine.

As long as this is destroyed, the connection between the brain and the body of the “Halfbody Spider King” can be severed. Not only has the “Halfbody Spider King” lost the ability to control the body, but also has blurred consciousness.

‘Halfbody Spider King’ is not dead, it is in a deep coma.

It’s not that David couldn’t bear it, but that he wanted the soul of this ‘Halfbody Spider King’. The Legendary Soul Clone is still very attractive.

Holding the Insect Body of the ‘Halfbody Spider King’, the ‘golden wings beetle king’ returned to his residence, and the victory of the ‘golden wings beetle king’ over the intruder spread through the insect race contact network.

At first, it was only spread within the territory of the ‘golden wings beetle king’, but it was soon known by the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’.

The conflict between the two insect race Divine Grade territories of ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ and ‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’, until now, the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ is at a loss.

It’s no wonder that ‘Halfbody Spider Sovereign’ is better at strategy. Although the strategy is not very detailed, it is already very rare in the insect race world.

The ‘Halfbody Spider’ clan decides and then moves. Naturally, the ‘golden wings beetle’ clan is very passive and often suffers from it.

This time,’Golden Wings Beetle King’ solved the surprise attack of’Halfbody Spider’ and successfully killed Legendary Tier’Halfbody Spider King’, giving the’golden wings Beetle Sovereign’ a lot of face, and naturally got the’golden wings’ Beetle Sovereign’s attention.

“You did a very good job. I will reward you with a galactic territory!” The attention of ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ is very direct.

David used the insect race contact network of ‘golden wings beetle king’ to express his gratitude to ‘golden wings beetle king’. At this time, he also discovered that there were more insect races in the insect race contact network that received direct orders.

A coordinate was sent over. That galaxy is the reward of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’.

David took a look, and the galaxy was right next to the territory, and it was also the border of the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’. It seems that the ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’ wants him to protect more areas.

Fortunately, there is no need to accept this kind of territory. After the command from the’golden wings beetle Sovereign’, all the insect race management rights of the new galaxy will automatically be under the name of the’golden wings beetle king’, and the network will be contacted through the insect race You can give orders.

As for the management of the galaxy, there is no need to worry about the ‘golden wings beetle king’.

All insect race planets have their own operating modes, and each insect race has its own division of labor, which perfectly controls the development of insect race planet.

“When appropriate, you can make some counterattacks and let the ‘Halfbody Spider’ clan suffer some losses!” ‘golden wings Beetle Sovereign ’not at all forced an order, but spoke in a deliberate tone on the insect race contact network.

“Yes!” The reply from ‘golden wings beetle king’ was very short. David didn’t know which attitude he should use to reply to ‘golden wings beetle Sovereign’, so he could only reply as short as possible.

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