Transcendent David Chapter 1221


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When David returned to the castle, he saw that 25 Legendary Knights had deployed Legendary Knights in front of the castle.

As for Speaker Gould, he brought the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar in the castle. David nodded to the Knights of the Legendary order. He knew that Speaker Gould arranged to protect the castle.

Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar is seriously injured, Speaker Gould doesn’t want him to be affected.

When David entered the castle hall, he saw Speaker Gould who was collecting healing potions for the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar.

“Gould, I am here to treat the Holy Spirit Knight. You can command the noble Knights. The temple did not support the Legendary Knights. This caused the noble Knights to leave in anger. At this moment, they are almost outside the castle!” David waved to Gould. Said the speaker.

“I didn’t expect that the temple really couldn’t tolerate the existence of Legendary Knights, and this kind of thing would be done during this Great World battle!” Speaker Gould stopped his actions and said helplessly.

The relationship between the temple and the nobles is okay in normal times, but every time a dangerous mission is performed, the noble Knight is sacrificed.

Many of the nobles saw it clearly, but were powerless to resist.

Especially the Fifth Level Templar Knights, they almost all experience the ending of becoming the living dead.

A Templar Knight was promoted to Legendary Knight and gave these Fifth Level Templar Knights hope, but the temple wanted to break this hope, which is unacceptable for any Fifth Level Templar Knight.

Not only Fifth Level Templar Knight, but noble Knights almost have this idea.

Legendary Knight broke the fate of the living dead of Fifth Level Templar Knight, and has a longer lifespan and more probability in the future.

Since Knight can be promoted to Legendary rank, Demi-God rank is also possible. See if Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is not the Demi-God promoted by Knight?

When all this has become a predictable future, the noble Knights don’t want this expectation to be broken, and the temple will not work either.

Furthermore, the Supreme Council represents the interests of the nobles. When the temple ignores the Supreme Council Speaker and the lives of many Legendary lords and Knights, the justice of the temple is no longer.

“We are here to rebuild the battlefield, we just need to do what we should do and guard the Great Spiritual World in our own way!” David pointed to the outside and said.

Speaker Gould heard what David said just now on the battlefield.

“Our nobles set up the battlefield alone. Regardless of whether the temple releases an insect race or not, we have a clear conscience!” said Nodded, Speaker Gould.

Speaker Gould turned and walked outside the gate. He had heard the sound outside the gate.

David laughed and did not come forward to treat Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar. Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar took out a bottle of ‘immortal life force’ from the space ring and poured it into his mouth.

Under the influence of the ‘immortal life force’, Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar’s injuries quickly recovered.

The damage suffered by these Demi-God’s bodies does not involve the soul. It is within the treatment range of the ‘immortal life force’. After just a few breaths, all the injuries on his body are disappeared.

Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar stood up and stood behind David, just as before.

Seeing that Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar has been restored, David walked out of the hall and came outside the castle.

Outside the castle, a huge Knight battle formation consisting of 40 Fifth Level Templar Knights and more than 8,000 Level 4 Heavenly Knights is under the command of Speaker Gould and is arranged in the castle’s energy shield.

There is simulated gravity here, and the ground formed by the energy shield is under the feet.

Level 4 Heavenly Knight is not good at space warfare, so Speaker Gould arranges Level 4 Heavenly Knight to protect the castle, and Heavenly Knight is not required to participate in the resistance war.

As for the Fifth Level Templar Knights, they will be dispatched depending on the battlefield situation. They are now temporarily arranged next to the castle, together with Level 4 Heavenly Knight.

Here is the protection of the castle’s energy shield, and there is no big danger by the side of Lord Arthur.

President Gould knows very well that these noble Knights are not protected by the Space Temple, and it is very dangerous to fight against the worms.

As long as a Legendary-level insect race can cause huge casualties, the enlistment of these noble Knights is not for them to die.

In fact, the battle of Level 4 Heavenly Knight has ended, and the previous low-level worms were dealt with by Level 4 Heavenly Knight.

The war has now reached the Legendary level, even the Demi-God level, which has long been beyond the reach of Level 4 Heavenly Knight, and even Fifth Level Templar Knight can’t handle it.

“Wan Sheng!” When the noble Knights saw Lord Arthur and the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar restored to normal behind Lord Arthur, they cheered in unison.

The restoration of the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight ’Avatar made the noble Knights excited.

Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar is unable to block the Demi-God insect race’s attack, but his state blessing is extremely powerful, and at least it can increase a part of the Legendary Knight’s strength.

David didn’t speak, the noble commander could only have one voice, and he wouldn’t fight for this command with Speaker Gould.

“Lord Arthur, if there is a Demi-God insect race, please help me, and leave the Legendary insect race to us!” Speaker Gould loudly said.

“As you bid!” David bowed and saluted.

Twenty Six, Legendary Knight, rearranged the Legendary Knight battle formation, standing quietly in space, waiting for the possible insect race.

No matter what the temple does, after being betrayed, the noble Knight can insist on participating in the defense, which is right from Knight’s belief.

The temple’s succumbed to death, deliberately placed the Legendary Knight in mortal danger, so that the noble Knight no longer trusted the temple, and was even more impossible to fight within the temple’s space temple.

You should never be in the fight against the insect race, and be careful of the black hands behind you.

In front of the space gate, one hundred and thirty Fifth Level Templar Knights were silent. Their morale was low, not just them. Except for those priests and sacrifices who prayed to provide the strength of faith for the space temple, the rest of the priests and The morale of the sacrifice is also extremely low.

Be aware that most of the priests and sacrifices in the temple were born nobles.

What the temple did, even they couldn’t stand it, but they couldn’t leave as angry as the noble Knight.

Archbishop Ambrose face sank like water, even if he is resourceful, there is nothing he can do in this situation.

“Activate the’Light God technique’!” Archbishop Ambrose commanded in a deep voice.

The ‘Light God technique divine runes array’ in the fourteen space temples was activated at the same time, and then the entire battlefield was completely covered by the pure white light emitted by the ‘Light God technique’.

The interrupted worm tide continues to flow in through the space gate, and is rushing towards the Knight battle formation composed of 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights.

The pure white light shines on the insect tide, causing the insects to scream again and again. Although the insect race is in madness, it can fly with the insects while suffering the erosion of the’Light God technique’. But the low-level insect race has little resistance to the’Light God technique’.

The tide of insects is running, one after another black mist is rising in the tide of insects. These rising black mists are transformed by the insect race killed by the ‘Light God technique’ in the tide of insects.

The moment these insect races entered the Great Spiritual World, they were defined as evil beings by the World Rule of the Great Spiritual World, and the “Light God technique” was a divine technique for them.

However, before the worms entered the Great Spiritual World, they were inspired by the Innate Ability of the Legendary Insect King. As they rushed through the space gate, they were almost mortal, so the Legendary Insect King Insect King “Zhe” is to stimulate all the life potential of the insect race, allowing them to get a full increase in a short time.

Therefore, although the “Light God technique” that occurred in the 14 space temples is extremely powerful, it only caused part of the insect races to die quickly, and most of the insect races can still rush to the 130 Fifth Level Templar. In front of Knight.

The priests and priests watching the battle also have a judgment in their hearts.

Looking at the worm tide in the charge, it became sparse, and the worm tide formidable power enveloped in the’Light God technique’ was greatly weakened, which had to make them think why they didn’t perform the’Light God technique’ ‘.

Isn’t the noble Knight worthy of the temple’s strength of Faith? The ‘Light God technique’ is not a large divine technique and does not consume much strength of Faith.

Under this mentality, the battle between the 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights and the worms began.

The worm wave of an arrow at the end of its flight, after being weakened by the ‘Light God technique’, slammed into the Fifth Level Templar Knight’s Knight battle formation.

The Fifth Level Templar Knights from these temples, both in terms of equipment and cultivation techniques, are the top of the Fifth Level Templar Knight.

When the insect wave hits the Fifth Level Templar Knight battlefield, it is like a wave crashing on a rock.

Of course, although the 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights have more than themselves at this time, they can’t launch Knight assault like the twenty six Legendary Knights just now.

“Attention!” The leader Templar Knight shouted loudly.

Just as the team leader yelled, several rays of light flew out of the insect wave and hit the shield of Knight’s battlefield.

The consumption of the Bloodline Strength shield is too fast. The Bloodline Strength shields gathered by 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights have reduced at an extremely fast rate in the impact of the insect tide.

The five Fifth Level insect races in the insect tide, under the cover of the insect tide, continuously launch long-range attacks towards the Knight battle formation.

Innate abilities of poison, lightning, flame, and frost are continuously applied on the energy shield of the Knight battle array, which intensifies the consumption of the energy shield.

The advantage of Knight’s battle formation is not defense, but battle. Maintaining a defensive state is tantamount to being passively beaten.

No matter how weak the worm tide is, it is also a continuously insect race. A large number of insect races consume lives at the cost of losing their lives. That formidable power allows each insect race to burst out of its own strength. Attack power.

When the 130 Fifth Level Templar Knight stood in the position of the legendary Knight at twenty six, they realized the power of the legendary Knight at twenty six.

However, the Knight battle formation does not dare to completely switch to the defensive Knight battle formation, because if they do not attack the insects, the number of insect races will increase.

If the worm tide is not eliminated, it will make the insect race stronger and stronger in front of the space gate, and will put more pressure on the encirclement of the space temple.

“The priests focused on attacking the divine technique to destroy those five Fifth Level insect races!” Archbishop Ambrose frowned instructed.

Archbishop Ambrose felt a little helpless. Even the emergence of five Fifth Level insect races had to be sacrificed and used divine technique to support.

There is no other way. One hundred and thirty Fifth Level Templar Knights cannot attack the Fifth Level insect race unless they rush into the insect tide, but their strength is too reluctant to charge against the insect tide.

Especially their defenses are not enough. If they encounter a Legendary insect race or even a Demi-God insect race in the direction of the space gate, they will not even have time to be rescued if they are too close to the space gate.

Archbishop Ambrose’s order was issued. The Fifth Level priests in the Space Temple, which had been prepared for a long time, used the attack divine technique, and the remaining Level 4 priests cooperated with the Fifth Level sacrifices to strengthen the formidable power of the attack divine technique.

The five temples are each responsible for a Fifth Level insect race. Five divine technique rays of light fly out from the space temple and fall towards the five Fifth Level insect races.

The powerful divine technique hit five Fifth Level insect races, and the Fifth Level insect race was killed without even screaming in the divine technique.

No one cheered for it, because compared to the Legendary Knight battle formation, it was nothing exciting at all.

The energy of these sacrifices within the body is limited, and the divine technique attack is impossible to continue, unless the strength of Faith is consumed to inspire the divine runes array in the space temple to attack.

But Archbishop Ambrose knows very well that he wants to avoid drastically consuming the strength of Faith in the Space Temple, which is to be consumed by the five Spiritual Gods when they descend.

Now that it consumes too much, Spiritual God’s strength will decrease when God descends.

I just killed five Fifth Level insect races, and another five Fifth Level insect races appeared in the influx of space gates. They continue to use the battle method just now and continue to attack Fifth Level Templar with remote attacks. Knight battlefield.

In this kind of war, the Fifth Level insect race of the insect race has also become a consumable, and it doesn’t care about being killed.

As soon as Fifth Level insect race appeared, it was a full-scale long-range attack. It didn’t cherish the energy of within the body at all. It seemed that it wanted to excite all the energy within the body in a short time.

Fifth Level insect race not only consumes the Bloodline Strength of the Fifth Level Templar Knight battlefield, but also consumes the energy within the body of the temple sacrifice by using its own life.

To kill the Fifth Level insect race, the temple priest must go all out. Every time the divine technique is used, the strength of faith within the body must be mobilized.

The replenishment of the strength of faith within the body is not so easy, and it takes time to recover through prayer.

For a period of time, the battle on the battlefield was resisted by the temple, ignoring the consumption of Templar Knight and sacrifice.

But at the same time, the consumption of the Fifth Level Templar Knight battle formation is huge. The Bloodline Strength shield of the Knight battle formation is getting thinner and thinner, and the divine technique on the sacrificial side is getting longer and longer.

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