Transcendent David Chapter 1150


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“Lord Arthur, you have won!” Speaker Gould looked at David blankly, and he still feels unreal like in a dream.

“Win!” David responded with a smile.

He let go of his spirit and wrapped the temporary Temple of War.

David discovered that although Temporary Temple of War does not have an energy core, the materials used in Temporary Temple of War have special effects that prevent him from fully perceiving every corner of Temporary Temple of War.

As long as the temporary Temple of War has a sealed room, it can block his mental perception.

David forcibly opened all the doors of the Temporary Temple of War with his spirit. He wanted to see if the Temporary Temple of War still had other hidden means.

Soon he discovered the scanning array driven by strength of Faith. With the knowledge of ‘Alchemy Grandmaster’, he backtracked the signal transmitted by the scanning array.

The direction of the signal from this scanning array is the space of Haida Star. David knows that this is sending information to the Temple of War ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ in space.

“President Gould, I’ll deal with the trouble and come back soon!” David took the temporary Temple of War into the ‘Divine Item Space Card’ with a wave of his hand, and then said.

Treasure such as Temporary Temple of War, if it were not for this opportunity, there would be no probability to obtain it, otherwise David would be able to enter the main temple and occupy the warehouse of the main temple.

“Be careful!” Speaker Gould didn’t know what David had discovered, so he could only remind him.

The energy feathers behind David flapped, his silhouette blurred and disappeared in place.

Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords only saw a faint silhouette flying straight high in the sky and soon disappeared. They looked at each other and wanted to prove that this was not a dream in this way.

Faced with War God, they all lost their battle strength with a wave of 15 Legendary Knight by War God. The powerlessness at that time gave them a deep memory.

The battle between Lord Arthur and War God afterwards went beyond their knowledge.

Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords fell to the ground, but they were still able to see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and through their mental perception. They were very close to the battlefield. After the battle, they were even better than those who scanned the array in space. The priests and sacrifices can be seen more clearly.

Lord Arthur’s “sword technique” Innate Ability, War God’s higher-level attacks, all made these lords who profess the Great Spiritual World top powerhouse feel weak.

After David left the perception range of Speaker Gould and the two Legendary Knights, he activated the Innate Ability with a wave of his hand.

“Get out of here!” After McKinley Archbishop found that the scanning array had lost contact, he felt the hairs all over his body stand up, and he could not help but command loudly.

McKinley Archbishop, who is very familiar with Lord Arthur, naturally knows what kind of crazy past that normally looked at the gentle Lord Arthur.

Lord Arthur’s enemy, there is simply no one to live.

McKinley Archbishop set up such a trap. If he fails to catch Lord Arthur, he will face revenge from Lord Arthur.

Lord Arthur’s revenge is death. If you analyze the Fifth Level powerhouse that has fallen over the years, you will find that most of them fell by the hands of Lord Arthur.

The ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ who came from Temple of War accelerated and prepared to return.

A spirit swept through all the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’, and then in a’Starry Sky Flying Boat’, in front of McKinley Archbishop, a space gap appeared, David’s silhouette came out from it, and he stood on McKinley In front of Archbishop.

“Protect…” Two Fifth Level Templar Knights, the Archbishop guards trained by Temple of War, just made a sound and disappeared like being caught in the neck.

In the whole ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’, except for David and the McKinley Archbishop standing in front of him, every corner of the ship is covered by electric light.

David activated the ‘Electric Light Field’ inside the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’. Those ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ who had left a certain distance and thought they had escaped to the sky were all surrounded by electricity.

The formidable power of Half-God Level’s “Electro-Optical Realm”, in the hands of Half-God Level’s David, formidable power is far beyond what these Temple of War priests and sacrifices can resist.

Even the shield of “Starry Sky Flying Boat” was broken in an instant.

In one breath, all the battle strengths that came to Temple of War died this time.

“Lord Arthur, I didn’t expect to meet again in this way!” McKinley Archbishop said as he looked at David with a look of despair in his eyes.

McKinley Archbishop sensed what was happening all around, and Lord Arthur’s revenge was as sharp as ever.

In the past, McKinley Archbishop had seen from various intelligence and information. Only after he became an enemy of Lord Arthur, did he understand the despair of those enemies of Lord Arthur.

“McKinley Archbishop, I didn’t expect it!” David said solemnly.

David, even if he knows that he has faith in his heart, he will only put faith in the first place, but he is still helpless because he is about to lose a friend.

“fortune plays with people! You are too strong!” McKinley Archbishop said bitterly.

Faced with death, McKinley Archbishop thought of his past with David, from fighting with David to becoming friends with both sides. He obtained resources from David and gained a greater voice in Temple of War.

If this has always been the case, they will always be friends, but unfortunately everything has changed because of War God’s metaphor.

McKinley Archbishop has acquired all his yearn for something even in dreams, Archbishop position, the highest power of Temple of War, and legendary battle strength, but all he needs to do is to be an enemy of Lord Arthur.

In fact, McKinley Archbishop has no choice. When War God chooses him, then only one of him and Lord Arthur will survive, either he will die or Lord Arthur will die.

“Maybe you will survive another way!” David said something McKinley Archbishop didn’t understand, and a sword pierced McKinley Archbishop’s heart.

In the whole process, McKinley Archbishop did not fight back. He knew that his Legendary-level strength was forcibly upgraded by War God. It has an absolute advantage against Fifth Level, but it’s hard to say against powerhouses of the same level. Not to mention Lord Arthur of the Demi-God rank.

Don’t look at McKinley Archbishop explaining to the other priests and priests the reason for the defeat of War God. In fact, he has long recognized the power of Lord Arthur.

This was a sacrifice who was not good at fighting. After losing the heart to fight, he also lost the consciousness of resistance.

McKinley Archbishop died, Shadow Servant has absorbed all the souls killed all around at this moment, and appeared at the corpse of McKinley Archbishop, and absorbed the soul of McKinley Archbishop who was being taken away.

Although McKinley Archbishop has just become Archbishop, because it is a special period, War God urgently needs a powerful Archbishop to manage affairs, so War God consumes a lot of divine force and forcibly transforms McKinley Archbishop.

David put away the corpse of McKinley Archbishop, and his spirit swept through all the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boats’. These Temple of War’s ‘Starry Sky Flying Boats’ stored a lot of war supplies.

The ‘Electro-Optical Realm’ he used was extremely finely controlled, and did not destroy the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’, but killed all lives.

“Speaker Gould, I have prepared a’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ for you. Let’s take the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ to the bay to add stars. From there, go through the planet-level Transmission Gate and go back!” David returned to Haidaxing Later, he took out the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ from the space pendant and said.

Speaker Gould looked at the “Starry Sky Flying Boat” in front of him, and understood where Lord Arthur had just gone and what he had done.

‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ itself is a unique style of Temple of War, plus the mark of the scepter, it means that this is a’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ dedicated to Temple of War Archbishop.

Since Lord Arthur brought back Archbishop’s exclusive ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’, the fate of McKinley Archbishop needless to say.

“Lord Arthur, I will inform all the nobles about the actions of Temple of War this time, and minimize the influence of Temple of War!” Speaker Gould clenching one’s teeth and said.

Speaker Gould cannot help David in battle, he can only weaken the influence of Temple of War by influencing the nobles.

“Yes, if it weren’t for Lord Arthur’s action this time, we would have been trapped in Haida Star!” a Legendary Lord said angrily.

I was tricked into participating in the mission of Temple of War. Although I came in the name of the five great temples, Temple of War obviously wanted to fully bear the consequences.

In addition, Speaker Gould and the two Legendary lords are aware that they are impossible to be enemies of the five temples at the same time and can only target the dominant Temple of War.

“You have to be careful!” David nodded said.

‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ arrived in Wanjiaxing and landed in a tent area outside the main city. The people here have not yet received a report.

This is also normal. The body of War God’s descent was blown by Lord Arthur, and War God was defeated by Lord Arthur. The news was that the time was too short to pass.

The other point is that this kind of news is not easy to pass through the contact array. At most, it will be quietly notified when the friend is private.

The priests and priests of Temple of War in the space of Haida Star at that time began to immerse in the shock of the news, and later prepared to escape.

When David appeared, the speed of the massacre was so fast that there was not enough time to deliver the message.

So when the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ of Temple of War Archbishop landed, the priests and priests of Temple of War staying in Wanjiaxing came to greet them, and even the priests and priests of the Four Great God Palaces who were driven back wanted Come over and listen to the situation.

In the eyes of everyone, the hatch of the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ opened, and the priests and priests of Temple of War were preparing to salute, only to find that it was not McKinley Archbishop that came out of the’Starry Sky Flying Boat, but Arthur. Lord.

David waved his hand and an electric light appeared, killing all the people wearing Temple of War priest and sacrificial robes.

“Lord Arthur, what do you mean?” Evans bishop startled from Temple of Justice, asking loudly.

Although he was driven away from Haida Xing by McKinley Archbishop, in the end, the people of the same qi, connected branch of the five great temples and the Temple of War in front of him were killed, of course he had to stand up.

“Evans bishop, do you really know what I am doing?” David asked in a deep voice.

Evans bishop was a bit silent. When he saw Lord Arthur kill the people in Temple of War, he was indeed angry for a while, but he didn’t know the reason.

McKinley Archbishop used the name of the five temples to lure the Gould Speaker and the Supreme Council’s reinforcements to Haida Star. It is precisely because of this that their four bishops were driven away by the Temple of War.

Lord Arthur appeared here and sat on the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ of the Temple of War Archbishop. It is very likely that Lord Arthur knew what happened, and this was to avenge Speaker Gould.

Even McKinley Archbishop was killed by Lord Arthur, otherwise where did this ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ come from?

“My feud with Temple of War must be known to everyone. Temple of War has set traps again and again. I will fight back against it. Today is the beginning of the counterattack!” David said solemnly again.

“How is Speaker Gould?” Bishop Bolin couldn’t help asking.

Bishop Bolin is very worried that Lord Arthur is really avenging Speaker Gould, and the Maine Family will decline.

“Bishop Bolin, every bishop, I’m fine!” At this time, Speaker Gould stepped down from the’Starry Sky Flying Boat’ and said, then all the 14 Legendary Knights walked down.

“Speaker Gould, you are fine!” Bishop Bolin’s heart was let go, he said with a smile.

“About the incident, I will write to Earth God Palace, Temple of Justice, Temple of Knowledge and Temple of Wealth, and I will make it public to the entire Great Spiritual World. I never thought about Temple of War. Will act like this, completely ignoring the law jointly formulated by the five major temples!” Speaker Gould loudly said.

The four bishops understood that Temple of War’s operation failed this time, and the Speaker Gould who was targeted by Temple of War would inevitably counterattack.

Don’t say it is the speaker of the party, Gould, even the four bishops felt that Temple of War had acted excessively.

“Everyone, I’ll leave first!” David deliberately distanced himself from the Knight Avatar of rank 12 Legendary, not at all, he bowed slightly and said.

Since the four bishops were willing to write down the written process, the four bishops were willing to write down the story, and it was not easy to leave Lord Arthur because of Lord Arthur’s killing.

David took the ‘Starry Sky Flying Boat’ of the Temple of War Archbishop back to the space pendant, and he flew to the planet-level Transmission Gate of the main city.

Speaker Gould, the two Legendary lords, all bowed to salute and watched David leave.

“Four bishops, we have completed the mission of the temple this time, how do we distribute the merits we should have?” Speaker Gould asked after looking towards the four bishops after David’s silhouette disappeared.

When he asked this, he was actually asking questions about the missions issued by the five major temples. Now the personnel of the Temple of War mission have all fallen, but someone must give him an explanation to the Supreme Council.

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