Transcendent David Chapter 1148


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Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords looked at the War God descended from the gods. They all had a sense of suffocation. Ten thousand years of education gave them an instinctive awe of War God.

If they hadn’t insisted forcibly, they would have been crawling on the ground now.

On the contrary, they are Knight Avatars of the 12 Legendary rank. They have not been affected in any way. They maintain the Knight Guardian array.

“Deprived!” War God waved his hand, and a golden pattern appeared.

The speaker of Gould and the two Legendary lords are weakened, and the strength of the Legendary rank is not at all able to resist the word of War God.

This is a holy word issued by War God using World Rule and the control of the Knight profession, which can make all Knight professions lose their battle strength.

This is consistent with the effect of Divine Item ‘Knight Forbidden Cards’. Divine Item ‘Knight Forbidden Cards’ is made using this principle of the Holy Word.

The Knight profession is created by five Spiritual Gods. They have a deep understanding of the Knight profession and also master the weaknesses of the Knight profession.

David frowned, his 12 Legendary Knight Avatar also lost control of within the body Bloodline Strength.

“War God, the strength of your god after descending is Demi-God, and I am also Demi-God, you and I will fight!” David didn’t want War God to continue targeting Legendary Knight Avatar and Speaker Gould. He actively invited Zhandao.

War God was taken aback, in countless surrenders, he had never encountered an opponent like David.

From David’s eyes, War God did not find a trace of fear of Spiritual God.

This is extremely rare in the Great Spiritual World. You must know that War God is the most Supreme Existence in the hearts of Great Spiritual World people.

Don’t look at the nobles who will conflict with Temple of War, but the nobles will never disobey the War God. The Spiritual God controls everything in the Great Spiritual World.

Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords who fell on the ground were extremely shocked, or it is no longer horrible to describe, Lord Arthur is actually challenging War God!

“Interesting, interesting, if it weren’t for agreeing to the deal, I want to keep you!” War God laughed and said with a smile.

War God not at all The feeling of being offended. Although David is Half-God Level, in the eyes of War God, he still exists like an ant. War God looks at David with a spectacle.

No matter how David jumps, it is also a kind of Final Struggle. What War God feels unexpectedly is David’s courage, which makes War God have a sense of novelty.

“Neither did I expect that War God would want to trade me with insect race for profit!” David lightly saying.

“You even know this, I’m even more curious about you!” War God did not hide his deal with the insect race at all. Perhaps in his eyes, everyone here would die.

President Gould has a sense of collapse in faith. Although he does not believe in War God, the five Spiritual Gods are all in the same position in the Great Spiritual World until now.

After hearing that War God admitted that Lord Arthur had to be captured because of a deal with the insect race, Speaker Gould questioned Spiritual God for the first time.

Be aware that this is the first time War God has seen Lord Arthur, and has never contacted Lord Arthur before.

Lord Arthur has made great achievements for the Great Spiritual World and the temple in many wars, especially in the war with the insect race, he has made irreplaceable achievements. Achievement, won the merits of the five temples.

But this is the Lord Arthur, who is fighting the insect race for the temple while being used by War God as a bargaining chip with the insect race.

The behavior of War God made Speaker Gould feel chilled. At the same time, Speaker Gould also thought of the Knights who had fallen during the fight against the insect race, and they couldn’t help feeling that they were worthless.

“Get ready to fight!” David let go of everything at this moment, he said solemnly.

On his body, ‘Divine Item Knight Battle Armor’ completely covers his body, and his hand ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ is unsheathed and held in his hand.

The ‘Fatal Sword’ was used, and David didn’t need to leave ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ in the scabbard.

Not only that, there are two gaps in the back of ‘Divine Item Knight Battle Armor’, a pair of energy feather wings stretch out, and six Divine Item ‘Death God chains’ stretch beside the energy feather wings.

At this moment, David didn’t pretend anymore. He took out all his strength and no longer made reservations.

He is ten thousand zhang proud, because he has the capital to fail, the worst is that he leaves the Great Spiritual World.

Since War God has forced him to this step, he has decided to completely become an enemy of Temple of War from then on.

1st Step is to defeat the god of War God and let the myth of invincibility of War God end.

“This set of Divine Item was made by me. You use this set of Divine Item against me, let me see if Divine Item can hurt me, then fight!” War God said of the white on his body during the war. Bloodline Strength changes abruptly, from white to golden.

“I find the person in front of me guilty!” War God pointed at David with the golden tomahawk in his hand, and said.

As a Spiritual God recognized by the World Rule of the Great Spiritual World, one of the five rulers of this World, the War God has great power.

War God not at all Underestimate David. When he saw David’s luxurious Divine Item equipment that surprised him a little, he decided to take David down with all his strength.

War God has a lot of Divine Items, but the’Divine Item Knight Battle Armor’ and’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ made back then are both good Divine Items, plus Death God’s main weapon, Divine Item’ Death God chains’, David is too luxurious.

The pair of energy feather wings behind David also made War God incomprehensible. The energy feather wings are like the growth of David himself, but War God has never seen any human with wings. There is only one explanation. , This pair of wings is also a Divine Item.

So War God uses World Rule to judge David’s evil before fighting.

Once David is deemed evil by the World Rule, not only will the World Rule produce strong Rule suppression on David, but it will also increase the effect of War God’s attack on David a lot.

The World Rule of the Great Spiritual World is surrounded by David under the guidance of War God. As long as David is successfully convicted, it will be difficult for David to move around in the Great Spiritual World.

He will be like those Evil God believers, and become an outlier of the Great Spiritual World, and will be reasonably pursued by the temple.

Even the Supreme Council cannot stand on David’s side. The laws of the Great Spiritual World have a clear way of dealing with evil.

The judgment of World Rule was blocked when he came to David’s body. In David’s Soul Space Small World, World Tree gently shook the branch, and the World Rule of the main world judged that he was in physical contact with David When it disappeared.

Maybe Soul Space Small World’s World Tree cannot affect Great Spiritual World’s World Rule, but it is enough to protect David from being affected.

War God was about to attack, and stopped at this moment. He looked towards David with a puzzled look.

The judgment failed. This almost shouldn’t happen. It happened in front of War God’s eyes.

War God has an idea whether one of the other four Spiritual Gods is opposing him and helping David.

Otherwise, War God can’t imagine how David passed the World Rule judgment. War God is recognized by the World Rule, and the people he finds guilty are those who the World Rule finds guilty.

“Kill!” David didn’t wait for War God to react. He stepped out one step at a time, and his “Divine Item Knight’s War Sword” swung out.

The golden battle axe in War God’s hand was also swung out, and the two Divine Items collided halfway, making a crisp sound.

David and War God were both taken aback. War God saw that his attack was blocked by David, and it was the first time that David encountered the situation where the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability could not hit his opponent.

“Very good, fighting!” War God laughed heartily, he also had the desire to fight.

For a long time, War God has not been able to find a suitable opponent, because after the Demi-God level, there are very few powerhouses that use combat skills to fight.

The Spiritual God who believes in becoming a god is not good at melee combat. In battle, he uses special Innate Ability or divine technique.

War God is already regarded as a special existence in becoming a god. What he prefers is close combat, which can be seen from his god name and his Divine Item golden battle axe.

a path of golden rays of light slashed towards David, David kept blocking with his “Divine Item Knight’s War Sword”.

David stepped back while blocking, to weaken War God’s terrifying attack.

This is the first time he has encountered an opponent with such strong fighting skills. The opponents he encountered before were weaker than himself in terms of skills.

With the help of Shadow Servant, David obtained a lot of knowledge light balls. Through the combat knowledge light balls, he can master it without hard practice, and it takes years, decades, or even hundreds of years to master it after a few breaths. Master the combat capability.

But today he met War God, a powerful existence who has spent many thousands of years, and a Spiritual God who is good at close combat.

David was suppressed by War God’s offensive. Without the acceleration of energy feather wings and the threat of Divine Item ‘Death God Chain’, it is estimated that he would have been defeated by War God at this time.

Of course, this defeat was only due to David not at all using the ‘Rule of Speed’ and the ‘Rule of Power’, and he did not have any of his most powerful means of attack.

David just relied on the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability and used the countless combat experience he gained from the knowledge ball to withstand the attacks of War God.

War God is very familiar with the old rivals Death God. Naturally, he is also very familiar with the Divine Item ‘Death God Chain’. He knows the formidable power of the ‘Death God Chain’ and also knows how to use it.

If the body of War God is here, he doesn’t need to care about the Divine Item’Death God Chain’, but it’s just a wisp of Divine Sense, War God dare not be entangled by the Divine Item’Death God Chain’, once Trapped, this divine sense will also lose the combat capability.

As David retreated, he opened his mouth and made a ‘high frequency howling’, which was a ‘high frequency howling’ directed at a single target.

As soon as the ‘high frequency howling’ was issued, a golden pattern appeared on War God’s body, blocking the ‘high frequency howling’.

War God shook the head, seemingly dissatisfied with David’s use of this tricky combat method instead of using melee combat ability.

In the Great Spiritual World, attacks like’high-frequency howling’ are difficult to produce effects on him. This is the benefit recognized by the World Rule. All defensive abilities can be strengthened, and the’high-frequency howling’ is formidable Power reached the Legendary level, but it could only be blocked by War God’s defensive pattern.

David changed another ability again, the ‘Electric Light Realm’ was turned on, and his body was completely surrounded by lightning all around, where War God stood, several lightning bolts struck him.

“This attack won’t work for me!” War God ignored the lightning, allowing it to strike the defensive pattern on his body.

Lightning didn’t even penetrate the defensive pattern, let alone hurt War God.

What David didn’t know was that the War God holding a golden battle axe, although it was a wisp of Divine Sense, was supported by the power of faith from various temples.

David’s attack, as long as it does not reach the level of breaking the War God, it will not produce any effect.

“You have learned too much, not fast enough, and not powerful enough!” War God continued to press David with the golden tomahawk, and he did not forget to comment.

War God wants to capture David alive, so naturally he can’t do his best to kill. He wants to use this repressive battle to obliterate David’s fighting intent and suppress David to surrender.

David keeps getting harder and harder. The War God holding the Divine Item golden battle axe has a peak level power even in Demi-God.

Every time two Divine Items come into contact, David will feel the unmatched impact, which makes him have to retreat at the expense of dissolving part of the power from his arm.

Only part of it can be resolved. War God’s attacks always attack on the node of David’s power, which makes David very uncomfortable.

David turned on the “Thinking Storm” Innate Ability to respond to War God’s attacks through stronger thinking ability.

But this only shortened the time of failure. After receiving dozens of War God strikes, David felt a light in his hand. War God’s attack power was weird, and it took David’s Divine Item Knight’s War Sword ‘Knock.

War God extend the hand and grabbed it towards David. After losing ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’, David also lost the only weapon that could damage War God.

War God doesn’t believe that David has the ability to break through his defenses. In his eyes, David has already lost his battle strength.

The black dragon Alexis is connected with David’s soul. The black dragon Alexis did not feel the panic in David’s heart, but felt the calmness in David’s heart. It was a feeling of winning, and the black dragon Alexis didn’t make a move.

Anyway, when David is really in big trouble, Alexis, the black dragon on David’s shoulder, can take action at any time.

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