Transcendent David Chapter 1225


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On the other side of the space door, six insect race Divine Grade hovered in the sky, looking down coldly.

In these days, the legendary-level insect races that have been sending to death are not the main force of the insect race. These legendary-level insect races, which have exhausted their potential, have no possibility of further improvement. They have lost some of them that did not allow the six insect race Divine Grade. It’s a pity.

On the contrary, we can take this opportunity to consume these legendary insect races that have no potential, and give up resources for the more potential genius insect race.

Don’t think that the insect race has a huge Great World, and there is a continuous planet supply of the resources of War Star, but the number of insect races is really too much, and these resources are far from enough.

“Time is almost up!”‘Heavenly Fire Sovereign’ looked at the space gate said solemnly.

The consumption of dozens of Legendary-level insect races was not a real waste, but to delay the Great Spiritual World so that Great Spiritual World could not detect the situation on the space gate.

On the edge of the space gate, densely packed are covered with ‘empty ticks’, and all sacrifices are made to ensure the safety of ‘empty ticks’.

Although David was able to see the situation on the other side of the space door through the eyes of Demi-God ‘golden wings A Insect King’ Avatar, he did nothing.

He sacrificed the Demi-God ‘golden wings Insect King’ Avatar, but he can only kill these ‘empty ticks’, which is not at all useful for the overall situation.

As long as the insect race is given time, ‘empty ticks’ can still be cultivated.

The escalation of the Great World battle is inevitable, David can only watch, and he also has enough confidence in the five Spiritual Gods.

The terrifying War God, by the strength of oneself, fights Black Dragon Alexis alone, ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ Avatar and ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign ’Avatar.

The strength of Black Dragon Alexis is at least equivalent to the middle and upper reaches of the insect race Divine Grade according to David’s judgment. Except for the mysterious ‘mother emperor’, the insect race Divine Grade that can easily defeat Black Dragon Alexis is probably not.

The ‘Blade Mantis Sovereign’ Avatar and the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ Avatar were damaged at the time of the resurrection, but with the blessing of the ‘War God’ Innate Ability, these gaps can be bridged.

In other words, if there is no special powerful existence in the insect race Divine Grade, War God alone can deal with more than half of the insect race Divine Grade.

The Great Spiritual World also has four Spiritual Gods at the same level as War God. David doesn’t know how strong they are, but they can rule the Great Spiritual World together with War God, and I believe that their strengths will not differ too much.

For these reasons, David didn’t care that the space door was destroyed by the’empty tick’. Instead, the’empty tick’ increased the teleportation ability of the space door, and allowed both parties to open the battle in advance to reduce the low-level powerhouse. Loss.

Because of the previous experience, the insect race Divine Grades have directed the ‘Empty Tick’ to devour the space gate to have a more detailed plan.

The size of the pit that the ‘empty-eating tick’ swallows will make the space door collapse, which is a reference when the space door collapsed last time.

this time’empty-eating tick’ not at all swallowed a pit enough to make the space door collapse, but swallowed pits evenly on the edge of the space door, and continuously added the pits at the same time Big.

One ‘empty-eating tick’ exploded because it swallowed the energy of the solidified space. After the past few days, thousands of pits of the same size have been distributed on the edge of the space door.

Each of these potholes is close to the extent that the space gate can collapse. It can be seen that the insect race has great ambitions to destroy the space gate.

The judgment of’Heavenly Fire Sovereign’ is accurate. On the edge of the space door, an’empty-eating tick’ swallows a little bit of solidified space energy, leaving the solidified space on the edge of collapse The energy is out of control.

It’s like a chain reaction. The solidified space energy within this pit collapses, affecting the pit that was swallowed by the’empty tick’ next to it, and the solidified space energy within this pit will follow collapse.

In a flash, the edge of the space door was like a brilliant firework, and the energy fireworks that solidified the space energy exploded, surrounding the space door, lighting up the world.

Insect race has been prepared for a long time, and the insect race that has reached Fifth Level has already taken a step forward and retreated.

The remaining swarms near the space gate not at all received a warning of danger and were covered by the energy of the space gate that subsequently collapsed.

On the other side of the space gate, Knight of the Legendary Temple of the Eighth 15th Temple still adopts a defense against the Knight battle formation, without any intention of attack.

They not at all noticed the changes on the space gate, and they were exhausted by the constant wave of worms.

“There is something wrong with the space gate, this energy response…” After Archbishop Ambrose sensed the change in the space energy of the space gate, he stopped in the middle of the conversation. He turned and ordered: “Immediately send the Templar Knights away! “

The orders of Archbishop Ambrose, whether there is a reason or not, the priests and priests under him will faithfully execute it, almost instinctively. The priests and priests who operate the fixed-point transmission divine runes array inspire the divine runes array.

Due to the limited range of the fixed-point transmission divine runes array, under the order of Archbishop Ambrose, they can only lock the center of the Templar Knight battle array and send as many Templar Knights away as possible.

They are still thinking, wait for the divine runes array to cool down before sending it a second time, which is just a few breaths away.

Suddenly teleporting white light enveloped the center of the Templar Knight battlefield, and the Templar Knights’ faces appeared astonished. They didn’t understand what had happened, but soon they knew.

The space gate collapsed, and a shock wave of terrifying space energy swept all around.

Everywhere I went, no matter what level of insect race was, it instantly turned into powder and disappeared in the world.

This time the space gate collapsed faster than the previous one. At least the last time the space energy was abnormal to the space gate collapsed, there was enough space between the Templar Knights to exit the battlefield.

But this time is different. It only took two breaths for the space gate to collapse until the space gate was abnormal.

Fortunately, Archbishop Ambrose judged the difference in the energy fluctuations of the space gate and issued an order in time. The fixed-point transmission rays of light took away the 53 Templar Knights at the center of the Templar Knight battle array.

The fifty-three Templar Knights were taken away from the battlefield by the space energy at the moment the space energy shock wave arrived.

The remaining three, 12 Templar Knight, looked at the shock wave of space energy in desperate eyes.

3.12 Templar Knight’s body was vaporized in an instant, and their bodies and equipment disappeared, all became part of the space turbulence.

The space energy shock wave continued to expand outward, and soon came into contact with the space temple, but the space temple is a treasure made by Spiritual God, and it is not at all affected by the space energy shock wave.

Of course, it is also due to the short time. If the time is too long, the space turbulence brought by the space energy shock wave can still cause certain damage to the space temple.

Although fixed-point teleportation was used to teleport the powerful insect race, the fourteen space temples still retained the passage to Lord Arthur’s castle.

This is also to prepare if there is too much worm infestation, it can be automatically diverted to Lord Arthur, and it will be handled by the Legendary Knight battle formation.

At this time, the passages reserved for the fourteen space temples played a very bad role. The space energy shock wave erupted by the space gates this time would not involve the distant space castles, but 14 space The temple limited the space energy shock wave erupting from the space gate, leaving only the only gap.

This caused a squeezing eruption of the space energy shock wave, in the direction of the space castle.

David’s spirit has been paying attention to the space gate. After he discovered that the space energy shock wave erupted here, he couldn’t help but look at Speaker Gould and the Legendary Knights, as well as those in the defensive shield. Eight thousand noble Knights.

If you don’t block the impact of space energy, all the Knights here can’t survive.

“We forgot one thing!” Archbishop Ambrose also found out about it, his look pale said.

If the noble Knight is really to catch everything in one net, this will definitely not be a good thing. On the contrary, it will completely break the noble from the temple, and there will be no ease of probability.

This is not all noble Knights, nor all nobles Legendary Knights.

Furthermore, Lord Arthur is also in that direction. With Lord Arthur’s strength, not to mention whether it can withstand the impact of space energy, at the speed of saving Speaker Gould before, it is not difficult to get out before the impact of space energy.

Archbishop Ambrose can imagine how angry Lord Arthur, who has lost his friends, will be. With the strength shown by Lord Arthur, with the mobilization of three Divine Grade battle strengths, no temple on the Great Spiritual World can resist The anger of Lord Arthur.

Even the main temple cannot withstand the battle between the three Divine Grade and Spiritual God.

The other four Archbishops also had extremely ugly faces. They all thought of the consequences of the fall of all the noble Knights.

Don’t think about it, everyone in the Great Spiritual World will attribute the fall of the noble Knights to the operation of the temple. The temple is trying to murder Speaker Gould and other twenty six Legendary Knights. All the noble Knights have deliberately used it when they withdraw from the battlefield. The energy of the collapse of the space gate caused the fall of the noble Knight.

Great Spiritual World Because of what this event will become, several Archbishops feel like have one’s hair stand on end as long as they think about it.

Even most of the priests in the temples are of noble origin. Whether these priests will stay in the temple is a question.

The Speaker Gould also sensed the danger, and he did not back off.

“Defense, fully defend!” Speaker Gould yelled.

This time he didn’t stand inside the Legendary Knight battle formation at all, but stood at the forefront. He saw the shock wave of space energy shooting over. At this time, it was impossible to dodge.

Furthermore, Speaker Gould didn’t want to evade. Behind him were more than 8,000 noble Knights. Once evaded, the result would be the death of all noble Knights.

The energy shield of the space castle cannot block the shock wave of space energy at all, and even the space castle itself cannot withstand it.

The Speaker Gould has the heart to die. He fulfilled the expectations of countless generations of his family and became the Legendary Knight. This is also his goal in this life. He also became the Speaker of the Supreme Council, pushing the Maine Family to Great Spiritual World The status of the first noble family.

If he can die to protect the noble Knights, Speaker Gould feels where he died, and he is fearless at this moment.

David’s thought process was only a moment, he was helplessly sighed.

This spatial energy shock wave, he himself cannot resist with an imperfect Demi-God body, but his inability to resist does not mean that he has no choice.

“Alexis, trouble you!” David thought to Black Dragon Alexis instructed.

Black Dragon Alexis jumped from David’s shoulder, and the silhouette rushed to the front of Speaker Gould very quickly, blocking the shock wave of space energy.

The body of Black Dragon Alexis also grew bigger in the process. When standing in front of Speaker Gould, Divine Physique transformed into the size of a hill, bringing the Legendary Knight battle array, more than 8,000 noble Knights, and space The castle is all blocked.

Obviously, Black Dragon Alexis was a little excited. The black scales on the surface of his Divine Physique were shining with faint rays of light, and he uttered a dragon roar toward the shock wave of space energy that rushed over.

The terrifying dragon roar made Speaker Gould and the 12 Legendary lord behind him tremble as if they had encountered a natural enemy.

Their state is not just fighting, it is even a problem to keep their bodies stable.

The more than eight thousand noble Knights were even more unbearable. The area they were in was the gravity zone of the space castle. At this time, they all fell to the ground and lost their strength.

Only David’s thirteen Legendary Knight Avatars. Because they are David’s Soul Clone, they are affected by the divine symbol contract, not at all.

The shock wave of space energy collided with Black Dragon Alexis, and the silhouette of Black Dragon Alexis did not even shake.

The black scales of Black Dragon Alexis are inherently immune to various energy attacks. The formidable power of this terrifying space energy shock wave has also been reduced a lot, and it cannot harm his Divine Physique at all.

The Dragon’s roar of giant dragon and the terrifying Divine Grade aura can be felt even at the Space Temple.

Archbishop Ambrose began to suspect whether the divine spiritual aura detection system was malfunctioning, and why the giant dragon appeared without receiving an alarm.

However, Archbishop Ambrose quickly thought of the existence of Black Dragon among the three Divine Grades who fought against War God. Needless to say, the one who appeared to block the energy shock wave in space was related to Lord Arthur. The Black Dragon.

It’s just that Archbishop Ambrose didn’t expect that the appearance of Black Dragon did not at all let the divine spiritual aura probe the system and call the police, so it can only be explained as Spiritual God allowed Black Dragon to exist in the Great Spiritual World.