The so-called “energy stone” is a dedicated energy source for Mecha farming.

And the ‘nervous link’, even the bridge to communication ideas and mechanics, is a key step in translating clothing from hand to mind manipulation.

Both mechanical elements are hundreds of times more precious than the same size of gold, jewellery, or even good things that have no money to buy.

“From this point of view, the physical attack of this world will be terrifying by the presence of Mecha… but the knowledge of Spirit Sector and the spirit is still lagging behind… If it comes to this point, it’s slaughter all sides’ rhythm.”

The so-called “ghost Mecha”, is Mecha, the top technique in the stars’ family, mysterious and perfect integration of technology.

Mecha was stored in Spirit Sector on a regular basis, drawing energy from Spirit Sector, and Mecha was able to reach out to summon as soon as he was concerned.

Mecha, like this, is perfectly well known in all its aspects and, in turn, can instil Mecha, both of whom grow up together.

“Unfortunately, for the stars, this technology can only produce Mecha, which is five years older than five, and which is hopeful at six stages, so that it is not very valuable… but in human society it is a proper level of raw bullets.”

“With my resources now, even a mechanical arm can’t be built… so try to climb up.”

Sulu buried everything, just like not taking it away.

At this time, he has a plan to choose Wang Family Mechanical Academy as a jumper, slowly display talent and strength, while completing his will for Murphy, he has promoted himself to six stages and flew to the abyss!

“The world is dynamic and fully supportive of the presence of the fifth phase, and the stars are clear.”


next day.

Sulu was pleased to find a qualitative change in breakfast, no longer black bread with bean soup, and it seems that Joanne did heed his advice.

“The next step is to let her resign, take her to the big city, give her a fortune and find another easy job, so take care of elder sister?”

Sulu wore a pencil uniform, and in fact Murphy was able to get out of it and come to the 19th White Silver Avenue.

This is a beautiful white and white villa, a little garden after the door of the fence.

‘Bikraus’s a little bit different, but as a temporary residence, it’s good.’

Sulu thought about it, press the bell.

A steward in a goose suit walked out and said, “Would you be?”

“I’m a student of mechanical high school – Murphy! Come visit mentor James. This is my recommendation letter!”

Sulu transmitted a joint recommendation letter from its own mentor.

“Well, please wait.”

steward invited Sulu to the front door, waiting for a moment in the living room, and he himself went into the bookshop.

Not long ago, the steward of Silver White’s hair went out and said, “The master just has time, and you don’t need a date anymore.”

“That’s great.”

Sulu showed a smile, and it was clear from this steward move that he was not hired on a temporary basis, nor was he proud of James’s tongue.

All walks along with steward, which is already a nobility, and in Kingsley, a large number of workers, it’s a luxury.

He walked into the bookstore and accidentally saw the room filled with a lot of mechanics, the smell of mechanical oil, a metal platform in the middle, the tools of the trigger, the clamp and the other, and a strange chair next to it, which seemed to be a direct mechanical laboratory.

In the lab, there was a clown with a blue worker and a national face, saving two lazy middle age people.

He took off his glove, said with a slight smile, “Murphy? You can get a recommendation from all of the high school auditors, and you’re good… well, just for high school students.”

“Many thanks for your compliment, Mr. James.”

Sulu comes back to smile.

“Your graduation designs me, with creative ideas, concise ideas… are hard to see.”

It seems that this is why James saw Sulu: “But…”

He turned out to be serious: “You’re much worse if you want to be a great mechanic.”

Mecha was the master in connection with the manufacture of Mecha’s clothing, and Mecha was only a purely manipulator of Mecha, and the two professions were very different.

“I hope I can finish my shortcomings at the university.” Sulu answered.

“No, your deficiencies are not from other knowledge, mechanic innate talent, but from an excellent mecha, who must be a good mecha teacher, so that the perfect Mecha clothing can be designed and nothing more convincing than his own experience.”

James’s mouth showed a smile: “So I’m going to test your Mecha teacher innate talent.”

This is tantamount to letting scientists go to the battle test, not really.

“Excuse me.”

Sulu is also curious about the innate talent of this body, and there’s some jumping desire.

“To be a good Mecha, first and foremost, a strong body, muscle intensity, lung vitality, four limbs.”

James picked up Sulu’s eyes and said, “You’re too thin to seem to be undernourished before.” But that’s not a big problem, there’s some way to make it up in college! “

Sulu turned a white eye, and found James enjoying talking a lot of breath, and I don’t know if it’s a bad smell.

After learning a few moves, James Point nodded: “There is no big physical problem… But the key is still spiritual strength, the speed of neurological reaction, and, I think, the most important.”

“Super sensation?”

Sulu’s face suddenly became delicate.

“Yes, spiritual strength determines your” manipulation time “, the nervous reaction rate determines your” sensitivity “, and the most important ‘supersense’, or ‘mecha’s relatives and degrees’, to determine how far a Mecha can really go!”

James was playing his arm and intensifying his tongue: “This is my judgment in collecting most of the top Mecha’s data, although it is now only a premature theory… Now, boys, let’s see if you have any hidden treasure.”

He let Sulu sit on that strange chair and connect the lines with Sulu’s head.

On the other screen of the circuit, all kinds of curves go crazy.



James touched his head and showed a smile: “I don’t think you’re a ‘treasure boy’ with innate talent to be a strong Mecha teacher! But close to the real” crown card “… hold this sensory metal.”

He sent a silver white metal to Sulu, and his face became unprecedented seriousness: “Hold it, feel it!”

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