Transcendent David Chapter 1149


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The biggest difference between David and the rest of the Great Spiritual World is not his strength, but his lack of fear of Spiritual God.

Everyone in the Great Spiritual World has been educated by Spiritual God Supreme since they were young. Even if they are strong, they can’t disappear this awe.

Like Speaker Gould, he has decided to lead the nobles against the Temple of War and even the five major temples, to fight for the nobles’ own interests for the Knight, but when he saw War God, he was able to stand up for the first time. tried.

Speaker Gould will not have any idea of ​​working with War God at all. Spiritual God’s Supreme is still his mind.

David is different. He has seen many Spiritual Gods, and he has also fought Spiritual Gods, especially after Black Dragon Alexis became his servant, he has no much awe of Spiritual God.

While War God waved his hand, the Divine Item golden battle axe knocked the ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ into the air, David’s face remained unchanged, and David continued to retreat with the power of War God.

War God watched David step back indifferently, and his body followed.

In his view, David just wants to struggle a bit, maybe he wants to turn over the game with six Divine Item ‘Death God chains’.

Unfortunately, although the Divine Item ‘Death God Chain’ is a powerful Divine Item, the user is just David who is new to Demi-God, and he can’t use the formidable power of the Divine Item ‘Death God Chain’ at all.

With the preparation of War God, Divine Item ‘Death God Chain’ is basically impossible to threaten him.

War God’s hand reached out in front of David, and when he was about to grab David’s shoulder, the six Divine Item ‘Death God chains’ twisted like six spirit snakes.

This is the Innate Ability used by David, which inspired six Divine Item ‘Death God Chains’.

“Good control ability, your innate talent has been wasted on these many abilities. If you are proficient in a kind of Innate Ability, you may be able to make Innate Ability’s formidable power even greater!” War God is sure of winning. Next, I did not forget to comment.

The six Divine Item ‘Death God chains’ are about to approach War God’s arm. His other hand swept the Divine Item golden battle axe, and the two Divine Items clash.

If Death God manipulates the gods to use the ‘Death God chain’, and War God manipulates the gods to use the golden battle axe to fight, the ‘Death God chain’ will not fail too quickly.

The gap between David and War God is too big, especially the battle method that David is not good at.

The Divine Item golden battle axe swept across, and the six Divine Item ‘Death God chains’ were shaken and flew backwards, and at the same time, David’s defenses were fully opened.

War God’s palm barely stayed during the battle, as if it was just grabbing it on David’s shoulder.

This shoulder is not the one that Black Dragon Alexis stayed on, otherwise it is estimated that Black Dragon Alexis can’t help it now.

‘Divine Item Knight Armor’ did not block War God’s catch, a terrifying force penetrated the’Divine Item Knight Armor’ and reached David’s body.

This is not to say that the’Divine Item Knight Armor’ is too weak, but who called War God made the’Divine Item Knight Armor’, although War God does not recognize the Master, but as long as you come into contact with the’Divine Item Knight Armor ‘, he can easily control the’Divine Item Knight Battle Armor’.

“Don’t struggle, funny Little Brat, before sending you to War Star, I want to study your secret!” War God held David in his hand and looked at David with a scrutiny gaze. Said.

David’s body was grasped by War God and his body lost his mobility. He could only helplessly stretch out his arms and wave.

Black Dragon Alexis is constantly sending out confirmation messages to David through the master-servant contract, whether he needs to act.

David laughed suddenly, his face was less than twenty centimeters apart from War God’s face, and his arm was even closer to War God while waving.

War God felt the weirdness in David’s smile. It was a smile with sarcasm and the pride of plot against success.

At the same time, War God sensed danger.

War God is preparing to exert force to fully control David’s body, but his action is still too late.

David has been waiting for this opportunity. For this opportunity, he even made a concession for War God to seize him.

Of course, David dared to do this, and he clearly knew that War God wanted to capture him alive.

Although I don’t know what benefits War God wants to exchange for him, there is one thing he can guarantee that War God will not kill him.

All David has to do is to narrow the distance with War God and deliver his fatal blow.

With War God’s combat capability, David could not take advantage of the battle, let alone a close fatal blow. War God was impossible to give him this opportunity.

David activated the “Destruction Domain” of his left index finger, and the terrifying “Destruction Rule energy” burst out in an instant.

At such a close distance, no one can escape the attack of the’Domain of Destruction’. David’s heart moved, and his left index finger completed the flicking action.

‘Destruction Rule energy’ hits War God’s body.

If this is the real god body of War God, David’s ‘Destruction Rule energy’ is simply not enough.

Although the destructive power of’Destruction Rule Energy’ is extremely powerful, the’Destruction Rule Energy’ of David within the body is really too little. With this little’Destruction Rule Energy’, it can’t do anything to War God’s body Hurtful.

However, it is not the body of War God who is fighting David here, but the body of a Level 4 Heavenly Knight, who is forcibly promoted to the Demi-God level by War God.

War God in the state of God descending has reached the Demi-God-level Peak in attack power, coupled with War God’s powerful fighting skills, makes it almost invincible in the Demi-God level.

If War God didn’t want to capture David alive, the previous attack was enough to cause David to be fatally injured, so David wouldn’t dare to play like this, so he called Black Dragon Alexis to help.

The War God in the state of God descending is inferior to the ordinary Demi-God in defense. If it were not for the strength of Faith to help the defense, the various attack methods of David before, or More or less can produce some effects.

After encountering the ‘Destruction Rule Energy’, these defenses were unable to resist even a breath of resistance. The ‘Destruction Rule Energy’ broke the War God’s defenses, and the unmatched attack power hit the War God’s chest.

War God caught David’s body for a while, and he looked towards David in a somewhat incredulous way.

Subsequently, the body of War God’s descent turned into blood mist, which was not the ability of the “God of Blood”, but the body of descent was forcibly shaken by the unparalleled force.

Even the divine sense of War God was greatly hurt and did not escape from the scene after the body of God descended to shatter.

Of course, as long as the divine sense of War God leaves the body of the descent, you cannot escape in front of Shadow Servant. At least until now, no soul can successfully escape in front of Shadow Servant. The appearance of Shadow Servant will make War God’s divine sense absorption.

David’s body returned to freedom. His spirit engulfed the knocked-out’Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’ and flew back into his right hand. His left hand grabbed the body of War God and disappeared. And the Divine Item golden battle axe that is falling downward.

As soon as the Divine Item golden battle axe started, he felt the Divine Item golden battle axe frantically struggling, trying to break free from his hand.

David understands that this is War God recalling his Divine Item golden battle axe.

Now that the offense has become like this, the hatred between David and War God has ended, how did David let the Divine Item golden battle axe be taken back by War God?

He grasped the Divine Item golden battle axe in his left hand, firmly stabilised the Divine Item golden battle axe and stuffed it into the ‘Divine Item space card’.

When the Divine Item golden battle axe enters the space of the ‘Divine Item Space Card’, War God also loses its target on the summon of the Divine Item golden battle axe.

Actually, David can bring the Divine Item golden tomahawk into Soul Space Small World, and it can achieve the same effect, or even better.

Space fragments contains part of the World Rule, which is not part of the main world.

When the Divine Item and its owner are not in the same main world, the owner cannot take back the Divine Item.

This situation is rare. Generally, space fragments made into storage space will lose most of the World Rule and only retain a huge space. In this case, it is impossible to isolate the Divine Item from its owner. Of the link.

The size of space fragments will not be carried by anyone.

If David didn’t have the ‘Divine Item space card’ of Death God in his hand, he would not be able to carry two space fragments with him.

After War God was killed, the suppression of War God on Speaker Gould and the remaining 14 Legendary Knights also disappeared.

15 Legendary Knights can move freely, and they have stood up from the ground.

The Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords have a dry mouth. If it hadn’t happened to them, they wouldn’t believe what they saw.

Just now, Lord Arthur killed the War God’s body.

The “Blood Realm” on Haida Star collapsed, and the blood mist quickly faded.

The ‘God of Blood’ hidden on Haida star divine sense incarnation, after seeing War God descending, he wanted to leave.

However, after discovering that the War God descended, he fought the terrifying Lord Arthur, the ‘God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation waited for a while, wanting to see the result.

When the ‘Blood God’ divine sense incarnation saw Lord Arthur explode the War God’s body, he no longer wanted to stay interested.

The ‘God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation burns the blood energy of the ‘Blood Realm’ and uses this energy to recover the divine sense.

The ‘God of Blood’ divine sense incarnation left so quickly because he understands the horror of War God better than anyone.

Even if the War God is only a god descending, it can be enough to make the low-level Spiritual God unable to resist with the main weapon Divine Item.

Lord Arthur, who can explode the body of the War God, is so terrifying. In the “God of Blood” divine sense incarnation, it is very possible that Lord Arthur just wanted to give him a fatal blow. Good he saw through and took the initiative to retreat.

Perhaps David hasn’t understood the meaning of this. This is the first time the powerhouse of Great Spiritual World has defeated War God.

David broke the Invincible Golden Body of War God, making War God no longer a symbol of invincibility.

McKinley Archbishop saw the process of the battle by scanning the array. In order to stabilize his position, he shared the process of the battle with all the priests and priests of Temple of War in space.

McKinley Archbishop originally meant to let the priests and priests of Temple of War see with their own eyes how he used the trap to hand over Lord Arthur, the enemy of Temple of War, to War God.

As soon as the body of War God descended by Lord Arthur exploded, all the priests and priests in the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” in space uttered a cry of sorrow.

The sacrifice is okay. They just felt heartache. The Spiritual God they believed in was defeated, and the Spiritual God’s defeat was more uncomfortable than their own defeat.

But the priests are different. Most of the priests are Knight professions of cultivation, and their faith is not as firm as that of sacrifice.

So after seeing the body of War God descending into blood mist, they felt a sense of disillusionment.

Temple of War has always promoted the invincibility of War God’s battle strength, including the record of War God’s “Book of Gods”.

For thousands of years, the notion that War God equals battle strength invincibility has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Once this invincibility is broken, the image of War God will also be greatly impacted.

“My lord was only plotted against by lord Arthur, this kind of God descending is not my lord’s true strength, everyone sings “Book of God”!” McKinley Archbishop also discovered this, he loudly said.

Singing “Book of Gods” is a way to strengthen faith. At this time, it is necessary to use “Book of Gods” to cleanse the beliefs of some priests so as to minimize the impact of previous beliefs.

However, the human heart is sometimes the most difficult to control. If McKinley Archbishop does not explain, it may be better if he orders the singing of “Book of God”.

McKinley Archbishop’s explanation was counterproductive. The battle between War God and Lord Arthur was seen by all priests and priests.

War God and Lord Arthur are in a one-on-one situation. The Divine Item used by War God and Lord Arthur is the same. Under the same conditions, the failure of War God is The result of a fair and just situation.

The priests sang “Book of Gods” in their hearts, thinking that War God had lost invincibility, and the washing effect of “Book of Gods” was very limited.

McKinley Archbishop did not expect this result. If there was another chance, he would never share the battle process with all priests and sacrifices.

McKinley Archbishop was already thinking about how to suppress this matter, but after thinking about Lord Arthur, Speaker Gould, two Legendary lords and 12 Legendary Knight, he understood that this matter would not be able to be suppressed. .

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