Transcendent Dawn Chapter 0438

[Five Class Vocational Information – Evolutionary Lawyer!]

[Conditions of service 1: former professional black robe!]

[Conditions of service 2: physique 8.0, mental 12.0!]


[Conditions of service 4: erosion ceremony: …]

[Conditions of service 5: experience-consuming at 10000 o’clock!]

Sulu looks forward to information about the erosion of the law in inheritance, and more secrets are now in the heart:

“The law of erosion, also known as the candle, represents the meaning of hope in ancient times, and the fire is also known as the candle of hope! It seems that in the past dark age, in the face of some kind of magic, the physical side of humankind has failed, and at a critical juncture, there is a new profession that has been successfully developed by the Black robe, promoted to five stages, resisted by powerful magic and gave hope to mankind.”

“But in fact, the so-called candle of hope is completely a paradox, and its essence is the fire of erosion towards darkness Strength!”

“In the darkness, in the light of the light, it was the words of the legendary black robe who used to guard themselves and the human being with the darkness of Strength.”

“Strength, which belongs to Transcendent, is mostly invisible.”

Sulu shakes his head, and will be gathered on [Dark Friends and LV1].


[To be moved to the limit, to acquire subsidiary capacity – to erode the fire!]

In that brainstorming, Sulu seems to have felt the diversity of Transcendent Strength in the world, which can be categorized by different elements, according to the doctrine of the jurists.

And what he feels is the deepest source of darkness!

That kind of darkness seems to be with a different kind of magic, trying to attract him into it.

But Sulu after all those who have been tested are, by themselves, five steps long ago, just a slight obsession, and soon they get out of it.

He wrapped right hand thumbs and food fingers, and a dark flame came out and corrupted all Strength.

“Is this the erosion of fire? It’s the flame of darkness!”

Sulu felt the fire’s attribute: “Enough of corrosive power, once it touches life, will continue to learn the life of each other, and a little bit of irreconcilable until death.”

[Black robe] Once he has control of the ‘erosion fire‘, there is no doubt that he has the qualifications to promote [the law of erosion], and this article does not know how much Greentree Fortress has survived.

But in Sulu’s hand, that’s how easy it is.

He looked towards the conditions of office of [the erosion of the jurist], slightly groaning: “attribute, I fully met my requirements, and the value of experience was not a problem, so it was like ‘eroded ceremony’.”

This ceremony, mainly using Strength, the erosion of fire, has continuously transformed the body of the jurists into a more appropriate shape for the Dark Lawyers.

Speaking of that, like Planeswalker, you can be a simplified version of myth’s body.

“There is also a need for some material, most of which can be found in Greentree Fortress and, indeed, Chris Empire… [The erosion of the jurist] inheritance is not a problem.”

Sulu was groaning and felt that material collection was still primarily from Chris Empire.

After all, the words in Greentree Fortress are too obvious.

It is absolutely doubtful that they have just received inheritance and that they will collect the resources of promotional rumours.

“and… also operates an identity.”

Sulu thought that Rod wanted to really open a career in Chris Empire, that the four-tier profession was not sufficiently repressive, and that there must be a legend in the back.

But his own [Planeswalker] has revealed that it’s not good to go to Chris Empire again.

In contrast, [the erosion jurists] fully satisfy the requirements and can be taken to operate as second status.

Sulu immediately decided, in the Federation, not to expose itself [the black robe driver], while Chris Empire was trying to use the second career solution as much as possible.

Without a particularly critical clue, I’m afraid no one can imagine it, and he’ll have a second fifth part-time job!

White Tower.

Sulu put down a “Dark continent Species Presentation”, and it seems that it was not deliberate to pick up a “Dark Rocket Model Detail”, which reads it readily.

He’s a four-tier, but he’s actually a water shipment.

[Jurists] This career path requires a great deal of learning, especially some of the model of law, some of which belong to [jurists] themselves, others [Arcanist], who preside over research and encompass all situations and can effectively respond to them.

It can be said that knowledge reserves in the same class [jurists] are key to influencing power.

Good books in this area, there is no shortage in the White Tower, and the habits of reading themselves are very complex, with a high degree of competence, and a few copies are readily available, and the attribute column is sufficient to record the legal model of some of the darkest systems, pending its subsequent use.

Somehow, one day passed.

Sulu was trying to go back to the villa for a cup of Beatrice’s coffee, and saw Dunstan walking around.

They’re just like people walking around in the interior.

“Sulu, the federal incentive has been completely cleared today, look at it.”

Dunstan laughed conveyed a list: “Is it all translated into a share, or is it other?”

“Most of it, after all, I owe a lot of money, and the rest of it is when I donate to the inner ring.” Sulu laughed, suddenly, stare, and see the last column: “What does this evil address mean?”

“On behalf of Greentree Fortress, I would like to thank you for your donation, and the last address is an intelligence message!”

Dunstan smoked a cigarette and breathed a deep breath: “Is Chris Empire still a prisoner in this incident?”

“Are you saying that the earth’s shield Bob?” Sulu also remembered that bad luck egg was blocking them all by himself, and naturally he was beaten up and imprisoned by Arsen.

“In accordance with the rules, he is your common prisoner and tortured intelligence, naturally to be shared, and the Confederation certainly deletes some of the key…” Dunstan Road: “This evil monument, even the second important part of his memory, is on an island on the high seas, where he went to explore with Tops and did not seem very well…”

“I know… and he also thinks that the Tops meteor falls on me because of the curse of the bad luck. Is the monument on this island that belongs to the Lord of the Destiny?”

Sulu asked.

the world, apart from the seven gods of righteousness, is evil, but power is different.

It is clear that the legends that make both legends ineffective and return are of great value.

Of course, terrifying may also be at risk.

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