Transcendent David Chapter 1226


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The Speaker Gould was stunned. After recovering from Dragon’s roar, he stared blankly at the back of Black Dragon Alexis, the horrible back like a hill.

The Speaker Gould never thought that one day he could see the legendary giant dragon with his own eyes and accept the protection of the giant dragon.

He naturally knows that he definitely does not have such a big face, so there is only one probability, which is the Black Dragon sent by Lord Arthur.

At this time, the shock wave of space energy erupting from the space gate has ended, and Black Dragon Alexis has completed his task and turned around.

This turn made everyone see the appearance of Black Dragon Alexis head-on. The noble Knights are stared wide-eyed. Although the fear in their hearts is particularly present, this kind of experience that can boast of a lifetime makes the noble Knights still work hard to think To see everything about Black Dragon Alexis.

What Speaker Gould thinks of Black Dragon Alexis, how familiar.

Suddenly, he thought of the unremarkable pet who had been lying on Lord Arthur’s shoulder.

The Great Spiritual World has countless planets, and no one knows how many mutated creatures there are.

The pet that lord Arthur often lays on his shoulders is weird, but not at all. Many people pay too much attention to it. There are pets even more weird than the smaller Black Dragon Alexis.

But Speaker Gould absolutely didn’t expect that the pet lying on Lord Arthur’s shoulders turned out to be a Black Dragon, Divine Grade Black Dragon.

The breath of Black Dragon in front of him, Speaker Gould can guarantee that this is the breath of Divine Grade.

The Speaker Gould thought of those who are enemies with Lord Arthur. He couldn’t help but feel ashamed of being inferior for the courage of those people. What kind of courage is needed to be an enemy of Lord Arthur who has Divine Grade Black Dragon .

But soon, Speaker Gould took on a look of anxiety. In the Great Spiritual World, any god other than the five spiritual gods will be chased by the five temples whenever they appear.

In order to save them, Lord Arthur actually brought out the Black Dragon Alexis summon to protect them from the danger.

Black Dragon Alexis flew in the direction of David in the eyes of everyone. During the flight, the silhouette became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a kitten state and fell on David’s shoulders.

Some people didn’t think it was the pet on the shoulder of Lord Arthur, and at this time they also understood what the pet was lying on Lord Arthur’s shoulder!

Some people have complained before that Lord Arthur often brought pets, just like those dudes of noble children.

But today, it was discovered that the pets played by the children of the dwarf nobles are not even rubbish. The pets brought by Lord Arthur turned out to be Divine Grade Black Dragon. There is basically no comparability between the two.

“Lord Arthur, this Black Dragon will not be in trouble when he appears in real form?” Speaker Gould came to David’s side and asked softly.

The speaker of Gould looked involuntarily towards Black Dragon Alexis. At this time, Black Dragon Alexis was lying down again, his small body fell into a deep sleep, not at all because it blocked the space energy shock wave just now and disturbed sleepiness .

Although Black Dragon Alexis is in a reduced state, Speaker Gould still has a sense of fear. When Black Dragon Alexis issued a dragon roar just now, he can still feel the suppression of the life level.

“This is Black Dragon Alexis, my partner, there is no problem with his identity, the temple will not interfere!” David explained with a smile.

Speaker Gould looked towards the direction of the Space Temple, and as expected, there was no reaction at all.

If there is a real problem, then there will be a space temple coming over. It is not to say that the temple chases and kills any gods, it has been doing this for thousands of years.

Speaker Gould didn’t know how David legalized Black Dragon Alexis’s identity, but he thought of another thing, that is, David can’t invite Divine Grade to take action, but can actually direct Divine Grade.

Look at the Black Dragon Alexis in front of you. Although David said that Black Dragon Alexis is a partner, Speaker Gould can use his surname to guarantee that the relationship between Black Dragon Alexis and David is definitely not as simple as a partner.

Black Dragon Alexis is personally protecting David, and in this pet form, it can be seen that David is the dominant player.

Speaker Gould has a guess in his heart. Although this guess makes him unbelievable, he feels that this guess is very close to the fact that Black Dragon Alexis is controlled by David.

Of course, Speaker Gould was impossible to ask here, and a smile appeared on his face.

What is the biggest difference in strength between the nobles and the five temples?

It means that there is no Spiritual God in the nobles. There are five Spiritual Gods in the five major temples. In terms of strength other than Spiritual God, the nobles now crush the temple.

Dozens Legendary Knight, especially after the ‘League of Dawn’, has strengthened the relationship between the powerful top aristocrats and united the powerful top aristocrats.

As for the five major temples, there is not even the Legendary Knight, and there are only a few Legendary priests, but once the Legendary priest leaves the temple, the battle strength will be greatly reduced.

Now there is Lord Arthur among the nobles. Lord Arthur is the top noble, a member of the Supreme Council, and a close friend of Speaker Gould.

Lord Arthur has the help of Divine Grade Black Dragon, which means that the Supreme Council can get the support of Divine Grade Black Dragon to some extent, and it means that the nobles also have Divine Grade battle strength.

“Thanks to the life-saving grace of the great Lord Arthur!” Lord Ludwig bowed and said to David with a big gift.

Lord Ludwig’s words rarely used the honorific ‘great’. Generally, such honorific words are used only when they meet for the first time to show respect for those with noble status.

Based on the acquaintance between Lord Ludwig and David, the respect he showed was thanks to life-saving grace on the one hand, and Black Dragon Alexis on the other.

In the Great Spiritual World, weapons and assistance are considered part of the strength.

Just like Speaker Gould’s strength is almost the same as Lord Ludwig, but Speaker Gould holding a Half-God Level long sword is stronger than Lord Ludwig in strength, and this will be recognized. of.

With Black Dragon Alexis, the Divine Grade battle strength that follows him, in the recognition of the Great Spiritual World, Lord Arthur is still Demi-God, but because of the strength of Black Dragon Alexis, Lord Arthur can also be considered It is god level existence.

Lord Ludwig’s respect is his attitude towards Lord Divine Grade Arthur, to show his great respect for Lord Divine Grade Arthur.

“Thanks to the great Lord Arthur for his life-saving grace!” The remaining Legendary lords also bowed and bowed.

“Thanks to the great Lord Arthur for his life-saving grace!” More than eight thousand noble Knights followed and bowed and bowed together.

The eyes of all the noble Knights are full of worship. Lord Arthur has always been the worship target of the Knights. Today’s events have raised Lord Arthur’s position in their in mind a lot.

David smiled and paid back to everyone. He accepted everyone’s gratitude. Indeed, if he hadn’t signed a divine symbol agreement with five Spiritual Gods, the sudden appearance of Black Dragon Alexis at this time would trigger any reaction from the temple hard to imagine.

“President Gould, this incident is not accidental. It is a conspiracy of the temple. They want to take the noble Knight to catch everything in one net!” Lord Ludwig said softly.

Lord Ludwig controlled the size of the voice, but there was a lot of indignation.

If Black Dragon Alexis hadn’t appeared and blocked the space energy shock wave, then their Legendary Knights and more than eight thousand noble knights would all be overwhelmed by the space energy shock wave.

Space energy shock wave is the terrifying energy that only Divine Grade can resist. It is equivalent to placing any target in the shock wave range in space turbulence.

Many of the noble Knights also reacted from the previous danger, and at this time they also considered the origin of the danger.

The danger just now came from the Space Temple, so terrifying energy waves, why didn’t the Temple warn in advance?

When the noble Knight is required to strangle the powerful insect race, it will be announced in advance, but when it is in danger, there is no reminder.

The noble Knights all suspected that this was what the temple wanted to kill them. This thought made the noble Knights feel the hatred of the temple to the extreme.

“Yes, otherwise, there is no such a coincidence. The fourteen space temples can still use fixed-point teleportation to teleport the high-level insect race, but still open the passage, just waiting for the collapse of the space gate. !” Lord Darryl also said afterwards.

“The temple is constantly trying to murder us. Next, everyone should be careful. We are all members of the Great Spiritual World. We are not fighting here for the temple, but for our family, for all Nobles and our people!” Speaker Gould said solemnly.

President Gould is a little worried that the actions of the temple will make the noble Knights lose their idea of ​​resisting the insect race.

“Fight for the family, fight for the nobles, fight for the people!” A Legendary lord on the side echoed loudly.

“Fight for the family, fight for the nobles, fight for the people!” The noble Knights yelled one after another.

Speaker Gould watched the Knights’ morale rise again, and he couldn’t help let out a long relaxed breath.

Although this war is dominated by divine warfare, from the perspective of the progress of the war, their noble Knight is the main battle strength in the first half of the war.

If there is a Legendary-level insect race coming from the space gate of the temple, it must be solved by God descending, then the consumption of Spiritual God will increase, which will affect the final battle.

The five Spiritual Gods and Speaker Gould have the same goal, which is to protect the Great Spiritual World from the invasion of the insect race.

At this point, even though Speaker Gould has endured the temple’s frame, he still wants to do his own task to solve the invading Legendary insect race.

The Speaker Gould is more worried that the emotions of the noble Knights will affect Lord Arthur. Lord Arthur’s task is more important. Lord Arthur needs to solve the Half-God Level insect race, which is irreplaceable by others.

Not to mention Lord Arthur and Black Dragon Alexis, the Divine Grade Black Dragon. If necessary, you can even participate in the battle of God to increase your victory in the Great Spiritual World.

Although the morale of the noble Knights has risen, they still hold a hatred towards the temple, and their gazes towards the distant space temple are full of hatred.

At this point, even Speaker Gould is the same. Through successive events, the noble Knights have completely lost their feelings for the temple. They feel that they have recognized the true face of the temple.

In ‘Space Temple of Knowledge’, Archbishop Ambrose knew that what had happened just now would make the nobles more hostile to the temple, but this matter really cannot be explained.

Why did the space gate explode so fast? It was almost that the temple didn’t even teleport away all of its Templar Knight.

The fifty-three Templar Knights of the surviving temple were teleported to the outer space of the space temple. Some of the space temples blocked the space energy shock wave, but were not harmed.

The fourteen space temples are full of painful atmosphere. This time they lost three of the 12 temples Templar Knight. In addition to the last loss, this time the temple Templar Knight who came to participate in the war lost more than half.

One hundred and thirty temple Templar Knights, when there is no Legendary Knight, they are all battle strengths that can make the Great Spiritual World tremble, and now only fifty-three remain.

The priests and priests of the space temple are more or less familiar or acquainted with these fallen temple Templar Knights, and some are even very closely related.

Templar Knight can be regarded as a power in the temple. Now these powers in the temple have lost their leaders. Sadness exhibits one’s feelings in one’s speech.

Of course, it is McIntyre Archbishop that is even more sad, he stared blankly at the location of Templar Knight in the original temple.

Among the three 12 temples of Templar Knights that fell this time, the remaining four Templar Knights from Temple of War are all in them, and the ten Templar Knights sent by Temple of War are now wiped out.

McIntyre Archbishop is a little confused about how to manage Temple of War. Without Templar Knight, Temple of War will lose how much industry.

In many industries, Templar Knight was present, and the reputation of Templar Knight and Temple of War alone can keep Temple of War’s industry from being watched by anyone.

But now the relationship between the nobility and the temple has deteriorated, and it loses the protection of Templar Knight. Many properties of Temple of War are in a state without powerhouse care.

It can be imagined how many nobles will extend the hand to the Temple of War industry.

McIntyre Archbishop can’t send an envoy to let the Spiritual God surrender in order to compete for the industry and become the fighter of Temple of War.

If McIntyre Archbishop dared to do this, War God would be able to give him a Divine Punishment without any nobility.

As for the remaining Templar Knights of Temple of War, those Templar Knights need to take care of the comparable industries, and they are some of the key positions in the care of Temple of War.

These Templar Knights cannot be mobilized at all. Even if all the industries are lost, they cannot use Templar Knights who protect the key positions.