Transcendent David Chapter 1151


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War God sitting in Small World, his face no longer has the expression of playing the world easily in the palm of his hand. Instead, he is extremely angry.

His anger caused thunder and lightning in Small World, and all the creatures in Small World crawled on the ground, bearing the anger from Him.

After War God’s anger passed, he became extremely curious, because Lord Arthur’s blow brought him too much shock.

Although the divine sense of War God was absorbed, at that time War God’s mind was personally descended within the body of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight divine envoy, and he still knew the feeling of battle.

The terrifying blow of Lord Arthur contained extreme power and unimaginable speed.

Even if War God borrowed the body of the envoy, he could not detect the attack process of Lord Arthur’s blow.

The power of that blow is to directly break the defense of the War God God descending, and explode the body of the God Envoy, which requires at least the power of the true Spiritual God.

War God can be 100% sure that Lord Arthur’s strength is not Divine Grade, but just a newcomer to Demi-God.

“Can’t let him grow anymore!” War God muttered.

But War God will never let the other four Spiritual Gods intervene in this matter, and be defeated by a powerhouse born in the Great Spiritual World, even if it’s just a state of God descending, that is enough to be mocked by the other four Spiritual Gods. .

Regardless of whether the other four Spiritual Gods know afterwards, War God will not take the initiative to let the four Spiritual Gods laugh at him.

“Archbishop has fallen again!” As War God was thinking about it, he sensed the fall of McKinley Archbishop and frowned.

The fall of one Archbishop can’t be considered anything, but two consecutive Archbishops fall, and still fall by the same person, War God is very helpless.

At the same time, War God is still a bit painful. In order to allow McKinley Archbishop to grow rapidly, he has consumed a lot of divine force to allow McKinley Archbishop to grow into a real Archbishop. As a result, the benefits are not obtained, but the divine force is consumed in vain. .

But War God is not in a hurry. War God’s background is very sufficient. He can re-select an Archbishop from the crowd at any time, but it is a pity that it will consume divine force.

Although I am enjoying the faith of five cents of the world, it does not mean that the strength of Faith of War God can be wasted at will.

The Spiritual God who believes in becoming a god consumes the strength of Faith to do anything. In addition, War God usually likes to simulate war in Small World, which makes his strength of Faith more expensive.

To say that Small World does not consume strength of Faith, it is estimated that only Soul Space Small World of David does not consume strength of Faith.

That’s because David’s Soul Space Small World is maintained by World Tree, and World Tree is constantly strengthening Soul Space Small World, not only transforming Soul Space Small World into a real world, but also allowing Soul Space Small World to grow With.

At this time, David returned to Garmi Star from Wanjiaxing. As soon as he arrived at Garmi Star, he returned to his castle.

There are some gains this time, and David needs to handle it.

On Haida Star, McKinley Archbishop plot against David and cast the God of War God on Haida Star.

This gave David the opportunity to face War God, one of the five spiritual Gods in the Great Spiritual World, and it was the War God who appeared in front of him in the weakest state.

Use the body of the Level 4 Heavenly Knight to carry out the descent. Perhaps when the Great Spiritual World does not have a Legendary level, such a descent is invincible.

However, there are many Knights of the Legendary rank today, and the appearance of David Demi-God has long broken the battle strength standard of the Great Spiritual World.

Of course, this definitely does not mean that War God is weak. In fact, David understood his gap for the first time after fighting with War God.

Perhaps for all Knights, having the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability is the Peak of the Knight sword technique.

Many ‘sword technique ’powerhouses that died by David’s hands, and their ‘sword technique’ experience combined, are indeed comparable to the rest of the Great Spiritual World Knight.

But for the Spiritual God who has lived countless years, some of the powerhouse ‘sword technique’ experience summaries that are over a hundred years old are far from Spiritual God.

David, who mastered the Innate Ability of the ‘sword technique’, was almost unable to fight back under War God’s fighting skills. War God suppressed David with pure skill, which is a very good illustration.

David wants to improve his fighting skills, and he can have the same fighting skills as War God, which is impossible to achieve by practice alone.

War God has gone through too many battles, and they are all fighting with the powerful Divine Grade. These experiences cannot be achieved through practice in a short time.

But this is not to say that David has no chance. This time he used a little method to kill the War God’s body, and it was absorbed by the divine sense of the Shadow Servant to drop the god within the body.

The divine sense used for the divine descending will have one or several kinds of Innate Ability.

When War God descended, he fought in close combat with David. David believed that the combat skills War God used would definitely appear in the Innate Ability carried by divine sense.

It’s just that David doesn’t know that his good luck is not good, and Shadow Servant can draw a light ball of knowledge of combat skills from War God divine sense.

David stretched out his hand to call Shadow Servant, a hand was placed on Shadow Servant’s shoulder, and his mind entered Shadow Servant within the body.

The knowledge sphere of Shadow Servant within the body has been supplemented this time, and there are hundreds more, but he will not pay attention to ordinary knowledge spheres.

David’s gaze is attracted by a light ball of knowledge with pale-gold rays of light, which is exactly the light ball of knowledge drawn from War God divine sense.

His mind is focused on the sphere of knowledge and knows the information of the sphere of knowledge.

‘War God (innate talent)’ knowledge sphere. This is a pure knowledge type. Although the internal ‘War God’ Innate Ability is a knowledge type, it is as high as Divine Grade.

Forcibly suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, David introduced the ‘War God (innate talent)’ knowledge sphere into his Soul Space Small World.

World Tree held the ‘War God (innate talent)’ knowledge sphere with branches and asked David how to deal with it.

David naturally chose to absorb it by himself, so how could such a precious Divine Grade Innate Ability knowledge light be used for other purposes?

World Tree transforms the’War God (innate talent)’ knowledge photosphere into a fruit. As soon as David’s spirit touches, the fruit is transformed into a part of knowledge into David’s mind, and the other part becomes a’War God The pattern’ flew into the soul fortress.

After digesting the knowledge of ‘War God’ Innate Ability in the brain, David learned about the origin of ‘War God’ Innate Ability.

War God can tell from his god name what he is good at. Since War God was still very weak, he was a fighting lunatic.

The greatest thing about War God is that he transforms his fighting skills into powerful rules. Although War God is also a god, but with the “War God” Innate Ability, he has a close combat comparable to the cultivation success god Divine Grade ability.

David’s “sword technique” Innate Ability, although it is said to be comparable to the rules, it is not at all to the extent of the rules.

Even if the’sword technique’ Innate Ability meets the standard of the rules, the rules are also strong and weak. War God has perfected the’War God’ Innate Ability through many thousands of years, which far exceeds the’sword technique’ Innate Ability.

The more David studied, the more he admired the genius of War God. Perhaps War God could not be called a genius. He should be the darling of Heaven and Earth and favored by Great Spiritual World.

‘War God’Innate Ability is not only an application of battle axe, but also a combat concept, which raises combat skills to an incomparable level.

As a human Spiritual God, you can increase your defensive power and attack power through various Divine Items, but if you want to maximize the formidable power of Divine Items, you need combat skills to support it.

It’s just that War God has achieved a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again. With his fighting skills, he ranks among the five strongest Spiritual Gods in the world and becomes one of the masters of the Great Spiritual World.

David used to learn tomahawks, but he prefers swords. This may be related to his previous education.

In the historical knowledge of previous lives, the status of swords is extremely noble, and only those with noble status can carry swords.

In addition, David wants to integrate into the aristocratic system of Great Spiritual World, he needs to use long sword like the rest of Knight.

David came to the cultivation room, took out an ordinary long sword from the side, and began to incorporate the ‘War God’ Innate Ability into the long sword.

The knowledge of ‘War God’ Innate Ability is like the general outline of a tall building, and any weapon can produce the corresponding effect.

When David was fascinated by the knowledge of ‘War God’ Innate Ability, the outside world was crazy and chaotic.

First of all, War God was defeated by Lord Arthur, which subverted the perception of those who heard the news, and every listener’s reaction was incredulous.

This news was approved by Speaker Gould and other three Legendary Knights. These three Legendary Knights were all on the scene and saw the battle with their own eyes.

The identities of the three Legendary Knights such as Speaker Gould made the audience have to believe, and the fall of the new Temple of War Archbishop McKinley also indirectly proved this.

Secondly, the Temple of War lays down traps and uses the conscription privileges of the temple to frame Speaker Gould and the rest of the Knights involved in the mission.

The actions of Temple of War cast a shadow on the temple’s future conscription.

The temple will be recruited again in the future, do the powerhouses dare to believe in the temple again?

A powerful enemy is not terrible. The Knights dare to fight a powerful enemy, but they don’t want to die by the dagger behind them.

Temple of War made a bad start. Although Speaker Gould not at all accused the remaining Four Great God Palaces, all temples were affected, and Temple of War was the most affected.

In the condemnation of the Supreme Council, the top nobles publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the Temple of War. This public expression is not limited to the nobles, but to the civilians.

Although the public expression of dissatisfaction by the top aristocrats has no effect on the devout War God followers, it will have a great impact on those shallow believers.

Many shallow believers broke their beliefs immediately after the top aristocrats’ public expressions.

The Supreme Council is the de facto supreme ruler of the Great Spiritual World. Under the operation of the Supreme Council, Temple of War is losing a large number of followers.

It is precisely because the Supreme Council is only targeting Temple of War, not at all targeting the remaining temples.

Although the five major temples are under common rule, they are also competitive. On the surface, you can’t see the robbing of believers, but secretly they are making efforts to grab more believers.

Temple of War loses believers, then these believers will be transformed into the rest of the Four Great God Palaces, which is exactly what Four Great God Palaces would like to see.

The great hall of the main temple of war, the War God Divine Idol in the center suddenly releases rays of light, which is like a summoning order, all the priests and sacrifices in the main temple have come to the great hall, creeping in piety Waiting for their Lord to come.

On the faces of priests and sacrifices, there is no longer the panic expression before. When the consciousness of War God descends, their hearts are extremely peaceful.

The Fifth Level Sacrifice of Choate is an old priest of the Temple of War. He was already marginalized in the struggle for power.

Fortunately, he has Fifth Level strength, and he is very comfortable in the Temple of War.

The Fifth Level sacrifice of Choate has his own rules of survival. He never participates in dangerous actions, just like the action of encircling Lord Arthur.

According to Choate’s Fifth Level sacrifice, it is extremely dangerous to be an enemy of Lord Arthur. Because of the nightmare of Choate’s Fifth Level sacrifice, the world’s first assassin Fifth Level Bishop Cameron died at the hands of Lord Arthur.

So Temple of War organized missions against Lord Arthur many times, but he turned down with various excuses.

It is precisely because of Qiaot’s Fifth Level sacrifice that he can become one of the few Fifth Level sacrifices in Temple of War.

No matter how many Fifth Level sacrifices of Temple of War are, they cannot withstand the alternating consumption of the two Archbishops, sending a large number of Fifth Level sacrifices to the sword of Lord Arthur.

Qiaot Fifth Level sacred to the ground, his mouth meditating on the contents of the “Book of Gods”.

Don’t doubt his piety, the biggest reason he can become a Fifth Level sacrifice is that he is more religious than other sacrifices.

Just as Qiaot’s Fifth Level sacrifice concentrated attention completely recited the devoutly, a golden light appeared in his hand, and the golden light turned into a special scepter.

The War God Divine Idol rays of light in the center of the great hall dissipated, and the arrival of War God was over.

“I have seen Choate Archbishop!” There is no hesitation, even if there is more dissatisfaction in the heart, all priests and priests at this time have recognized the new identity of Choate Fifth Level sacrifice.

Because this is the Archbishop chosen by War God personally, no one dares to violate War God’s will.

Geot Archbishop stared blankly at the scepter in his hand. If possible, he didn’t want to take it at all.

Although the scepter in the hand symbolizes the supreme power of Temple of War, it will become the closest person to War God.

But this scepter also symbolizes danger. In a short period of time, the two Archbishops of Temple of War have fallen. From this we can see how dangerous the Archbishop of Temple of War is.

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