Transcendent David Chapter 1155


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In the morning, David returned to Garmi Star, and he was very satisfied with his actions overnight.

What you say about revenge for Temple of War, in fact, this is just by the way. The real reason is that no one in Great Spiritual World can guess.

If David wants to obtain the knowledge of becoming a god, he needs to obtain it from the Spiritual God who has become a god.

He originally had a lot of choices. Spiritual Gods like Death God and Blood God are all possible, but the traces of these Evil Gods are hard to find. Let alone him, even the five major temples cannot find these Evils. God.

Later, even if War God wanted to capture David alive, David didn’t expect to get the knowledge to become a god from War God.

Because David knows very well how powerful War God, one of the five spiritual Gods that can rule the Great Spiritual World tens of thousands of years, is so powerful that he cannot defeat War God even with the help of Black Dragon Alexis.

But something unexpected happened. After David defeated War God’s descendant body and Shadow Servant absorbed War God’s divine sense, he obtained an Innate Ability in the divine sense.

David found that this is the best way to gain the knowledge of faith and becoming a god, and it just so happens to take revenge against the temple of War God.

“Sir Lord, you have to be careful!” Annabella Legendary reminded softly when she saw David.

When such a big thing happened, when my friends couldn’t reach David, they naturally contacted Annabella Legendary.

Annabella Legendary understands the inside story of Temple of War. David’s behavior is openly opposed to Temple of War.

Be aware that even if it was David who killed the two Archbishops of Temple of War before, it was a legitimate defense to everyone in the Great Spiritual World.

It was Temple of War who attacked David on the initiative, and he was killed as well.

But David took the initiative to attack Temple of War and turned the unilateral action into a conflict between the two sides.

“Annabella Legendary, most recently, don’t stay in Garmi Star. I arranged for you a mission to go to Morse Star to help Lord Harlow rule the leader!” David’s reminder to Annabella Legendary is not at all concerned, he said with a smile.

How could David not know the terrifying of Temple of War? Don’t look at him repeatedly defeating Temple of War’s attacks, but Temple of War can rule the Great Spiritual World for thousands of years, how can he only have this strength.

He must arrange the safety of Annabella Legendary. Garmi Star’s goal is too obvious. Everyone knows that he is in Garmi Star.

Temple of War wants to find David, the first target should be Garmi Star.

“Sir Lord, I won’t leave!” Annabella Legendary didn’t know David’s thoughts, and shook her head and refused.

“This is an order. What is the effect of your stay here? I still need you to help me gather information on Morse Star. Your job is very important!” David said solemnly.

“Yes, Sir Lord!” Annabella Legendary was obviously still a little unwilling to leave, but still bowed in response.

Annabella Legendary understands that her own strength does not help David much. Coupled with the intelligence-gathering task David arranged for her, she also feels that this suits her well.

Annabella Legendary took a while to pack things up, and then left through the planet-level Transmission Gate.

Garmi Star once again returned to the state where David was alone. He was used to it a long time ago, and he immediately activated the Innate Ability of “Break-through” and returned to the castle room.

Shadow Servant was summoned, and he put a hand on Shadow Servant’s shoulder.

The biggest achievement of one night is the divine sense of the five War Gods, and they are all divine senses in the Temple of War Divine Idol.

Five spheres of knowledge float in front of David’s eyes. This is exactly the sphere of knowledge gained by Shadow Servant from the five divine senses of War God.

David’s spirit paid attention to the first sphere of knowledge, and he got the details of the sphere of knowledge.

‘God’s Anthem’ knowledge light ball,’God’s Anthem’ is an auxiliary Innate Ability, it has no effect on combat, but it acts on the temple, which can enhance the temple’s absorption of strength of faith and accelerate the’divine The formation of force crystallization.

In addition, if there are multiple Divine Idols with Innate Ability of “God’s Anthem”, these Divine Idols can be linked together through the “God’s Anthem” to form a network that shares the strength of Faith.

David has a not-so-good feeling. His mind is focused on the rest of the knowledge spheres, and found that the other four spheres of knowledge are also the ‘hymn of the gods’.

It’s no wonder that if he is a War God with such an auxiliary Innate Ability, he will also be placed in the divine sense of Divine Idol.

David didn’t learn the ‘God’s Hymn’ knowledge sphere by himself, but entered it into the Divine Idol in the Soul Space Small World ‘Extinguishing Soul Hall’, where it was absorbed by the Soul Clone.

Soul Clone easily absorbed the ‘God’s Anthem’ knowledge light sphere, and then Divine Idol sent out a wave, which was the ‘God’s Anthem’ Innate Ability initiated.

David’s mind entered Divine Idol, and he found that Soul Clone had an extra ‘God’s Hymn pattern’.

In Soul Space Small World, the overall increase rate of strength of Faith has not changed, but after entering the temple, when the strength of Faith is transformed into ‘divine force crystal’ via Divine Idol, the efficiency has been significantly improved.

Of course, this improvement is still insignificant for David.

Because for him, it takes a long time for him to condense a’divine force crystal’ in a few years and a few months to condense a’divine force crystal’. .

David shook the head helplessly, this time he was not ideal.

He took out the lord-level contact array and opened it. Since the lord-level contact array was made by the temple, he completely closed the lord-level contact array when he moved.

As soon as it was opened at this time, a bunch of information came like bombing.

David took a look. It was a message from some lord. Someone asked about the situation and some wanted to help.

Naturally, he doesn’t want others to help. Most of these lords are members of the ‘Dawn Alliance’. Not to mention that these lords are dragged down by a huge family. Even if these lords participate in the operation, their strength will not help him much.

David one after another Thanks, this is the benefit of having a strong network, even if it is against the powerful Temple of War, there are allies to help.

It’s not in vain that he took out the ‘Dawn cultivation method’ and ‘spiritual object red wine’ to help Speaker Gould establish the ‘Dawn Alliance’.

“Lord Arthur, you are in trouble!” Speaker Gould sent a request for contact, and the first sentence after David agreed to connect was a warning.

“Speaker Gould, what’s the trouble?” David didn’t panic. He dared to deal with Temple of War, and he thought of Temple of War’s bigger actions.

“There was news from the temple in the morning that Temple of War had gathered a large number of ascetics and prepared three space Temple of War to fly to Garmi Star.” Speaker Gould said and sent a piece of information. come.

This information is not easy to obtain. The operation of Temple of War will definitely block the news, that is, the members of the “Dawn Alliance” have their own intelligence network. Now the intelligence of the intelligence network is integrated daily, and its intelligence capabilities are great. increase.

Although the actions of Temple of War are hidden, they still require the participation of some priests, and these priests have become the source of leaked news.

In addition, Choate Archbishop has just taken charge of Temple of War, and it is difficult to convince the public. It is normal for priests to disclose the news.

“Space Temple of War!” David thought of the five space temples used by the five temples to deal with the insect race, and that power almost swept everything.

Although Temple of War only dispatched three Space Temple of War this time, it was not as good as it was when dealing with the insect race, but it was the action of the five major temples.

Temple of War this time, it sent out three times more space Temple of War than the insect race war.

Space Temple of War, can also be regarded as a kind of temporary temple, but this temporary temple is larger than ordinary temples, and its interior is more complicated, and it has the ability to navigate in space at high speed.

David frowned, Temple of War is going all out this time to attack Garmi Star.

But he doesn’t quite understand. Isn’t he worried that he will leave Garmi Star early, leaving only an empty planet with the fanfare of Temple of War?

What David didn’t know was that the Temple of War’s Archbishop was really afraid of death. In the morning, the legend of War God came again, this time asking Archbishop to act immediately to capture Lord Arthur.

Geot Archbishop chose the safest way, which is to mobilize all the space Temple of War in the Temple of War inventory.

If there is not a space Temple of War that needs to cooperate with the space temple defense space gate of the Four Great God Palaces, Joet Archbishop would like to transfer that space Temple of War back to participate in the operation.

Temple of War has only four space Temple of War in total. The space Temple of War requires more advanced materials and consumes a lot of strength of faith.

The Choate Archbishop not only mobilized all the Space Temple of War that can be mobilized, but also mobilized a part of the ascetics to participate in the operation.

Geot Archbishop has no way. Archbishop Guy and McKinley Archbishop are too prodigal. Temple of War’s Fifth Level Templar Knight and Fifth Level sacrifice a lot. Now if you continue to mobilize Temple of War’s Fifth Level powerhouse, it will let the Temple of War can no longer protect the safety of important temples.

The ascetic is a special existence in the five major temples. Every ascetic who has practiced for more than a hundred years will become a fanatic.

The ascetics until now are not counted as battle strength that can be levied, nor are they included in the battle strength of the temple, but the ascetic group is a force that cannot be ignored.

Some ascetics are punished and become ascetics, and the other part wants to strengthen their beliefs through asceticism.

The life of ascetics is extremely boring. Apart from cultivation, they chant the “Book of Gods” every day. They eat the simplest and least food. Their only spiritual sustenance is their belief in War God.

If Annabella Legendary obeys the arrangement and joins the ranks of ascetics, her not firm belief will be strengthened repeatedly like Hypnosis in this kind of repetitive life of day after day.

As long as the ascetic can practice for a hundred years, he will inevitably become a fanatic. At that time, Archbishop Guy wanted to make Annabella Legendary a fanatic.

When Choate Archbishop made such a transfer, he had never considered Lord Arthur’s escape, or he thought that Lord Arthur would flee after hearing the wind, and no longer need to fight Lord Arthur.

He treated the battle with Lord Arthur as a war, and he didn’t care about the eyes of others.

In Choate Archbishop’s view, the reason why Archbishop Guy and McKinley Archbishop fell was because they were too concerned about the opinions of others and did not mobilize all the war machines of Temple of War.

Three huge space Temples of War flew in space in the shape of a character, and inside the three huge space Temples of War, there were full of ascetics.

In every huge space Temple of War, there are at least two thousand ascetics.

There are more than 80 Fifth Level powerhouses and as many as 3,000 Level 4 battle strengths among these ascetics, but these are not the main ones.

To make use of the most huge might of the Space Temple of War, a lot of strength of Faith is needed. The strength of Faith is transmitted through the faith network of the remote temple, which consumes a lot of money. In addition, the Space Temple of War has adjusted the faith The strength of Faith of the rest of the Temple of War in the network is far less convenient than the strength of Faith of the two thousand fanatics in each space Temple of War.

Even if Lord Arthur has some ability to isolate the belief network, the Space Temple of War can still maintain extremely strong defensive power.

For safety, Choate Archbishop has done everything to the extreme.

Furthermore, Choate Archbishop did not think of concealing the purpose of Lord Arthur’s actions, even he deliberately let his subordinates leak information, so that Temple of War wanted to attack Garmi Star.

Garmi Star, since Speaker Gould notified David Temple of War’s actions, the intelligence system of the “Dawn Alliance” and the information provided by Annabella Legendary’s own contacts have been continuously passed on through the lord-level contact array.

This allows David to clearly grasp the location of the three huge space Temple of War Temple of War, and to prepare early.

David also used the past few days to clean up the Garmi Star and put away a lot of precious materials and equipment.

The cube super intelligent system was collected by him into Soul Space Small World. This intelligent system cannot be purchased in Interstellar Federation even with credit.

Even if David uses Admiral David as the deputy commander of the Federal Command, it will be very troublesome. Super-intelligent systems like the Cube require customization, and the customization time is very long.

David does not want to lose the cube super intelligent system, especially the cube super intelligent system has a lot of data saved by him, which is even more important than the cube super intelligent system.

The research room was also moved to Soul Space Small World by David as a whole, connected to the cube super intelligent system.

In the future, if he wants to use the research room, he can manipulate it directly through consciousness. In Soul Space Small World, David is the master, and he can manipulate everything at will.

On the surface of Garmi Star, only part of the defensive weapon remains.

As for the various plants of Garmi Star, David didn’t care. The plants he really valued are all managed by Spirit Race in the “Divine Item Space Card” and Soul Space Small World.

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