Transcendent David Chapter 1216


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Archbishop Adele was watching the battle. Suddenly her body shook, and then she knelt on one knee religiously.

Archbishop Adele’s body flashed with pure white rays of light, which made Archbishop Barney, Archbishop Julian, and Archbishop Ambrose all on one knee.

The three Archbishops can see that Archbishop Adele is accepting the Spiritual God metaphor. Even if it is not the Spiritual God they believe in, they need to be treated with great courtesy when witnessing the metaphor.

Only McIntyre Archbishop was a little ignorant and didn’t understand what happened.

Archbishop Ambrose grabbed McIntyre Archbishop, McIntyre Archbishop is not stupid, and quickly followed one-knee kneels.

Archbishop Adele accepted the metaphor of the god of wealth. In front of her, a golden passage appeared in the sky, and then a small, dark golden sign flew out of the golden passage and fell into her hand .

The pure white radiance disappeared, Archbishop Adele stood up holding the small sign, and the other four Archbishop also stood up.

Even McIntyre Archbishop, who is the least aware of the situation, did not ask anything, because he knew very well that if the content of the metaphor could be said, Archbishop Adele would take the initiative to say it. If not, no one could force Archbishop Adele.

“My lord and the four great Spiritual Gods wanted to see Lord Arthur, so they gave this divine runes contact card!” Archbishop Adele looked at the divine runes contact card with some unknown expression and said.

Because this divine metaphor is related to the five temples, Archbishop Adele is not at all kept secret.

Archbishop Ambrose sucked in a breath of cold air, and the meaning of the contact card to Lord Arthur divine runes is extraordinary.

“What is the divine runes contact card?” McIntyre Archbishop asked suddenly.

This cannot be blamed on McIntyre Archbishop, he took over Temple of War for too short a time, and he has not yet come to know many hidden things about the temple.

“The divine runes contact card is an ultimate honor. According to legend, only powerhouses approved by the Spiritual God will be given. The divine runes contact card can directly contact the Spiritual God without praying!” Archbishop Ambrose explained .

McIntyre Archbishop’s eyes widened. He understood what the divine runes contact card meant, which meant that he could contact Spiritual God at any time.

McIntyre Archbishop, as the Archbishop of Temple of War, is not a casual contact with War God. He can contact War God only when there are some major events.

And his contact is generally one-sided, reporting the incident to War God, usually there is no response.

“Archbishop Ambrose, I’ll go to Lord Arthur first!” Archbishop Adele bowed and said to Archbishop Ambrose.

Archbishop Ambrose is the commander-in-chief of this war. Archbishop Adele must report to him if he wants to leave here.

Archbishop Adele flew out of the Space Temple and flew towards Lord Arthur’s castle.

David is watching the battlefield through the eyes of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar. The reason why he did not pass the eyes of the thirteen Legendary Knight Avatars is because once the thirteen Legendary Knights have Dangerous, David can save people by directly controlling Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar.

Furthermore, he rashly took over the Legendary Knight Avatar in the Knight battle formation. This is a very dangerous behavior, and it is likely to cause the collapse of the Knight battle formation.

David also has half of his mind at the Demi-God’golden wings A Insect King’ on the other side of the space gate. This is because the Legendary Tier’Purple Electric Scorpion King’ suddenly appeared just now and he found himself Still careless.

If what appears is not the Legendary ‘Purple Electric Scorpion King’ but a Half-God Level insect race, then that sudden blow will definitely cause considerable damage to the Legendary Knight’s battle formation.

The status blessing ability of Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar is not enough to resist Half-God Level attacks.

Just as David was doing dual purposes, he sensed that someone was flying towards him.

Because of his location very close to the Space Temple, he has always been alert to the Space Temple.

David has a very deep research on the Space Temple. He knows the horror of the Space Temple. The fourteen Space Temples are brought together to expand the influence of the Space Temple at any time.

As long as his castle is placed within the scope of the Space Temple, he may be attacked by five Spiritual Gods at any time.

Know the scope of influence of the Space Temple, but it is equal to the extension of Spiritual God Small World, where the formidable power of the gods will increase a lot.

David is very careful, as long as there is an abnormal movement in the Space Temple, he will immediately leave with the castle.

He stayed here, in addition to helping prevent the invasion of the Insects Controlling clan, another point is the harvest of the soul of the insect race.

Just now, he got three Fifth Level souls and one Legendary soul.

Only this kind of High Rank war can have such a gain, and David doesn’t want to leave here until it is a last resort.

David’s spirit swept over and found that it was Archbishop Adele. He couldn’t help but feel a little strange. In such a tense battle, how could Archbishop Adele come over?

Be aware that in addition to David’s own battle strength in Great Spiritual World, the highest battle strength that can be resisted without disturbing Spiritual God is Legendary rank.

In other words, the battle that the temple and the Supreme Council can participate in is the battle with the legendary insect race. In the high-level battle, either David will be involved or Spiritual God will be involved.

David silhouette flashed and appeared at the gate of the castle.

Annabella Legendary and Anton Legendary Knight also followed David. This is a respect for an old Archbishop. As long as he doesn’t provoke David, David still pays great attention to the etiquette of getting along with this distinguished person.

“Welcome to Archbishop Adele!” David bowed to welcome.

“I have seen Lord Arthur!” Archbishop Adele descended in front of David, bends his body obviously a little restrained, and replied with a big gift.

David’s heart is startled. With Archbishop Adele’s status, shouldn’t this courtesy be used in return.

He doesn’t believe that Archbishop Adele will use the wrong etiquette, that is, something has changed Archbishop Adele.

Only Spiritual God can affect Archbishop Adele. David thought of this and his heart moved slightly.

“Archbishop Adele, please come in and speak!” David made a souvenir invitation.

Because it may involve Spiritual God, David didn’t let Archbishop Adele go too deep into the castle, but just sat down in the lobby.

“Lord Arthur, I will give you the divine runes contact card from my lord, and please accept it!” Archbishop Adele solemnly took out the divine runes contact card and placed it on the table.

“I don’t know what the great god of wealth gave me the divine runes contact card? What does the divine runes contact card do?” David did not touch the divine runes contact card, but asked.

All the items about Spiritual God, especially when they are so close to the Space Temple, David doesn’t want to touch them rashly.

In case this is a trap set by Spiritual God, there will be big trouble.

“Lord Arthur, my lord wants to contact you directly through the divine runes contact card. This is a Supreme glory!” Archbishop Adele explained.

David thought of the “Sensing Armor Insect King” from the “Mother Emperor”. This divine runes contact card should be an item similar to the “Sensing Armor Insect King” beard, which can be contacted with God. .

It’s just that he doesn’t understand why the god of wealth suddenly wants to contact him.

David did not feel any malice from Archbishop Adele, but Archbishop Adele showed obvious respect.

Since Archbishop Adele, the god of wealth, gave the Lord Arthur divine runes contact card, it means that the god of wealth regards Lord Arthur as an equal existence.

Archbishop Adele naturally can no longer maintain its original attitude towards Lord Arthur who can directly contact the god of wealth.

“Thank you, I accept it!” David swept through the divine runes contact card again and confirmed that the above is not at all traps, and then said with a faint smile.

“Lord Arthur, my mission is completed, and the battle is still going on. I need to go back there to watch the war and leave!” Archbishop Adele stood up and bowed.

At this time, Anton Legendary Knight came in with a cup of ‘spiritual object coffee’ and was about to deliver it.

“Archbishop Adele, why are you in such a hurry and leave without a cup of coffee!” David did not intend to leave Archbishop Adele, and said politely.

“It’s okay, I’ll take this cup of coffee to drink!” Archbishop Adele took the ‘spiritual object coffee’ from Anton Legendary Knight, and bowed to say with a smile.

Then Archbishop Adele took the ‘spiritual object coffee’ into the air and left the castle.

David opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t say it. Archbishop Adele came fast and walked faster.

Archbishop Adele’s behavior is a bit rude, but she doesn’t care because she has tasted ‘spiritual object coffee’.

I thought I would have to wait for the next time I taste ‘spiritual object coffee’. Unexpectedly, this time I visited Lord Arthur, I still got ‘spiritual object coffee.

Archbishop Adele flew all the way, and soon returned to the Space Temple, back to the side of the four Archbishops.

Looking at Archbishop Adele turning around with a cup of coffee, Archbishop Ambrose recognized that it was ‘spiritual object coffee’. He secretly swallowed saliva and suppressed his natural reaction after seeing ‘spiritual object coffee’.

“Archbishop Adele, why did you come back with Lord Arthur’s cup?” Archbishop Barney asked in surprise.

Archbishop Adele discovered that the cup she brought back was a cup with a history of thousands of years and the Luce Family coat of arms on it.

This kind of cup is not worth mentioning. For any nobleman, this kind of utensil with thousands of years of history is extremely important.

David shook the head. He wanted to stop Archbishop Adele to return the inheritance equipment, but when he thought of stopping Archbishop Adele for a cup, it was still a bit embarrassing. Not only was he embarrassed, but Archbishop Adele was also embarrassed.

He began to observe the divine runes contact card in his hand, and he could see that the materials used to make the divine runes contact card were not ordinary materials, but the same materials as Divine Item were used.

The divine runes contact card in the hand is, to some extent, a Divine Item.

“Alexis, have you seen the divine runes contact card?” David asked Black Dragon Alexis on his shoulder.

Black Dragon Alexis, who had been asleep, heard his question and immediately woke up from his deep sleep.

Black Dragon Alexis cultivation is ‘Black Dragon Sleep’. Sleeping is the cultivation method of Giant Dragon Race.

“The divine runes contact card is a tool for communication between Spiritual Gods in the age of the gods. It can be contacted by multiple people or by one person. I have not used it specifically!” Explained.

“There is no danger in using the divine runes contact card, right?” David asked uneasy.

“It won’t be dangerous, this is just a daily necessities of Spiritual God!” Black Dragon Alexis replied very surely.

David nodded, he used a little energy, tapped on the divine runes contact card, and immediately sent a light shield from the divine runes contact card to wrap him and the Black Dragon Alexis on his shoulders.

There are five more silhouettes before David’s eyes, and he recognizes War God at first sight.

Only in the illusion of the divine runes contact card, the War God is only the height of an ordinary person, and the other four silhouettes are, needless to say, four Spiritual Gods.

“I have seen a great War God!” David didn’t expect it to be a scene where multiple people contacted each other. He bowed and saluted the War God he knew.

For the remaining four Spiritual Gods, David can guess the identity, but in this case, he is also worried about greeting the wrong person, so he might as well pretend not to know him.

“You’re welcome, I’ll introduce you, this is the god of wealth, this is the god of justice, this is the God of Earth, this is the god of knowledge, they are very interested in you, and I want to ask you something!” War God took the initiative to introduce David.

“I have seen the great God of wealth, the great God of justice, the great God of Earth, the great God of knowledge!” David one after another paid respect to the four Spiritual Gods.

His heart was also extremely horrified. He actually met the five Spiritual Gods, the rulers of the Great Spiritual World, in this way.

“Arthur, I will call your name directly. You don’t need to use honorifics. Since we invite you to meet, we will treat you as an equal object!” The god of knowledge said with a smile.

“It’s my pleasure!” David responded.

David’s attitude is very good, which makes the four Spiritual Gods who met David for the first time very satisfied. David not at all because he fought War God and forget about it.

“Arthur, this time the insect race world starts the Great World battle. Will the two insect race Divine Grades you invited last time get involved?” The God of Knowledge then asked.

This problem can be confirmed only after the war, because War God has fought the two insect race Divine Grades. As long as the two insect race Divine Grades appear, then War God will definitely be recognized.

The question of the God of Knowledge is just a foreshadowing to prepare for the following questions.

“The two insect race Divine Grades will not participate in this war!” David replied for sure.

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