Transcendent David Chapter 1152


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Joe Archbishop is even more sad that his master gave him a scepter that symbolizes power.

Not to mention that when McKinley Archbishop was selected, he was directly promoted from Fifth Level to the Legendary level. Only the Archbishop Guy who took office, but continued to receive the grace of God, and his strength continued to grow.

But what about Choate Archbishop?

He was chosen by War God to become Archbishop without any indication.

It’s not that he didn’t say anything, he was given a scepter that symbolizes power, but the scepter is a must for Archbishop.

Joe Archbishop has a feeling that War God chose him to become the Archbishop of Temple of War when there is no alternative. This feeling makes him very uncomfortable.

Where did Choate Archbishop know that War God is a little reluctant to divine force, and War God also knows that to deal with Lord Arthur, it is not possible to improve the strength of Archbishop.

“God metaphor, at all costs, capture Lord Arthur and allow all weapons of war to be used!” Choate Archbishop was still thinking, and a message came into his mind from the scepter.

Geot Archbishop couldn’t help but stagnate. He originally thought that War God would leave early, and there would be no more gods for him, and he would not be forced to deal with Lord Arthur, and there would be no danger.

Even if Qiaot Archbishop’s belief is very firm, at this time he also has the feeling that he is only trying to do something but not feeding him.

“Let’s drag it!” Choate Archbishop thought to himself, he decided to drag it day by day.

After two days of practice, David incorporated ‘War God’ Innate Ability into the ‘sword technique’.

David didn’t think of other gains until then, the most is naturally Fifth Level Soul Source.

The “God of Blood” alone provided David with a hundred Fifth Level Soul Sources, and when David slaughtered the team led by McKinley Archbishop, he killed five Fifth Level sacrifices and five Fifths in one fell swoop Level Templar Knight.

This is one hundred and ten Fifth Level Soul Sources, which increases David’s Soul Clone to four Legendary Soul Clones and two hundred and 93 Fifth Level Soul Clones.

“It’s better to rob Spiritual God to gain a lot!” David couldn’t help sighing.

His words were heard by others, and they would probably be scared to death. When would anyone dare to make a fortune by robbing Spiritual God?

But it is true that among the two hundred 93 Fifth Level Soul Clone, the two hundred Fifth Level Soul Clone that account for the bulk are all obtained from Spiritual God.

David himself fought through the three worlds and caused trouble everywhere, but there were only 93 Fifth Level souls.

This can’t be blamed on David’s hard work. Interstellar Federation does not have a Fifth Level. In the Fifth Level of the Great Spiritual World, Fifth Level sacrifices belong to the temple, which is normally rare to see.

As for Fifth Level Templar Knight, most of them are David’s acquaintances. Even if they don’t know each other, they belong to the alliance. The Fifth Level Templar Knight killed by David is mostly when his reputation is not obvious. After so much, there is no Fifth Level Templar Knight who dared to trouble him.

David is impossible to massacre Fifth Level powerhouses in Great Spiritual World for Fifth Level Soul Clone.

As for the insect race world, David will not go to the insect race world to engage in incidents unless he has to. The main thing is the insect race Divine Grade of the insect race world. The rescue speed is really too fast. Once caught, it is a big trouble. .

So in the three worlds, it is unrealistic to get a lot of Fifth Level Soul Source by killing Fifth Level powerhouse, and only the Spiritual God where there are a lot of Fifth Level Soul Source can get it. So many Fifth Level Soul Source.

David found the soul of McKinley Archbishop in Shadow Servant within the body. The soul of McKinley Archbishop is a bit special, similar to the soul of the previous Archbishop Guy.

David sent the soul of McKinley Archbishop into Soul Space Small World, and was immediately led by the branches of World Tree.

Beside Archbishop Guy, McKinley Archbishop is added, and he sings along with him.

David feels that the strength of Faith generated in Soul Space Small World has suddenly improved. This improvement is not a small improvement. It is close to double the amount of improvement, making David think that something is wrong. .

This is mainly because the number of believers in his Soul Space Small World is too small, and the generated strength of faith is also small, and every upgrade will be particularly eye-catching.

David, who had stayed in the castle for two days, walked out of the castle. It was an anomaly because he had not retaliated against Temple of War for a long time before.

David decided in his mind to retaliate and got an idea.

“Sir Lord, I heard that you defeated that one?” Annabella Legendary saw David and immediately ran over to ask.

If it wasn’t for fear of disturbing David, Annabella Legendary wanted to ask David when she got the news two days ago.

Although Annabella Legendary got the news from Speaker Gould, and Speaker Gould would not deceive her, she still wanted an accurate answer from the client David.

Annabella Legendary didn’t say the name of War God, she couldn’t hide.

“It’s just a Level 4 Heavenly Knight’s descendant body, which is too far from the actual battle strength of War God!” David said with a smile and shook his head.

He can’t say that he defeated War God, War God is not something he can handle now.

Just to defeat the Level 4 Heavenly Knight’s Descendant Body, David had a plan and plot against War God. Otherwise, with the power of War God, David could not even defeat the Descendant Body without designing it.

David now speaks the name of the God of War God very casually. He knows that War God will not let him go, and when he reaches the Demi-God level, it is not that War God can attack by saying the name of the god. Object.

According to the legend, as long as you say the name of a Spiritual God in your mouth, you will be perceived by the Spiritual God. If Spiritual God is dissatisfied with the person who speaks the name of the god, you can punish that person through this connection.

So in the Great Spiritual World, unless it is the Spiritual God of faith, no one will say the name of the Spiritual God at any time.

“But…” Annabella Legendary didn’t know how to ask.

She knows the power of War God best. She has only mastered a little bit of fur from the battle of War God. Her combat capability surpasses the overwhelming majority of Knight.

Even if Annabella Legendary learned the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability from David, she still thinks that War God’s combat skills are better than David.

“Sir Lord, can I compare it with you?” Annabella Legendary thought of another way, she suggested.

“Okay, let me take a look at your practice results!” David heard Annabella Legendary’s proposal and wanted to see his actual combat capability, nodded agreed.

In the Great Spiritual World, in terms of the strongest battle strength, Annabella Legendary, who has mastered the “sword technique” Innate Ability, can definitely be ranked in the forefront.

David has mastered the ‘War God’ Innate Ability for the first time, and he also wants to fight. Annabella Legendary is the best training partner.

“Sir Lord, please!” Annabella Legendary clearly knew David’s strength, so he did not politely bowed a battle salute, and then launched an attack.

The Half-God Level long sword in Annabella Legendary’s hand is inspired by the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, with terrifying formidable power and a bit of sword light flashes, piercing toward David’s neck.

Annabella Legendary saw that David did not evade, and she also had expectations for the effect of this ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability.

Annabella Legendary is not worried that David will be injured, because after learning the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, her opponent’s control of the light long sword has reached the extreme, at least she thinks this is the ‘sword technique’ to the extreme.

She can accurately control her light long sword and can stop at any time without hurting David.

David took out the Fifth Level light long sword. He didn’t want to use ‘Divine Item Knight’s War Sword’, which would damage the Half-God Level light long sword of Annabella Legendary.

‘War God’Innate Ability was inspired. With a very casual sword, he blocked the sword that Annabella Legendary aspired to win. At the same time, this sword hit the half-God Level long sword in Annabella Legendary’s hand. Point of force.

The Annabella Legendary who owns the Innate Ability of the’sword technique’, how can you not know the force points on the sword? The strong sword technique usually protects their force points intentionally or unintentionally in battle, and will not let The force point was hit by the opponent.

But with this sword of David, Annabella Legendary couldn’t avoid it.

Annabella Legendary has a feeling that David’s sword is like a wildebeest hanging horn, without a trace, and it is like having a World Rule, completely unreasonable.

Annabella Legendary only feels that the strength of the Half-God Level light long sword in her hand is vented, and she loses her advantage in an instant.

David swung the sword in his hand to attack, and with one sword, every sword was smashed on the strength of the light long sword in Annabella Legendary’s hand, so that Annabella Legendary’s word technique’Innate Ability was suppressed to death. of.

Annabella Legendary feels that the battle with David is the same as the feeling when facing War God. The feeling of being crushed and unable to fight back makes Annabella Legendary tired.

Annabella Legendary stepped back, sensing David’s continuous attacks.

Obviously, David not at all uses any special ability of Demi-God, which completely reduces the power to the same level as Annabella Legendary.

Annabella Legendary became more surprised as she fought, because David’s battle method contained similar spirits to the feelings of War God’s surrender. Although War God’s best at battle axe is the battle axe, most of the time he surrenders, he uses long. sword.

“Let it go!” David went one step further, and the sword in his hand once again accurately hit the force point of the Half-God Level light long sword in Annabella’s hand.

This time David has increased his strength a little. The Half-God Level in Annabella Legendary’s hand is a light long sword, just like the battle between David and War God, but this time David is the victor.

Annabella Legendary did not have David’s plot against at the time, nor David’s hole cards. When the Half-God Level light long sword was released, it was resisted by David’s long sword.

“Happy!” David laughed and put the sword away and stretched.

Although I got ‘War God’ Innate Ability, the experience of being crushed and beaten by War God still made my heart very uncomfortable.

In the competition with Annabella Legendary, David perfectly suppressed Annabella Legendary in the posture of War God, which made David feel the power of ‘War God’ Innate Ability.

“Sir Lord, how do I feel that your fighting skills are similar to that of that person?” Annabella Legendary did not feel uncomfortable to lose. It is not ashamed to lose to David. She was just curiously asked.

Annabella Legendary’s “sword technique” Innate Ability comes from David, she doesn’t think that the “sword technique” Innate Ability she has just mastered is stronger than David.

“Annabella Legendary, your feeling is really accurate. This is the fighting skill I learned from the battle with War God!” David naturally couldn’t tell about Shadow Servant, he explained with a smile.

Annabella Legendary was stunned, she didn’t expect this answer.

She was also proud. David passed her ‘sword technique ’Innate Ability to her. She cultivation in a short period of time and developed the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability. She feels very good about innate talent.

But Annabella Legendary at this time has no sense of pride anymore, because she has seen even more powerful geniuses.

Fighting with War God, you can realize War God’s fighting skills, which is beyond the imagination of Annabella Legendary.

“Sir Lord, can this fighting skill be taught to me?” Annabella Legendary moved in her heart, and then asked.

Maybe this question is very abrupt, but as Annabella Legendary who desperately desires strength, she will try even if she is rejected.

“This fighting technique cannot be taught through knowledge transfer!” David said, shaking his head.

In fact, after getting the Innate Ability of ‘War God’, he tried to let his Knight Avatar master this Innate Ability.

But for the ‘War God’ Innate Ability to work, it must have a ‘War God pattern’. Without the assistance of a ‘War God pattern’, no matter how good the theory is, it’s impossible to support practical applications.

‘War God pattern’ is like a decoder, the knowledge of’War God’ Innate Ability can be used only through this decoder.

This is also a limitation of the World Rule. The powerful ability of Divine Grade is not so simple to have.

War God did not expect that his’War God’ Innate Ability would leak out, because after the’War God’ Innate Ability formed the’War God pattern’, it became his proprietary combat capability. This proprietary but recognized by World Rule.

Annabella Legendary was disappointed in her heart. She could feel that David did not deceive her on this matter.

David does have the ability to copy knowledge, but these battles Innate Ability need to be realized by himself before they can be completely copied, because the battle Innate Ability obtained from the knowledge light ball lacks the most critical self-insight enhancement process.

The battle Innate Ability obtained by the knowledge ball is the complete Innate Ability once obtained, which can be used at will, but cannot be copied.

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