Transcendent David Chapter 1229


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David is also paying attention to the situation on the space gate, but at the beginning he has the influence of the’fog divine technique’ and the’hidden thunder divine technique’. He can’t get the spirit close to the space gate, so he can only rely on the Shadow Servant far away. Observation of the eyes.

Actually, it is not difficult for Shadow Servant to enter the fog of the ‘divine technique’.

Because the invisibility of Shadow Servant is on another layer of space, not the same layer as the main world, so the fog of the main world has no effect on it.

It’s just that David doesn’t think this is necessary, and he also worried that ‘Blasphemy Insect’ might be harmful to Shadow Servant.

When the space door became pitch black, David carefully controlled the Shadow Servant away from that area.

He saw how the temple dealt with ‘Blasphemy Insect’. The sacred fire generated by strength of Faith does have a certain effect on ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

The horrible howling of dozens of’Blasphemy Insect’, the effect of the sacred fire is good, but David can’t understand how the strongest is Fifth Level’s’Blasphemy Insect’ can withstand the fourteen space temples The sacred fire.

A ‘Blasphemy Insect’ that did not reach Fifth Level could not last too long. After being burned by a sacred fire, the black on the Insect Body completely disappeared, and its Insect Body became the color of an ordinary insect race.

Lost the protection of black, this ‘Blasphemy Insect’ failed to persist even for a breath in the sacred fire, and it turned to ashes.

Shadow Servant almost instinctively wanted to absorb the soul. David had already prepared and suppressed the impulse of Shadow Servant forcibly.

At the moment when the soul of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ appeared, a world will appeared, crushing and disappearing the soul that had just left the Insect Body.

David’s face tightened. The world’s will is extremely weak, and people with weak soul strength have imperceptible world will.

It is hard for David to imagine what kind of soul it takes to make the will of the world appear and destroy it.

This shows that the soul makes the world will feel extremely repulsive, so that the world will will take the initiative to appear.

After discovering this, David controlled Shadow Servant more carefully, and could not let Shadow Servant absorb such souls, otherwise the consequences would be really hard to predict.

In the main hall of the ‘Space Temple of War’ whose surface was dyed black, the War God Divine Idol with faint rays of light flashing, suddenly the rays of light flourished.

The priests and priests in the ‘Space Temple of War’ saw the change of Divine Idol and began to pray to him frantically. The chanting of the War God “Book of God” resounded inside the temple.

War God Divine Idol’s eyes showed indifferent gaze. He looked at the believers in the hall without a trace of emotion.

In the’Space Temple of War’, there are more than 10,000 priests and sacrifices. Among them, the priests and sacrifices below Level 4 can only pray and provide the strength of faith for the space temple, but cannot participate. Go in the war.

If you don’t reach Level 4, you can’t fight in space. Even if you wear a life support device, you don’t have any battle strength.

War God doesn’t care about the lives of these believers. His consciousness enters the divine sense of Divine Idol because he perceives the extreme evil invading the ‘Space Temple of War’.

In War God’s view, these believers are sinners and have not protected the ‘Space Temple of War’.

“Use the life and soul you waited for to redeem the sins you waited for!” The solemn voice sounded inside the’Space Temple of War’.

Amidst the puzzlement and surprise of more than 10,000 priests and sacrifices, the bodies of all priests and sacrifices were ignited by the strength of Faith.

Golden flames rise above the body of every priest and sacrifice, and then gather together and spread to all parts of the ‘Temple of War’.

This ‘Space Temple of War’ also broke away from the defense line formed by the other space temples at this time, and the black ‘Space Temple of War’ was also discovered by the other space temples.

“Give me an increase in the supply of strength of Faith, and do my best to stimulate the fire!” Archbishop Ambrose shouted.

He knew very well that the ‘Space Temple of War’, without his order, could only break away from the line of defense by Spiritual God.

Archbishop Ambrose understands the horror of the black insect race. Even the space temple cannot withstand the erosion of the black insect race, so the black insect race cannot be allowed to move, and the black insect race must be burned to death with sacred fire.

The level of the sacred fire of the thirteen space temples was once again raised by one level, and the sacred fire spurted out more suddenly.

The commanders of these space temples also saw the end of that ‘Space Temple of War’, and they didn’t want to take the next one.

The ‘Mother Emperor’ stood in the sky above the space door, watching all ‘Blasphemy Insect’ enter the space door, it also let out a long relaxed breath.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ is not so strong that the ‘mother emperor’ can’t deal with it, but it’s too disgusting and accidentally backlash the attacker.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ is a kind of mutant insect race. It does not refer to a specific insect race, but any type of insect race can produce this variation.

Mutated ‘Blasphemy Insect’ will absorb the strength of Faith and use the strength of Faith to nourish its own evil. In this process, the strength of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ will increase rapidly.

The most terrifying thing is that the evil of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is extremely contagious. The infected target will lose their minds and fall into madness, constantly attacking everything around.

The target of infection will become a new source of infection, constantly infecting new targets.

‘Blasphemy Insect ’has a strong immunity to many energies, especially the energy of the sacred attribute, which is very aggressive.

So to deal with ‘Blasphemy Insect’, only the fire ability can be used. This is one of the very few abilities that have an effect on ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

As for the strongest melee of insect race, you can’t use it on ‘Blasphemy Insect’ at all, because as long as you get close to ‘Blasphemy Insect, you may be contaminated by it.

Fortunately, the World Rule also restricts the life of’Blasphemy Insect’. The strength of’Blasphemy Insect’ cannot exceed Fifth Level. Otherwise, the emergence of powerful’Blasphemy Insect’ may cause the entire insect race world to fall into danger. in.

This batch of more than fifty ‘Blasphemy Insect’s were imprisoned by the ‘mother emperor’ in a space fragments.

Although ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is extremely dangerous, the changes caused by this mutation are also a research direction for the ‘mother emperor’.

The ‘Mother Emperor’’s intensive research on insect race has long reached bottleneck, and it needs more research content.

Of course, another reason for imprisoning ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is because the insect race world cannot kill ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

Insect race world is special. The world will of insect race world has already fallen into weakness due to the destructive development of insect race.

Each ‘Blasphemy Insect’ death will bring a little damage to the will of the world. Although these injuries are extremely weak, the damage to the will of the world is permanent.

As early as 10,000 years ago, the ‘Mother Emperor’ discovered this, and it wasted a space fragments to imprison ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

This time borrowing the opportunity of attacking the Great Spiritual World and throwing all the ‘Blasphemy Insect’ to the Great Spiritual World will also save the insect race world a lot of trouble. Another blow to Great Spiritual World.

‘Blasphemy Insect’ can only be produced by insect race world, because the strength of faith of insect race world is not for a spiritual God, but the’Sovereign level inheritance pattern’. The act of stealing strength of faith is not Will be spotted.

In addition to the number of insect races, after the creation of ‘Blasphemy Insect’, you can easily steal the strength of faith from any insect race around you to strengthen your own evil.

Until ‘Blasphemy Insect ’incarnation is a complete evil body, using life to nourish itself on a large scale.

Every ‘Blasphemy Insect’ in the insect race world is produced, which means that a continent or even a planet’s insect race is swallowed.

That is, the mutation rate of ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is extremely low. This tens of thousands of years only took more than fifty ‘Blasphemy Insect’ to appear, but it did not do much harm to the insect race world.

After many losses, the insect race world has a complete set of methods for ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

In the Great Spiritual World, the five Spiritual Gods do not know what ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is, but the ultimate to pure evil, let the five Spiritual Gods immediately understand how to deal with ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

This is not to say that the five Spiritual Gods are more powerful than the insect race Divine Grade, but that the five Spiritual Gods have a complete Spiritual God cultivation system and have more in-depth research on various energies, far from the insect race world. Those rough studies of Divine Grade are comparable.

So after discovering the special insect race ‘Blasphemy Insect’, he immediately ordered the use of Surefire to solve it.

Unfortunately, it was still a step too late, a ‘Blasphemy Insect’ successfully approached the ‘Space Temple of War’.

After the ‘Space Temple of War’ exited the line of defense, it flew to the side. The pitch-black exterior wall was scary.

In the ‘Space Temple of War’, the golden sacred fire fills every part of the ‘Space Temple of War’. This sacred fire does not at all burn any item, even those particularly flammable items.

‘Blasphemy Insect ’cannot be scanned mentally, it can only be found with the eyes.

At this point, War God has already suffered a bit. Just after War God pulled the’Space Temple of War’ out of the defense line and moved away from the rest of the space temple, He spread the divine sense in Divine Idol towards the’Space Temple of War’all around spread, trying to find the location of’Blasphemy Insect’.

It’s just that when the divine sense swept across the bottom of the ‘Space Temple of War’ and the location was not determined yet, the divine sense seemed to be out of control, and this out of control quickly spread to Divine Idol.

War God reacted very quickly, and immediately cut off the part of the divine sense that extended outwards. Although the divine sense in Divine Idol was damaged, it retained most of the divine sense and could be recovered later. .

Due to the damage of the divine sense in Divine Idol, War God’s plan to use God to solve the ‘Blasphemy Insect’ failed.

At this time, the ‘Space Temple of War’ has left the scope of the rest of the Space Temple, and War God cannot return there anymore.

The reason why the ‘Space Temple of War’ is separated from the rest of the space temple is because of concerns that this contaminated ‘Space Temple of War’ may affect the rest of the space temple.

Every space temple is extremely precious, and this preciousness is also true for Spiritual God.

War God would rather lose a ‘Space Temple of War’ than damage the rest of the Space Temple because of this ‘Space Temple of War’.

It’s just that the cleanup work of this ‘Space Temple of War’ has reached a stalemate. The damage to the divine sense makes it impossible to surrender, and even the powerful divine technique cannot be used.

Although War God knows that ‘Blasphemy Insect’ is just below ‘Space Temple of War’, he cannot deal with ‘Blasphemy Insect’.

The sacred fire in the ‘Space Temple of War’ can only maintain external pollution from entering the temple, but it cannot get rid of the pollution.

Because the source of pollution is still continuously releasing pollution, this stalemate is very detrimental to War God. Once the strength of Faith in the ‘Space Temple of War’ is exhausted, it will be time for the ‘Space Temple of War’ to lose control.

War God dare not call the strength of Faith to the rest of the temples through the remote faith channel. He fears that this weird ‘Blasphemy Insect’ can spread pollution through the remote faith channel.

Abandoning the ‘Space Temple of War’ War God is really reluctant to give up, now Temple of War’s ‘Space Temple of War’ only has three remaining, and the other ‘Space Temple of War’ has become Lord Arthur’s trophy.

Before War God really defeated Lord Arthur, it was impossible to claim the spoils of war.

If this ‘Space Temple of War’ is lost again, then Temple of War will only have two ‘Space Temple of War’ remaining, which will greatly affect the future actions of Temple of War.

War God didn’t expect that he would be so embarrassed by an insect race.

When thinking of Lord Arthur, War God thought that Lord Arthur and Black Dragon Alexis were free.

War God used divine sense to control the ‘Space Temple of War’ to fly towards Lord Arthur’s space castle, while contacting Lord Arthur’s ‘divine runes contact card’ in Small World.

“The Space Temple is coming here!” Speaker Gould said nervously.

Speaker Gould was also shocked. What kind of insect race is that can turn the entire space temple into black, the monstrous evil aura, so that he can feel it far away.

He also understood why Lord Arthur told them all to enter the space castle, the weird evil aura, even the space temple could not resist, let alone their noble Knights.

Even if it is contaminated, it can be a huge trouble.

When Speaker Gould saw the Space Temple flying over here, he only felt his scalp numb. Sometimes the unknown is the most terrifying.

“If the Space Temple gets closer, we will retreat!” David brows frowned, said solemnly.

Although the space castle does not have a flight propulsion system, even if it is pushed by the Demi-God ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar, the space castle can leave quickly.

It is estimated that in the entire Great Spiritual World, only David dares to want Demi-God to be the driving force.

Any Demi-God will not be willing to become a coolie, Demi-God is also proud.

For David, Demi-God’Holy Spirit Knight’ Avatar is his own Avatar, he was born in the Interstellar Federation, even if his previous life is an equal world, his knowledge of powerhouse is respected in the bones is still not much.