Transcendent David Chapter 1218


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“Knight charge!” Speaker Gould’s high-spirited and vigorous, twenty six Legendary Knights formed the Knight battle formation, which made him feel unparalleledly powerful.

In front of the legendary Knight battle formation, the worms couldn’t resist at all. No matter how many worms came in, it was not enough for the legendary Knight battle formation.

The Fifth Level insect race, in front of the Legendary Knight battle array, was just as easy to kill as an ordinary low-level insect race.

Of course, Speaker Gould’s brain is still very clear. He knows that although he is a Legendary Knight, fighting Fifth Level insect race alone, even if he can defeat Fifth Level insect race, it will not be a short time.

He feels that the Fifth Level insect race is weak. On the one hand, the formidable power of the Knight battle formation integrated by twenty six Legendary Knights is huge, and on the other hand, there are thirteen Legendary Knights who have mastered the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability.

Before the ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, as long as the insect race enters the attack range of these thirteen Legendary Knights, it will almost die.

Even the Legendary insect race was surrounded by four Legendary Knights and was instantly killed.

Legendary Knight’s battle formation rushed back and forth in the worm tide, but they were also a lot more careful, not too close to the space gate, leaving a certain distance.

So as before, just as before, the powerful insect race that just appeared took the opportunity to grab the attack.

The distance of 100 metres in front of the space gate is for the worms to gush out from the space gate, and 100 metres away is the area where the legendary Knight battle array is constantly charging.

Under the status of Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar, every Legendary Knight feels full of energy, and the physical consumption of combat is almost incomprehensible.

The continuous slaughter lasted for an hour, but the strange thing was that the legendary-level insect race was not sent from the insect race, and it was consumed by the insects.

Such insects cannot cause any damage to the Legendary Knight battle formation at all, and will increase the loss of the insect race in vain.

This is not the previous low-level insect infestation, but the Fifth Level insect race from time to time.

Just as Speaker Gould excitedly directed the Legendary Knight battle formation towards the space gate, and when Knight was charged in the worm tide, the worm tide in the space gate suddenly stopped.

The reason is that the huge insect race with the Insect Body occupies all the space of the space door and is continuously occupied.

What appeared was ten Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant Kings’, and ten Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant Kings’ took up the space gate for two breaths. After two breaths, the worms continued to flood in.

The Legendary ‘Crash against Giant Ant King’ was prepared for a long time, and when it appeared, he immediately launched the ‘Innate Ability’ against the Legendary Knight battle formation.

The speed of crashing into Innate Ability is much faster than that of ordinary insect race. This makes the insect race that is in front of the Legendary tier’Crashing Giant Ant King’ become an obstacle, and it is directly hit by ten Legendary tier’Crashing Giant Ant Kings’. Hit fly.

The ten Legendary ‘Crashers on the Giant Ant King’ also formed a simple formation. In a pyramid arrangement, a Legendary ‘Crash on the Giant Ant King’ was the sharp horn of the collision.

“Lord Harlow, you will make the arrow and change the arrow-shaped battle formation!” Speaker Gould loudly shouted.

Although the ten Legendary tier insect races are strong, Speaker Gould is confident in his own Legendary tier Knight battlefield. He decided to forcibly disperse the ten Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant Kings’.

The 100-meter-long Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant King’ lowered the body, and the huge sharp teeth on the top of the head flashed with dark golden rays of light.

Although the formation of Legendary Tier ‘Crash Ant King’ does not have the special bonuses of Knight’s battle formation, Crash Innate Ability makes up for it.

The distance between the two parties is not far apart. When they are hedged at the same time, this distance is not worth mentioning.

The atmosphere of the Legendary rank is permeating the battlefield, and even the Knight watching the battle in the space temple feels nervous. This is a collision of the Legendary rank.

According to generally speaking, a Legendary insect race battle strength can fight at least six Legendary Knights, but the number of Legendary Knights increases, and the formidable power of the Knight battle formation also increases geometrically.

Although there are as many as ten Legendary ‘smashers against the giant ant king’, the Knight battle formation composed of twenty six Legendary Knights is not weak.

Just as the two teams were about to collide together, everyone watching the game closed their breaths.


With a loud noise, the twenty six Knights of the Legendary rank collided with ten Legendary ‘Crushing Giant Ant Kings’.

The Half-God Level long sword in Lord Harlow’s hand accurately pierced the head of a Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant King’ before the collision, but this did not at all weaken the strength of the collision.

Although one of the Legendary tier “Clash of the Giant Ant Kings” was killed, the remaining Legendary tiers of the “Clash of the Giant Ant Kings” rushed into battle with the legendary tier “Clash of the Giant Ant Kings” against the dead Legendary. together.

The energy-protected ground above the ground cannot withstand the force of such a collision, and the ground all around several dozen meters from the collision point is completely broken.

The power of horror caused the huge bodies of the nine alive Legendary ‘Clashing Giant Ant Kings’ to fly upside down, sweeping the worms behind them out of several green blood-colored channels.

The Speaker Gould also made a mistake in his judgment. He compared the formidable power of the Legendary Knight battle formation with the ten Legendary insect race individual battle strengths, but what he didn’t expect was that the Legendary “Collision Giant Ant King” possessed Crashing Innate Ability, the collision potential formed by Innate Ability can completely increase the impact power of Legendary Tier’Crashing Giant Ant King’ several times.

So after Lord Harlow stabbed a sword, all the other Legendary Knights could no longer use the sword, because the terrifying power caused the Bloodline Strength shield of the Legendary Knights to collapse, and the great power directly acted on them Body.

Legendary Knight’s battle formation was smashed by Innate Ability from the Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant King’. After the shield disappeared, their bodies were thrown away.

If it were not for the status blessing of the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar, the relatively fragile human Legendary-level body would suffer considerable damage due to such a huge impact.

But even so, the battle formation of the Legendary Knight was destroyed by this collision, and every Legendary Knight felt the blood tumbling all over his body.

The state blessings of the Legendary Knights can offset all kinds of damage, but they cannot completely resolve the pure and powerful collision. The Legendary Knights need a little time to recover.

However, the Legendary tier “Crashing the Giant Ant King” is not good. Not only is the loss of a Legendary tier “Crashing the Giant Ant King”, the remaining nine Legendary tiers “Crashing the Giant Ant King” are also undergoing a huge impact. The backlash.

To be honest, this collision was evenly matched because both sides had advantages.

So the result of the collision is that both sides suffer. Because of Lord Harlow’s ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability, the Legendary ‘sword technique’ Innate Ability has a greater loss.

Everyone’s gazes, the Legendary Knights, including Speaker Gould, were all attracted by the Legendary “Collision Giant Ant King”. Not at all noticed that at the moment the two sides collided, a Fifth Level’sonic boom The Armor-Plated Insect King followed the insect tide through the space gate.

When leaving the space gate, the space energy on the rest of the insect race in the insect wave was normal. Only this Fifth Level ‘Sonic Boom Armor-Plated Insect King’’s space energy was extremely tyrannical.

In the sound of the Legendary Knight battle formation colliding with the Legendary ‘Crashing Giant Ant King’, a relatively light explosion not at all attracted the attention of the rest.

The Fifth Level ‘Sonic Boom Armor-Plated Insect King’ is self-destructed. This is the result of breaking the space gate’s transmission rules and being killed by the Great World Rule backlash and space energy.

A huge insect race with a height of two hundred meters appeared. This is the Half-God Level insect race who used Fifth Level’Sonic Boom Armor-Plated Insect King’ to sneak through the space gate and paid Fifth Level The life of’Sonic Boom Armor-Plated Insect King’.

Half-God Level ‘Titan golden armor king’ is helpless, it is the Demi-God chosen to use the opportunity to kill the human Legendary Knight.

The reason for choosing it is that the ‘Titan golden armor’ family now has no Divine Grade, and even more because the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ lost the ‘Sovereign level inheritance pattern’, which is the fuse that triggered the war.

So even if Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ is unwilling, it must accept the assignment to perform this mortal mission.

It means that you must die because there is no way out for this task.

Use Fifth Level’Sonic Boom Armor-Plated Insect King’ to sneak into the Great Spiritual World, but even if Great Spiritual World gives it time to enter the space gate, it can’t find another Fifth Level’sound. Burst the Armor-Plated Insect King’ to smuggle again.

The problem is that once the Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ kills the human Legendary Knight in the war, Great Spiritual World is basically impossible to let it go. It is estimated that the Spiritual God will immediately come and kill it.

Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ knows that there is not much time left for it, it only has a very short time to kill the human Legendary Knight.

For the choice of target, Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ has long had a target. The Legendary Knight who has been commanding the Legendary Knight battle must be an important figure, and he is the first target.

After killing the commander of the Legendary Knight battle formation, the ability to kill several Legendary Knights depends on the luck of Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’.

Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ just wants to kill as many human Legendary Knights as possible before being killed.

Speaker Gould was also upset in his heart. His command error caused the Legendary Knight to disperse. His body also suffered a huge impact. Although he was not injured, he was not very comfortable.

Just as he adjusted the blood within the body and wanted to quickly regain control of the body, he saw a huge silhouette rushing towards him.

The speed was too fast, and when he saw it, the silhouette was already in front of him.

Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ mobilized the ‘Power of Titan’, and it also knew that the target had a special state, and it was completely attacking.

The claw stabs of the forelegs hit Speaker Gould’s body. With the size of the Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’, the claws of the forefoot spurs attacked any part of Speaker Gould’s body and brought death.

The appearance of Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ was not only unknown to Speaker Gould, but also to David watching the battle.

Who would have thought that the second round Legendary insect race was dispatched, and a Half-God Level insect race was hidden.

The war at this time should still be in the process of mutual probing. Not at all, when the decisive battle came, why did the Half-God Level powerhouse dispatched?

When David reacted, the only thing he could do was to control the Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar and block a small Half-God Level shield against the Demi-God’Titan golden armor king’ Before the claws stab.

The Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar has been hidden in the shadow of Speaker Gould. At this time, the shot is to leave the state of Yin Shadow.

Although ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar and Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ are also Demi-God, the difference in strength between the two sides can be described as different as heaven and earth.

When it comes to supporting capabilities, Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar is extremely powerful, but when it comes to combat capabilities, he can only be considered a newcomer to Demi-God.

The strength of the first entry into Demi-God is still the strength of the first entry into Demi-God of human Demi-God, and the strength gap between human Demi-God and insect race Demi-God is a huge gap.

In time, Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’Avatar didn’t even have time to cast the’Holy Spirit Realm’. When David controlled the Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar to use a semi-Divine Grade shield, he still used some shields. The technique in order to reduce part of the attack power.

However, it is obvious that the skill of the shield’s power release also depends on the target. The power of Demi-God’Titan golden armor king’ is the greatest of Demi-God, plus the power of’Titan’ Blessing is a huge improvement.

The Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’’s claw stabbed on the Half-God Level shield of the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar, and the Half-God Level shield was directly penetrated by the same level’s claw stabbing.

However, although Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’’s claws pierced the Half-God Level shield, Juli threw the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar first.

At this moment, the difference in strength between humans and insect race is obvious.

The Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar has been famous for many years, but after contact with the Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king,’ he was knocked off without the slightest resistance.

While being thrown away, Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar’s arm showed an unnatural bend, it was because the arm skeleton was broken.

David clearly perceives the state of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’Avatar, not just the arm, but the skeleton of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’Avatar is fractured, and the muscles and skin are also large. Damage to the area, internal organs also have varying degrees of injury.

In order to save Speaker Gould, David used the shortcomings of Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’Avatar to fight against the strengths of Demi-God’Titan golden armor king’. The result was naturally Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’Avatar Fiasco.

Even if this is the case, David still remembers the safety of Speaker Gould. At the moment Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar was thrown away, he grabbed Speaker Gould and flew back together.

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