Transcendent David Chapter 1223


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The five Archbishops in the Space Temple saw the battle here from a distance through the divine technique, and there was no lack of sadness in their hearts.

The enemy that the temple could not handle was instantly killed in the hands of the noble Knight. This gap made the temple a leader in the future.

“Archbishop Ambrose, it is necessary to start planning to suppress the development of the nobility!” Archbishop Julian said solemnly.

Several Archbishops have discussed this issue many times, but have not yet begun to implement it. There are many considerations in this issue, but today, this issue has to be taken seriously.

In these short years, nearly thirty Legendary Knights appeared. If this continues, the strength of the noble Knight will expand rapidly.

The five major temples cannot suppress the noble Knight at all in terms of basic battle strength. With the principle of respecting the power of the Great Spiritual World, the temples can no longer command the noble Knight by command, and the impact on the Supreme Council will be extremely low. degree.

Archbishop Julian would even think that there is a Heaven Temple who invites the noble Knight to make a move, which requires a pleading way.

And the noble Knight may also refuse the request of the temple, but the temple has nothing to do.

“In the past, our management of the nobles was too relaxed. It is not easy to change in a short time. This requires a long-term plan!” Archbishop Ambrose nodded said.

“With Lord Arthur, we must consider the consequences of any action against the nobles!” Archbishop Barney said without hesitation.

Archbishop Barney is not speaking for the nobles, but telling the truth.

Although he has a good relationship with Speaker Gould, he is also impossible to give up the interests of Earth God Palace for friendship.

Archbishop Barney is the Archbishop of Earth God Palace first. He is the representative of God of Earth. If necessary, he can sacrifice everyone’s interests to guarantee the interests of the temple.

“My lord will never tolerate the existence of Lord Arthur!” Archbishop Adele said softly.

This can be seen in history. How many days have the Great Spiritual World appeared, but as long as it threatens the rule of the temple, it will eventually be eradicated.

The reason why there are so many Legendary Knights among the nobles is because of the cultivation of Lord Arthur, and even more because of the existence of Lord Arthur, which shelters these Legendary Knights to a certain extent.

“Order all the Templar Knights to re-form the Knight battle formation and attack the worms!” Archbishop Ambrose commanded loudly.

Archbishop Ambrose doesn’t want to discuss it anymore, no matter how it discusses it, there will be no results.

The temple on the battlefield must behave, and the noble Knight cannot be allowed to replace the temple. This Great World is the Great World of the five Spiritual Gods, and the main body guarding the Great World should be the five temples.

Although you can’t contribute to the Legendary and Demi-God tiers, the ordinary worms can no longer be released.

“If this is the case, what should I do if there is a Legendary-level insect race or even a Demi-God-level insect race again?” McIntyre Archbishop heard Archbishop Ambrose’s order and ignored other questions.

Temple of War now has four Fifth Level Templar Knights, and Temple of War can no longer withstand the loss of any Fifth Level Templar Knight.

“Turn on the fixed-point teleportation. As long as the Legendary-level insect race appears, use the space-temple fixed-point teleportation to send the Legendary-level insect race to Lord Arthur!” Archbishop Ambrose said solemnly.

Fourteen space temples simultaneously stimulate the fixed-point teleportation of the divine runes array. As long as it consumes a certain strength of Faith, whether it is Legendary-level insect race or Demi-God-level insect race, it can be teleported away instantly.

Especially the location of Lord Arthur’s castle is not far from here, and it is easier to send it to a certain point.

I didn’t do this before, because this kind of fixed-point transmission is very tasteless.

Be aware that the fourteen space temples are arranged in front of the space gates to prevent the invasion of the insect race.

The use of fixed-point teleportation is to send the insect race away intact. If these insect races are not killed, they will pose a great threat to the rest of the Great Spiritual World.

“That’s all!” The four Archbishop glanced at each other, and Archbishop Barney said helplessly.

8:15 Fifth Level Templar Knights of the Temple reunited, affected by the previous critical moment, they are all a little sluggish at this time.

They were able to survive because their companions exchanged their lives for their lives. Although they also wanted to return to the battlefield to avenge their dead companions, their physical exhaustion and mental atrophy greatly affected their battle strength.

Returning to the battlefield at this time and encountering the powerful Legendary insect race in the insect tide, they will be very passive and even suffer heavy losses again.

But the order was given and they could not tolerate their objection.

“War!” The Fifth Level Templar Knights cheered loudly for themselves.

8:15 The Fifth Level Templar Knights are gathered together, and the formidable power that forms the Knight battle formation is still very powerful.

In addition, the ‘Light God technique’ has been continuing, which greatly affected the worms.

Templar Knight’s battle formation launched a charge, charging away the worm tide that had made way to the space temple.

They inserted in the middle of the worm tide, blocking the worm tide from it, the first half of the worm tide not at all attacked them back, but continued to rush forward along the passage.

The worms gushing from the passage rushed to the front of the Legendary Knight battle formation, and was easily slaughtered by the Legendary Knight battle formation.

Soon the worm infestation ended, leaving the Legendary Knight to lose his goal in battle.

President Gould waved his hand, and the Legendary Knight battlefield returned to the castle energy shield. No matter why the worms did not continue, they could take this time to take a break.

No one knows how long this war will last, as long as there is spare time, don’t waste it.

Speaker Gould sensed news from his contact array, and he probed his spirit, showing a strange look on his face.

“Lord Arthur, Archbishop Barney just heard the news that the temple will stop the worm tide, and the Legendary-level insect race and Demi-God-level insect race will be sent to our side!” Speaker Gould said to David with a smile.

Today, although I was almost plot against the temple again, this time I was separated from the temple in the name of justice. With the beginning of this time, the temple will not want to mobilize the noble Knight again in the future, it will not be as easy as before.

In the beginning, Speaker Gould and the other three lords were framed by Temple of War. Afterwards, the Archbishop was killed, allowing Temple of War to push the error to the dead Archbishop.

This time in this Great World battle, on the battlefield jointly commanded by five Archbishops, there was a situation of unsuccessful death, which can no longer be explained by reason.

It is precisely for this reason that all the noble Knights will quit the battlefield together.

No one is willing to betray, when he is born to death, he is plot against behind his back.

This time, it was not the commander-in-chief Archbishop Ambrose who sent the message to Speaker Gould, but Archbishop Barney who was more familiar with Speaker Gould.

Archbishop Ambrose knew that his relationship with Speaker Gould was completely broken. As the commander-in-chief, he was the only one who could decide whether to support or not in that situation.

“That’s good, get more Legendary-level materials. I forge weapons for Legendary-level lords. Their weapons are not worthy of their strength!” David said with a smile.

“Lord Arthur, I beg you, I wanted to change the weapon in my hand!” Lord Ludwig heard David say this, and the expected rays of light flashed in his eyes.

Not only Lord Ludwig, but the other Legendary lords have their eyes bright.

Look at the Legendary Knights of Lord Arthur next to them. Everyone has a Half-God Level long sword in their hands. They can kill the Legendary insect race to make it easy.

As for themselves, they still have a Fifth Level light long sword in their hands. They use a Fifth Level light long sword in their hands to slash the Legendary insect race. Even with the legendary Bloodline Strength blessing, they will be slightly injured at most.

Don’t look at the previous Legendary Knight battlefield, which successively killed the Legendary insect race. Those were all the results of the Legendary Knight who held the Half-God Level long sword.

These Legendary lords only provide Bloodline Strength for the Legendary Knight battle formation and increase the formidable power of the Knight battle formation.

Lord Ludwig also knows the preciousness of Half-God Level long sword. He has never even thought of asking for a sword, because no matter how good his relationship with Lord Arthur is, he can’t get it to be sent by Lord Arthur. Such a valuable weapon.

Although Legendary-level weapons are not as good as Half-God Level-level weapons, they are much better than the Fifth Level-level long sword in the hands of Lord Ludwig himself. With Legendary-level weapons in hand, he can also Fight with Legendary tier insect race.

“Yes, trouble Lord Arthur!” The remaining Legendary lords also bowed and said.

Know that even if you get Legendary-level materials, there is no ‘forging Grandmaster’ in Great Spiritual World that can forge Legendary-level materials. At present, the only one who is 100% sure of forging this Grade 1 material is Lord Arthur.

Look at the Half-God Level long sword in the hands of Speaker Gould and these Legendary Knights. These are proofs.

“Don’t worry, everyone, as long as you kill more Legendary insect races and have enough materials, I will help you stare at Lord Arthur, and I will definitely meet your requirements!” Speaker Gould laughed and said with a smile.

The front of the castle is full of laughter, and the atmosphere here is much warmer than that on the space temple.

At the battlefield of Space Gate, the Fifth Level Templar Knight of the Temple of August 15th battled carefully. They did not aiming to achieve the best possible result but rather trying to avoid making mistakes. The battle method made the worms gather in front of them.

Eight 15 Temple Fifth Level Templar Knight completely adopts the defensive Knight battle formation, no more attacks.

This is a good thing. The rays of light of the ‘Light God technique’ will continue to fall on top of the insect wave. After a period of time, the collected insect race will die under the ‘Light God technique’.

Eight 15 Temple Fifth Level Templar Knight is like a decoy to attract insect race, 14 space temples become the main force to kill insect race.

This also brings about a problem, that is, the speed of killing insect races is greatly reduced, and the powerful insect races will gradually increase, and more and more.

Archbishop Ambrose cannot accuse the Fifth Level Templar Knights of their slackness. Too many Fifth Level Templar Knights have fallen before, and it is normal for the Fifth Level Templar Knights to dare not let go of a battle.

He can only order to activate the divine runes array of the Space Temple every once in a while, and use a powerful attack divine technique to clean up the collected insects.

Although this will increase the consumption of the space temple, Archbishop Ambrose is also helpless. He can only attract strength of faith from distant temples. Fortunately, this kind of battle method does not have to worry about the time difference, and transfer strength of far The time difference of Faith is not at all.

The tide of insects gushing out of the space gate from the insect race world does not stop a bit. For the insect race, the consumption of the insect race can’t be considered. In this way, they constantly consume the potential of the temple.

Two hours later, when Archbishop Ambrose felt that the insect race was in a conspiracy, a 100-meter-high Legendary-level insect race emerged from the space gate.

In fact, in the temple at this time, even if the temple had a conspiracy, it was helpless, because they had no spare energy to investigate the situation on the other side of the space gate.

“Lock the teleport!” Archbishop Ambrose commanded loudly.

Although the relevant orders have been communicated long ago, Archbishop Ambrose is still very worried.

With the current status of the Fifth Level Templar Knight in the 8:15 Temple, it is impossible to withstand the attack of this Legendary insect race at all, and a large number of casualties will be caused by then.

The previous loss, let alone the Temple of War lacking Templar Knight, the other four temples are also heartbroken. It takes a hundred years to cultivate a Templar Knight, but killing a Templar Knight is instantaneous. .

In those short breaths, 1/4 of the Templar Knight in the temple was lost. If I do it again, I am afraid that even the worms will have to be resisted by the noble Knight.

The fourteen space temples have long activated the divine runes array on standby. After the appearance of the legendary insect race, they all emitted a white beam of light.

Legendary class insect race wanted to dodge, but found that this white beam of light uses an autonomous locking method, which shows that this divine technique is not a powerful divine technique.

Legendary class insect race wanted to struggle, but soon stopped. It felt a little weird and was surrounded by transmitted energy.

It can’t imagine how it would be surrounded by transmission energy in this kind of battlefield, which is not at all lethal.

The legendary insect race surrounded by a white beam of light, the silhouette slowly illusory, and the space energy flashes, and the legendary insect race disappears in place.

This time, the temple didn’t dare to do anything. Before the Legendary tier insect race was sent over, Archbishop Barney notified Speaker Gould so that Speaker Gould prepared in advance.

Archbishop Ambrose also understands that a Legendary tier insect race is suddenly teleported over, with Lord Arthur, even a sudden attack cannot cause much damage.

On the contrary, it will aggravate the conflict between the nobles and the temple. Archbishop Ambrose does not want the nobles to completely withdraw from the battlefield, so that only the temple can block the insect race and cannot borrow the power of the powerful noble Knight.

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