Transcendent David Chapter 1227


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Just when the five Archbishops were thinking about each other, Space Gate also began to change.

The collapsed space door once again formed the space vortex, but the diameter of the space vortex at this time reached 300 metres, and the edge of the space vortex was condensed and solidified under the world Rule suppression of the two Great Worlds.

“I don’t need Templar Knight to prepare!” Archbishop Ambrose said bitterly.

The 300-metre space gate is taking shape, but Archbishop Ambrose has nothing to do.

The space gate is so big, not to mention Demi-God, even the Divine Grade of the insect race can be entered.

Archbishop Ambrose didn’t expect that the expansion of the second space gate would bring the war to the level of war.

There are only fifty-three Fifth Level Templar Knights left. They returned to their original combat positions. They only saw the space door. Archbishop Ambrose didn’t want them to die.

Archbishop Ambrose just finished talking, except for McIntyre Archbishop, the other Archbishops all issued orders to the Templar Knights to summon Templar Knight to return to the Space Temple.

McIntyre Archbishop was recalled because there was no Templar Knight. He looked towards the four Archbishops, especially Archbishop Ambrose.

In his feeling, these are the four Archbishop deliberately targeting Temple of War. Otherwise, how could they miss all the four Templar Knights of Temple of War in the final teleportation, and teleport the fifty-three Templar Knights who left? Both are Templar Knight from Four Great God Palaces.

MacIntyre Archbishop Think about the various contempt of the four Archbishops, and there is a sense of hatred in his heart.

“Each space temple immediately mobilizes the strength of Faith of the remote temple, the Earth God Palace in space, arranges the’hidden thunder divine technique’ near the space gate, the Space Temple of Knowledge prepares the’fog divine technique’, and the Space Temple of Justice prepares ‘Life sanction divine technique’, Temple of Wealth prepares’fate strike divine technique’, Temple of War prepares’punishment divine technique’!” A series of commands were issued from Archbishop Ambrose.

The divine technique of each of the five great temples was arranged by Archbishop Ambrose one after another. At this time, there is no need to be stingy with the strength of Faith.

The temple side is in fact passive. I don’t know when the insect race on the other side of the space gate will dispatch insect race Demi-God and Divine Grade. This makes the temple unable to invite God to prepare.

The temple can only use the divine technique to delay the entry of the space gate into the insect race, so that the temple has enough time to react.

In addition, the passages vacated by the fourteen space temples will also be closed. Once the insect race Divine Grade rushes out of the passage, the consequences will be disastrous.

Be aware that once the insect race Divine Grade leaves the scope of the Space Temple, unless the five Spiritual Gods use their god bodies to fight in person, they will not be able to compete with the insect race Divine Grade outside the scope of the Temple.

The three’Space Earth God Palace’ inspired the’hidden thunder divine technique divine runes array’, one by one divine runes flew out, and after gathering the strength of Faith, they formed a light cluster and fell on the space gate Before, the entire area of ​​the space door was covered.

After two breaths, these light balls disappeared as if they had disappeared.

‘Hidden Thunder divine technique’, a defensive attack divine technique, is a hidden thunder condensed by strength of Faith. Once an evil target appears, the hidden thunder will explode after the evil target enters the hidden thunder’s attack range. , Give the evil target a powerful blow.

The attack power of the’hidden thunder divine technique’ depends on the strength of faith consumed by the’space Earth God Palace’. This time just look at the strength of faith transmission channel leading to the distance in the’space Earth God Palace’. You can know that Earth God Palace consumes a lot of strength of Faith for the’hidden thunder divine technique’.

The three’space Temple of Knowledge’ inspired the’fog divine technique divine runes array’. A divine runes fell in front of the space gate, and the mist spread out from the divine runes, quickly connecting the space gate with The space temple is completely full.

It’s just that the mist emitted by the ‘Mist Divine Technique’ is very peculiar. When the priests and sacrifices of the fourteen space temples looked towards the mist, there is only a very thin mist, which does not affect the vision of the priests and sacrifices.

But if evil exists in the fog, the fog will completely cover the line of sight, and it can even block the spirit.

Don’t look at the single function of the fog. In fact, most of the powerful divine techniques have a very single function. The more the functions, the lower the formidable power will be spread.

The attack divine techniques of ‘Space Temple of Justice’, ‘Space Temple of Wealth’ and ‘Space Temple of War’ are all in a ready state, as long as there is a target, it will give the target a saturation blow.

David’s mind entered the soul of Demi-God ‘golden wings armor Insect King’ Avatar. After he discovered the space gate, he has been paying attention to the movement of the insect race.

The strange thing is that when the space gate stabilizes, insect race not at all any actions.

Even the six insect race Divine Grades are quietly waiting for something, not at all issuing any orders.

David can feel the excitement of all around insect race through Demi-God ‘golden wings 甲 Insect King’ Avatar, and it seems that an important moment is coming.

Not far from the six insect race Divine Grade, brilliant rays of light appeared in the sky, and a Space Wormhole slowly appeared.

Compared with the Space Wormhole inspired by David, the Space Wormhole that appears at this time is extremely gorgeous, and the appearance of the Space Wormhole in front of you is obviously processed.

David can’t figure out, who would be boring to change the appearance of Space Wormhole? You must know that Space Wormhole is a practical ability. No matter how beautiful the Space Wormhole is, it will not increase its function.

For a pragmatist like David, he cannot accept this kind of change in details.

Of course, this dazzling Space Wormhole reflects the absolute strength control of the space energy by the performer. David himself can’t do this. David’s space control is obtained from the space insect race, and he controls the space. There is not much research.

After this distinctive Space Wormhole appeared, the lander planet and all the insect races in the sky lowered their bodies.

David controls the Demi-God ‘golden wings and Insect King’ Avatar, keeping the same movements with the Demi-God around him and lowering his body. He doesn’t want to receive extra attention because of his speciality.

Space fluctuation rises from Space Wormhole, and a silhouette passes through Space Wormhole.

Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King’ Avatar although the body is lowered, but the unique eyes of the insect race have a visual range of nearly 180 degrees. David passed Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King The person’s Avatar’s eyes saw this silhouette.

David has a lot of speculations about the appearance of the’mother emperor’. From the memory of Demi-God’golden wings an Insect King person’ Avatar, and from the insect race contact network, he did not find any information about the’mother emperor’. Description of appearance.

However, he has seen some legends. According to legends, the “mother emperor” has many forms, which will change according to different occasions.

But no matter what kind of form it is, as long as it appears in front of an insect race, any insect race can immediately know that it is the “mother emperor”, because the “mother emperor” is born with the power to suppress any insect race.

This is like the suppression of the ordinary person type of life form by Giant Dragon Race in Great Spiritual World.

David saw the “mother emperor”, the true ruler of the insect race world and the leader of the insect race.

At the first sight of the “Mother Queen”, David had only one feeling in his heart, that this is a perfect fighter.

David has many insect race avatars. Naturally, he has a lot of experience in using Insect Body to fight. Many of the insect race avatars have evolved through countless years and formed their own characteristics.

Like the’Blade Mantis Sovereign’ Avatar, its body structure is relatively fragile, but it has the sharpest weapon among the insect race Divine Grade. The terrifying Divine Grade blade can perform at the moment of the attack Extremely terrifying blow.

Like the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ Avatar, the whole golden armor gives the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ Avatar the most powerful defensive power.

However, golden armor cannot bring sharp claws to the ‘Titan golden armor Sovereign’ Avatar, and can only use its power to compensate for its own attacks.

One of the space insect races opened a Space Wormhole leading to an unknown area, and the remaining nine Fifth Level space insect races used space energy to establish a sealed space channel between the Space Wormhole and the space gate.

‘Heavenly Fire Sovereign’ also sent out a burst of energy, which turned into a phantom barrier and added another layer outside the space channel.

David really doesn’t understand how terrifying ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is. Insect race will be so cautiously. He can’t help but worry about whether the temple can resist ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

It’s just that even if he tells the temple now, he still can’t say clearly what ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is, what ability he has, and he can’t make the temple make corresponding preventions.

After ‘Heavenly Fire Sovereign’ has done all this, it looked towards the ‘Mother Queen’, waiting for the confirmation of the ‘Mother Queen’.

‘Mother Emperor’ nodded, confirm that you can continue.

Space Wormhole was operating under the operation of the Fifth Level Wormhole, and soon a pitch-black insect race crawled out of the Space Wormhole.

This pitch-black insect race is not only pitch-black, it also has a black breath rising from the body.

When David saw the pitch black insect race, he felt extremely pure evil. This pitch black insect race is like an aggregation of all evil.

The strength of the pitch black insect race is only Fifth Level, but the rising black qi breath makes Demi-God’golden wings and Insect King’ Avatar have instinctive aversion, David has a feeling, even Demi-God’golden wings When the Avatar of the Insect King comes into contact with the rising black qi, bad things will happen.

At the level of Demi-God, David believes very much in his own perception. Since he perceives that ‘Blasphemy Insect’ can affect Demi-God, there is nothing wrong with the facts.