Transcendent David Chapter 1147


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“Is this the Demi-God stage?” Speaker Gould opened wide, muttering incredulously.

Not only Speaker Gould, the two Legendary lords also received a huge impact.

Speaker Gould think about himself, in order to become Legendary rank, he tried many methods, even risked the mortal danger to slaughter the gods, and finally became Legendary rank Knight with the help of Lord Arthur.

The two Legendary lords were promoted to the Legendary Knight with the help of Lord Arthur.

They are also extremely proud of themselves, thinking they are standing on the pinnacle of the Great Spiritual World Knight.

Although there is a Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ on top of it, Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is a legendary powerhouse thousands of years ago, which is completely incomparable with the Knights of the same generation.

But they did not expect that Lord Arthur had become a Knight of the Demi-God order.

Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords would not think that Lord Arthur had lied. The terrifying giant tornado just now was destroyed by Lord Arthur. It is basically impossible to attack Legendary Knight.

After a period of loss, Speaker Gould was hot again. Lord Arthur became a Demi-God Knight in just a few years. His innate talent is not as good as Lord Arthur, but even at ten times the cost. Time, perhaps this life is still expected to achieve Demi-God level.

Be aware that since being promoted to the Legendary level, Speaker Gould’s lifespan has been extended a lot, and he will no longer worry about lifespan in a short time, which also allows him enough time to continue cultivation.

David didn’t explain much either. He knew his own family affairs and how difficult it was for him to advance to the Demi-God level.

In order to be promoted to the Demi-God level, he turned Heaven and Earth turning upside down from the insect race world, and let the two insect race Divine Grade fought.

In order to be promoted to the Demi-God level, he braved the mortal danger to absorb Divine Grade’s perception of the basic rules, and was close to death several times.

It can be said that the entire Great Spiritual World, even those Knight who have lived for hundreds of years, is not as rich as his experience in just a few years.

“Speaker Gould, we leave here now, Haidaxing will be handled by the temple!” After a while, David felt that his Demi-God body had recovered, and the’Destruction Rule energy’ was full, and he proposed Tao.

“Well, our mission is over. I didn’t expect Temple of War to use a useless temporary Temple of War to set up traps. I will inform all the lords of the Supreme Council of the whole thing this time.” Speaker Gould said bitterly.

No matter how many contradictions the nobles and Temple of War have before, they are all on the surface. Who knows that Temple of War has the support of War God, and the nobles can only deal with it for a period of time at most. .

But after this time, the nobles and the Temple of War really broke, and they openly used the temple mission to frame the nobles, frame the Speaker of the Supreme Council and the councillors. This has made the nobles no longer believe in Temple of War, and even more impossible. Cooperate on anything.

David did not use the Innate Ability of “Broken Air”. Although this kind of space Innate Ability can leave here as soon as possible, he does not want to expose the horrific effect of “Broken Air” Innate Ability.

To know what short-distance space ability can’t be considered, some special space treasures can do it, but long-distance space movement, if it can be used at will, it is a bit shocking.

This is also David’s life-saving hole card. If it can be used in private, he will not easily expose it.

Just as David and the 15 Legendary Knight were about to leave, David looked towards the temporary Temple of War not far away, and he sensed movement there.

“What’s wrong?” Speaker Gould asked strangely when he noticed that David was paying attention to the temporary Temple of War.

Speaker Gould thought David had any thoughts about the Temporary Temple of War. If David really had any thoughts, he would take the Temporary Temple of War away.

“McKinley Archbishop left the means there!” David said, pointing to the temporary Temple of War.

McKinley Archbishop sitting in the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ in space has an array in front of him, which is connected to the array in the temporary Temple of War of Haida Star.

Although Temporary Temple of War does not have an energy core, McKinley Archbishop still leaves a small amount of power of faith as energy in a scanning component of Temporary Temple of War.

This can support the scanning component to continue to run after installation, and send the scanning results to McKinley Archbishop.

The temporary Temple of War, which seems useless, allows McKinley Archbishop to learn about the situation of Speaker Gould and Knight of the 14 Legendary rank on Haida.

When McKinley Archbishop saw Speaker Gould leading the Legendary Knights to fight the ‘God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation, he knew his plan was at least half successful.

Because even if Lord Arthur is not attracted, as long as Speaker Gould is allowed to die in the hands of the ‘Gould of Blood’ divine sense incarnation, he will be able to obtain the Divine Item ‘Knight prohibition card’ left by Speaker Gould.

As long as he gets the Divine Item ‘Knight Forbidden Card’, he can make up for Archbishop Guy’s mistakes, get the reward of War God, and the recognition of four other Archbishops.

McKinley Archbishop has been in contact with four Archbishops, and the sense of distance is still felt by the four Archbishops although they have not stated it clearly.

To gain a foothold in the Great Spiritual World, not only do you have to control the Temple of War, you also need to get the approval of four other Archbishops, so that you can discuss the cooperation of the temple with the four Archbishops on an equal basis.

Take this opportunity to get rid of Speaker Gould, which is the 1st Step of the McKinley Archbishop plan.

If it was started by Temple of War, not to mention that Speaker Gould had the Divine Item ‘Knight Prohibition Card’ in his hand, it would be possible for Speaker Gould to escape any of them. The consequences would be extremely serious.

Furthermore, all the priests and sacrifices in Temple of War are mostly from nobles. This kind of thing may lead to fierce opposition from priests and sacrifices. Look at Annabella Legendary as an example. If something happens, betrayal can happen.

So the best way to solve Speaker Gould is to use the hand of the Divine Sense Avatar of the “Blood God” to get rid of the Speaker Gould, and then McKinley Archbishop kills the Divine Sense Incarnation of the God of Blood to avenge the Speaker of Gould. Can’t say anything.

As for traps, it’s not that 50 Level 4 ceremonies are buried, Temple of War has also lost.

Just when Speaker Gould was about to be killed by the ‘God of Blood’ divine sense Avatar, Lord Arthur suddenly appeared and rescued Speaker Gould.

But McKinley Archbishop is not at all disappointed. On the contrary, he was extremely excited. His plan to elicit Lord Arthur also succeeded.

Afterwards, McKinley Archbishop was watching the battle between Lord Arthur and the’God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation through a scanning array powered by the power of faith. He wanted to wait until the battle between the two sides was determined, or both sides suffered. Do it later.

Unexpectedly and somewhat unexpectedly, McKinley Archbishop saw Lord Arthur defeated the “God of Blood” divine sense incarnation, and the “God of Blood” divine sense incarnation escaped.

As expected, McKinley Archbishop has been seeing Lord Arthur creating impossibles one after another since he met Lord Arthur. Lord Arthur has made achievements that many people can’t even imagine.

Even if McKinley Archbishop wants to deal with Lord Arthur now, he still has a blind and mysterious trust in Lord Arthur in his heart.

Unexpectedly, the battle strength of the’God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation was unexpected by McKinley Archbishop. It can be seen that the’God of Blood’ is truly awakened and controlling the’God of Blood’ ‘divine sense incarnation battle.

But even with the control of the ‘God of Blood’, the ‘God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation was still defeated, defeated by Lord Arthur.

McKinley Archbishop can only use his last resort, and he also believes that his own method is unmatched by Lord Arthur.

He opened a summon space inside the temporary Temple of War through remote control, and the Level 4 Heavenly Knight in the summon space came out.

This is what David perceives. Although he didn’t accidentally release his spirit, his extremely powerful spirit still discovered the Level 4 Heavenly Knight in the temporary Temple of War.

Level 4 Heavenly Knight walked out of the useless temporary Temple of War indifferently. His strength could only barely fly into the air, but he was not at all because he was a little nervous in the face of many Legendary Knights.

In the eyes of Level 4 Heavenly Knight, these Legendary Knights and Lords Arthur are both clay chickens and pottery dogs.

“The envoy! McKinley Archbishop actually left an envoy in the temporary Temple of War!” Speaker Gould criticized out in surprise.

It’s no wonder that Speaker Gould was surprised. He knew this Level 4 Heavenly Knight. This envoy was the strongest envoy in Temple of War except Annabella Legendary.

The divine envoy will suffer damage to his body every time he suffers a Spiritual God descent. Some of these damages can be recovered completely, and once recover completely, the strength can be greatly improved.

However, there are not many opportunities to recover completely from the gods. That requires War God to use the body of the gods carefully when the gods descend, but with War God’s love for battle, you rarely care about the gods after you start. Case.

Anyway, there are many envoys in Temple of War, even if all of them are dead, another group of envoys will appear in a few years.

In Temple of War, there are not many people who can recover completely and improve their strength even after God descends. This Level 4 Heavenly Knight envoy is one of the second only to Annabella Legendary.

Level 4 Heavenly Knight did not look towards Speaker Gould, he looked towards Lord Arthur, and then took out a golden battle axe from the space item.

David’s gaze narrowed slightly, he recognized that this golden battle axe was the Divine Item of Temple of War, and the formidable power was extremely terrifying.

“War! War! War!” The Level 4 Heavenly Knight god envoy raised the golden battle axe in his hand and let out a roar.

Level 4 Heavenly Knight’s voice resonates from ordinary to the entire Heaven and Earth, and the white Bloodline Strength on his body is transformed into strange patterns and flying.

David had seen Annabella Legendary’s surrender before, but at that time his strength was too weak to break the horror of the surrender.

Now in front of him, the breath of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight envoy instantly broke through Level 4 Heavenly Knight, reached Fifth Level Heavenly Knight, and then the breath of Legendary Knight.

This is not over yet. The golden axe in the hands of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight envoy emits golden rays of light and merges into the body of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight envoy, making his breath rise again to reach the Demi-God breath. .

David can’t help sighing. Although he doesn’t know how the god descends, he knows very well that after this time the body of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight envoy, unless there is a large amount of’immortal life force’ repaired, Otherwise, there is no cure.

This god envoy uses the body of Level 4 Heavenly Knight to bear the energy of Half-God Level. Even with the conscious control of War God, there is no guarantee that the body of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight god envoy will not be damaged.

This is still in a state of no combat. If you fight, War God can no longer protect this body.

Be aware that the normal level 4 Heavenly Knight’s goddess can only reach the Legendary rank at most. This time the goddess uses the Divine Item golden battle axe to forcibly increase the strength to the Demi-God rank, which far exceeds Level 4 Heavenly The endurance of the Knight Divine Envoy.

“You are Arthur Luce, why do I have a familiar feeling?” The God Envoy of Level 4 Heavenly Knight said. At this time, the God Envoy was already controlled by War God.

When War God saw David, the first feeling he felt was extremely familiar. He had never seen David before.

“Strange, the same’Black Dragon Body’, but you are different from that person!” War God shook his head after feeling it for a while.

David knows about War God. This is a comparison between him and Demi-God clone Avatar. To say that he is similar to Demi-God clone Avatar, in essence, Demi-God clone Avatar is exactly the same as him. .

From genes to blood, Demi-God clone Avatar is exactly the same as David.

But there are too many differences. The Demi-God clone Avatar fully cultivation is “Black Dragon Sleep”, and uses the “Sovereign level inheritance pattern” of insect race to promote the “Strength of Black Dragon”. Demi-God order.

Although David’s body is also cultivated ‘Black Dragon’s Sleep’, but his within the body is not only ‘Strength of Black Dragon’, he also has a lot of mixed energy.

Especially the “Destruction Rule Energy” of the “Destruction Domain” is fundamentally different from the “Strength of Black Dragon”. War God’s observations are not judged from the microcosm, so in his view David and Arthur · Luce simply is not the same person.

But both have the ‘black dragon body’, which makes War God strange. The Giant Dragon Race left the Great Spiritual World many years ago. How could there be two pure black dragon bloodlines?

David was a little surprised. The black dragon Alexis on his shoulder was discovered by War God. He originally thought that after encountering the war God, the secret of the black dragon Alexis could no longer be kept.

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