Transcendent David Chapter 1228


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When the dark ‘Blasphemy Insect’ appeared, the six insect race Divine Grade and all around Legendary and Demi-God unconsciously made expressions of distance.

From this, we can see that even the insect race Divine Grade has a lot of scruples about ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

The eyes of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ looked towards all around, and wherever the line of sight passed, all the insect race looked towards by it could not help but stir.

However, David clearly saw that the sight of’Blasphemy Insect’ was not at all focused on those insect races. He thought of the ability of’Heavenly Fire Sovereign’, not to mention the space channel where’Blasphemy Insect’ is located. The phantom barrier outside, phantoms the’Blasphemy Insect’.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ moved along the space channel toward the space gate at a moderate pace, and then more than fifty’Blasphemy Insect’ came out of the Space Wormhole and entered the space channel.

Somehow, David felt that Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King’ Avatar’s insect race was extremely nervous, and a’Blasphemy Insect’ would make Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King’ Avatar feel To disgust, when the number of’Blasphemy Insect’ reached more than fifty, Demi-God’golden wings an Insect King’ Avatar showed fear.

Know that the soul of Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King’ Avatar is the Avatar of David’s soul. This Soul Clone does not retain the fear of anything. This fear should be Demi-God’golden wings armor Insect King is the instinctive reaction of the Insect Body.

When more than fifty ‘Blasphemy Insect’ passed through the space channel, the whole world was quiet, and all insect races were very quiet, for fear that the heavy breathing would make ‘Blasphemy Insect’ notice.

David’s body is in front of the castle, he looked at the direction of the Space Temple.

“Speaker Gould, you take all the Legendary Knights back to the castle, and all the Knights follow into the castle!” David said solemnly.

Although David was just an ordinary member of the Supreme Council of the nobility, no one violated his words.

The Speaker Gould didn’t even ask the reason, and immediately led all the Legendary Knights into the space castle. The remaining 8,000 Knights also began to enter the castle in an orderly manner.

The space in the castle cannot accommodate more than 8,000 Knights, but standing in it is not a problem.

“Arthur, what’s the matter?” Speaker Gould quietly walked to David’s side and asked softly.

“I don’t know, but it just feels uneasy!” David couldn’t explain why he did this, he could only say so.

“Lord Ludwig, Lord Darryl, you will take people to strengthen the defense array of the castle. All Knights should not rest. Let the Knight battle array gather Bloodline Strength to form a Bloodline Strength shield in front of the castle. !” Speaker Gould face changed, he turned his head and ordered loudly.

Powerhouse has a certain perception of danger, which Speaker Gould knows very well.

Speaker Gould himself has a sense of danger when he encounters danger.

His feeling of anxiety about Lord Arthur’s words is more important than his feeling of danger.

How powerful Lord Arthur is, you can know how powerful Lord Arthur is only when the Demi-God ‘Titan golden armor king’ was killed by Lord Arthur with a single blow.

Lord Arthur, Demi-God, is a powerful existence, but he perceives anxiety, so the coming danger is absolutely fatal to Speaker Gould and the others.

Lord Ludwig and Lord Darryl took the remaining Legendary lords into the air and flew towards the defensive array.

Now Knight is standing everywhere in the castle. If you want the fastest movement, you can only fly.

Although it was a bit rude to fly over Knight’s head, no one would say anything in this situation.

Lord Ludwig came to the castle’s defensive array, and when he saw the defensive array, he couldn’t help but feel stagnant.

“Lord Arthur actually mastered the layout of the divine runes array!” Lord Darryl exclaimed.

In their eyes, the defense array is not an ordinary pattern array, but a divine runes array.

On the divine runes array, the five ‘divine force crystals’ are the fundamental energy of the castle defense array.

Fortunately, it is impossible for Lord Ludwig and Lord Darryl to arrange the divine runes array, but they have learned how to manipulate this defensive divine runes array. They will use this aspect many times when performing tasks for the temple. knowledge.

Defensive divine runes array. Under the control of multiple Legendary Knights, the energy shield outside the castle has been significantly strengthened.

And when there is an attack, Lord Ludwig, they can control the energy of the energy shield to gather it to the most needed position to reduce the risk of the energy shield being broken.

In the energy shield, there is also a Bloodline Strength shield gathered by the Knights, blocking the front of the castle.

At this time, the first ‘Blasphemy Insect’ entered the space gate, and between Space Change, ‘Blasphemy Insect’ appeared in the Great Spiritual World.

The temple has already been prepared. In addition to the ‘Light God technique’ that has been maintained, the space gate is densely covered with ‘hidden thunder’.

As soon as’Blasphemy Insect’ appeared, it was first irradiated by the’Light God technique’. The rays of light of the’Light God technique’ shone on the rising black qi breath of the’Blasphemy Insect’, and the light of the’Light God technique’ instantly rays of light are like being ignited.

White’s ‘Light God technique’ rays of light turned into a weird black, and in an instant, from the space gate to the fourteen space temples, all turned into black.

The dense ‘hidden thunder’ on the ground is under the influence of the rays of light of black’s ‘Light God technique’, it is like encountering something extremely evil.

All the “hidden thunders” distributed in the entire area exploded at the same time. The sudden explosion caused all 14 space temples to be affected, and they couldn’t help shaking.

Although the ‘fog divine technique’ cannot block Archbishop Ambrose’s vision, the sudden appearance of black prevents him from seeing what is happening on the battlefield.

Archbishop Ambrose only saw a black insect race appear, and then it was pitch black and nothing was seen.

“What happened? What did scanning the array find?” Archbishop Ambrose exclaimed.

“The energy of scanning the array has been affected by the unknown, and it is impossible to detect the situation in black!” A priest replied.

“Report, the divine runes array of the’Light God Technique’ is damaged and cannot be used again for a short time!” Another priest reported.

“What is this? Do you know?” Archbishop Ambrose turned his head and looked towards the four Archbishops, he wanted to get the answer from them.

“I have never encountered anything like this!” Archbishop Adele said, shaking his head.

“I feel the extreme evil aura, this kind of evil aura seems to be the natural enemy of divine aura!” Archbishop Julian frowned.

Archbishop Julian is the Archbishop of Temple of Justice. He is extremely sensitive to evil aura. Although the black insect race only showed up for a while, he also perceives the terrifying evil aura.

“Archbishop, I use my spirit to perceive it!” A Fifth Level priest standing aside bowed and said.

Because there are many divine techniques in the battlefield, the ‘hidden thunder divine technique’ and the ‘mist divine technique’ are too sensitive, and rash use of the spirit is likely to stimulate reactions.

However, at this time the ‘hidden thunder divine technique’ is all activated, and the ‘mist divine technique’ has little influence, so Fifth Level sacrifices will take the initiative to invite them.

“Try it, be careful!” Archbishop Ambrose nodded agreed.

In addition to McIntyre Archbishop, the four Archbishops, including Archbishop Ambrose, all felt the danger in the battlefield, and they did not dare to use mental exploration rashly.

As commanders of war, they dare not take risks.

McIntyre Archbishop is somewhat rejected, and it is not his turn to express any opinions.

The Fifth Level sacrificial sacred spirit came out. After contact with black, his spirit was obviously affected, and he forced his spirit towards the inside of black.

As soon as the Fifth Level sacrifice perceives an insect race, his spirit changes from colorlessness to black.

Archbishop Ambrose looked at the Fifth Level sacrifice in front of him in horror. Above the Fifth Level sacrifice head, a black line quickly came towards the Fifth Level sacrifice head.

Due to the high speed, Archbishop Ambrose didn’t have time to make a move, only to see the body of the Fifth Level sacrifice turned black, even the eyes were completely black.

A piercing alarm sounded in the ‘Space Temple of Knowledge’, which was an alarm sound for the discovery of evil.

all around the wall, several divine runes arrays light up, and several powerful energies bind the Fifth Level sacrifices.

Before the Fifth Level sacrifices are bound, they have begun to prepare the most powerful divine technique.

Fortunately, this is a Fifth Level sacrifice. The powerful divine technique takes time to prepare. This is the space inside the Temple of Space. It has a very strong security level. If something is wrong, it will be dealt with immediately.

The Fifth Level priests who were bound by several energies struggled constantly, but the power of the sacrifice was very small, even if the Fifth Level Templar Knight was restrained by these energies, it was difficult to get rid of it.

Archbishop Ambrose saw the bound energy controlling the Fifth Level sacrifice, the part of the bound energy in contact with the Fifth Level sacrifice was slowly turning black.

He was suddenly startled, and when he was about to issue an order, he saw a golden rays of light flying over, wrapping the Fifth Level sacrifice, and the terrifying golden flames rising on the Fifth Level sacrifice body.

Soon the Fifth Level sacrifice was burned to ashes, but the golden flame not at all stopped and was still burning.

Archbishop Ambrose can see clearly that there is still a little black in the golden flame that hasn’t disappeared. The black is extremely tenacious. After ten breaths still exist in the golden flame, it was completely wiped out by the golden flame.

“Great Lord, thank you for your shot!” Archbishop Ambrose knelt to the ground, saluting to the golden flames.

This golden flame is a divine force exerted by the god of knowledge. Archbishop Ambrose didn’t know what black was. The god of knowledge directly mobilized divine force through Divine Idol to kill the Fifth Level sacrificial contaminated by black.

“Use the sacred fire immediately, only flames can destroy this evil!” The voice of the god of knowledge sounded in Archbishop Ambrose’s mind.

The so-called sacred fire is an elementary usage of strength of faith, which transforms strength of faith into pure flame.

Archbishop Ambrose did not dare to ask more, and the god of knowledge did not say much, and the golden flame disappeared.

“Order the fourteen space temples, all ignite divine fire, and spray towards the space gate!” Archbishop Ambrose commanded loudly.

Following the order of Archbishop Ambrose, the fourteen space temples mobilized the strength of faith, converted into flames through the divine runes array, and sprayed them towards the inside of the battlefield.

The black tainted by the ‘Light God technique’ quickly dissipated under the impact of the divine fire.

This is also related to the destruction of all the ‘Light God technique’ divine runes array. Without the addition of the ‘Light God technique’ divine runes array, these blacks are also rootless and cleaned by sacred fire.

More than fifty ‘Blasphemy Insect’s just got out of the space door, they were sprayed straight by the fire.

The ‘Blasphemy Insect’ wailed horribly in the sacred fire, and the sound of that horrible howling even if it was in space made the priests and priests in the fourteen space temples a headache.

The Space Temple immediately reacted and applied an energy shield that shielded the sound waves, so that the priests and priests were no longer affected by the howling.

More than fifty’Blasphemy Insect’ are just Fifth Level insect races. After being targeted by the sacred fire, although they struggled hard, they couldn’t resist the continuous burning of the sacred fire. The rising black mist on their bodies became thinner and thinner. The black on Body is also fading.

But no one noticed that the first ‘Blasphemy Insect’ was not among the fifty ‘Blasphemy Insect’s, but appeared at the bottom of a ‘Space Temple of War’.

The’Mist divine technique’not at all’ can block this’Blasphemy Insect’. It uses the rays of light polluting the’Light God technique’ to affect the effect of the’Mist divine technique’, allowing it to discover the space temple position.

This ‘Blasphemy Insect’ found a ‘Space Temple of War’ as its target, and flew below the ‘Space Temple of War’, and only after that, the sacred fire sprayed out into the battlefield.

This ‘Blasphemy Insect ’not at all was affected by the sacred fire and completely avoided the sacred fire.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ touched the shield of ‘Space Temple of War’ with its forelimbs. The shield that could withstand a blow from Divine Grade was strangely corroded into black.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ drilled into the black area that was eroded out. The shield didn’t have any blocking effect and was passed through by’Blasphemy Insect’.

After entering the shield, ‘Blasphemy Insect’ pounced on the outer wall of ‘Space Temple of War’.

After contacting the outer wall of ‘Space Temple of War’, the rising black mist of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ successfully contaminated a part of the outer wall of ‘Space Temple of War’.

The outer wall part of’Space Temple of War’ combines extremely precious space turbulence materials, plus countless years of sublimation by believers’ strength of Faith, but even this is the case for the black mist rising from’Blasphemy Insect’ There is not much resistance.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ just lays on the outer wall of ‘Space Temple of War’, and the black on the outer wall is getting bigger and bigger.

And as the area of ​​black becomes larger, the speed of diffusion becomes faster. After just a few breaths, this ‘Space Temple of War’ was dyed black.