Transcendent David Chapter 1222


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For a long time, the insect race invested 30 Fifth Level insect races. Except for the five Fifth Level insect races on the battlefield, all the previous Fifth Level insect races fell.

After a long period of exhaustion, the priests in the Space Temple were extremely exhausted, unable to perform the divine technique.

Archbishop Ambrose also did not order the priests to continue to perform the divine technique, and to consume them would consume the lives of the priests. Although he was the commander-in-chief, he could not ask the priests of the temples except Temple of Knowledge to give up their lives.

Even Archbishop Ambrose’s Temple of Knowledge, he didn’t want to lose too much to the sacrifice.

Sacrifices are different from priests. Among the priests, the combatants are Knights with Bloodline Strength, and the rest even ordinary persons can become priests.

But sacrifices are different, sacrifices require spiritual talent, which is not much in the Great Spiritual World, and it is very difficult to find.

Different from Knight’s bloodline talent, bloodline talent can be found only from among the nobles, but spiritual talent is a special variation of human beings, and there is no rule to check.

If a lot of sacrifices are consumed here, it is estimated that it will affect the daily missionary work of Temple of Knowledge.

Because only sacrifices can perform the divine technique, and only the divine technique can be beneficial to the believers.

Five Fifth Level insect races have existed on the battlefield for more than 20 minutes. Together with the insect tide, the Bloodline Strength shields of 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights are at risk.

“Order the Space Temple to use an attack divine technique to kill Fifth Level insect race!” Archbishop Ambrose reluctantly ordered.

The strength of faith of the fourteen space temples gathered together, and the fourteen energies gathered together and turned into huge divine runes. The divine runes fell downward and hit the Fifth Level insect race of the insect tide.

With a bang, five Fifth Level insect races and all around insects were cleared out of an area instantly.

One hundred and thirty Fifth Level Templar Knight let out a long relaxed breath. They took this opportunity to finally take a break.

But at this moment, it seems that the insect race is also waiting for this opportunity. A huge silhouette appeared at the space gate, which is a 100-meter Legendary-level insect race.

Because Great Spiritual World does not at all research the Legendary-level insect race species, there is no information on this Legendary-level insect race.

David, who has been observing the battlefield with spirit, gave the name of this legendary insect race in his heart.

Legendary ‘Insect King’ is a Legendary insect race with special Innate Ability.

“Immediately mobilize the divine runes array of the Space Temple to attack this Legendary insect race!” Archbishop Ambrose quickly ordered.

“Archbishop Ambrose, it takes five breaths of time to reinvigorate the Space Temple!” Archbishop Adele reminded.

The fourteen space temples have just mobilized the strength of Faith to inspire an attack on the divine runes array. To attack again, you need to wait for the strength of Faith in the original attack divine runes to stabilize, and it takes time to mobilize the strength of Faith.

Archbishop Ambrose is not ignorant of this, but he is worried about the Fifth Level Templar Knights on the battlefield.

The space temple inspires a huge attack divine technique of formidable power, every time there are only five breaths of time, which is already very remarkable.

But the five breath time is on the battlefield, and it has been able to make powerhouse do a lot of things.

Just like now, the huge body of the Legendary ‘Poisonous Insect King’ suddenly leaped, and while flying over the worm tide, one after another crystal clear silk was spit out from his mouth.

These crystal clear silks formed a large net in the air, and the large net was directed towards the Knight battle formation composed of 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights.

This big net was in contact with the Bloodline Strength shield of the Templar Knight battlefield. The Bloodline Strength shield, which was on the edge of the collapse, was immediately stained black.

The Bloodline Strength shield couldn’t support it even for a breath. The crystal clear net contained Legendary-level poison, which corroded the Bloodline Strength shield instantly.

The large crystal net continues to fall, and it seems that all 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights will be netted.

“Honor is in my heart, faith coexists with me, justice is turned into a sword, breaking the darkness!” A Fifth Level Templar Knight flew away from the Knight battlefield, and took the initiative to pounce on the crystal net.

This Fifth Level Templar Knight forcibly detonated Heart Sea Space. When the bloodline strength of his body in the Heart Sea Space was detonated, he could not withstand this terrifying energy and turned into powder.

This Fifth Level Templar Knight slowed down the speed of the crystal net in the explosion at the expense of himself.

“Go back!” Ten more Fifth Level Templar Knights left the Knight battlefield without any hesitation, shouting while detonating the Heart Sea Space.

The remaining Fifth Level Templar Knight retreats with tears in his eyes, wanting to withdraw from the scope of the crystal net, hoping not to disappoint his companions for their efforts at the cost of their lives.

Ten Fifth Level Templar Knights exploded in the air, and the large crystal net stagnated slightly, and then continued to fall.

The area covered by the crystal net is not small. Although it was blocked twice in a row, it still fell.

Templar Knight withdrew most of the battlefield, and the remaining half was covered by a large crystal net.

The Fifth Level Knight armor of the Fifth Level Templar Knight body, not at all, can block the crystal net, which left one after another black hole on the Knight armor.

3.14 Fifth Level Templar Knight was covered by the crystal net, and instantly lost his life, even the corpse was divided into pieces by the crystal net.

In less than 3 breaths time, four 15 Fifth Level Templar Knight fell on the battlefield.

David forcefully controlled the Shadow Servant to absorb the souls of the Fifth Level Templar Knights. It didn’t matter to grab the souls of the insect race. Anyway, he also participated in the war, and the souls were grabbed by their ability.

But the soul of Fifth Level Templar Knight is different. These Templar Knights are all Templar Knights of the temple, and they are all Fifth Level priests.

Their souls belong to the Spiritual God of faith. David’s snatching at this time is equivalent to provoking the five Spiritual Gods and tearing up the divine symbol agreement just signed.

Archbishop Ambrose feels my heart is hurting, these all are the backbone of the temple, each one is carefully cultivated by the temple.

Much more heartbreaking than Archbishop Ambrose is McIntyre Archbishop. He saw that among the fallen Fifth Level Templar Knights, there were six Temple of War Templar Knights, which made the Temple of War lacking Fifth Level Templar Knight. Now it gets worse.

Now there are only four Templar Knights remaining on the battlefield of Temple of War. Even if the Templar Knights left behind by Temple of War are added, the number of Templar Knights will not exceed ten.

Such a loss made McIntyre Archbishop want to point at Archbishop Ambrose’s nose and curse. If Archbishop Ambrose indirectly drove away the noble Knight, how could Temple of War have suffered such a heavy loss.

The battle over the war is not over. The Legendary ‘Insect King’ has only launched one attack. It chased the remaining Templar Knight and brewed the next attack again.

Archbishop Ambrose can’t wait any longer, the scepter in his hand lights up, because it is instant, what he uses is the ‘blind divine technique’ sealed in the scepter.

The reason why the ‘blind divine technique’ is sealed is because this divine technique has a very high level and is directly bestowed by the God of Knowledge. The level is as high as Half-God Level and is the life-saving divine technique of Archbishop Ambrose.

Because this is a non-lethal divine technique, it can penetrate the defense of the powerhouse and directly affect the opponent’s eyes.

After the ‘blind divine technique’ shines on the divine runes, the same divine runes appear on the eyes of the Legendary ‘Insect King’.

Legendary ‘Insect King’ only feels his eyes are black and his vision disappears completely.

Archbishop Ambrose was originally Legendary, and coupled with Demi-God’s ‘blind divine technique’, the Legendary ‘Insect King’ was immediately attacked.

“Activate the imaginary formation and open the passage to the direction of Lord Arthur’s castle!” Archbishop Ambrose reluctantly ordered.

To deal with this Legendary-level insect race, it is either to take the lives of the temple to fill in, or it is to be surrendered, but at this time, it’s too early to descend. For the insect race, a Legendary-level insect race What an important battle strength can’t be considered.

Archbishop Ambrose knows that letting go of the siege and putting the Legendary-level insect race to the Speaker of Gould to deal with it is definitely a loss of face for the temple.

This means that the strength of the temple is far inferior to the nobles, which is very detrimental to the future leadership of the nobles.

But at this time, Archbishop Ambrose can no longer take care of this.

Now the most important thing is to block the attack of the insect race. Before the insect race dispatches Divine Grade, he can’t disturb the Spiritual God.

Inspired by the divine runes imaginary formation, the 8-15 Fifth Level Templar Knight who exited the battlefield was covered by the divine runes imaginary formation and disappeared in front of the Legendary ‘Insect King’.

The blindness of the Legendary Tier Insect King only lasted 3 breaths time. After it lost its eyesight, it was greatly affected by its mental release in the surrounding space temple, so it did not at all can rely on the spirit to capture the silhouette of the Fifth Level Templar Knights.

After it recovered its eyesight, it saw a passage that left the space door.

Without any hesitation, the Legendary ‘Insect King’ with the worm tide rushed out to the opening of the 14 space temples.

Legendary ‘Insect King’ after rushing through the space temple, immediately spotted the human in front of him, a battlefield in front of the castle.

From the breath of those Knights, the Legendary ‘Insect King’ felt threatened.

Without waiting for the Legendary tier ‘Poisonous Insect King’ to react, the worm tide has rushed towards the castle.

The insect race in the insect tide relies on instinct to move towards the densely human area. They want to kill and devour everything.

The Speaker Gould did not go to see the worm tide, his eyes fixed on the Legendary ‘Insect King’.

“Knight charge!” Speaker Gould loudly shouted, and the Legendary Knight battlefield changed. Lord Harlow was the arrow, and he charged towards the Legendary ‘Insect King’.

In space, one is the Knight battle formation composed of twenty six Legendary Knights, and the other is the Legendary ‘Insect King’ who is in the worm tide.

The Legendary ‘Insect King’ wanted to escape, but he didn’t dare to turn around and flee, because it sensed that except for the forward direction of the worms, the other directions had a substantial terrifying aura.

It even has a feeling that if it dares to escape from the insect infestation and come into contact with the terrifying aura, it will be torn into pieces by the terrifying aura.

The terrifying aura of all around is David’s spirit. It is very easy for his spirit to cover the battlefield. The spirit of Half-God Level is extremely scary for the Legendary ‘Insect King’.

Of course, the Legendary Insect King dared to escape from the worms and would not fight the Legendary Knight led by Speaker Gould. David will take the initiative to kill the Legendary Insect King. ‘.

This is Great Spiritual World, even if it is insect race Divine Grade, it can’t compare with David in speed.

Insect race Divine Grade comes to Great Spiritual World, and will be suppressed by the Great Spiritual World’s world Rule, unable to perform long-range space movement, while David can use Innate Ability at any time. This is also David’s confidence.

Legendary Knight battle array launched a Knight charge. They collided with the worm wave, and the worm wave could not hinder the Legendary Knight battle array, just like a hot knife cut into the butter.

The Legendary ‘Insect King’ is also desperate. After knowing that Demi-God looked around all around, it knew there was nowhere to escape.

Legendary rank “Poisonous Insect King” opened his mouth, one after another crystal silk flew out, like a flying ribbon, flew towards the Legendary Knight battle array.

The Half-God Level long sword in the hands of Lord Harlow contains the Bloodline Strength gathered by the twenty six Legendary Knights. It turns into a dark golden ten meters sword light, which is cut down towards the crystal silk thread.

The legendary venomous thread interlaced with the sword light emitted by the Half-God Level long sword, which made the venomous thread of the 130 Fifth Level Templar Knights helplessly cut easily.

Legendary rank’Poisonous Insect King’ saw the Legendary rank Knight passing through its poisonous thread. Those poisonous threads were not only cut apart by the arrow, the human Legendary rank Knight, but also when they flew to the rear. Was cut off by the Legendary Knights on both sides of the Legendary Knight battle formation.

Knowing that the poisonous thread had no effect, the Legendary tier “Poisonous Insect King” Insect Body shrank suddenly, and then its Insect Body shot out like a catapult.

It uses its Insect Body as its attack weapon. The 100-meter huge body carries a terrifying impact and slams into the Legendary Knight battlefield, using the advantage of the Insect Body far more than the human body to the extreme.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong the impact of the Legendary ‘Insect King’ is, it cannot by the strength of oneself against the twenty six Legendary Knight, and it is still the Legendary Knight battle formation.

The Harlow lord ten meters dark golden sword light, pierced the head of the Legendary rank’Poisonous Insect King’ first, and the terrifying impact of the Legendary rank’Poisonous Insect King’ was caused by the legendary Knight The Bloodline Strength shield of the battlefield blocked it.

Lord Harlow threw the huge corpse of Legendary ‘Insect King’ back. Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar caught the corpse and put it into the space item.

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