Transcendent David Chapter 1215


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The five Spiritual Gods of the Great Spiritual World met through phantoms, and they talked while watching the battle.

“With the breath of Arthur Luce, he is robbing us of Fifth Level Soul Source!” God of Earth said with a weird expression.

God of Earth has no vitality on his face. Although Fifth Level Soul Source is precious, for the Spiritual God who dominates the entire Great Spiritual World, Fifth Level Soul Source is continuously gaining.

Like the Fifth Level believers, Fifth Level priests and priests in major temples, after death, except for their souls being robbed on the spot, the rest will return to the Small World of their faith.

Spiritual God is like shepherding sheep, and believers are like sheep. They harvest the faith of believers during their lifetime and their souls after death.

God of Earth This is something that I haven’t encountered for many years that I can snatch the harvest from their five Spiritual Gods, and I feel a little bit novel in my heart.

“It’s very fair, Arthur Luce has the ability to rob us of the unowned Fifth Level Soul Source. This is a matter of ability!” War God lightly saying.

War God acknowledged David’s strength. Although this strength was only achieved by David with the help of three Divine Grades, it was actually a tie with War God.

The War God at that time recognized the existence of David, so as long as War God is not ready to turn his face, he will treat David as an equal existence.

The souls of the two Fifth Level insect races are not the souls of believers in any Spiritual God in the Great Spiritual World, not to mention that Lord Arthur also intervened in this battle, and Lord Arthur has the qualification to harvest loot.

“Arthur · Luce is nearby. Or else take this opportunity to meet him. He is in contact with the insect race world and notified the insect race to launch the Great World war in advance. Maybe we still need His intelligence can even borrow his battle strength!” said the god of wealth said with a smile.

Except for the War God, the other four Spiritual Gods here are extremely curious about Lord Arthur.

A young person who has become a Demi-God through his own cultivation can also mobilize three powerful Divine Grades, and it is already worth meeting with several Spiritual Gods.

The four spiritual gods know how strong War God’s close-in ability is. It is also the only Spiritual God in the Great Spiritual World that can resist the cultivation success god Divine Grade through close combat.

Lord Arthur was tied with War God with three Divine Grades, which was enough to make four Spiritual Gods take him seriously.

Fortunately, Lord Arthur relies on the three Divine Grades. Two of them are obviously insect race Divine Grade, not Great Spiritual World Divine Grade. The other Black Dragon can also find out the source of identity, so the four Spiritual God only tolerated the existence of Lord Arthur.

This time, Lord Arthur took advantage of the relationship in the insect race world and got the news of the start of the insect race world in advance, which proved the fact that Lord Arthur was committed to the Great Spiritual World.

The God of Wealth is very curious about Lord Arthur, especially about the two insect race Divine Grades. He cares about whether the two insect race Divine Grades participate in the attack on the Great Spiritual World, whether Lord Arthur can turn them back.

“Also, if Arthur Luce had a problem, we would have been prepared!” The god of justice said solemnly.

The god of justice is worried that a powerhouse with such a powerful strength participates in the Great Spiritual World camp, but it has a close connection with the insect race world, even if Lord Arthur has a whistleblower, the god of justice Not at ease.

The god of justice only believes what he sees with his own eyes. He needs to see Lord Arthur to be able to confirm that Lord Arthur is okay.

“We went over like this. I’m afraid Arthur Luce was scared away before we got close. Why don’t we send him the divine runes contact card!” The god of knowledge said with a faint smile.

It’s true. If five Spiritual Gods enlarge the scope of the Space Temple and then go to visit via the God descending, it is estimated that there will be no need for the five Spiritual Gods to descend. As long as the Space Temple expands the scope to Lord Arthur’s castle, Lord Arthur Just ran ahead.

Even if Lord Arthur is so confident, he dare not fight five Spiritual Gods at the same time.

“I agree!”




The other four Spiritual Gods hesitated slightly, and all agreed to this approach.

At this time, in the battlefield, with Lord Harlow as the arrow, he had already charged to the door of the space, and along the way Knight charged, the worms fell like sliced ​​leeks.

In this worm wave, there is also a Fifth Level insect race, which also did not play any role. It was not even killed by the arrow of Lord Harlow, the Knight battle formation, but was only killed by a Legendary Knight on the left. You can easily kill with a single sword at will. The whole process is no different from killing low-level insect race.

David’s thirteen Legendary Knight Avatars are actually the same in strength. It is not that Lord Harlow is the most famous but the most powerful.

The same cultivation resources, the same’sword technique’Innate Ability,’ the same cultivation, the same’perfect version of Knight cultivation method’, and even aptitude, thanks to David’s transformation, has the highest Black Dragon bloodline, reaching the ultimate in Knight bloodline .

The thirteen Legendary Knight Avatars are even more soul-connected, which makes the strength between them almost the same, not at all, who is stronger.

In addition to the inherent strength gap between the Legendary Knight Avatar and the Fifth Level insect race, it is normal to kill with one blow.

The spirit of this Legendary Knight Avatar swept the body of the Fifth Level insect race, and put it away.

This time the five Spiritual Gods saw the opportunity. Just now, the five Spiritual Gods thought that they didn’t pay attention, so they were taken the lead by Lord Arthur and took Fifth Level Soul Source away.

Now is a fair chance. The five Spiritual Gods did not give any more humility, and they all prepared to attract the souls of Fifth Level insect race.

But when the thoughts of the five Spiritual Gods just came up, Shadow Servant appeared one step faster than Fifth Level Spiritual God, and absorbed the soul of Fifth Level insect race.

You need to know the speed of Shadow Servant, even the souls after Divine Grade have no chance to escape, you can imagine the speed at which Shadow Servant can absorb souls.

The five Spiritual Gods haven’t robbed Lord Arthur. If it is a Spiritual God, you might just ask Lord Arthur for trouble.

But the five Spiritual Gods are an alliance, and they will not lose dignity in front of other Spiritual Gods in the alliance. For a long time, decency is one of the most important things of Spiritual God.

I said before that this is fair competition. If you lose, you lose.

Legendary Knights did not continue to charge forward, because they charged into the space gate again and they would not enter the insect race world.

So before and after reaching the space gate, he immediately transferred the Knight battle formation and rushed back.

All spectators watched the battle with enthusiasm. This is the most powerful Knight battle formation in the Great Spiritual World, and it has truly crushed the insect tide.

Knight who watched the battle even knew the strength of Knight’s profession and was full of yearning for the Legendary Tier.

This is like a seed, planted in the hearts of all Knights.

Here is the most elite Knight in the Great Spiritual World. The lowest strength is Level 4 Heavenly Knight, and there are many Fifth Level Templar Knights.

In this brief moment, they all want to be a member of the strongest Knight battlefield, and become a Legendary Knight.

At the moment when the Legendary Knight battle formation turned around, a silhouette of up to 100 meters passed through the space gate, and only once appeared, a thick purple electric light rushed towards the Legendary Knight battle formation.

It was the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ who came through the space gate. After receiving the order, it passed the space gate after a period of delay.

The size of the space gate is just right for the Legendary ‘Purple Lightning Scorpion’ to pass through, so its arrival cannot be hidden.

However, the luck of the Legendary ‘Purple Scorpion King’ is very good. It happened when the Legendary Knight’s battle formation turned around and charged, which made it not at all face the blade of the Legendary Knight battle formation.

The Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ who just appeared saw the human Knight. Without any hesitation, it was a purple lightning attack, but it regretted it after the attack.

Because the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion’ only perceives the level of the human Knight after attacking, a full twenty six ranks the Legendary Knight.

Even if it is a group of six Legendary Knights, the Legendary ‘Purple Lightning Scorpion King’ is confident to fight with them, but as many as twenty six Legendary Knights, the gap in this strength is really too big.

If the Legendary tier “Purple Electric Scorpion King” did not fire a purple electric light attack, it could completely turn around and return to the space door before being discovered.

But it was too late at this time. A thick purple lightning hit the Legendary Knight battle formation, and was blocked by the Bloodline Strength shield of the Legendary Knight battle formation, and the remaining purple lightning was scattered. Twenty six is ​​Legendary Knight.

As soon as these purple lights fell on Legendary Knight, they were blocked by a halo, which is the anti-electricity state blessed by Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar.

Not to mention that there is only a small part of the purple electric light left, that is, the Legendary ‘purple electric scorpion king’’s full attack fell on a Legendary Knight, and it can also resist this electric light attack.

“Changes!” Speaker Gould exclaimed.

Although Lord Harlow is the arrow, the commander-in-chief of the Legendary Knight battle formation is still Speaker Gould.

Legendary Knight’s battle formation was reversed in an instant. Thirteen Legendary Knights adjusted their bodies. At the same time, Knight’s battle formation turned into an open tiger’s mouth, biting towards the Legendary ‘Purple Scorpion King’.

The tiger tooth of the tiger’s mouth is the four Legendary Knights who have mastered the’sword technique’Innate Ability. The moment they turned their heads, they used the Knight’s battle formation to transform the Legendary’Purple Scorpion King’ Surrounded.

This is the ingenuity of Knight’s battle formation, and it is also the accuracy of Speaker Gould’s command. This momentary change locks the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ in the tiger’s mouth.

The strongest of the Legendary ‘Purple Lightning Scorpion’ is the purple lightning, and the rest is speed, but in the worm tide, its speed is limited, and the purple lightning loses its effect.

“I knew it was a mission to die!” Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ cried secretly in his heart.

The Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ has lost the opportunity to return to the space gate at this time. It can only fight back the Legendary Knight battle formation with all its strength to buy itself some time.

Its purple electric light flickered all over, and this attack did not care about the insects around it.

A purple electric light is centered on the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’, spreading towards all around.

During this process, the Legendary Knights were still unaffected, except that the rays of light in the anti-electric state on their bodies were slightly dim.

Although the Legendary Knights were not harmed, the insects all around suffered a devastating blow.

On this not too big battlefield, on the battlefield a little farther away from the space gate, after passing through the Legendary Knight battle array, there are still some insect races remaining, and the space gate is also constant Insects gush out.

At the moment when the purple electric light burst, all these insects were swept by the purple electric light. No insect race can withstand the crazy outbreak of the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’.

The battlefield emptied in an instant, only the Legendary Knight battle formation and the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ remained. Of course, this was only a momentary matter, because the worms were still rushing out of the space gate.

At this moment, four Half-God Level long swords were pierced at the same time, and the four long swords contained the Bloodline Strength gathered by the twenty six Legendary Knights.

At this time, the four Legendary Knights are no longer reserved, and they output with all their strength. The dark golden rays of light on the four Half-God Level long swords have extended ten meters and turned into four dark golden giant blades.

The Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ is an electrical legendary insect race. Although it is full of purple lightning, it still has the power to twist and avoid the four legendary Knight’s four ten meters dark golden giant blade.

The Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ does not need to completely dodge the four dark golden giant blades, as long as it dodges the vital points, with the powerful life force of the insect race, it still has the power to fight.

But it met four Legendary Knights who mastered the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, and at the same time the Legendary Knights who had the same soul.

Legendary Tier “Purple Electric Scorpion King” just dodges two dark golden giant blades, and the other two dark golden giant blades pierced its head and heart respectively.

When the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ appeared, the Knights who watched the battle in the distance were all surprised. The huge body of 100 meters was far more terrifying than imagined.

But just a few breaths after the Knights were frightened, the battle was over.

Legendary Knight’s battlefield almost killed the Legendary ‘Purple Scorpion King’ in seconds. When the Legendary ‘Purple Scorpion King’ fell, all the Knights who watched the battle cheered.

Lord Harlow grabbed the body of the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ and threw it at Speaker Gould.

Speaker Gould thought Lord Harlow was giving himself the spoils, and was preparing for the next time, a spirit swept over the corpse of the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ and put it away.

It turns out that the space ring of Lord Harlow and the remaining thirteen Legendary Knights is not big enough. Only the space ring of Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is enough to put down the corpse of the Legendary ‘Purple Scorpion King’.

As soon as the Legendary soul appeared, it was once again preempted by the Shadow Servant, which greatly disappointed the five Spiritual Gods.

The value of Legendary souls is higher and deserves a little attention from Spiritual Gods, but Spiritual Gods still can’t grab souls from Shadow Servant.

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