‘Sensitive metal? Or psychoactive metals? “

Hold that white gold, Sulu will understand what’s in his hand.

He slighted his eyes off and felt the cold in his hand.

Murphy was a genius with super sensitivity, and it was totally hard to get rid of him.

And when he saw open his eyes again, he saw James’s astonishing affair.

“Very funny.”

In Sulu’s hand, white metals are liquid, packing his hand into a silver white metal glove.

And with his thoughts, he turned into a variety of molecules, puppets, triggers, hammers, etc.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever seen!” Real genius… “

James grabbed Sulu’s arm, some of which was untrue.

“So, did my enrollment test pass?”

Sulu smiled and asked.

“No university will, of course, refuse to be such a genius…” James replied in a well-deserved language.

“I think you need to know some of the common knowledge of Wang Family Mechanics University in White Silver City… Although there are a lot of public lessons, only with real mentors can I learn some of the high levels of knowledge, and I am an expert in this field in how to develop supersense!”

He tried to lift his chest and make himself look like a proud big cock.

“I… consider.”

Sulu learnt the style of James’s speech before he almost choked James.


knew that such innate talent would have been robbed by those mentors.

“cough cough… I can get you into the lab, operate, design Mecha’s qualification, and leverage your resources, believe me, this is the most favourable condition…”

“Full free tuition, full scholarship…”

Sulu threw down thumbs and food fingers.

“No problem.”

James bites his teeth: “As long as you’re my student, everything’s okay.”

“So, make a deal!”

Sulu smiled and blinked.

In fact, for him there is no difference between choosing any mentor.

As such, it would be preferable to choose the most recent one and to minimize variables.


James fiercely boxing: “I will surely build you as the top mechanic, as well as the master Mecha, and I will show other mentors that my theory is absolutely right!”

After Sulu, this disciple, his attitude clearly changed a lot, even leaving Sulu to eat stopped meals and making steward ready for excellent and rich food.

“There’s no need to care about this, and when you get into Wang Family Mechanical University in White Silver City, Rill has nothing to do with you, or people are willing to invest in your future.”

At the feast, James put a glass of wine on.


Sulu said, “The mentor… the so-called super sensation I’ve always thought I was special and I can hear the voices of others, see what they can’t see, and every day in the dark, I’m very scared.”

“Well, since you’ve been my student, there are things that can be known earlier.”

James thought about it, give steward an eye.

steward immediately demobilized other servants and took the doors personally.

“We this world is not simple.” James organized the following language.

“I know that, so far, the three Great Kingdoms of humankind have not recovered the entire territory of the ancient Empire of Sumériel, and there is still a lot of blood-borne creatures in the wilderness.”

Sulu said an ordinary person’s common sense.

“No, you don’t understand too much about so-called bloodthirsty creatures, do you really think they’re just a bunch of wild beast without wisdom? Yes! It may be the vast majority, but some individuals are very different… and, in the night of the night of the night of the night, there are more evil and terrifying monster who even have physical, silent death, or invade your dream, steal your dreams, your happiness… give you the experience of terrifying.”

James’s voice is kind of like a dream: “And humans, through learning and research about this creature, have a certain ‘extraordinary Strength’! In fact, the real top Mecha, the body is already ‘non-human’, otherwise it can’t bear the pressure of the cabin…”

“So, is it true that an extraordinary person exists?”

Sulu’s eyes are shining: “The Royal Investigators?”

“They are indeed a very recent group of people, but they are very pathetic…” James is serious: “Your ‘super sensation’ is an extraordinary innate talent, so don’t be afraid of it, make good use of it, you’re special, don’t waste your genius.”

“I know.” Sulu serious promise.

“Of course, fear is the first element of an extraordinary person, making good use of your superstitivity, not to represent an initiative to explore some secrets and unknown things that the investigators should do, and I don’t want you to compromise before you grow up for a few wonderful reasons, okay?”

James’s nerves are serious.

“Teacher, can you elaborate on ‘extraordinary’?” Sulu’s eyes are bright.

He is still interested in the extravagant path of mankind.

“hehe… want to be a real ‘Knight’?”

James shakes his head and says, “That’s too far away from you.”

“Really ‘Knight’? Seems to be in this world, ‘Knight’ is not a jazz or title, but a very powerful term, or… a profession?”

After walking out of the villa, Sulu fuzzed himself.

“If it’s really an extraordinary profession, 80 per cent of those with a strong physical side, actually matches Mecha’s dress, and I remember that, in some folk tradition, some of the stories of a powerful monster like Knight with a hundred enemies, enemies or kills a dragon are more than all, and at first I thought” Knight “was just a rear or a jazz, and now they should be powerful and extraordinary in that period?”

“It seems that the most popular inheritance, Wang Family Mechanical University, should have…”

Sulu has a long export temper and feels that he has not taken the wrong decision.

He went back to the 69 Black Railway Street, looking at empty houses, sighing in his heart, knowing Joanne was overtime.

Think about it, Sulu walked into the kitchen, took out the new beef, put it in the pot, inserted it, cooked it slowly with potatoes, onions, carrots.

“If there’s a high pressure pot, huh? It seems to be an invention.”

Sulu speaks to himself, looks forward to the growing moisture of beef in the pot, spreads the scent of world-shaking, finally drinks water, and potatoes are almost ripped and turned into a pot of mixed coffee.

When Joanni dragged on the door with a tired body, he saw younger brother pouring sauce on White’s meal, not sucking his nose: “Bull meat?”

“Yes, as a celebration of my examination of the Royal Mechanical University. And you have to think about resignation.”

Sulu showed a happy smile.

Joanniyton’s tears floating.

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